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Cloth Diaper Info Cards {Free Download}

If you’ve ever considered teaching a class locally about cloth diapering or you are currently teaching one, this post may be of help!  For an event I attended recently I made up some handy cards, one for each type of cloth diaper, that could be handed out with that diaper so each person could see and touch it while getting information about that style.

I left the printed cards at home (of course I did) so I didn’t get the chance to use them, but so many people wanted to know where to get them after posting an image to Instagram that I knew posting them to the blog would be a good idea! Each card has the type of diaper and the pros/cons of each. At the bottom of the post are links to download, there are 2 sheets to print with 3 cards on each. You’ll have to chop the paper to get the three cards and should print them on card stock for best results.

cloth diaper pros vs cons allintwoprosconswm pocketsprosconswmFittedsprosconswm prefoldsprosconswm flatsprosconswm

printlistdiapertypes2lines printdiapertypeslines
Click the sheets above for a printer friendly version. Each image click will begin the download. You will want to print these on cardstock paper and cut on the lines.
Download Cloth Diaper Info Card 1 Download Cloth Diaper Info Card 2

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Side Snapping Cloth Diapers- Where are they now?

Are side snapping diapers slowly going extinct?



When I first started cloth diapering there were a lot of side snapping options and they were quite popular!  GAD Baby, Knickernappies, and GEN-Y were all hot topics on the forums.  People liked side snapping diapers because they could pull up and down easily and they had a cleaner look on the front since many were also sized.

This leads me to my next point- with sized diapers on the decline now that one size options have the largest following, side snapping diapers are following suit.  Why?  Because most side snapping diapers were sized.

Yes, you can still buy side snapping diapers!  I’m not trying to alarm you just yet.  Bottombumpers are still going strong, so are Knickernappies, and GEN-Y.  There are still WAHM’s making side snapping diapers, including side snapping fitteds.  Alas, I’m seeing less and less retailers carrying the Blueberry Basix, one of my favorites..  And GAD (Green Acre Designs) were just on super mega clearance for $5 each and they are rarer than a unicorn sighting on retail websites.


In this cloth diaper world there are trends that happen.  Remember when  Goodmama was the hardest diaper to find?  Remember when embellished prefolds with batik or tie dye was all the rage?  There are trends within this small community that come and go.  As the diapers improve, or as the fad dies, a new one comes to take its place.  I don’t see any new brands releasing side snapping options either, so for now the only current choices are the established brands that have been around for many years.

It is harder and harder to find stores that stock side snapping diapers.  I won’t call them extinct yet, but I will say they just aren’t as favored among cloth diapering parents as they used to be.  Could it be because they’re one more step away from being like disposables?  Is the concept too foreign for the parent who just wants to use cloth diapers without having to attend a seminar and consult a book?  Easy is best when it comes to winning over a new to cloth parent.

shooksWell… at least side snaps are easier to find than the now completely extinct “S” hook diapers.  If you remember those then you really are an old school cloth diapering mom.

Any other trends dying off?  Tell me in the comments!  Or, what trend do you see rising?  I think it is hybrid fitteds!

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Win a cloth diaper art poster from Sandhill Press

I love my Cloth Diaper Art by Sandhill Press {Giveaway}

cloth diaper art posters

I’m not a patron of the fine arts and most of the things on my walls are from thrift shops or estate sales.   I do, however, love to hang art on the walls that actually means something to me beyond just being pretty when I find it. When I was approached by Erin, the artist behind SandHill Press, about her screen-printed cloth diaper posters I fell in love! In case you didn’t already know, I collect vintage cloth diaper related ephemera (photos, advertisements, articles, even vintage cloth diapers and accessories) and I have some in my laundry room. I was already picturing these hanging in the same room, even though my diaper washing days are just about done for forever.  Erin sent me one of each for a review.

Image credit SandHill Press

Image credit SandHill Press

There are three different posters available, shown above.

Professionally screen-printed on 100% recycled paper with water-based inks. These prints are sized at 11×14 for easy framing!

My favorites were the two blue versions because I loved the message and also the coloring, very soothing. They all would look darling together over a changing station in a nursery framed and matted! Because these are screenprinted onto a nice, thick paper they look like quality pieces of art rather than something downloaded as a free printable. There is depth and richness to them that wouldn’t be possible from a printer.


I found tiny little hangers by Umbra from Target to hang mine from since I don’t have a lot of real estate for frames in the laundry room, plus I don’t want to add any more holes to my walls because they took forever to paint. The posters do come shipped in a roll so if you want to hang them up without framing you might have to let them sit under some books to flatten them out. I did that but was too impatient so I used a tiny bit of double sided tape on the bottom for now, and will release in a while to see if it is straight. I like it either way, even taped.


If you need these in your life (you do, you need them in your life) SandHill Press has an etsy shop and the posters are on sale for $10.00 each plus shipping!!! If I had a nursery I would do just as she did and hang a pretty cord and have all three pinned up over the changing table for an even cheaper way of displaying them without adding the cost of frames. Or if you have a retail cloth diaper store this is about as perfect as it gets for decorating your space!  You might want to decide soon because these are limited and she only has what has been printed.  After this she will do a new set of prints, yet to be determined.

There are car decals, fridge magnets, t-shirts, and buttons, but I’ve yet to see cloth diaper art. It makes me a little giddy to see that someone with this much talent used her powers for my favorite cause.
Win a cloth diaper art poster from Sandhill Press

Oh, did I forget to mention I have one to giveaway?! The winner can choose the print of their choice from the three! I would have a very hard time deciding but for a nursery I’d pick “Same Diaper, Different Day” or for a laundry room the “Wash, Dry, Fold.”  Enter using the Rafflecopter below, open to US only and ends 3/14.  Make sure you read the rules of entering and leave a comment.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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A look at “Life After Diapers”

It has been about 8 months since Everett potty trained.  This time in my life can now be referred to as “AD.”  I suppose the previous 5 years were “DD” and pre-kids my life was “BD.”

Life “BD” is nothing like “DD.”  Even though there aren’t diapers to wash, there is still plenty of other laundry that needs doing, including a set or two or sheets that tend to get wet.  In fact, since transitioning to “AD” I’m even more behind on laundry than ever!  At least when I had diapers to wash it kept my other laundry moving.  Anything lingering in the dryer absolutely had to get moved to a basket (for eventual folding) in order to dry the diapers (gasp- I used a dryer all these years!).   “BD” I washed laundry infrequently but back then it was just the two of us, my husband and I.

Now, I have piles of dirty laundry and piles of clean laundry.  By the time the clean laundry gets folded the dirty pile is ready for a washing.  That, and I’m in my last clean pair of underwear.  My boys have the largest stockpile of underwear and shorts- I have no idea why Everett has about 20 pair.  This just means we can go a long time without washing!  The motivation to launder clothes is now only to not be smelly.  I’ve never had the desire to have everything clean at once, and if I did, those days are simply impossible now.  With a family of four, in one evening you practically have a load of laundry when everyone has undressed!!!

Fletcher, my oldest, is in VPK 5 days a week from 8:30-11:45.  Everett is waiting for a spot at the same school.  In the Fall I innocently assumed he would have a spot there and booked myself up with new work opportunities outside of the blog, only to find we would have many months to wait.  We still wait.  He is able to entertain himself fairly well but certain tasks like filming with live sound (no voiceover, so the house has to be silent) are not possible.  This work must be done on the weekends when my husband can take them out to play.  We are managing and I spend many nights up until after midnight working on the computer doing my editing.  Now that “AD” also means the children very rarely nap, this has cut out even more of the time I used to have for working.

Even though Everett is out of diapers he is still dependent on me around bathroom time.  Homeboy does not understand that he is fully able to potty without alerting me, like a fire alarm, and with equal urgency in his voice.  ”Mom I go pee.  And POOP!  Hurry, hurry!”  Then he usually gets onto the potty himself and I am forced to watch until he is done.  Self-wiping badge has not been achieved by either son.  That will be a glorious day… or a terrible one where I spend nights scrubbing skid marks.  Only time will tell.

One of the milestones of parenthood for me was self-buckling.  When Fletcher could successfully buckle his own carseat (and do so correctly) I wanted to throw him a parade, in the style of that ridiculous pull-up commercial.   At the time our family was living in a colder climate, and I had a baby to also buckle.  Having him self-buckle was like hitting the lottery!  It saved so much time for me when getting to and from places.  It was still nothing like the “BD” era when just getting in the car myself was the routine, but still enough to make outings less stressful.

Everett is getting closer to self-buckling, and can do the chest buckle.  Having an older child means that my big boy can UN-buckle the littlest.  Rather than hearing one child scream to be let out when we get home as I unload groceries, my oldest will gently unbuckle him from his restraints and everyone is happy.  This little things are not to be overlooked, they make life much easier.

On the worst days when I’m too tired to move, or sick, or both, the worst part of parenting is by far the food one.  If I could not feed my kids real food I would have many more children.  The thought of having to go through the solid foods transition for another baby is great birth control.  I hate the mess, I hate the time it takes them to eat, and I hate the wasted food that often goes along with it.  I still dislike feeding the bigger kids even though it is much easier than a 1 year old.  It is a constant back and forth of “I’m hungry, I want a snack” so I find one and then “I don’t like that.”    Breastfeeding, in comparison, was the most convenient way to feed.  I could lay there, asleep, and still be feeding.

With older kids having a snack cabinet that is accessible has alleviated some of the struggles.  Fletcher can get to fruits on the counter himself, can get grapes from the fridge, can grab some crackers or granola, and can even get his own water.  Everett is also learning these tricks and loves getting his own water.  I don’t mind when water is spilled as much as milk or juice so they can have at it.  We are past the sippy cup and straw cup days, another huge perk of babies growing up.

My next milestone is hopefully the one where the kids have more responsibility around the house.  Legos… legos everywhere.  And matchbox cars.  Dinosaurs on my tables, papers and crayons on my other table.  Shoes… where did all of these shoes come from?  They are at every entrance and then in random rooms.  The toys and clutter never end despite cleaning out so many toys last month.  And even if I removed every single toy they could still take my couch cushions and every pillow in the house and make a giant fort.  At least incentives work, and we can get the toys cleaned up before going outside to play with a friend.


Since the life from “DD” to “AD” has been a gradual transition I take for granted some of the smaller freedoms that I missed when I was in the thick of diapering and breastfeeding.  I can just say “I’m going to take a shower” and take one.  I can say “go color in your room” and have a quiet second (notice I said second, not hour) to gather my thoughts.  My kids are still kids, and sometimes even mischievous ones (Everett came in 2 days ago with chocolate all over his face, I assumed he ate a candy from the counter bowl by using a step stool, but in reality he ate the top off of the chocolate donut we saved for Daddy.  He was very sorry…) so life is not boring in the least.

It is easier in many ways, and harder in others.  Diapering, compared to behavior problems at school (think bullying) is an easy one.  Kissing boo-boos and making them all better is easier than mending a little boy’s feelings.  And having two boys?  Well, now they can both talk and sometimes they say pretty mean things to each other.  Little people, with their own minds and hearts, make parenting more of a mental challenge.  I’m still clinging to Everett as my last baby.  He still gets bed privileges and sleeps with me part of the night because that is his happy spot and it is mine too.  Even Fletcher enjoys sleeping with me for a nap every so often.  I lucked out because my boys are both cuddlers, and will still sit with me on the couch and watch a movie while we cuddle in one big lump.

I occasionally miss the babywearing, folding those tiny little diapers, and the sweet togetherness of breastfeeding.  I’m glad to have many of those moments captured on photo or in videos because they go by so fast.  It won’t be long before every “baby” part of my last one is gone.  I’ll have one child in Kindergarten next year and another in Pre-K.  Early morning feedings are being replaced by early morning soccer practice and school start times.

To those reading with little ones in arms right now, there is so much to look forward to “after diapers” but also so much to cherish, even changing the diapers themselves while you wiggle the baby’s toes and blow on their tummies.  These days I look forward to our family movie nights on the couch and riding our bikes outside.  It is a different life than 1 year ago and we are all figuring it out as we go along.

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Tidy Tots Diaper Video and Review

Harper and I have had a very busy month with baby showers to attend, birthday parties, and visits from out of town guests. Our most anticipated visitor, Harper’s godmother, is such a fixture in her life (even from afar) that she reached out with both arms for a hug when she arrived. I find it amazing that although some people fall out of your life even when they live just down the street, others will always be a huge part of it no matter where they are. Harper’s godmother is that kind of person, they already have such a special bond, and I’m so happy she’ll have a wonderful and intelligent woman she can turn to for advice and guidance when she’s older if she is nervous asking me. Do you have someone in your child’s life (and yours) that you depend on and trust whole heartedly? I’m lucky to have a lot of family living close to us, but I still feel like Harper’s godmother is someone we couldn’t live without, and I consider her a part of our family, too.


Today I’m reviewing the Tidy Tots one size set and cover you likely saw a preview of during Kim’s visit to the ABC Expo in Vegas. It consists of a waterproof cover with highly elasticized gussets, a hemp insert, a hemp booster, and a flushable liner made from cornstarch to ease the cleaning of those really messy diapers.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ This diaper set does require more prep work then most of the diapers we use. You have the option of leaving the hemp booster out if you prefer, but Harper likes to stay extremely hydrated in our Florida heat so I enjoy the added confidence of including it.  So, as part of my laundry routine, I prep the diapers. I stuff a booster into the insert first. This is easy, the insert has a slit down the length of it so anyone can do it, regardless of the size of their hands. It also means the booster will agitate out of the insert on its own in the wash, so you don’t have to touch it until it’s clean again. Next, you wrap a disposable liner over the insert, making sure the snaps on the back of each corner are covered as well. There are some small pieces of hook and loop tape on the back to help with correct alignment. Finally, you can snap the liner covered snaps into place on the cover. At this point I fold and store my diaper like normal and it is just as easy to use (if not easier) than any other diaper, but with the added convenience of the liner and the reusable cover. I think the extra prep work is worthwhile if there is a likelihood that the diaper will be soiled, it does make laundering much simpler.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ An Essential Set will run you 99.95 for 2 covers, 4 inserts, 4 boosters, and a roll of 100 disposable liners. This is a great option if you’re curious about Tidy Tots but not ready to commit to a complete stash. The Great Start Kit is 269.95 and includes 6 covers, 12 inserts, 8 boosters, and 100 disposable liners. A cover can be reused several times before laundering, and the snaps at the corners of the insert make it easy to change out a soiled or damp liner without touching anything unpleasant. So theoretically, a Great Start Kit would get you through a dozen changes before you need to do laundry. Doing the math makes any sticker shock much more palatable, especially if you calculate how much your stash (or your friend’s if you’re just starting out) cost. It’s still a high upfront cost, but working with interchangeable covers means less laundry and lower utility bills. The disposable liners save you, too, since you won’t be using all that water from your diaper sprayer on those really daunting diapers. Individual covers can also be purchased for 19.95 if you’d like to boost your current stash with something new.

(Note from Kim- If you like the covers you can use pad folded flats so save costs on the whole system. The entire line is Made in the USA and they employ people with disabilities which can take longer.  To me, the covers are the star of the system since they are so well made using the highest quality PUL and stitching.  Ev loves the dino print and wears it at night sometimes.)

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ These diapers are practically bullet proof. I would easily recommend these to any parents who are having issues with leaky diapers and don’t want to use wool covers or fitted diapers. Tidy Tots diapers provide the most absorbency I have ever experienced with a cover system. The gussets do a great job holding in any potential compression leaks and I love that I’m putting 100% natural and anti-microbial hemp against my daughter’s skin. Even the disposable liners are made from cornstarch, which helps keep her delicate skin dry between changes.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ The Tidy Tots covers are available in three sizes. You can choose from newborn, one size, or extra large. The one size is made for babies approximately 10-40 lbs, and it features a “no fold” style that is very different. All the size adjustment is based on the fit of the hook and loop tape and in the extremely stretchy elastic gussets. I was dubious when I heard about this, but I can’t deny it fits Harper very well despite her slight frame. I do think the rise would be too high for an infant, which is why I’m so glad they offer a newborn size for bitty babies. I also love that the standard inserts work with the extra large (40 lbs and up) covers so you aren’t stuck buying a whole new system if your toddler outgrows his diapers before he potty trains.

Overall: Tidy Tots has come up with an intriguing new system that goes a long way towards making cloth diapers tidier (Hey, that must be where the name came from… I just got that…) and they offer a lot of really fun colors and designs. Getting started is a bit of an investment, but you’re paying for quality and convenience, perfect for parents who are interested in cloth diapering but nervous about touching soiled diapers. Prepping is more time consuming then what I’m used to, but still takes only a minute or so and once assembled the diaper is solid and will not need adjusting or correcting.

Where to Buy: You can order directly from Tidy Tots


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Thirsties New Hook and Loop Video and Review

harperelfWith the holiday season officially in full swing we’ve begun unpacking the lights and decorations and wrapping gifts. This year Harper is old enough to really appreciate the bright festive lights and shiny ornaments she sees everywhere. She “helped” decorate our house with Daddy and clapped when he turned the lights on that night. I love seeing Christmas through her eyes, and I’m giddy to plan new traditions for us. What do you like to do with your loved ones each December?

Today I’m reviewing an exciting new feature on a classic stash staple. Thirsties has released a brand new hook and loop on their diapers, and I’m thrilled to say it’s stronger and better than any I’ve tried. The strips of hook and loop you use to fasten the diaper are gently rounded so there are no sharp corners to accidentally dig into baby’s skin. These “bullets” (named for their shape, I imagine) are very generously sized which makes wrangling a squirmy toddler so much easier. The laundry tabs are arranged so tightly in line with the tape that it almost fastens itself shut upon removal, and the bond has remained tight throughout several washes.

The sizing on this hook and loop tape is very flexible, the waist piece measures seven inches across and the bullets are double sided (hook on one side, loop on the other) so you can stack them if you need that extra tight fit. Having that option is a lifesaver when you have a skinny baby with a small waist. I think many parents with thin toddlers prefer hook and loop for this very reason, the fit can be much more custom then some snap diapers.


We love the new (bigger, better) hook and loop from Thirsties, especially since Harper can’t take it off by herself like she can with some of her other diapers. The generous sizing and the strong grip of the tape make life easier on both of us.

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The Invention of the Modern Cloth Diaper- 1940 and the first Pinless Diaper

Have you ever thought about the history of cloth diapers and how they evolved from simple flats to the modern marvels of invention many of us use today?

At one point in recent memory even flats with pins and rubber pants were the modern diapers.  Prior to the invention of the safety pin in the late 1800′s diapering methods relied more on the babies being swaddled;  some cultures stuffed grasses into animal skins.  Then there was the “let is drop where it may and cover it with ashes” technique popular in the Middle Ages.  The diaper pin made it possible to fold a cloth and create what we know as a diaper, and by the 1890′s babies had triangular folded diapers secured by a pin.

Americans are constantly trying to make life easier.  Diaper services became popular in the 1930′s and were one of the ways it became less labor intensive for families to diaper their babies.  Still, this was only helpful if you were able to afford one.  Even with a diaper service pins were definitely still involved.

Pinless cloth diaper invention

It wasn’t until 1940, after 15 years of experimenting, that Joseph LaKritz announced the first pinless diaper.  The diaper is still rather rectangular in shape, without the contouring shape that would come later, in 1948 by another inventor.   Still, having a pinless option was a leap towards the future and innovation in design that had ease of use and safety in mind.

The diaper used a buckle type system that allowed it to close safely (no pins) and to grow with the baby since the belt was adjustable.  It was made to come up higher on the baby for extra “warmth” and there were openings for the belts to pass through on the other end of the diaper to keep it on the baby.  Unfolded, evidenced by the patent figures above, it looked like it could easily say “Kiss the Cook” due to its rather apron-like appearance.

Joseph LaKritz was motivated to invent the pinless diaper not because he was a father trying to make his life easier, but because a friend’s baby choked on a diaper pin.  LaKritz was a clothing designer who just happened to try his hand at improving the cloth diaper.

A reporter asked LaKrtiz “Is it easy to put on?” to which he replied “The easiest thing you ever saw.  So easy a three-months-old baby could do it.” at a press conference in 1940.

Even during the 50′s and 60′s flats and prefolds still seemed to be the most popular diapers around so my guess is that this pinless diaper didn’t take off.  Other inventions that used snaps for closure came about in the 1960′s.  From what I can tell it seems that parents weren’t buying into the “fad” diapers just yet and preferred the traditional diapers.  Or, they just made their own.

What do you think- was this diaper the first step towards what we know today?  Or do you think we need to go beyond the pinless diaper towards the waterproof cover (boater) invented in 1949 or does it only count when all of these combine into the earlier all-in-ones like the Mother-Ease?

Sources:  Diapers and Toileting, St. Petersburg Times - Dec 15, 1940, Press Photo 1940 from Cleveland Bureau from my personal collection, Patent Joseph LaKritz.

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If my cloth diapers are stained, are they clean?!

The fact of the matter is this: cloth diapers catch poop.  Poop, especially if your kid has a thing for blueberries, stain.  If your child pooped on your favorite white shirt you would probably expect it to be stained.  But you would wash it (perhaps pre-treat it) and hope for the best.  When you pulled it from the dryer and saw it was stained your first thought wouldn’t have been “this shirt must still be dirty”  it would be “well, guess that shit did leave a stain.”

Why on earth people get confused about stains on cloth diapers is beyond me!  They are the one thing in your life you should be ok with having a stain on!   When you remove them from your dryer and notice a stain, why is it that your mind is blown?!  ”B-b-b-b-u-t I washed these.  Why are they stained?  I guess they must not be clean…”


Stains on your cloth diapers do not mean they didn’t get clean enough.  Sometimes, diapers aren’t getting clean enough, but let your NOSE be your guide on that one.  Visually, unless you did something REALLY wrong, your diapers will and should appear clean every time!  If they don’t, you have way bigger problems than a poop stain!


Stained diapers are still clean.  Just stained.



What if you’d like to get rid of the stains?  Sun!  Lay your diapers flat to dry out in the sunshine.  9 times out of 10 the stain will be gone in a matter of hours.  If the stain is not gone completely, try adding lemon juice and sunning again.  You’ll want to wash your diapers again if you use lemon juice.  You can see an example in a post on this topic I did in 2009.

Take a whiff!


If it turns out that your diapers smell- stained or not- you will need to adjust your wash routine.  A barnyard smell often means that your diapers aren’t getting clean enough so add more detergent.  Ammonia smells mean you have a build-up of ammonia salts from urine.  Ammonia is very often left in that thirsty microfiber.  Stripping, often with 1/4 cup of bleach to kill it, is usually the way to go (but check your diaper’s warranty because some are voided by using bleach.)  Another common problem is that a diaper will still stink when wet from the washing machine, or right after the baby urinates in it.  This again, is a sign you aren’t getting your diapers clean enough.  Either use more detergent or make sure you’re using very hot water to kill the bacteria.  Molly’s Suds suggests using 130-140 degrees, which is more than the default setting in your water heater.  Change, wash, and reset to default if you decide to try this method.

So the takeaway is this- ignore the stains.  If they bother you, sun your diapers.  If you want to resell your diapers, sun them regularly.  If you aren’t reselling then stains are a fact of life you can ignore.  Save the mental energy you were using worrying about your stained diapers and go read a magazine.

Do stains on your diapers bother you?  Tell us in the comments! Pin It

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I would call us crazy too if I weren’t on the inside….

diaperdiscussions5 years ago if you had told me that there was a community of moms on the Internet who spend a good deal of their day discussing cloth diapers I wouldn’t have believed you.  At that time I didn’t spend a lot of my day on the computer.  I was fresh out of college, a newlywed, and working a crummy job while trying to find a better one in a depressed economy.  I didn’t have time for socializing online.

When I got pregnant with my first son suddenly the Internet was my full time hobby- I started obsessively looking for anything and everything related to babies and pregnancy.  I didn’t know how deep I would go into the Internet but it welcomed me with open arms.  It was on a Due Date Club that I learned about modern cloth diapers.  Suddenly I had a new obsession.  I honestly have no idea how to describe it but I was sucked in hard and fast.  I was also interested in other things related to babies, but this one resonated with me on many levels and the fact that I HAD to research in order to make my case to my husband meant I did a great deal of looking around on popular websites from the time.

In the span of a few months I went from knowing nothing about modern cloth diapers to being almost consumed by them.  My husband thought it would pass and that I would tire of the laundry, my Mother-in-Law feigned interest as I showed her my carefully crafted starter stash consisting of lots of used bumGenius 3.0′s, a few Happy Heiny’s, some terrible WAHM diapers from Ebay, plus many prefolds and covers.

Little did they know… Right!?


I’m telling everyone this because it is very hard to understand how the community around cloth diapers exists… and how anyone would or could care enough to participate in it.

We discuss an article of clothing that holds pee and poop.  When you think about it, sounds crazy right?  I mean, my entire blog is mostly based on cloth diapering.  Also crazy.  How does one find enough to talk about that there are over 1,000 posts and over 200 videos?!

Like every other product out there, cloth diapers are constantly changing and evolving and moms want to know more about that.  First time cloth users are confused by the terminology (another surprising fact about cloth diapers is that there is such a wealth of terms and abbreviations to learn) and about the conflicting information about them.  There is no ONE website that people should visit.  Each website has different advice, different perspectives, and a different focus.  We are lucky that there is so much information available and so many platforms to discuss cloth diapers.  It is a double edged sword however, because too much information can be overwhelming to new parents and I’ve seen it backfire and turn families away from cloth because they just don’t want to wade through the thousands of websites.

Through my work and my early months of research I met people that I’m still friends with.  When asked what could an online forum or group focused on cloth diapers possibly have to talk about I would say “everything.”  The topic might start with cloth diapers but the conversation always evolves to cover other aspects of parenting.  Friendships are forged because in many cases cloth diapering parents have a shared spectrum of interests.  Sometimes they don’t, and that’s ok too.  Many of my closest friends online have come from the cloth diaper world, and many of us are done with using diapers but we’ve continued our connection because we started on our parenting journey at the same time.  Even some of my readers are finished with diapers but they still check in on this blog because they shared that same journey and started reading my posts when our babies were in diapers.

CRAZY diaper lady.

CRAZY diaper lady.

It isn’t always easy to explain my “job” to those who ask.  Even I have a hard time saying my blog name without laughing… yeah… it is a funny name.  Had I known I would have to say it out loud when I started this website I may have chosen something different.  I still wouldn’t change my path in life, and my involvement with this wonderful community of moms and dads.  We are all doing this cloth diaper thing for different reasons and yet we can all come together to do really great things and have meaningful conversations that go far beyond what diaper is on the bum.

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Meet the Fluff Fairy- Delivering Fluffy Fun Every Month from Kelly’s Closet

kellyscloset_fluff_fairyYesterday Kelly’s Closet announced that they will be offering a monthly “surprise” package delivered by the Fluff Fairy, of course.  For those of you who like trying new diapers or just enjoy a little surprise you can sign up each month on Kelly’s Closet.  It is NOT a monthly subscription like many other stores offer, and due to the differences in items you may get the price will vary each month.  If one month is too expensive for your liking the good news is that maybe next month it will be lower!  Plus shipping is free!  Each month there is a certain window of time to order and the box will go away for the month once they are out so try not to wait too long to order!

To get an idea of what the box will offer you can watch the video that is embedded above and also see more on the Fluff Fairy page of KC.  Full disclosure- it was filmed and edited by me.  It was extra exciting to get s sneak peek at Fluff Fairy before it was released to the public. SUPER special thank you to my good friend Adrianna, who, when asked if she would let me film her for this video and then asked “oh and by the way, will you do a goofy dance?” did it with no hesitation and with gusto. She blogs on Military Money Chica and NextGen MilSpouse.

You can enjoy your own “30-Second Embarrassing Mailbox Dance Party” by signing up for Fluff Fairy today.  Extra bonus points if you decide to use my affiliate link: Get it on Kelly’s Closet!

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