bumGenius 4.0 Compared to bumGenius 3.0

Albert print from bumGenius.  Available on their trainers, Flip covers, Freetime, Elemental, newborn AIO, and 4.0. *affiliate link
Albert print from bumGenius. Available on their trainers, Flip covers, Freetime, Elemental, newborn AIO, and 4.0. *affiliate link

If you have been reading my blog for a while you probably know that I am a “fan” of bumGenius! products.  I have been using their 3.0’s since my son fit into them (around 12-14 pounds, leak free) and their Elementals (Organic AIO’s) since I bought a few when he was a couple of months old.  I have reviewed the 3.0 (BG 3.0 Review) and Elemental (Elemental- FMA BG Organic AIO- review) already.  I won’t say I was disappointed when they announced that the 3.0 was being discontinued since I knew the next diaper (I correctly predicted would be called 4.0) would be very similar with a few improvements.  The most obvious improvement they needed to make, improving the hook and loop closure and adding snaps, were both realized.  Bonus improvements: the ability to easily replace elastic and a higher rise.

They also added new colors, which I am not a huge fan of.  I will specifically say I am not a fan of their names.  Why must color names be so confusing?  Case in point:  I ordered 2 bumGenius! 4.0’s to review, one with hook and loop and one in snaps.  I ordered 2 of the new colors: Noodle and Bubble.  I didn’t double check what the colors were.  Bubble= lavender.  Let me ask you, when you think of a bubble, do you think of purple or blue?  Water=blue.  Bubbles=blue.  Also, the color Sweet reminds me of lavender or pink.  That is pale green.  Noodle is the light yellow, which does make sense.  Noodles are yellow, or pale yellow, and this is an accurate description of that color.  I do not like that I need to research the colors, which not all stores have listed with a description or photo (and photos don’t help since the colors are so pale, they all look the same) before I buy.  My son has a purple diaper.  So what?  Wanna fight about it?

New Color Guide:

Bubble= Light Lavender

Noodle= Light Yellow

Sweet= Light Green

Update: bumGenius has re-released their beloved “Brights” colors and has released a series of prints. You can view all of the new prints by heading to my blog post about theChelsea Perry Tiny Socialite Collection, it includes action shots of them all.

    My Review

Ease of Use ✫✫✫✫✫ The 4.0 doesn’t differ from the 3.0 in this regard.  I tell anyone who asks me about a good intro cloth diaper that they should try the 3.0 (now I say 4.0).  It is affordable, durable, easy to use with the hook and loop (and snaps), simple to find the right fit, and easy to take off.  You still need to affix the laundry tabs before washing, and you need to remove the insert.  You will need to restuff the diaper before baby wears it.  Is it easy?  Yes.  Is it as easy as an AIO? No.  Is it worth the extra steps?  Pretty much.  Pockets dry faster than most AIO’s and are generally cheaper.  I do wish the laundry tabs were closer to the actual tab, so that when I change the baby I could just pinch it closed rather than seek out the tab farther in.  I have to look for it.  Some diapers you don’t need to do this.

Bang for the Buck: ✫✫✫✫ The 4.0 is the same price as the 3.0 was: 17.95.  bumGenius! keeps their prices consistent among retailers.  It is hard to find a “sale” on them.  However, they are worth the investment.  My 3.0’s have lasted for almost 2 years.  I am hopeful that the improved hook and loop will last on the 4.0, and replaceable elastic will also contribute to their life span.  You will see that a few hundred dollars for a stash of 4.0’s will still be far less than the thousands of dollars you would have spent on disposables.

Performance ✫✫✫✫✫ I am going to say that I have had no leaks, no fit issues, nothing with the 4.0.  I was new to cloth when I started with the 3.0 and did experience leaks due to my repelling issues.  I have used these overnight with both inserts and I also had no leaks.  I do prefer fitteds overnight but I was happy to report dry sheets!

Fit ✫✫✫✫ I can at this time only speak to the fit on my toddler.  He is still on the middle rise snap (has been for a very long time) so he has growing room.  In the video you can see a comparison to the 3.0 in terms of the change in rise.  While it isn’t a massive jump I figure it will help increase the time babies can wear these.  He doesn’t get red marks from elastic.  The diapers aren’t terribly bulky with one insert.

Overall- I am very happy with the 4.0, as I was with the 3.0.  Like I said, these are really great for any parents first starting out.  They don’t have bells and whistles like some diapers, and they don’t want to.  You need to start somewhere and learn how to cloth diaper.  These are simple enough to do that.  Not everyone loves microfiber inserts because they can build up the stinkies.  Microfiber is a more affordable insert option, but if you want you can always upgrade to a hemp/cotton/bamboo/zorb insert at a later time.

Where to buy: Pretty much any cloth diaper store.  But, if you want, you can support my blog by buying yours at Kelly’s Closet.

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I purchased (2) bumGenius! 4.0’s to review from Kelly’s Closet.

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  • Meghan

    100% agree with you on the names. Not too sure how they came up with them and thought it was a good idea.

    Having a kid with chunky legs, I cant fit her into these without wishing the snap setup was more like Fuzzibunz. The placement of the snaps seems silly to me since it doesn’t really allow you to adjust for a bigger or smaller thigh.

    I got k e in grasshopper and the new purple. Will probably end up selling them with my year old 3.0’s that have shot hook at loop closures.

  • Thank you for the review. I just ordered one (our firet BG) and am eager to try it on my boy. They should have preview of diaper in each colour rather than just a colour swatch.

  • I don’t get the color names, either. happy about new colors and prints and the snaps. Would you comment in another post about how the snaps compare to some other brands? I’d love to know. I’m on a buying STOP for now and haven’t even been entering many giveaways, but if my husband gets his way, we’ll have another reason to buy diapers one of these days, so I’d love to hear your opinion! CB retail store is close to us and that city will be where I deliver, most likely (once we are pg and that far along, lol)…

  • As soon as I sell my BG 3.0 Organics I will be getting more 4.0’s.

    My only problem with the 3.0 organics is that they take FOREVER to air dry…and after destroying many elastics in the dryer I don’t have days to let diapers air dry.

  • I totally agree about the names and new colors. I was originally going to get a Noodle, but yellow diapers aren’t my favorites and I’m getting tired of greens and blues so I ordered a Bubble for my son. Of course, only with the condition that he never wears it in public as daddy says lol. I ended up getting a Sweet recently and I showed it to DF and asked what color it was and he said “white”. All 3 new colors are a variation of white IMO. But CB said they did this because there was a demand for lighter colors for underneath the very light newborn clothing.

    My only question about this is- why make colors for tiny newborns when at the same time you make the diaper larger to fitter toddlers? Doesn’t make much sense lol

    Either way I love my 4.0’s. They’re a solid diaper and a good price, with a great name to back them up!

  • susie ;)

    The improvements are great, but I wish they would round the corners on their foldback tabs, the corners are quite pointy… make it happen!

    susie 😉

  • Hi There!! I had been waiting for your review. I was hoping you would talk about the snaps a bit but i have a feeling that they are much like the snaps on the Flip (also made by cotton babies) I think what will frustrate mothers about the snaps is that you lose about an inch of closure on a newborn and the BG’s aren’t notorious for being a great fit under 8 lbs.

    @meghan : check out my blog http://newworkathomemom.blogspot.com/ about diaper refreshing and where you can access info about snap conversion. u don’t have to sell them 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I love love love them! I am happy with them and so far (my son is 4 months old) the absorbancy is great. I just REALLY hate the colors! the are so dull. I hope they bring out brighter ones.

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  • meghan harrington

    This is my favorite review it is so nice to see the companies make changes to their products as a consumer suggest attributes that makes these a plus.