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Chunky Cheeks Hybrid Fitted One Size Diaper Video and Review

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Harper loves playing pretend. Pushing her “babies” around in the wagon and taking sips from her little tea cup so she can pretend to refill it from her teapot are two of her favorite games. It’s amazing to me how imaginative she is, and how she picks up on these things so quickly. We’ve used our stroller maybe three times and I don’t think she’s ever been awake while I’m having tea (that’s a naptime joy) so she’s learned these things purely from the playing we’ve done together. My mom once told me the best and most important gift you can give when you are choosing presents for birthdays and holidays is to sit down and show your child what they can do with their new toy. It seems simple, but it’s true. I remember my mom asking me all kinds of questions about a toy I had asked for after I received it, and having me point out all the things I could do with it and why I loved it so much. As an older child, I was excited to share my knowledge and didn’t even realize she was (in her own way) teaching me how to play with it by discussing every feature and possibility. What is your favorite way to play with your little ones? Do you like to show them what to do? Or ask them questions? Or observe and use positive reinforcement when you see them figure something out? I have many years of playing ahead of me, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Today I’m going to share a hybrid fitted diaper from Chunky Cheeks with you, it’s made with a hidden layer of poly fleece inside. This means while you’ll want a waterproof cover (like wool or pul) on top for long term use, this diaper can be worn without a cover for quite some time. The fleece helps to keep the moisture from soaking the outer layer for a while.

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩ Chunky Cheeks comes with two inserts which snap together and snap to the diaper. You can use one or both inserts to meet your needs. Both inserts are generously oversized, so you’ll want to do a bit of folding to make sure they tuck nicely within the diaper. This can require a little extra prep work if you’re ocd about the folds being even the way I am, but it is possible to just put the diaper on and then tuck the excess in, it’s all about what works best for you.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ Chunky Cheeks generally sells hybrid fitteds for about 30 dollars. This is about average for a hybrid fitted diaper, a little on the high side, but nothing compared to some of the brands I’ve seen. You’re paying for quality materials and a very well constructed diaper.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Those generously sized inserts are fantastic for soaking up moisture, they make this diaper perfect for overnights. I also love keeping Harper in a hybrid fitted without a cover while she’s playing because they tend to be more breathable then many diapers. Harper has very sensitive skin, so having a breathable diaper for her to wear is an excellent opportunity to allow her skin to recover from being diapered all the time (without the potential mess of diaper-free time, which I don’t often have the opportunity to do these days).

Fit ✩✩✩✩ These diapers are accented with a long row of snaps and a fold over rise, so they can probably fit a teeny tiny baby up to a chunky toddler. Chunky Cheeks lives up to its name, with a very thick and fluffy silhouette. There will be no question that your baby is wearing a cloth diaper, and some pants may not fit with these. I take that as an opportunity to show off the diaper, and skip the pants every now and then. If you can’t have a no-pants party when you’re a baby, when can you? Wait, don’t answer that, we don’t know if our bosses will read this…

Overall: I really like how absorbent Chunky Cheeks diapers are, and the prints and designs are so much fun, check out the Cars themed diaper on their Facebook page! If the thick appearance of the diaper bothers you, you can remove one of the inserts and the diaper should still hold up for a couple hours without issue. My heavy wetter definitely does better with both, and I love showing off our love of cloth.

Where to Buy: Chunky Cheeks


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Lalabye Baby One Size Diaper Video and Review

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One of my favorite things about having a little girl is sewing dresses for her. I have such vivid memories of standing impatiently for my mother while she poked and prodded me to pin pattern pieces together for a good fit. The fittings were frustrating for an adventurous little girl, but I did love having pretty new dresses to play in. I especially loved when I was allowed to help her choose buttons or colors, and really make my dress my own. I’ve been sewing dresses for Harper using existing dresses as a pattern. It’s a lot of fun to find a garment in a yard sale or a thrift shop that may not be loved on its own but is a bright color or print in a soft material I know Harper will love. When I do get an occasional hour to myself it can be so relaxing to sit down at my machine and create, even if she’ll out grow it in a month I still get that thrill of doing something special for her.


Lalabye Baby sent us a bright colorful diaper to review, with different wearing options and soft natural bamboo inserts. I’m excited to tell you all about it!
Ease of Use✩✩✩✩✩  The Lalabye Baby system includes a pocket style cover made of waterproof TPU as well as two bamboo inserts which snap together and to the diaper. You can snap the inserts over the cover to use it as an all-in-two, and switch them out (additional inserts are available for sale separately) while reusing the cover. Or you can stuff the diaper like a traditional pocket, while enjoying the stability the snaps provide and knowing the inserts won’t shift. I prefer using it as a pocket because Harper’s sensitive skin appreciates the stay dry lining. The wide openings in the front and back make it very easy to unsnap and remove the insert when it’s time to wash. And I love that the color coded snaps make it simple to tell which snap to go to when fastening the diaper, this is a great benefit for babysitters and grandparents who may need an extra clue to get that perfect fit.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ At just 17.95-18.95 (depending on the pattern) for a full diaper system and just 3.95/4.95 for additional inserts (you can choose a newborn or full size insert) these diapers are an excellent value. I love how soft and quiet the TPU is, there is a large variety of fun colors and prints (seriously, go check out Traveling Circus before I buy them all!) and the bamboo is very absorbent and doesn’t retain odors the way my microfiber inserts can.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ We’ve never had an accident in these, despite wearing them on a drive to Orlando with moderate traffic and a fixation on her sippy cup. These bamboo inserts are natural fibers so it is very important to prep them with 4-6 hot washes and make sure you only wash them with other natural materials since the oils released can cause wicking on any microfiber you have if you wash them together. No one wants to celebrate new fluff mail by stripping their old diapers.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ Lalabye Baby will send two inserts with your diaper. The smaller insert can be used by itself for a newborn, with the smaller settings on the diaper, and you can use the larger insert by itself when your baby is older. My favorite option, of course, is using both inserts stacked. I love that they snap together so there is no issue with shifting or bunching. This makes for a fluffier diaper, of course, but is perfect for long errands or bed time. I love how the legs fit on this diaper, the hip snaps are well placed to create a nice snug fit even on Harper’s thin little thighs without ever leaving marks. Sometimes we have a hard time getting a good fit on Harper, she’s so petite, but these diapers fit her very well.

Overall: I really love Lalabye Baby’s one size diaper, it is a very easy diaper that allows you to play around with how you use it to make it work for your family so you can make sure it works for you. Because the diaper that is too much work is the diaper in the back of the stash that gets pulled out grudgingly on laundry day. I enjoy having the option to snap the inserts either inside or on top of the diaper, and using a sustainable natural resource like bamboo makes me feel good. These diapers are a great addition to any stash, the fun prints make perfect baby shower gifts for new parents (especially those intimidated by cloth but curious since these can be so user friendly), and they’re a great workhorse for parents of heavy wetters.

Where to Buy: Dream Diapers


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Funky Fluff All-In-Three Diaper Video and Review

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One of Harper’s favorite games these days is dancing. If she hears music, whether it is a theme song on a tv show, a ringtone on my phone, or a tune from the radio, she immediately starts wiggling back and forth. If we hold her hands, she’ll do a little two step. If she’s seated, she’ll rock back and forth and wave her hands around. We didn’t teach her this, it came to her naturally. It’s amazing how instinctual dancing is. Does your little one love to dance?


Funky Fluff has sent Harper one of their adorable three in one diapers to try out. They are available in fun yet modern color combinations as well as a couple prints for the pattern fans out there. The crossover tabs can be snapped together to roll up and secure dirty diapers to contain messes until wash day. We’ve really enjoyed testing this one and reach for it again and again.
Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ This diaper is extremely versatile, it can be used as a pocket, an all-in-one (by snapping the insert inside the pocket of the diaper), or an all-in-two (by snapping the insert over the interior of the diaper to lay against baby’s skin). This is a great way to test the waters if you’re new to cloth diapering and haven’t decided what style diaper you prefer, or if you’ve been using one kind but are curious about how another would work for you and your child. I love using this diaper as a pocket, since the inserts easily agitate out on their own due to openings on either side. I know the diaper is getting fully cleaned and I don’t have to handle any additional mess.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ You can order a Stay Dry diaper system for 19.09 or a Bamboo version for 20.91. This is a fantastically low price for a set like this, the women behind Funky Fluff did a lot of research to figure out how to bring the price down while making sure the diapers are made under fair conditions by skilled workers. I’m also pretty in love with their Double Pocket Wet Bag for 13.63, I put clothes that Harper spilled food on in the outer pocket and diapers on the inner pocket, so I can wash them separately when I get home. It’s crazy convenient, and very spacious as well.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ The Funky Fluff bamboo system comes with the diaper itself, and two soakers. There is a small soaker made with two layers perfect on its own for newborns, and a larger soaker containing four layers that is just right for daytime use when you want a slimmer silhouette. Snap them together, though, and it’s like those kids from Captain Planet with their rings, the six combined layers are unbeatable. Harper hydrates a LOT in the Florida heat, and is a heavy wetter, so having a diaper made of natural fibers that is consistently accident free is fantastic. I also love the double gussets on the interior, they do a great job at holding in any messes. This isn’t an issue for us now as much as it was in Harper’s younger days, but trust me when I say this is a fantastic gift for new parents, those gussets can be a sanity saver. I did find the cloth seems to stain very easily, and so far my line dry/sunning routine hasn’t worked, but it may just be a result of the food consumed more than the diaper itself.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ Since you have the flexibility of snapping or folding or stuffing your soakers in any manner you fancy, this diaper seems to hold up very well at any size setting. I love the crossover tabs for my tiny girl, and the hip snaps keep everything in place no matter how much she dances and climbs. If she’s wearing both soakers (like she is in this picture) it can be pretty fluffy looking, but you do have the option to use just one for a slimmer look if that is important to you. You’ll just need to change it sooner.

Overall: I really like this diaper as a way to try out different options and see what works best for either parent and for the baby. The snaps are a happy medium between easy enough for me to snap when Harper does not want to sit still and strong enough to stand up to curious toddler hands. The diaper is well constructed, bright, modern, and stylish. It makes a great gift for a baby shower since the design can be as simple as the parent desires, often an issue with some more intimidating complex styles.

Where to Buy: Funky Fluff


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Tidy Tots Diaper Video and Review

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Harper and I have had a very busy month with baby showers to attend, birthday parties, and visits from out of town guests. Our most anticipated visitor, Harper’s godmother, is such a fixture in her life (even from afar) that she reached out with both arms for a hug when she arrived. I find it amazing that although some people fall out of your life even when they live just down the street, others will always be a huge part of it no matter where they are. Harper’s godmother is that kind of person, they already have such a special bond, and I’m so happy she’ll have a wonderful and intelligent woman she can turn to for advice and guidance when she’s older if she is nervous asking me. Do you have someone in your child’s life (and yours) that you depend on and trust whole heartedly? I’m lucky to have a lot of family living close to us, but I still feel like Harper’s godmother is someone we couldn’t live without, and I consider her a part of our family, too.


Today I’m reviewing the Tidy Tots one size set and cover you likely saw a preview of during Kim’s visit to the ABC Expo in Vegas. It consists of a waterproof cover with highly elasticized gussets, a hemp insert, a hemp booster, and a flushable liner made from cornstarch to ease the cleaning of those really messy diapers.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ This diaper set does require more prep work then most of the diapers we use. You have the option of leaving the hemp booster out if you prefer, but Harper likes to stay extremely hydrated in our Florida heat so I enjoy the added confidence of including it.  So, as part of my laundry routine, I prep the diapers. I stuff a booster into the insert first. This is easy, the insert has a slit down the length of it so anyone can do it, regardless of the size of their hands. It also means the booster will agitate out of the insert on its own in the wash, so you don’t have to touch it until it’s clean again. Next, you wrap a disposable liner over the insert, making sure the snaps on the back of each corner are covered as well. There are some small pieces of hook and loop tape on the back to help with correct alignment. Finally, you can snap the liner covered snaps into place on the cover. At this point I fold and store my diaper like normal and it is just as easy to use (if not easier) than any other diaper, but with the added convenience of the liner and the reusable cover. I think the extra prep work is worthwhile if there is a likelihood that the diaper will be soiled, it does make laundering much simpler.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ An Essential Set will run you 99.95 for 2 covers, 4 inserts, 4 boosters, and a roll of 100 disposable liners. This is a great option if you’re curious about Tidy Tots but not ready to commit to a complete stash. The Great Start Kit is 269.95 and includes 6 covers, 12 inserts, 8 boosters, and 100 disposable liners. A cover can be reused several times before laundering, and the snaps at the corners of the insert make it easy to change out a soiled or damp liner without touching anything unpleasant. So theoretically, a Great Start Kit would get you through a dozen changes before you need to do laundry. Doing the math makes any sticker shock much more palatable, especially if you calculate how much your stash (or your friend’s if you’re just starting out) cost. It’s still a high upfront cost, but working with interchangeable covers means less laundry and lower utility bills. The disposable liners save you, too, since you won’t be using all that water from your diaper sprayer on those really daunting diapers. Individual covers can also be purchased for 19.95 if you’d like to boost your current stash with something new.

(Note from Kim- If you like the covers you can use pad folded flats so save costs on the whole system. The entire line is Made in the USA and they employ people with disabilities which can take longer.  To me, the covers are the star of the system since they are so well made using the highest quality PUL and stitching.  Ev loves the dino print and wears it at night sometimes.)

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ These diapers are practically bullet proof. I would easily recommend these to any parents who are having issues with leaky diapers and don’t want to use wool covers or fitted diapers. Tidy Tots diapers provide the most absorbency I have ever experienced with a cover system. The gussets do a great job holding in any potential compression leaks and I love that I’m putting 100% natural and anti-microbial hemp against my daughter’s skin. Even the disposable liners are made from cornstarch, which helps keep her delicate skin dry between changes.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ The Tidy Tots covers are available in three sizes. You can choose from newborn, one size, or extra large. The one size is made for babies approximately 10-40 lbs, and it features a “no fold” style that is very different. All the size adjustment is based on the fit of the hook and loop tape and in the extremely stretchy elastic gussets. I was dubious when I heard about this, but I can’t deny it fits Harper very well despite her slight frame. I do think the rise would be too high for an infant, which is why I’m so glad they offer a newborn size for bitty babies. I also love that the standard inserts work with the extra large (40 lbs and up) covers so you aren’t stuck buying a whole new system if your toddler outgrows his diapers before he potty trains.

Overall: Tidy Tots has come up with an intriguing new system that goes a long way towards making cloth diapers tidier (Hey, that must be where the name came from… I just got that…) and they offer a lot of really fun colors and designs. Getting started is a bit of an investment, but you’re paying for quality and convenience, perfect for parents who are interested in cloth diapering but nervous about touching soiled diapers. Prepping is more time consuming then what I’m used to, but still takes only a minute or so and once assembled the diaper is solid and will not need adjusting or correcting.

Where to Buy: You can order directly from Tidy Tots


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Thirsties New One Size Pocket Diaper Video and Review

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Harper did so well visiting family this year, I was really concerned she wouldn’t handle the late nights, crowds of people, and swell of noise but she took everything in stride and relished the extra attention. My favorite moment was when she unwrapped a book and immediately lit up and started flipping through the pages. My little reader seems to be following in her mother’s footsteps with her love of literature, and I couldn’t be more proud.


Today I’m so excited to review Thirsties’ brand new one size pocket diaper. Anyone familiar with Thirsties (I know most of you probably are) will remember the two sizes (better known as Duo options) to choose from. These sizes fit great and were well loved. However, there was a tricky in-between stage for some babies who couldn’t quite fit into their smaller size anymore but hadn’t yet filled out enough for the larger size. With the new one size diaper, every baby eight pounds to forty pounds is covered. And Thirsties still has that excellent cut with those life saving gussets to ensure a great fit and amazing leak/blow-out protection.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ The one size pocket features Thirsties’ new hook and loop tape (or you can choose their snaps if you prefer) and goes on quickly and easily without shifting. One of my favorite things about the newest star of Thirsties is the inserts. You receive one microfiber newborn insert and one hemp cotton full size insert, and you can use one or both. But best of all, they snap together! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve double stuffed a pocket just to have the inserts shift or scrunch as they rub against each other. These inserts fit perfectly against each other with the snaps securing them while still remaining unattached to the cover itself. That means when it’s wash day you can toss the whole diaper into the laundry and the inserts agitate out of either side of the pocket on their own. No handling messy inserts required.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ Thirsties one size pocket has a suggested retail price of 19.95, which includes the two inserts as well as the waterproof pocket diaper. It’s made in the USA and is clearly excellent quality, the stitching is impeccable and the microfleece lining has yet to stain despite Harper’s best efforts. I will always happily pay more for products made in the USA, and I feel Thirsties is offering a fairly good value for an excellent product.

Performance ✩✩✩ The microfiber insert offer three layers of protection, and the hemp cotton offers five layers. The two inserts provided offer excellent leak protection when stacked. If I am dressing Harper in leggings and need a trimmer silhouette I’ll stick to the hemp cotton insert alone. The first time I tried this I did have to change her outfit within thirty minutes due to a mishap. This may be based on how much Harper had to drink at the time, but I believe it is because the natural fibers of the hemp blend were not fully prepped having only been washed a few times. The insert was not able to absorb liquid as quickly as it was expressed, and a leak occurred. I went back to double stuffing and tried again several washes later and was able to go two hours between changes. I love the combination of microfiber for quick absorbency with hemp for longer term but slower absorbency; I think the two stacked is genius.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ Thirsties are not the trimmest diapers, but they also are not the fluffiest by a long shot. To me they seem like what a person should reasonably expect when dealing with cloth diapers, a nice soft silhouette that is more pronounced than a disposable (as it should be) and fluffy to the touch. A lot of parents who are used to the Duo options will be nervous about the fit, but with three adjustments on the rise and two rows of snaps (for the snap option) or the new and improved hook and loop tape (with bigger tabs and a tighter fit option) you can still accommodate a lot of different sizes, from a tiny infant to a rambunctious toddler.

Overall: I love Thirsties’ newest addition, I think the one size is well cut, and the snaps and hook and loop tape are very strong to stand up to curious toddler hands. The prints are adorable, and the material feels nice. Thirsties is a well made diaper manufactured in the USA and I’m so happy I was able to review them.

Where to Buy:Kelly’s Closet (affiliate) has them in stock now!


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Smart Bottoms Smart One Cloth Diaper Video and Review

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On Friday Harper had her very first temperature. I felt her forehead and worried, knowing her molars are coming in I assumed it was teething but she’d never had a fever before and she also had a light cough. She went up to 102 degrees, but by Saturday evening seemed right as rain again. This was about the time my husband and I began to feel deathly ill. We both had migraines, bad coughs, and felt achy and lethargic. I was so glad Harper was feeling better; I can’t imagine caring for a sick baby when both parents are sick. I was also very thankful that I’m still able to breastfeed my fourteen month old, I believe my round-the-clock nursing on Saturday was what brought her back to her old self again so quickly. What are your favorite remedies for a sick baby? And what do you do to juggle childcare when you’re under the weather?


Today I’m reviewing a gorgeous organic cotton diaper from Smart Bottoms called the Smart One. I can’t tell you how excited I was when Kim showed me this beauty; I am completely enamored with the romantic floral print. This pattern is listed as Ella on their site, which I think is a perfect name for such a lovely diaper.
Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ Arguably the easiest diaper ever, all-in-ones are babysitter, daycare, and grandparent approved. There’s no prep needed, just put it on and go. These particular all-in-ones feature a tongue style soaker, which you fold under before diapering. This tiny extra step will save you many extra dry cycles in the long run, so I am thrilled they did it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to check my other organic all-in-ones and find they were still damp and needed to dry longer.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ At 25.00 per diaper, the Smart One is right in line with other leading organic cotton all-in-one diapers on the market. One detail worth noting is that Smart Bottoms are made here in the USA, which will always have a big impact on where my dollars go.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ As a diaper made with one hundred percent certified organic natural fibers, this diaper definitely requires more prepping then you may be used to. I do a small load of diapers daily to keep Harper’s laundry in check, and I tossed this one in with each load for a week. The first time I put it on her, she leaked through within minutes. I checked the website and it did advise testing the diaper using a small amount of water before putting it on your baby the first time. If the water doesn’t absorb instantly, you need to prep more. A couple more washes and we were good to go, though. No more leaks, and excellent coverage for solid messes, too.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ I love the trim fit of the Smart One. As an all-in-one, I anticipated it would be as bulky as it’s competitors, but I found the diaper to be very slim and an excellent fit on my tiny girl. My daughter is so skinny I don’t anticipate her out growing this diaper any time soon, but I did notice the website offers wing extenders to add to the lifespan of your diaper, perfect for an older baby or one that needs a little more room to grow. I also noticed the back elastic seems to leave marks on Harper’s skin, it doesn’t appear to irritate her, but it’s worth mentioning. The leg elastic seems perfect, though, a snug fit without being too tight.

Overall: I love the look and feel of this organic cotton diaper and that it is made in the USA. For parents looking for an organic AIO for their baby, these diapers are a wonderful. Perfect for sensitive skin, and a wonderful company to support.


Editor’s Note- In our previous reviews when I (Kim) reviewed this diaper before the improvements we were concerned about how long they would fit a toddler.  The waist was already tight on my son at the time and he was nearing potty training age.  With the more generous sizing and the lack of hip snap it will fit much longer and I’m very pleased with their newest version.

Where to Buy: Diaper Junction (a DDL affiliate)

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Green Line Diapers Cover and Bamboo Soaker Video and Review

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This week I unpacked my sweaters, coats, and boots. We don’t get a lot of cold weather in this part of Florida, just a few days here and there worth bundling up for. You have to wear layers for sure, because the second the thermometer dips every business in the city lurches for their central heating and a bit of shopping can turn into a sauna. With Harper I’m always a little unsure of how warmly to dress her. Many times if I bundle her up in the cold she gets too hot and fussy and sweats like crazy. If I try to pare it down a bit, and skip a hat, say, or go with a lighter sweater, a well meaning stranger will inevitably chastise me (what is the deal with that? I would never tell someone they aren’t dressing their child correctly) and I dread the attention. How do you deal with cold weather clothing for your tots? And what do you say to (usually elderly) folks who criticize your choices?

Today I’m reviewing Green Line Diapers. They seem to have a cult-like following, I’ve heard rave reviews about them and their fans are very enthusiastic. I was very excited to be review a Green Line cover and bamboo soaker to see what all the fuss is about. They are very unique and have a lot of features I haven’t tried before.


Ease of Use ✩✩ The Green Line Cover doesn’t look like most diaper covers. There is no elastic, so to get a good fit you fold down a piece of the back and you tighten a pair of drawstring cords at the legs. Green Line offers a flat soaker made of a cotton bamboo blend which you can fold to fit your baby before adding the cover. This is a bit more labor intensive to anyone used to simpler systems, but it can allow for a more custom fit.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ You can purchase the covers and soakers separately, a ready-to-ship cover will run you twenty dollars, a soaker is normally eight (though they are having a sale right now if you buy multiples). The soakers are available in one size for newborns or to be used as a doubler and a second size for older babies. This is a bit high for a cover and soaker, but the materials used are quality. The interior of these covers is a fabric called Ultrex which is rather soft and breathable and an excellent alternative for babies sensitive to PUL. The outer is a printed cotton and Green Line offers an extensive variety of choices as well as offering customs. I do think the Ultrex is worth paying more for, it feels nicer then PUL.

Performance ✩✩✩ The customization options of this diaper allows a lot of flexibility in troubleshooting leak issues, but I still struggled with this one. The bamboo cotton soaker is extremely absorbent, but it also seems to cause a little pinkness in her skin. I do like that you can use diaper creams safely with these soakers (just make sure to wash the soaker separately if you use cream, you don’t want residue on any other diapers that aren’t cream friendly). We experienced leaks a couple of times in the thigh area, the drawstring tends to either be too snug or too loose, it can be a perfect fit while she’s lying down but gap when she’s crawling. I don’t think this would be an issue for a younger baby who is less mobile or an older baby who is walking, and it may also be specific to Harper’s unique size and frame. We tried tucking the drawstring as suggested on the website, but my curious child would always insistently tug at the bit of string exposed until they came loose again. I relented and left them out, and she does finger them and play with them but she hasn’t bothered the toggle itself. Of course, if I put pants on her it wouldn’t be an issue at all.

harpergreenlineFit ✩✩✩✩ I love that the aplix allows for a custom fit in a way snaps can’t quite hit. The style Green Line uses is extremely strong and I think it will last a very long time. It may even be a little too strong, I find myself struggling to open the diaper when Harper is wearing it, it can be hard to get a good grip on the material and I really have to focus to get the diaper open (generally while dealing with a squirming baby which will make any diaper change a bit of a challenge). I wish the diaper had laundry tabs, but by securing the aplix at the widest setting and flipping the diaper cover inside out I was able to wash the cover many times without any snags.

Overall: Line is a wonderful company providing environmentally friendly products that offer unique features. I love how handwashable their system is, I would definitely recommend these diapers to a family without a washing machine as they are so easy to clean and line dry. They are an imaginative company troubleshooting cloth diaper issues with innovative ideas. That being said, for Harper at this specific time in her life and this specific size, I’m not a fan. This seems to put us in the minority but I will always blog with honesty and I found that this style of diaper is just not for our family at this time. The drawstrings didn’t provide the fit my acrobatic baby needs, the diaper requires more time and concentration then her others and I tend not to reach for it as often. It may be the perfect fit for your family, it just wasn’t for me.

{Editor’s Note} Over the years DDL has been asked to review this diaper by a lot of readers, many of whom loved this system and wanted to see it featured here.  I encourage everyone to keep looking beyond our reviews in any situation for a better overall look at the experiences with a diaper.  Not every diaper works for every baby and in this case, this diaper just wasn’t the right one for Harper.

Where to buy: Green Line Diapers

Have you tried Green Line Diapers?  Please let us know your experience with them in the comments, this will also help others who come across our review in the future!

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Bummis Simply Lite One Size Cover Video and Review

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I am so excited that Halloween is just around the corner! Growing up in my family, my brother and I would start drawing up ideas for costumes when school started and by October my mom would be knee deep in fabric scraps, whipping up a boy sized toothpaste tube or a girl sized superhero complete with gauntlets and cape. She didn’t use patterns very often, relying on her experience and imagination to create the designs we dreamt up. I remember hand sewing clothes for my dolls, sitting on the shag rug in her bedroom while she worked, occasionally taking a break to stand with my arms out for measurements and fittings. This year Harper will wear a store bought costume my cousin is loaning us, but I hope when she’s older she’ll take the holiday as an opportunity to dream up fantastic challenges for me. Is Halloween a DIY event at your house, or do you take command of your best sleuthing abilities to track down the perfect costume to purchase? The thrill of the hunt can be just as exhilarating as the feeling you get when your homemade costume comes together, and both definitely have their merits. I’d love to hear what you think!


Today I’m reviewing a very exciting update on a classic stash staple. Bummis has finally debuted the long requested one size cover, and I am so thrilled to share my review with you today.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩

The Simply Lite diaper cover is aptly named, it is very simple to use. As a cover, you place it over any fitted, flat, or prefold. It provides waterproof protection that is stylish and comfortable. This cover would have also been a wonderful addition to my stash during the Flats and Handwashing Challenge as you can lay just about anything inside the cover (t-shirts, receiving blankets, flour sack towels) and it will work effectively as a diaper. When you’re ready to change the baby you can just wipe down the cover and reuse it or toss it in the washing machine, it’s very versatile and easy to use

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩

At 16.95 per cover, the Bummis Simply Lite is closer to the higher price point for one size covers. However, Bummis has made a name for itself in durability, quality, and values. The covers are made in Canada. Every material and component that goes into a Bummis cover is manufactured in North America and is guaranteed to be lead, phthalate, and BPA free. I don’t mind paying an extra dollar or two knowing that I’m not only choosing a better quality diaper but that I’m also supporting a business I believe in and want to succeed. I love showing my support when a company has ideals worth promoting, and the best way we can do that is as consumers.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩

These covers are cut very well, they have generous coverage but are still rather trim, depending on what you put them over. I like using organic flats a lot these days, I tend to reach for them again and again when choosing Harper’s next diaper. The leg elastic is thick enough to help the flat stay nicely tucked in while I’m putting the diaper on, but not so thick that it would leave a mark, I was very impressed. I was also amazed by how stretchy the waist elastic is. I measured the front panel at rest from top corner to top corner and it was about 6 ½”, and when I stretched it fully it came out to an easy 11”! I didn’t measure the back panel but I assume it’s made with the same super stretchy elastic. I have a huge appreciation for good elastic, it is my front line defense against leaks since I have a primarily breast fed baby. It has to be tight but not uncomfortable, and Bummis gets it just right.

Fit ✩✩✩✩

This is what Bummis fans have been waiting for. We all love a sized diaper for how well it fits but if the suggested weight doesn’t apply to your anything-but-average baby you can easily find yourself disappointed with a bad fit. It can also be frustrating having to purchase a number of covers in each size if you’re on a tight budget. Bummis has definitely attracted a lot of attention with this long anticipated one size cover, it features a three step rise and is made for babies 8-35 lbs. I experimented with the snaps on this cover a few times, trying out a different rise at each change, and it took me several tries to decide which fit works best for my tall skinny baby. I found it a little confusing at first that there is no middle snap on the middle rise, but in truth you don’t really need that center snap, and I guess the engineers at Bummis figured that out for us. I love how strong the snaps are, they really grip well which comes in handy on the days Harper would rather roll over onto her tummy then get her diaper changed.


I love how soft and strong this cover is, it’s held up very well under frequent rotation and I think it will last a very long time. I love the bright colors and fun polka dots available to choose from as well as the pop of contrasting white trim, I think they are modern and fun and will complement most toddler wardrobes (because half the fun of cloth diapering is how cute they look, right?) without fading over time. I think these cloth diapers are great for anyone who is on a budget, who uses fitteds, flats, or prefolds, and is looking for a great one size solution to simplify their routine.

Where to Buy : Kelly’s Closet has Simply Lite One Size Covers in Stock *DDL affiliate link.  By shopping our affiliates you help us buy more products to use in videos and reviews, thank you.  

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Oh Katy One Size Video and Review

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Today is Harper’s first birthday! On October 14th, 2012, I was very anxious and excited to meet my little girl. I labored all day and met her that evening. The time has gone by so fast! I can’t believe it’s been a year already.

We are excited to be sharing an Oh Katy diaper with you today. Formerly called Katydid, these diapers have been updated with new features after hearing feedback from parents. I love it so much when a company takes the time to listen to their customers and make changes, it shows how much they really do care!

harperohkaty2 copy

ohkatyreviewEase of Use ✩✩✩✩✩

This pocket diaper features a front opening for the inserts to be added. I like this feature a lot when wash time comes, it allows me to remove the insert without being anywhere near anything that may have happened in the back of the diaper. Oh Katy also allows you to “wrap and snap” when you remove the soiled diaper, which means you roll the diaper into itself and snap it shut, and it stays closed with the mess contained. It is so secure I would even feel comfortable foregoing the wet bag, so putting an Oh Katy on her before heading to the grocery store means I can just toss an extra diaper and a cloth wipe in my purse and not deal with the added bulk of extra accessories.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩

Priced at 17.95, Oh Katy diapers are a good value. I love the color choices and the two microfiber inserts you receive with each diaper, when Harper was tiny being able to use newborn inserts made a huge difference in the bulkiness of her diapers. And now, I love stacking two inserts for long naps or travel in the car, the extra absorbency is a great security measure.

Performance ✩✩✩✩

I absolutely love how well Oh Katy holds up to leaks. The leg elastic is very snug and hugs Harper’s tiny legs perfectly, but it is also gentle and has never left red marks. That well made elastic is perfect for holding in messes resulting from a mostly breast milk diet (which tends to be a bit more wet and sometimes tries to escape through the leg holes). I wouldn’t use this diaper overnight, even with both inserts, but it is perfect for day use.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩

Oh Katy is made to adjust from newborn to potty training. Many diapers say this but their smallest setting can still be overwhelming on a tiny infant. I think these diapers would fare very well on a newborn, they are perfect on Harper’s small frame, and very trim as well. If I’m dressing her in leggings (my wonderful mother in law loves buying her sweet little tunic and legging sets) I always reach for a trim diaper, and this one is my favorite for a slim silhouette.


Oh Katy is a very trim diaper and very soft inside and out. It comes in gorgeous bright colors and is made to be extremely convenient for an on the go parent. It definitely makes cloth diapering easy, which is great for anyone uneasy about making the transition. I think any parent who uses pockets should have at least one Oh Katy in their stash, as the trimness and modern style are an excellent option to have available.

Where to Buy


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Glow Bug Diapers 360° Gusset One Size Pocket Video and Review

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harperglowbugOne area of parenting I’ve yet to figure out is restaurants with an infant. My parents always praised how well behaved we were in public as children, and I strive to encourage good behavior and a pleasant atmosphere for all diners with my family, too. When Harper is older I’ll be able to reason with her and offer her more engaging distractions, but right now an occasional dinner out turns into a relay race where my husband and I take turns eating quickly and feeding the baby while entertaining her or cuddling her as needed. One or both of us will have a cold dinner and there’s always a feeling of nervous frenzy that she may become inconsolable at any moment; it’s like eating dinner while trying to diffuse a bomb. How do you deal with dining out with a young baby? I’d love to hear your tips and suggestions.

Today I’m reviewing the newest diaper from Glow Bug Cloth Diapers, featuring a revolutionary 360° gusset to keep messes contained.  Glow Bug has updated their design a few times after listening to moms and discovering what we need most, and I think this latest design is really getting it right!

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ The latest version of Glow Bug is a pocket diaper with an opening at the front as well as the back. The soaker snaps in and you also have the option to snap a second soaker to it for added absorbency for heavy wetters. With the open ended design and the snap for security I’m able to quickly and easily assemble this diaper to get it ready, I don’t find myself constantly pinching at the interior to smooth out the insert at the center as I have to with some pocket designs. The new 360° gusset is designed to hold everything in, perfect for babies who are crawling, rolling, and bending over backwards. I was a little concerned that the gathered material would be uncomfortable against her backside but the gentle elastic seems to hug her body perfectly and doesn’t leave marks.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩
Glow Bug diapers are not currently available on an individual basis. You purchase a dozen at a time for $150, selecting prints for a girl, boy, or gender neutral, and you receive eighteen inserts which you can double up as needed. Alternately, you can purchase a half dozen plain white diapers and eight inserts for $70. If you are happy with your stash and just looking to add a little variety, this may be frustrating. But if you are new to cloth diapers and looking to start a stash this is an excellent way to stock up on diapers that are easy to use and wash in a variety of designs. By buying in bulk you are able to save quite a bit of money versus purchasing most pocket diapers individually.


Performance ✩✩✩✩
The newest design hasn’t let me down yet, we’ve tried this diaper again and again and it’s held up very well. My only cause for complaint would be a weak snap on the rise, which seems to be an anomaly and could normally be exchanged. The slim-dry fabric interior wicked away moisture without adding much bulk and was gentle against my baby’s sensitive skin

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ By far my favorite feature of this diaper is the excellent fit. After each incarnation of Glow Bug’s designs improvements have been made and the custom fit options are worth noting. I have a tall skinny daughter with slim hips and it can be hard to get a good fit on her hips and thighs while maintaining the proper length and coverage. The hip snaps and two crossover snaps on the generously sized tabs go a long way towards getting the snug fit I need.

Overall: Glow Bug has shown a great deal of care regarding design and features, and their research has definitely paid off. I wish there were options to purchase one diaper and to select your design, even if it meant paying a bit more. I know a lot of moms who love their current stash but enjoy trying something new to add variety to their routine. They do offer a great diaper for a bargain, and I love the design I got (bright blue with sunny yellow pawprints) as well as the ones I found on their website. I reach for this diaper without hesitation, it is simple, reliable, and appealing to me.

Where to Buy Glow Bug Diapers

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