Cloth Diaper Video Reviews A-Z

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Welcome to Dirty Diaper Laundry’s extensive cloth diaper video library- the largest collection of cloth diaper videos on the web with almost 200 diapers filmed.  Since 2009 DDL has been filming cloth diaper demonstrations to help parents understand the many modern cloth diaper options. Videos are the next best thing to touching and feeling a diaper in person and my aim was to do that for you and assist with those hard choices. If you are a diaper company and you wish to get a video review done of your diaper, get in touch. This recently revamped page is even easier to look through- find videos for diapers still being made listed first in alphabetical order. DDL’s Cloth Diaper Graveyard containing the videos of diapers who have passed on or have reincarnated as newer versions is at the end of the page so make sure to pay your respects.

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Since DDL has been filming since 2009 it has come to my attention that many of my videos showcase diapers that have either been revamped and have a newer version that is in production or are no longer being produced at all. You may be curious about them still which is why they’re still on this page.   Graveyard diapers are listed in order of publish date, most recently published are first.