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bumGenius 4.0 Compared to bumGenius 3.0

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If you have been reading my blog for a while you probably know that I am a “fan” of bumGenius! products.  I have been using their 3.0’s since my son fit into them (around 12-14 pounds, leak free) and their Elementals (Organic AIO’s) since I bought a few when he was a couple of months old.  I have reviewed the 3.0 (BG 3.0 Review) and Elemental (Elemental- FMA BG Organic AIO- review) already.  I won’t say I was disappointed when they announced that the 3.0 was being discontinued since I knew the next diaper (I correctly predicted would be called 4.0) would be very similar with a few improvements.  The most obvious improvement they needed to make, improving the hook and loop closure and adding snaps, were both realized.  Bonus improvements: the ability to easily replace elastic and a higher rise.

They also added new colors, which I am not a huge fan of.  I will specifically say I am not a fan of their names.  Why must color names be so confusing?  Case in point:  I ordered 2 bumGenius! 4.0’s to review, one with hook and loop and one in snaps.  I ordered 2 of the new colors: Noodle and Bubble.  I didn’t double check what the colors were.  Bubble= lavender.  Let me ask you, when you think of a bubble, do you think of purple or blue?  Water=blue.  Bubbles=blue.  Also, the color Sweet reminds me of lavender or pink.  That is pale green.  Noodle is the light yellow, which does make sense.  Noodles are yellow, or pale yellow, and this is an accurate description of that color.  I do not like that I need to research the colors, which not all stores have listed with a description or photo (and photos don’t help since the colors are so pale, they all look the same) before I buy.  My son has a purple diaper.  So what?  Wanna fight about it?

New Color Guide:

Bubble= Light Lavender

Noodle= Light Yellow

Sweet= Light Green

Update: bumGenius has re-released their beloved “Brights” colors and has released a series of prints. You can view all of the new prints by heading to my blog post about theChelsea Perry Tiny Socialite Collection, it includes action shots of them all.

    My Review

Ease of Use ✫✫✫✫✫ The 4.0 doesn’t differ from the 3.0 in this regard.  I tell anyone who asks me about a good intro cloth diaper that they should try the 3.0 (now I say 4.0).  It is affordable, durable, easy to use with the hook and loop (and snaps), simple to find the right fit, and easy to take off.  You still need to affix the laundry tabs before washing, and you need to remove the insert.  You will need to restuff the diaper before baby wears it.  Is it easy?  Yes.  Is it as easy as an AIO? No.  Is it worth the extra steps?  Pretty much.  Pockets dry faster than most AIO’s and are generally cheaper.  I do wish the laundry tabs were closer to the actual tab, so that when I change the baby I could just pinch it closed rather than seek out the tab farther in.  I have to look for it.  Some diapers you don’t need to do this.

Bang for the Buck: ✫✫✫✫ The 4.0 is the same price as the 3.0 was: 17.95.  bumGenius! keeps their prices consistent among retailers.  It is hard to find a “sale” on them.  However, they are worth the investment.  My 3.0’s have lasted for almost 2 years.  I am hopeful that the improved hook and loop will last on the 4.0, and replaceable elastic will also contribute to their life span.  You will see that a few hundred dollars for a stash of 4.0’s will still be far less than the thousands of dollars you would have spent on disposables.

Performance ✫✫✫✫✫ I am going to say that I have had no leaks, no fit issues, nothing with the 4.0.  I was new to cloth when I started with the 3.0 and did experience leaks due to my repelling issues.  I have used these overnight with both inserts and I also had no leaks.  I do prefer fitteds overnight but I was happy to report dry sheets!

Fit ✫✫✫✫ I can at this time only speak to the fit on my toddler.  He is still on the middle rise snap (has been for a very long time) so he has growing room.  In the video you can see a comparison to the 3.0 in terms of the change in rise.  While it isn’t a massive jump I figure it will help increase the time babies can wear these.  He doesn’t get red marks from elastic.  The diapers aren’t terribly bulky with one insert.

Overall- I am very happy with the 4.0, as I was with the 3.0.  Like I said, these are really great for any parents first starting out.  They don’t have bells and whistles like some diapers, and they don’t want to.  You need to start somewhere and learn how to cloth diaper.  These are simple enough to do that.  Not everyone loves microfiber inserts because they can build up the stinkies.  Microfiber is a more affordable insert option, but if you want you can always upgrade to a hemp/cotton/bamboo/zorb insert at a later time.

Where to buy: Pretty much any cloth diaper store.  But, if you want, you can support my blog by buying yours at Kelly’s Closet.

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I purchased (2) bumGenius! 4.0’s to review from Kelly’s Closet.

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A Peek at my Cloth Diaper Stash

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Instead of the usual video review, I am taking a week off.  I only have 3 diapers I am reviewing and need an extra week before I am ready to publish.

So….. since many YouTube commenters and blog readers alike have asked, I took a short video to show my most used diapers.  We are definitely a pocket family.  I still have my original bumGenius! 3.0’s that I bought while pregnant.  Those make up a large percentage of what I use daily.  They are also great for my husband who gets tired of using a different diaper each change.  That is my job!

So if you didn’t see this already on Facebook, take a look!  Expect a video on how I do my cloth wipes in the future as well.

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Cloth Diaper Carnival VII: Newborn Cloth Diapering

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This post is part of the Cloth Diaper Carnival from Cloth Diapering Bloggers (Ning network) and Dirty Diaper Laundry.  Each participant write about the chosen topic, this month is Newborn Cloth Diapering, and links up using the MckLinky.  Please visit the other participants listed at the end of the post.

Newborn Cloth Diapering is challenging for many reasons.  If this is the first time you are cloth diapering, ever, it is even more challenging in some ways.  If you have cloth diapered an older baby but never a newborn, you have some ideas about the diapers you want to use and how to cloth diaper in general.

I was totally new to the whole thing.  Babies, cloth diapers, and cloth diapering a newborn.  I was armed with months worth of research, but had never put a cloth diaper on a real baby.  I did practice on a humiliated teddy bear, who was sporting a Bum Genius 3.0 for months before my son arrived.  Teddy also sat very still while I practiced snapping prefolds.

When I decided to cloth diaper, it became an obsession.  I would say I was a little more prepared than some moms because I scoured the internet for any information.  I joined cloth diaper message boards and picked the brains of other parents.  I read reviews of every diaper imaginable before I made purchases.  I stalked Diaperswappers for deals on used diapers I wanted to try but didn’t want to invest the full amount on, just in case it wasn’t for us.

My newborn stash ended up being

24 preemie unbleached indian prefolds.

36 Infant bleached DSQ (chinese) prefolds.

4 XS Thirsties covers.

I had many more cloth diapers, but they were one size or size small.  I went with prefolds and covers based on the feedback from other parents.  The concensus was that one size diapers didn’t fit babies until between 10-14 pounds without leaking.  And it wasn’t in my budget to buy XS AIO diapers or pockets, as cute as they were.

I spent many hours prepping the large amount of prefolds I had.  I went with the boiling method since my washer/ dryer were down 2 flights of stairs and washing them 10 times + would have killed by pregnant self.  Boiling was a mistake.  It steamed my apartment and “cleaned” years of dirt off of the walls.  Fun times.

The moment of truth arrived when we brought our new baby boy home from the hospital.  I began using my cloth diapers here and there the first days of his life.  He did have two meconium poops in cloth diapers and they didn’t stain.  We didn’t exclusively use them because the covers would rub his cord stump, which didn’t look very comfortable for him.

At the two week mark we started cloth diapering about 80% of the time.  We didn’t always use them at night because frankly I was delirious from lack of sleep, and having to put on a prefold then a cover in the middle of the night, multiple times, was hard for me and my husband.  Even though at first my hubby was hesitant about prefolds and vowed to never use them, he did, and did a great job.

We did run into an issue.  My son kept getting a red bum from the prefolds.  It didn’t look like a rash, there were no bumps, just redness.  I asked mommies on my forum and they thought it could be from having wetness against his skin.  I ran to my nearest fabric store and purchased some fleece, then cut them into contoured liners hoping this would help.  Of course, right after that he stopped having that problem.  I think his skin was just extra sensitive from being a new baby, and he grew out of it.

Some lessons I learned:

Unless you know you made tiny babies, preemie prefolds are not necessary.  I heard the infant ones were too large at first.  My son wore preemie prefolds for all of a week before I could hardly snappi them.  Had I known, I could have trifolded them and put them in the cover, but I didn’t.

I bought 36 infant prefolds and never touched at least 16 of them.  I washed pretty often at first, every 1.5-2 days.  I could have gone longer but didn’t.  I either should have waited longer to wash or bought less!

Even with 4 covers I didn’t use them all!  Don’t go overboard with the covers.  4-6 is plenty.

Cut yourself a break.  The wash routine, the snapping, the folding, everything will come about.  You have a brand new baby and the number one thing is keeping them happy and fed.  If you run out of clean diapers and you are sleepy, get your hubby to wash or grab a sposie or two that you surely own thanks to the hospital.  GASP.  I said it…

Breastfeeding was the most awesome thing because the poop was washable.  Kinda gross to think about, but Exclusive Breastfed babies have water soluble poops.  And, the poop doesn’t smell that bad either!  Just put your diaper in the wetbag, poop still in it, then wash.  You won’t have to worry about spraying or scraping poop out of your baby’s diaper until they begin solids, around 4-6 months for most babies.

And finally, don’t expect your one size diapers to fit perfectly from day one.  While I did start using my Bum Genius 3.0’s after he was a few weeks old, I had leaks until he was around 12-13 pounds.

Now that you have read my story, go read the other awesome entries about cloth diapering newborns.

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bumGenius 3.0 Review

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Update: This diaper is no longer being made, bumGenius has a new version called the bumGenius 4.0.

Boy was this a long time coming or what?  I have used the Bum Genius 3.0 One Size Pocket since my son was a newborn.  I bought these initially because they had the best reviews on Diaperpin.com.  I also saw them in a store and thought they looked easy enough for my husband to figure out.  It is rare that I review a diaper I have used since the newborn stage.  Hopefully this review will give those looking for advice on these diapers some useful insight into the BG 3.0.  These are perfect starter diapers.  The beauty of them really is in the simplicity.

bumGenius-one-size-3.0-diagramEase of Use ✰✰✰✰✰ The BG 3.0 uses a velcro closure.  Bum Genius has plainly stated that they will never make a snap version of this diaper.  It is intended to be the easiest and most user friendly cloth diaper on the market.  You can have the BG converted to snaps if you want, of you can buy a BG Organic with snaps or the new Flip.  Before putting it on the baby you will need to stuff it with the microfiber insert.  The pocket opening does require that you lift the flap, then insert the soaker, then fold the flap back over.  I am always extremely careful when I stuff my diapers because if you don’t lay things down correctly you can get leaks.  When you are done you need to either remove the inerst all the way or pull it out slightly to let the washer do the rest of the work.

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰✰ In my mind when I do these reviews I always compare pocket diapers (and others) to the BG 3.0.  The pricing is 17.95 and you get the shell, a one size microfiber insert, and a newborn insert/doubler.  I have found plenty of other diapers that cost less than the 3.0, however they are usually not made with the same quality of materials.  The BG also has widespread availability.  If a pocket diaper costs more than this I look for materials like hemp, bamboo, and more options.  It seems expensive but it is still on the lower end of diaper costs.

Performance ✰✰✰✰ As of now I have zero leak issues with my Bum Genius 3.0.  However, it hasn’t always been like that.  I started using the diaper on my son when he hit 8 pounds.  Leaks out of the back!  As a new mom I thought my baby was sweating from being swaddled and I asked my pediatrician.  She asked if I had his penis pointed down.  Whoops.  So we started pointing it down and still got leaks but not as many.  Usually these leaks were up the back or through the leg openings.  It really wasn’t tight enough on his legs.  Online the majority of users said the BG fit their babies between 11-13 pounds.  This was true for us as well.  I stopped using them until that point and stuck with prefolds and some disposables, mostly at night.  I used the newborn insert only for quite a while, then moved to the one size insert for more absorbency.  We use them at nights on occasions now too and I don’t have leaks.  I haven’t had any leaks at all for quite some time.  I attribute this to getting a better wash routine.  I was using Tide but now only use cloth diaper specific detergents.

Fit ✰✰✰✰ I am not saying this diaper will not fit an 8 pound baby, because every single baby is shaped differently.  I do know that as a member of online communities for cloth diapering that most moms say they don’t.  Personal experience tells me that it didn’t work for my baby until 11-13 pounds.  Once it fit him we still had some user error leaks cause by how we put it on or how we washed it.  (When I say “we” I really me “I”)  The velcro tabs overlap and the 3 step rise worked well for his younger days and now.  He is 21 pounds and on the middle rise snap.  We are on the verge of needing to move up.  Babies change shapes so he may move back down too.

Overall- The majority of my stash is still made up of my original set of Bum Genius 3.0’s.  Many of them have been converted to snaps.  Those that haven’t have had issues with the velcro tabs getting full of lint and the laundry tabs have lost all stickiness.  I will not go to the trouble of replacing them but you can have that done or do it yourself.  The tabs also curl up.  There are some fuzzies on the outside around the tabs where jeans rub.  Yet, they still function well and I grab them because they are easy to use.  My husband grabs for these the most because he is most comfortable with them.  I think the BG is a great starter diaper.  I have suggested them to many moms looking for something their husbands might be able to use.  Hubbies so forget to attach laundry tabs and pull inserts out.  Be warned!  i had a sheet with instructions for him.

I am currently reviewing the newest diapers from Bum Genius, the Flip and Econobum.  I have already reviewed the BG Organic AIO.  Tomorrow look for a video showing how to clean the velcro of your Bum Genius.

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