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Update: This diaper is now known as the bumGenius Elemental and has had major changes made to the design. View the updated version here: http://dirtydiaperlaundry.com/bumgenius-elemental-old-vs-new-version-comparison-video/

Many people ask, what is the major difference between the Bum Genius AIO Organic OS, and the Bum Genius 3.0 OS Pocket.  I hope you find this video review helpful to you in answering questions about the Organic AIO.  It is my favorite cloth diaper that I have tried so far.  I find that most people who are interested in cloth diapering do not have access to diapers in real life.  This is why I started doing video reviews, to show the ins and outs of a diaper for moms who have read a million reviews but still can’t decide.  If there is a diaper you wish to see reviewed, leave me a comment and I will try to make it happen.


I am updating my older reviews to include the category Durability.  I did not start using the star rating system until after this review was written/ filmed.  I do still want to include the update since I believe it is an important aspect of reviews.

Durability ✰✰✰✰✰ The Bum Genius AIO Organic with SNAPS  is still among my favorite cloth diapers.  I purchased this diaper with my own money (a few actually) and still use them.  I also purchased the Aplix version which has since been discontinued.  The Aplix version would get a 2 star because everyone I purchased doesn’t stick anymore.  The velcro is horribly fuzzy and the tabs were coming unsewn.  The snaps version of  the BG AIO Organic has held up wonderfully after almost a year and a half of constant use.  These diapers get picked by me daily, and my husband.  They get washed more than almost any diaper I own. 

There are small holes in the cotton, but not the soaker.  The cotton next to the PUL.  These holes have occured around the legs and at the corner where the soaker is sewn in.  I view these as a badge of honor more than a defect.  After washing and wearing something this much I expect sign of use. 

The PUL looks brand new, there is no sign of distress on the snaps or around them.  The soakers are white (they are tan new) and I assume this is from washing and sunning them so many times.   The cotton isn’t as soft as new, but I wouldn’t say it is rough.

I am very pleased with the durability and workmanship of the BG AIO Organic with SNAPS.

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