Introducing Mio Solo- A New Daycare Friendly Cloth Diaper

Bambino Mio- Mio Solo prize pack giveaway from Dirty Diaper Laundry

Last year when I attended the ABC Kids Expo I was introduced to the newest diaper from the UK Brand Bambino Mio.  The Mio Solo had a lot of features going for it and the company was visibily excited over this new diaper!  Their enthusiasm was more than contagious and I found myself just as excited.  Fast forward a year and it is here in the US!  There are a ton of features to tell you about but I want to focus on why the Mio Solo is perfect for daycare settings since this month is about Cloth in Daycare.  I’ll have a full review and video in a few weeks so stay tuned but for now you can see how the diaper works in the video and why it is so great for daycare.

bambino mio soloThe Mio Solo is a one-piece system and will never require having to hunt down an insert in the basket.  We would call this a “tongue style” cloth diaper because the insert is attached at one side and stuffs into the pocket opening from the back.  For me the insert will agitate out and I never have to unstuff it but just in case they have added some loops to aid in unstuffing the diaper without having to touch a wet or dirty diaper.  The biggest bonus is the nifty glove that you use to re-insert the microfiber insert.  Many people complain about the feeling of microfiber on their skin.  Problem solved!

The system is really simple and as long as you have stuffed the insert prior to packing the diapers for daycare it acts as simple as a disposable.  With velcro closures it couldn’t be any easier.  They come in sweet colors, I’m especially fond of the Coral which looks awfully like the color I picked to paint my renovated bathroom.  Coincidence?  (Actually, yes….. or was it?)

On a side note, Bambino Mio is a company that has always proven to me how much they care about the reusable cloth diaper “movement” and the reason most of us are using them to begin with.  I love them!  They are being carried by Diaper Junction (my affiliate) for $24.95.

Now for the best part!  Bambino Mio has very generously offered 2 Winners each a fabulous prize pack!  3 Mio Solo’s, 1 MioCare (laundry detergent) , 1 MioFresh (Laundry booster), 1 MioGel (natural hand sanitizer), and 1 pack of MioWipes.

Bambino Mio- Mio Solo prize pack giveaway from Dirty Diaper Laundry

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