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The Great American Teach-In “Cloth Diaper Laundry” Session

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EventPhotoFull_UntitledEach year my son’s school holds The Great American Teach-In event- it’s the new PC version of “Career Day” since it also allows parents/caregivers without employment to attend and share about their hobbies too.

I know that kids love when the firefighters/policemen/doctors come in to explain their exciting jobs but I decided I should go and talk about my volunteer work for the non-profit Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.

I was a little nervous- kids can be BRUTALLY honest and pull no punches. If they were bored during my session they wouldn’t be afraid to shout it out. I was preparing myself for the worst but hoping the kids took it easy on me. I was presenting to more than my just son’s class- I was traveling to other rooms and they packed in two classes to each.

The day before I went through my diaper stash of things I haven’t donated yet to find the cutest and coolest diapers to showcase what cloth diapers were. I picked a Tushmate, AppleCheeks, Seams Geeky, Tots Bots, and ZCreations. I’m not endorsing these as my FAVORITES I’m just saying these had cute designs I knew the kids would love. I REALLY wished I had a new Rumparooz Tokidoki because I’m sure that would have been the class fav.

A photo posted by Kim Rosas (@kim_rosas) on

To my surprise my children were completely engaged! I started my session by asking the children if they had younger brothers or sisters. Nearly all raised their hands! Then I asked them “do you remember when they were babies and they wore diapers?” The kids laughed, of course. I explained to them how babies can’t help it- they have to wear diapers for a few years- and then went on to explain what Giving Diapers, Giving Hope does to help families diaper their babies.

I also explained the costs of disposables in a simple way by letting them know each diaper changed was 1 quarter wasted- 4 changes would be $1, and in 1 month it would cost their parents $60 to diaper their sibling! It’s hard for children to understand financials and as children they shouldn’t need to. I kept things simple.

The little ones LOVED the concept of velcro on the diapers and one boy raised his hand and asked “could you just use both the velcro and the circle things together” after I explained how velcro was easy but snaps lasted longer. I told him he invented a concept that was already around but only a few diapers, like the O.N.E. use it.

When I spoke to my son’s class the teacher let him introduce me. “This is my mom Kim Rosas. She does Cloth Diaper Laundry.” Close enough, baby.

My own son raised his hand to ask if the size of diapers changed the price- good question! He also asked me to tell them about “givingdiapersgivinghope.org” and said the web address perfectly. I was worried he might think his mom’s job was weird compared the the Tampa Bay Lightning CEO or the Doctor who was also teaching that day. After school he said “my friend X said she really likes your job.”

I had low expectations of how today would go but I am so uplifted by the children and their genuine interest and intelligent questions. They were more interested in the product itself than the charity work and that’s ok. I spoke to over 80 children and they learned how cute, convenient, and modern cloth diapers are. At 6-7 years old hopefully this is a lesson they’ll carry with them.

Making Cloth Mainstream- one classroom at a time!

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Snuggly Owl Boutique AIO

Snuggly Owl Boutique All In One Diaper Review

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As August crawls past and the summer heat becomes more and more stifling I find myself so thankful for our pool. My husband balks about the maintenance required and all the yard space it takes up but when I can take a fussy baby and cranky toddler (and a tired and overheated mama) and slip everyone into the water for a refreshing escape, it is so worth it. Not to mention the naps it inspires. My girls never nap as long and as hard as they do after splashing around in the pool for an hour. Living in Florida, it is important to me that they become comfortable in the pool, and can tread water and learn to swim as early as possible. The fact that they see it as frivolous play just makes it so much better. How do you cool off your kiddos in the summer?

A photo posted by laravalentine (@laravalentine) on

Today is the day I tell you about that adorable kissy fish print diaper you spotted on Instagram three weeks ago. It’s been hard to keep quiet about this one, but today I finally get to share! Mandi is a WAHM who makes all of the diapers she sells (so you know quality control is never a concern) here in the United States, out of her own home. The materials she uses are excellent quality, and the prints she sources are a constant surprise and delight, I subscribe to her stockings just for the thrill of seeing such fun and lovely diapers.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ This all in one style diaper is a snap to fit (heh, snap, see what I did there?) with dual cross over snaps that allow an easy trim fit for thinner babies whether you are right handed, left handed, one handed, or just completely new to cloth diapers and trying to figure it all out. While the super long soaker could seem a little confusing to first timers, I’m pretty sure any caregiver could figure out to fold it under (in whatever way you see fit as long as it tucks within the shell) and the diaper will hold up well. If you’re leaving your tot with a loved one and you think it will be an easy, you can fold the insert in the manner you prefer and close up the diaper, making it self-explanatory to any adult.

Snuggly Owl Boutique AIO

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ At $28 for an all in one diaper, the price is a little higher than you may be used to from larger corporations. I ask you to remember that this is an individual, producing at a human rate, and making these beauties right here in the states. Considering the quality of construction and the amazing selection of materials, I would happily pay a bit extra to support a mother and help pay for her beautiful babies’ future piano lessons or soccer uniforms. Since I’m mentioning construction, I think it is important to tell you that it is rare for me to see such impeccable stitching from a WAHM, I expect to see a little extra thread here or a skipped stitch that doesn’t affect use there, but this diaper is absolutely perfect. I appreciate that the print is a “one side up” style and the seamstress actually took the care to properly trim and sew the PUL so that the front and back are both “right side up” with a flawlessly finished seam subtly blending in to the most hidden area of the diaper.

Snuggly Owl Boutique inside

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ This diaper is amazingly absorbent. The shell itself has a generously thick layer of bamboo fleece in the wet zone surrounded by PUL on all sides, including the tummy, which is great for preventing leaks (especially with tummy sleepers). The snake style soaker is the longest I’ve ever… Ok, get your mind out of the gutter. This soaker is 30” long, with a wide flared base to create absolute coverage over the bum area. With all that length you can fold in half and tuck under if you are on the largest rise setting, or you can get creative and fold additional absorbency in the zone where your child needs the most coverage. This is perfect for my babies who are “heavy wetters” and tend to go through some brands of all in one style diaper in under an hour. With this diaper I can trust that our errand at Target, followed by the post office, then the drive thru, and lastly the thrift store, will not be interrupted no matter how many treasures catch my eye. I have even tried this diaper on my 34 month old (is she really going to be THREE in October? Where does the time go?) overnight (not planned, my husband had the girls while I was working and he wore her out and she slept in her play clothes that night) and she went all night long with no leaks at all. She came to bed to nurse around six am and her shorts were dry and she was content.

Snuggly Owl Boutique

Fit ✩✩✩✩ The footprint of this diaper is trimmer than some styles and brands we are used to, and it took a little adjustment to remember that Autumn’s adorable chunky thigh rolls are not covered by this diaper, but with a proper fit they have no need to be, everything is contained within the encased elastic without leaving any marks. The back elastic is super strong and stitched tight to avoid the dreaded plumber’s crack and poo-splosion, and the soaker is stitched with a slight rim flaring out which makes rinsing messy diapers far easier (nothing is likely to get caught in the seams this way). I do think this diaper is best for a thin or small baby or child considering the trim cut, snug elastic, and crossover hip snaps, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that on the highest rise setting my Buddha baby still has room and is comfortable.

Overall: This diaper is incredible quality, with impressive absorbency, a wide range of fit, and a surprising variety of prints. Snuggly Owl Boutique also offers All In Two style diapers as well as Fitteds, and she tends to sell out quickly so if you’re interested in scoring one of these treasures you may want to follow her on social media to keep tabs on her next stocking. These diapers make an excellent gift, they are what I consider heirloom quality (perfect for passing on to younger siblings or saving for the future). Many of the diapers I test are great at first but may show wear after a few months, this diaper has been put through the ringer since the day I received it and apart from some light staining on the soaker (which may sun out if I ever have the patience to give it more than a few hours to dry) it still looks brand new.

Where to Buy: Snuggly Owl Boutique


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On #MakeClothMainstream, the History as told by Jen Aprea

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What started out as a little hashtag to promote Spray Pal’s business (and cloth diapering at large) during an Intuit Superbowl Commercial Contest in 2013 has turned into one of the most popular cloth diapering mantras of all time.

I’ve been thinking about the phrase, and how it’s grown to embody the spirit of the cloth diapering community. This year I’ve been fortunate enough to work with and see Jen Aprea from Spray Pal a few times through MommyCon events. When our travel lined up again, this time in my birth state of North Carolina, I arranged an interview so that everyone could learn more about how the #makeclothmainstream hashtag came to be.

#MakeClothMainstream.  It gets right to the point, doesn’t it?  To outsiders the term is confusing… diapers is totally redacted so the phrase could mean anything really.  Yet in the cloth diapering world “cloth” always refers to cloth diapers so we KNOW what the phrase means.

Jen Aprea’s husband Dave created the Spray Pal and together they’ve been making cloth mainstream and a little more accessible.  It’s not easy selling people on a product that reminds you, just by existing, that cloth diapering isn’t all fluff and rainbows.  There’s poop, lots of it, and you have to have an intimate relationship with it in order to make cloth diapering work.

There was a real fear in the industry about the Spray Pal when it first came out that it would scare people away entirely because it offers a solution to one of the biggest reasons people refuse to use cloth.  Won’t people think this big shield is too much?  Will people get overwhelmed or confused?  It was an entirely new category and a road untraveled.  Other poop accessories existed (the potty pail and the diaper duck come to mind) but none of them aggressively marketed the way Spray Pal did when they started their #makeclothmainstream campaign in 2013 to try and get a Super Bowl commercial for their small business.

They made it really far but didn’t win the commercial.  The hashtag they used for their campaign, however, was a HUGE winner.

#makeclothmainstream from Instagram

Since 2013 #makeclothmainstream has gone on to embody a community and a movement.  It’s optimistic, punchy, and catchy.  Even though people on the outside may not “get it” that doesn’t stop cloth diapering parents from putting decals with the phrase on their cars, buying t-shirts with the hashtag, or even buying diapers with the term embroidered on the bum.  There have been more than 45,000 photos posted to Instagram using the hashtag since 2013.  Most of them are adorable pictures of babies wearing cloth diapers or stash shots.  A few are spam images that are less about promoting cloth and more and self-promotion.  Unfortunately there will always be spam on hashtags but the overwhelming majority of the images are a testament to how much people love their cloth diapers.


I don’t think Spray Pal planned to start this movement but the movement was started and they’ve done a pretty amazing job of fostering it.  Jen has become the queen of collaborations, bringing brands together for events and campaigns like the #makeclothmainstreamchallenge that DDL was happy to be a part of.

It’s been a fun ride watching the community rally behind #makeclothmainstream and seeing the real live conversions happening on social media.  In 2008/2009 Twitter was where the cloth diapering community came together using the boring, but effective, #clothdiapers hashtag.  Instagram and Facebook are now the new centers of communication.  Word of mouth is cloth diapering’s best friend.  Keep sharing those photos and spreading the word about how amazing cloth diapers are.  I’ve personally seen cloth diapers come so far in the 7 years I’ve been “on the ground.”  Will it take another 7, or 14, to be “mainstream?”  I have no idea but I can’t wait to find out!

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Mainstream, are we there yet?!

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In July 2008 I discovered the world of modern cloth diapers.  I know because I was adorable and kept a pregnancy journal because I was a newlywed, first time mom with a lot of time on my hands.  I’m almost 7 years from that time in my life and a lot has changed.  For starters, I didn’t keep my baby’s milestone book past 6 months and for my second I didn’t even buy a book.  And the cloth diapers I started researching over 6 years ago?  Well those have changed a lot too and so has the public’s awareness of them.

In 2008 I didn’t know a single person who cloth diapered in any of my circles- not my co-workers, not my cousins (all 50+) or any of the parents I went to school with.  I only learned of them online in a mommy forum for those of us pregnant with babies due in November 2008.  The idea struck a chord with me since I had read about how many diapers a baby would use in their life and how long they took to break down.  As soon as I realized I could use cloth diapers that were not the “old style” I had my mind made up.

I was sailing in uncharted water!  I had to search long and hard to find a place to buy my diapers and even drove 2 hours to a store in Ithaca, NY in order to see those diapers in person and get hands on with them before making my final decision.

Parents these days have no idea how lucky they are!  While it can still be hard to find cloth diapers in stores in some areas, things are getting much better.  In 2008 it was rare that cloth diapers were mentioned on TV segments or in news articles.  Now my google alerts are so long they don’t fit into one daily email!  Mainstream newspapers and webpages like Huffington Post mention them on the regular.  Sometimes it’s still in the “well there is this other option the weirdo parents like” but hey, at least it gets the word out that it is an option.



bumGenius diapers are now in select Babies ‘r Us stores on the shelves (and not just online) and they have an exclusive print for the stores.  I think their packaging is in need of some changing in order to prevent the utter chaos that has been happening but otherwise this is very exciting news.  Just passing by modern diapers as a pregnant mom can put the idea in their head.

Even celebs like Ciara are helping to #makeclothmainstream (thank you Spray Pal for that hashtag!).  Ciara’s baby has been spotted in cloth at least twice, once in a photo and once in a video while wearing a cloth swim diaper!  And her then 7 month old was swimming!    Even Anna Duggar has cloth diapers, I just hope she uses them and they make an appearance in an upcoming episode of 19 Kids and Counting.  If they used cloth even half of the time it would cut down on a great deal of landfill waste for the future children they intend to have.

Big brands are taking notice too!  Gerber, makers of the diapers most of us in the know refer to as “gerber trash” or “really good burp cloths” has come out with a sized All-in-One diaper.  So far the diaper is online only but with their weight in the baby industry it could come to a store near you and Gerber is carried in every single Wal-Mart, Target, Babies ‘R Us, and Buy Buy Baby in the country.   Early reviews are mixed on the performance but I’ve purchased one for Lara to try out and DDL will have a review of them soon enough.  Honest Company (disHonest company) has a reusable swim diaper now.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a cloth diaper is in the works.

Gerber All-in-One

Cloth diapers are becoming more mainstream, right before our eyes.  Though we may not be there all the way the progress is there.  The disposable diaper companies are sweating, I promise you.  Today when a pregnant mom says she is going to cloth diaper more people know that she isn’t planning on beating her diapers on a rock in the river.  More magazines know that if they talk about diapering a baby they had better include cloth diapers too or else their readers will lash out on social media to ask if they were paid by P&G not to say anything!  We are mighty and fierce and are not to be messed with.  That scrappy attitude has helped grow the industry from the roots and the brands are doing a great job of keeping up with and fostering that growth.

I see more ginormous butts on the playgrounds now, and yes, I am always still watching even though my kids are now out of diapers.  It’s just in my blood.

Image credit: Amanda Spans

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New Prints and Colors! Best Bottoms, Rumparooz, bumGenius, Smart Bottoms, and more!

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It looks like a ton of new prints have been released in recent weeks, so many that I’m having a hard time keeping track!  For my benefit and yours here is a list of recent noteworthy releases that you may have missed!


Best Bottoms “Dragon Scales” limited edition print is available for Pre-Order now and releases in Mid-March from your favorite retailer.


And just today the new color, Castle, and print, Destiny, were released by Rumparooz!  [Buy at Kelly’s Closet]


I am especially in love with this new print from Smart Bottoms for a few reasons…. it is mid century modern inspired and supports Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.  You can only find this print at MommyCon events this year.


bumGenius “Alicia” is a MommyCon Exclusive that sold out instantly in Chicago.  The print is assumed to be available again at future MommyCon events.  It was also available online for several minutes and in the St Louis store briefly.  Already Alicia is fetching over $80 a diaper on Ebay and BST boards…


Even though it doesn’t feel like Winter here in Florida the rest of the US begs to differ…. Blueberry has just recently released Penguins (a winter theme) and also Pink Snails (springy for sure and a different version of the regular Snails print).  These are both limited edition prints.  


Rumparooz has been releasing new prints and solids and since I haven’t yet featured these 4 here they are!  Bonnie and Clyde are the stunning animal themed prints on the bottom left, Spice is the red/orange solid (love this one), and Unity if the Black/White/Gold bee themed print.  


Thirsties announced their Valentine’s Limited release “Sweetheart” but hearts work year round and it came out so close to February 14 that you can still find it at some retailers.  The hearts were modeled after Bamboobies, a DDL fav.  


Another special Valentine’s Diaper released was the Softbums “Fluffy Love” that has already sold out.


AppleCheeks are adding two new colors to their swim diaper line-up!  Beth of Fresh Air is the lavendar color and Bondi is the blue.


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And my new favorite print is Jax & Jill from Smart Bottoms!

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When you combine Mid Century Modern + cloth diapers + supporting my favorite charity it = my new favorite cloth diaper print!


Smart Bottoms announced their newest print, Jax & Jill, that is an atomic inspired print in bold, retro colors.  The print will ONLY be available at MommyCon locations this year and for each diaper sold a generous $5 donation will be made to the cloth diaper charity Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.

Giving Diapers, Giving Hope is a non-profit cloth diaper lending organization.  GDGH helps approved families all over the US by shipping them a set of cloth diapers for the cost of shipping.  Since 2011 GDGH has been making it possible to cloth diaper without the high start-up cost that so many families can’t possibly afford.  Since cloth diapers are reusable, the families using this program will no longer have to worry about how they will afford to buy the next package of diapers.  It’s a fantastic charity that helped over 500 families in 2014!

It’s no secret that I volunteer as the Executive Director for Giving Diapers, Giving Hope and I was so thankful to learn that Smart Bottoms wanted to support our charity with their print.  I am also involved with MommyCon this year- the Cloth Diaper Resource Center is where I’ll be this year, chatting with new parents and parents-to-be who are interested in cloth diapering.  I’ll also be teaching a session on reusable menstrual options.

To say I am excited about this print is an understatement!  I love the pattern (not just saying that) and I’d totally take the fabric and make (waterproof) pillows out of them for my vintage turquoise sectional  any day.

GDGH is so grateful for this collaboration and the money raised will be going towards our ongoing effort to reduce the shipping fee that approved families pay from $35 to $20.  We are striving to help more families get the reusable and sustainable diapers they need and Smart Bottoms is going to be a big part of that.

If you can’t get to a MommyCon location this year I would join the Smart Bottoms fan group to find out if there will be any members coordinating group buys.

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No Ragrets Cloth Diapering- What Would You Do Differently Today?

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Having cloth diapered for a total of 4+ years with two children it’s to be expected that I learned from mistakes and sometimes even regretted a decision or two.  I asked DDL readers on my Facebook page the question

“What is something you would do differently when it comes to cloth diapering today compared to when you first began?”

I’m sharing a few nuggets of wisdom- maybe one of them will speak to you and help you cloth diaper with “no ragrets,” …not even a single letter.  You can read all of the responses on Facebook.  

Cloth diapers

The Response: “I wish I wouldn’t have spent a bunch of money on one kind of diaper that didn’t work very well.” -Kirsten M.

DDL Weighs In: Sometimes parents rely on a salesperson in the store or the raving review of a friend and decide that one brand will be the best for them.  Even though this can definitely work for some parents most wind up regretting that they didn’t try a few brands before settling on buying 24 of them!  Cloth diaper trials are one way to sample several brands, or buy used to try the diapers for cheap before making the investment.

jeans pocket

The Response: “With my first I bought all pockets thinking I’d love them. I hated them after about 2 months. Advice? Try a few different styles – you’ll be thankful later!!” -Viva La Cloth

DDL Weighs In: Like above, this reader thought pocket diapers would be the best for her family but realized later (after a heavy investment) that they hated them!  Even when you think, based on the the 1,000 reviews and blog posts you’ve read, that one style of diaper is IT for you, there is a chance it might not be.  Even if you just get 1-2 others to try before you invest in one style it might be worth it.


The response: ” I would start wool earlier. It isn’t scary or difficult (hooray for Eucalan!), and the price is worth it.” -Kyra M.

DDL Weighs In: Wool is probably the MOST intimidating style of cloth diaper out there.  The care instructions are totally different than other cloth diapers and there is always that doubt “will wool really be waterproof and breathable?”  The answer is yes and yes!  Wool is great for babies who get heat rashes, works for winter and even summer (if you can believe that), and doubles as clothing if you buy shorties or longies.  Just like cloth diapers, wool can be addictive!


The Response: “Ι would definitely do covers and prefolds. Less expensive, and you can reuse your favorite covers.” -Mary K.

DDL Weighs In: Though the shiny diapers with their bells and whistles dazzle new to cloth diapering parents, they can be quite expensive!  Even if you aren’t cloth diapering to save money prefolds and covers have a lot to offer beyond being cheap.  Prefolds are less likely to cause headaches when it comes to washing- they can take a serious beating without leaking or stinking.  Add a stash of covers that you love and cloth diaper with less drama.


The Response: “I’ve diapered 6 kids and my only regret is getting sucked in to diaper shopping, trying new brands.” -Catherine B.

DDL Weighs In: Buying All The Diapers is a real thing.  When brands release a new limited edition print every few months and new brands enter the market it is very tempting to buy “just one more.”  Keep in mind that one day your babies will be out of diapers- will your collection of diapers matter to you then?  If so then by all means, collect!  If you think your personality tends to go full addict then maybe try sticking to one style or brand to resist temptation.  Plus, the atmosphere in the groups for buying and selling can be toxic depending on the group.


The Response: “I would have bought used to try out more diapers because you can really see how they wear and hold up after use.” -Jenna B.

DDL Weighs In: Buying used is a great idea for trying out brands and as this reader points out, for seeing how durable the diaper is!  No diaper can last forever but if you try used diapers that have little or no stretch in the elastics or show holes sooner than they should based on when they were bought it can be an indication that they aren’t going to hold up long.


The Response: “I’d skip buying cheap diapers. Like totally. They don’t hold up. Spend a little extra on good quality diapers.” -Jessica C.

DDL Weighs In: This one is controversial but I can tell you that it is true, from personal experience and from the experiences of so many others.  When a diaper is extremely cheap it may be too good to be true.  Not only is it unlikely that the factory is doing effective quality control but the materials used to make the diaper are cheaper, the labor is cheaper, the warranty may not exist, and the customer service (if there) might not be that helpful when you need it.  Reputable brands tend to not only last longer but have warranties if problems do arise and employees at the phone lines to help you with any problems you have.  There are stories that tell opposite stories on both ends but these are not nearly as common as the scenario this reader represents.  No one wants to replace the diapers they just bought months earlier- don’t throw your money away!


The Response: “ Getting a spray pal and sprayer for sure, so much easier then dunk and swish.” -Samantha D.

DDL Weighs In: The scariest part of cloth diapering (in theory) is dealing with the poop.  When I first started cloth diapering the diaper sprayer was an answer to that problem.  Then the Spray Pal came along and the two together can spray the poop off and keep the {poop water} overspray from hitting your or your bathroom walls.  Plenty of people have survived without one or both but they are certainly nice to have and if you wait too long to try them you too might regret not buying a set earlier.

What about you- did you have any regrets from your early days of cloth diapering?  

 Image Credits:  Sloomb, Spray Pal, Hyperbole and a Half, Kim Rosas.  Quotes taken from DDL readers on January 10, 2014.

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6+ Sweet Valentine’s Day Themed Cloth Diapers

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It may not be the biggest or flashiest holiday but Valentine’s Day can still make a good case for specialty merchandise. Especially when, unlike Christmas, you can use most of it all year round! That’s why I went searching for a few of great Valentine’s Day themed cloth diapers. Some are no longer available for purchase right now but this post is meant to inspire you so perhaps you seek out and find another diaper in time for the big day.


 Thirsties has a limited edition print releasing on February 4th called Sweetheart that will be available through their retailers.  I would expect them to sell fast!

This limited edition Moraki is only available through select retailers but it will sell out fast. You can find it on Kelly’s Closet and get added to the waitlist for when it arrives.

Any Hello Kitty fans? Little Fancy Pants always has the best prints. Though they only made a small batch of these you can find other, just as adorable diapers on their fanpage.

No DDL gallery would be complete without an Orange Diaper Co. This was a one of a kind diaper that has already been sold but it’s so perfect it belongs here.  If you ever want a chance at one of their OOAK diapers like their Facebook page to stay up to date.

Maybe a bit unconventional, this Skullies print in pink from Sloomb would look fab on Vday or any other day of the week. Find it on Sloomb’s webstore.


Chelory stocks in batches so while this is an older diaper, you never know when they will find another cute print to release.  See their work on Chelory.com.

Ok. This one might be nearly impossible to find in 2015 without paying over retail but anyone who already owns this limited print from bumGenius would scream if it wasn’t included on the Valentine’s list. It may very well be the perfect Valentine’s diaper for photographs.



gDiapers just announced this new gPant hours after posting this.  While it’s a hybrid diaper and a bit different than most cloth diapers it can be used with reusable inserts!  Now available.

There are also a ton of pink and red cloth diapers but those just aren’t as fun to look at and are easy to find.  If you enjoyed this gallery there are plenty more like it, see them at this link.  

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TushMate Newborn Giveaway!

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Last week Lara and Autumn did a fabulous job testing the TushMate Newborn All in One for DDL.  The diaper fit right up to the 14 pound mark which aligned perfectly with what TushMate’s weight range. You can look back at her review and watch the video demo in our earlier post.


As a newborn all in one and from my experience in the diapering world it is quite unique and designed so well that it won DDL’s Favorite Newborn of 2014!

It has an adjustable rise, a semi-attached liner and insert, soft and strong hook and loop, and it comes with an extra microfiber booster for any babies who need extra absorbency.  It’s a great package!


Now I get to give one away to a lucky expecting mama or to the mom who enters to make sure she has an awesome baby shower gift ready!

Entering is easy on this so just use the Rafflecopter below.  Open to US and Canada.  Ends January 20.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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13 Cloth Diapers for Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner and you may be looking for the perfect diaper for the occasion. Even though most can’t have their little ones wear them out of the house without having to cover them with bothersome pants, it is still fun to celebrate even if we are the only ones seeing them. In some cases, the diaper can even BE the costume.
These 13 diapers represent some of the best Halloween themed diapers I found- be sure to click the links of the brands to see their diapers. Most of these are examples made last year but many of the WAHM’s will be making more this year.
I’m starting this post off with my favorite “Halloween” diaper of all time- a OOAK from Orange Diaper Co. from last year. Don’t fret- she looks to have some Halloween fabrics in stock but you don’t be seeing this pretty again.
Best Bottoms released a very limited run of these “Spooky” print diapers only for Nicki’s Diapers that sold out in a single day for both stockings so unless you already own one, you won’t be getting one anytime soon. They also auctioned off one-of-a-kind versions with orange trim on behalf on Giving Diapers, Giving Hope!
Busy Darling has several really fun Halloween prints in stock but I loved the combination of the playful ghosts and stripes. And no one says you can’t have your baby wear this year round!
Dutch Baby made this Nightfury diaper that is more costume than Halloween themed but I felt it belonged here because just look at it! Most climates don’t allown parents to incorporate diapers into the costume but if you happen to live somewhere tropical consider one of these diapers with tails combos.
Applecheeks released two limited color combinations- Boo! and Trick or Cheeks. Some retailers may still have them but many have sold out of their stock.
Binky D added a pretty scary jack-o-lantern embroidered face to the backside of these pumpkin orange fitteds for a perfect photo-opp diaper.
Dapper Derrieres created a snapless fitteds using The Pumpkin King’s likeness with a soft orange velour lining.
Bunzuke is a stand-out craftsman in the WAHM diaper world.  As a huge Ghostbusters fan (is anyone NOT a fan?!) this was a must feature for a Halloween post.
Kissing Blake is known for their embroidered diapers but I also loved this retro feeling, 80’s style ghost fabric she used for this fitted diaper.

candycorndiaperChelory makes amazing scrappy diapers, this one is a lot like candy corn, an kind of disgusting yet addictive Halloween candy…


Nettie’s Hands WAHM made diapers are a new to me brand but I wanted to find a zombie diaper and here is one!  The zombie children are appliquéd on.
Harp Diapers is a Canadian WAHM.  I love this spooky “Poe” inspired diaper that works any time of the year, but is well suited for Halloween.


Gen-Y always have amazing prints and one of my all-time favorites was their Sugar Skulls print.  With the new movie “Day of the Dead” coming out I expect even more diaper makers to embrace this theme for Dia de los Muertos.

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