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Thirsties *NEW* All-in-One is here! {Giveaway too!}

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In usual DDL style lately I’m not ready to publish the video for the new Thirsties AIO (quality takes time dahlings) but I do have a few photographs to share and a giveaway for you until that review/video is up and running.  My whole life is one big long to-do list lately so I’m really sorry for not being on the ball with these new releases already!

I got to see the new Thirsties One Size All-in-One at ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas a few months ago and was so excited about the simplicity of it all and how it fit so nicely with the Thirsties product line.  I love Thirsties products already, their covers are of course some of the best in the industry, and they have com a long way in bringing more innovation and styles to their customers like this AIO.


  • 40% more absorbent and dries 3 times faster than the Duo All In One
  • Convenient, trim fitting, and absorbent
  • Goes on in one simple step – cloth diapering doesn’t get easier
  • One size diaper provides a customizable fit for most babies from birth to potty
  • 4 total layers of absorbent microfiber terry, a microfleece liner and a reliable waterproof exterior
  • Available with hook & loop or NEW snap configuration with two rows of snaps
  • Gentle elastic around legs and waist provide protection against leaks
  • Stay-dry microfleece liner provides wetness protection


While this AIO doesn’t have bells and whistles and a ton of additional absorbency options like some, you can easily lay microfiber or natural fiber inserts beneath the tongue if you need them for overnights, naps, or heavy wetters.  I like that it is a trim fitting AIO for those of us who don’t need a ton of absorbency though it is actually more absorbent than it appears!

Enter below! US only. Ends October 29th. Good luck!

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HUGE Wool Dryer Balls Giveaway from Smart Sheep- 4 winners!

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Even if you don’t cloth diaper anymore or haven’t started just yet you will want to enter this giveaway from Smart Sheep!  Why?  Because you can use wool dryer balls on all your clothing and linens to expedite their drying time and soften your clothes naturally without dryer sheets or fabric softeners.  Smart Sheep sells extra large 100% Premium New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls with no fillers.  The jury is still out on whether bigger is better but IMO from using several brands I do like the larger dryer balls best and grab those bigger balls first.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 9.18.00 AM

Benefits of using wool dryer balls include shortening dryer time (use 3 balls for small/med load, 5-6 for large) and Smart Sheep dryer balls last a thousand-plus loads so even though it may seem like a large investment you won’t need to re-buy them anytime soon.  Well, you might if you keep losing them or the kids get ahold of them to play… that happens.  Smart Sheep sell their dryer balls on Amazon and so many of us do our shopping there that it’s easy to add them to your cart next time you’re placing an order if you haven’t taken the dryer ball plunge yet.

Last year I did a video experimenting with wool dryer balls and even recorded the sound they make in the dryer since that is one of the most asked questions.  You can watch that video on YouTube to find out!


Feeling lucky?  You should be because the odds are pretty good!  4 winners will each win a set of 6 dryer balls which is plenty to cover all sizes of laundry.  If you’re like me you tend to overfill your washer/dryer so I use quite a few. Enter using the Rafflecopter below. Winners have 48 hours to claim their prize after being emailed.

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Yearly photos framed

Happy 4th Birthday Everett!

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My youngest baby turns 4 today and I’ve definitely had a good cry over this fact.  We are well beyond infancy, over a year past the last time he nursed, and I can’t recall the last time we was worn in a carrier.  He still says “but I only 3″ when it comes time for bed but last night was his last chance to say it.  He’s been relying on mommy for snuggles lately to fall asleep, and while I don’t usually mind because it’s the last bit of “baby” left of him, it’s time to start moving away from that too.  We said he could have a few more days of that but when he turned 4 he would be a big boy and fall asleep in his room after cuddles and stories.  I’m hoping that magical number change helps but is he crawls in bed with me in the middle of the night for snuggles I won’t mind either.  His 4th Birthday video (embedded below this paragraph) was such a pleasure to put together- you can really see how helpful a balance bike is for learning to ride a bike quickly too so I love how that turned out.

We’ve kept up our number photos for both boys and since Everett was born in October we felt mini-pumpkins were fitting.  His numbers are smaller than Fletcher’s, who we use leaves for, because pumpkins are $4 for 7 and leaves are free!

Pumpkin birthday photos in years

This year Everett was a trooper- enduring two photo sessions. We tried one early in the morning but the shade trees left our yard too dark and the images came out terrible quality wise, though he rocked out the poses. I also took a walk with him that morning on our amazing street. As the sun rises the spanish moss looks like it is glowing in that golden hour (same at sunset) and so I took that time to capture photos of him. I wound up with my favorite image of him this year.

Everett on the street

Everett is such a kind boy. He goes to Pre-K two days a week and I love picking him up because his wonderful teacher tells me what an amzing kid I have. “Everett is so fair and kind to the other children. They all love him and yell ‘EVERETT!’ when he comes in each day.” He has two girlfriends (he says) and is loving his time at school. He still has some speech problems that we are working through, but he has finally started speaking volumes and has a great vocabulary. He still love dinosaurs and can even spot inaccuracies in cartoons or TV shows that wrongly show a dinosaur with the wrong features. He has even corrected me a few times… He is mini-Ross.

He wasn’t an easy baby, in fact, I think he scared me away from having any future babies. That just means he can be my baby forever…. I can’t imagine life without him here with us. Fletcher was meant to be a big brother and Everett is a picture perfect little brother. Their love and friendship makes us all smile, even strangers who notice how they interact.

It’s been a joy to see him grow and fulfilling to carry on our traditional yearly photos and my yearly videos. Seeing the years stack up is bittersweet- I love the product of our dedication and I dislike that I already have 4 of them.  I happened to find this perfect floating frame from Target for half-off last night since we ran out of space in our old frame.  Another depressing fact.   For anyone thinking of starting this tradition I highly recommend learning to use your DSLR on manual- I taught myself using the forums and resources on Clickin’ Moms and it was a great investment to keep and improve our family photos.

Yearly photos framed

Home for Photographers (468x60)

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Pink Lemonade Shop $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway!

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You get mama cloth, and you get mama cloth! OK, maybe just YOU but since I recently hosted a Pink Lemonade giveaway last month I’m feeling a bit Oprah-like in giving people the chance to try this eco-friendly and safe reusable alternative to traditional disposable pads. And next month I will have another chance to win items from PLS so if you don’t win this time try again in November!


I’m starting my own mama cloth journey and trying liners (TMI?) to go along with my menstrual cup and it has been an easy transition over. Having a little wet/dry bag to keep in your bag is definitely a must purchase and Pink Lemonade shop sells the great bags from Planet Wise (same that I have) on their shop too. Those bags are also perfect for overnight hotel stays for your toiletries as I learned.

It took me longer than I’d like to admit to be comfortable with the idea of reusable menstrual products other than the cup, and even that took me some time to be brave enough to try it. At least with reusable menstrual cloth there is not a large learning curve, like the cup, and it’s great for women who can’t use tampons or cups and for teens.


If you are thinking of making the switch or already use mama cloth Pink Lemonade is offering DDL readers a $50 Gift Certificate to help you get there. I’d definitely follow their Facebook page to get notices of their sales and free shipping specials too to help save more as you add or build your stash. I’m surprised at how fun it is to get “mama cloth” mail since there are just as many cute prints and colors as there are of cloth diapers!

Enter using the Rafflecopter below. Open Worldwide.

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MommyCon Schedule Newport Beach

MommyCon Newport Beach CA- Halloween Party and Admission Giveaway!

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I’m a tad bit jealous that some of you mamas in California will get to party at MommyCon’s Halloween Bash on October 31 then have a full day at the actual conference.  Until MommyCon comes to Orlando in May (I’ll be attending that one, it’s super close this time) I’m going to live vicariously through you!  Lara attended the Memphis location and wrote about her experience for DDL not long ago!

This year the Newport Beach MommyCon is throwing a family friendly Halloween Bash October 31, the night before the main event.  If you plan on attending you’ll need to hit up Pinterest for fun babywearing costume ideas!

The following day on Saturday will start at 9:30 with what else but a Cloth Diapering 101 with Jenn Labit of Cotton Babies.  The Leaky Boob is at 10:30, I can’t say enough nice things about Jessica and her balanced approach to breastfeeding advocacy.  And of course Jamie Grayson, TheBabyGuyNYC, will be presenting his “Don’t Buy Things That Suck” session at 11:15.   All three of those sessions are hosting by baby industry super stars and you’d be crazy to miss them if you can attend.  There will also be babywearing sessions, a Sex After Baby talk, baby food making, Car Seat Safety session with Clek, and sleep consultations all day.  You can view the full schedule below to get an idea of what is in store.

PLUS I heard the Cloth Diaper Resource Center is pretty awesome and there will be several brands represented who can help answer your questions in person- that is awesome because most of us never get the chance to chat with experts like that.

MommyCon Schedule Newport Beach

If you are within a few hours of this event definitely enter to win General Admission and a pass to the Halloween Party!  If you aren’t local to this MommyCon you can stay in the know about future locations by liking their Facebook page.    If you don’t win you can find information on ordering tickets at their website.

This is a super quick and easy giveaway and ends October 20.  Goooood luck!

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13 Cloth Diapers for Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner and you may be looking for the perfect diaper for the occasion. Even though most can’t have their little ones wear them out of the house without having to cover them with bothersome pants, it is still fun to celebrate even if we are the only ones seeing them. In some cases, the diaper can even BE the costume.
These 13 diapers represent some of the best Halloween themed diapers I found- be sure to click the links of the brands to see their diapers. Most of these are examples made last year but many of the WAHM’s will be making more this year.
I’m starting this post off with my favorite “Halloween” diaper of all time- a OOAK from Orange Diaper Co. from last year. Don’t fret- she looks to have some Halloween fabrics in stock but you don’t be seeing this pretty again.
Best Bottoms released a very limited run of these “Spooky” print diapers only for Nicki’s Diapers that sold out in a single day for both stockings so unless you already own one, you won’t be getting one anytime soon. They also auctioned off one-of-a-kind versions with orange trim on behalf on Giving Diapers, Giving Hope!
Busy Darling has several really fun Halloween prints in stock but I loved the combination of the playful ghosts and stripes. And no one says you can’t have your baby wear this year round!
Dutch Baby made this Nightfury diaper that is more costume than Halloween themed but I felt it belonged here because just look at it! Most climates don’t allown parents to incorporate diapers into the costume but if you happen to live somewhere tropical consider one of these diapers with tails combos.
Applecheeks released two limited color combinations- Boo! and Trick or Cheeks. Some retailers may still have them but many have sold out of their stock.
Binky D added a pretty scary jack-o-lantern embroidered face to the backside of these pumpkin orange fitteds for a perfect photo-opp diaper.
Dapper Derrieres created a snapless fitteds using The Pumpkin King’s likeness with a soft orange velour lining.
Bunzuke is a stand-out craftsman in the WAHM diaper world.  As a huge Ghostbusters fan (is anyone NOT a fan?!) this was a must feature for a Halloween post.
Kissing Blake is known for their embroidered diapers but I also loved this retro feeling, 80′s style ghost fabric she used for this fitted diaper.

candycorndiaperChelory makes amazing scrappy diapers, this one is a lot like candy corn, an kind of disgusting yet addictive Halloween candy…


Nettie’s Hands WAHM made diapers are a new to me brand but I wanted to find a zombie diaper and here is one!  The zombie children are appliquéd on.
Harp Diapers is a Canadian WAHM.  I love this spooky “Poe” inspired diaper that works any time of the year, but is well suited for Halloween.


Gen-Y always have amazing prints and one of my all-time favorites was their Sugar Skulls print.  With the new movie “Day of the Dead” coming out I expect even more diaper makers to embrace this theme for Dia de los Muertos.

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Golden Girls T-shirt DIY

DIY Golden Girls T-Shirt with the Silhouette (Because I Can!)

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I haven’t had a lot of time/initiative for crafting lately.  Things have been busy- first summer, then school and some big events happening for work.  But then, just when all hope was lost, my new present to myself came in the mail and ever since I have been full-on #cutallthethings.

Custom Golden Girls t-shirt using Silhouette

I’m very glad I didn’t hop on the Cricut bandwagon years ago because the Silhouette machine is definitely the way to go (though I saw recently Cricut did come out with a similar machine).

Not only does the Silhouette cut paper into any design or shape you want, but it cuts other things too like fabric, stickers, temporary tattoo paper, and my favorite- vinyl.  Yes… HEAT TRANSFER VINYL.  SO I CAN MAKE ANY T-SHIRT I WANT.  I purchased the Silhouette Portrait, there is also the Cameo which has a larger cutting area.  I didn’t realize when I made my purchase that buying things for the machines would be harder with the smaller size but overall so far I’m still really happy with it.

#vagangelist shirt

My first test involved a t-shirt with the word #vagangelist for an upcoming video I’m working on.  Yes, you have that to look forward to.

Then it hit me that I had the perfect files ready to play with for my next custom vinyl cutting.  Anyone remember those Golden Girls quotes (free to download if you follow that link) I made to print and hang in my Golden Girls Guest Room?  I created each girl’s face myself…. and the style was ripe for a t-shirt.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 10.17.17 PM

After using the software that came with the Silhouette Portrait to trace the edges for the machine to know where to cut, and laying each lady’s head out on the sheet in a way that let me optimize the yellow flocked vinyl (I was also cutting a boy’s name to make a custom shirt for his birthday), then I started cutting.  You can tell that each image needs to be reversed when you do heat transfer vinyl- when you iron them on they will appear normal.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 10.10.01 PM

I was nervous- I had already cut a larger, full sheet version of Rose and realized how delicate some of the features were (she and the other 3 girls are going on pillow shams for the Golden Girls Room bed.  I worried that shrinking each head small enough to fit 4 across on a t-shirt would be impossible and the machine either wouldn’t make those cuts or the vinyl wouldn’t pull back properly and I’d lose half the details.


Miraculously… it worked!  The machine handled the cuts beautifully and by being extremely careful when pulling away the areas I needed to (using the hook tool from Silhouette for vinyl) in order to only leave the design, I only lost Rose’s tiny cheek dimples and nose bridge and Dorothy’s mouth line.  This experiment has blown me away when it comes to what this machine can accomplish.  I’m really excited to play with it more.

Golden Girls T-shirt DIY

This post may have you convinced that I am full-on obsessed with The Golden Girls but I’m just a big fan and have taken my love for them to a crafty level.



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The 10 Funniest Cloth Diaper Memes!

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The community voted and chose the top 10 Funniest Cloth Diaper Memes that were submitted by DDL readers.  The contest had over 150 entries and the judges narrowed it down to just 20 (a very hard task) and you voted for the top 10 on Facebook.  In order of votes received by midnight Saturday, here they are, starting with the top voted meme.

My face when

Submitted by Lianna Reese

Submitted by Jessica Riegle

Submitted by Jessica Riegle

Submitted by Kristen Biehl

Submitted by Kristen Biehl

Submitted by Anna Reis

Submitted by Anna Reis


Submitted by James Hodge

Submitted by Rachel Nye

Submitted by Rachel Nye

Maury Povich copy

Submitted by Alexis E

Submitted by Alexis E

Submitted by Andrea Cognetti

Submitted by Andrea Cognetti

Submitted by Andrea W.

Submitted by Andrea W.

Congrats to the top 10! It was an incredibly close race among the top few and a very funny range of submissions dealing with all kinds of topics we parents face as cloth diaperers. I’ll be in touch with the top 5 shortly about their prizes. Thanks to the sponsors Applecheeks, SprayPal, Maxwell Designs, Smartbottoms, and GroVia for helping with this fun event.

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The 6 Kinds of Cloth Diaper Stash Shots

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the 6 kinds of cloth diaper stash shots

When photography, social media, and cloth diapering collide you get the “stash shot.”  The stash shot has been around a long time.. I even have one from way back in 2008!  But as social media and cloth diapering have gained in popularity and our outlets are more visual you see them everywhere.  Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, blogs, maybe even Ello.  I would check but it won’t work for me!  There are 6 major types of stash shots- I found examples of each.  Thanks to the photographers who let me share their photos here in the blog!

The “All my Diapers are Clean!” stash shot.
Lara's diaper stash shot

Image courtesy of Lara Jackson

These are meant to showcase the number of diapers in a stash and/or to celebrate the miracle of having all the laundry done.  Like Halley’s Comet, having all the diapers clean is worthy of a photo.This shot is usually meant to showcase #allthediapers at one moment, a rarity in our world.  An acheivment worth celebrating, this shot is posted to social media outlets declaring the mother’s victory over her mountain of laundry.

“I am victorious!”  She shouts while naming off the number of diapers in her stash, freshly stuffed and folded in neat and glorious stacks.   Most often this shot is accompanied by the obligatory “missing two diapers, one on the bum and one in the pail.” to make sure we all know there are just 2 more in the world.  Either that, or every diaper is present but only due to unfortunate circumstances like a sick baby in a disposable.

The “Collect them all!” Shot

Image courtesy of Tracey Dillard

Some people collect My Little Pony, Beanie Babies, medical quack devices, or toenail clippings in a jar.  Others, like Tracy whose stash is shown above, collect diapers.  As a collector of course you take pride in what you have assembled the stash shot is taken.  It may be a little bigger than most but for most isn’t about gloating, it is about taking pride in the collection as a whole- cloth diapers or toenails.

The “I used to work at the Container Store in college” stash shot.

Image courtesy of Esther Verhoef

Image courtesy of Brittany Osia

Image courtesy of Brittany Osia

We might also call this the “Pinterest Worthy” stash shot because it combines on obsessive kind of person to painstakingly organize the diapers by color/brand/style/size/etc into little bins.  And of course it looks amazing to boot, especially in the background of a nursery shot that might very well end up on Pinterest.

I’ve heard tales of moms who have custom furniture built to house their diapers.
The “Sacrifice My Baby to the Cloth Diaper Gods” shot


Image courtesy of Amarra Steinway

Image Courtesy of Monique Perez

Image Courtesy of Monique Perez

A common theme in cloth diaper shots seems to be placing the diapers is a circle around the baby. Pagan ritual used to cast a spell for more diapers? Sacrificial offering? I’m thinking too much about this… or am I?!

The “My Mom is OCD” Shot

Image Courtesy of Faaryn Treanor

“3 of every color…. must have 3 of every color.”  she repeats as she frantically tries to secure her third and final Jules.  She even considers placing her baby in the sacred diaper circle in order to make her case to the Diaper Gods…

I can’t help but wonder why the first row is facing up and what it all means?

The “My mom is VERY creative” artistic shot

Then there are the cloth diapering parents who take their stash shots to a Pinteresting new level….  Diaper flower made from colorful cloth diapers as petals, inserts and fitteds as the center, prefolds as the stem, and wool soakers as the leaves.

Have you ever taken a stash shot?  Share them or let us know what style fits you best!

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10 Harry Potter Cloth Diapers for Muggle Babies

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I haven’t done a fun cloth diaper themed gallery in a long time but after being inspired by a DDL reader who had an entire stash of Harry Potter cloth diapers I decided that was ny next gallery! I’ve linked each diaper maker- keep in mind many of these are OOAK (one of a kind) customs or were made in limited numbers. You can usually contact the WAHM who made the diapers to see if they’ll do a custom for you!  I will readily admit that I haven’t read the books though I do love the movies, and maybe when Fletcher is a little older we can read them together.  (don’t burn me at the stake… I get my geek on in other ways)

Harry Potter Cloth Diapers

Bunzuke Diapers takes the craft of making diapers to a new level. They made several Harry Potter cloth diapers back in 2013, when this photo was taken. They also make costume-like diapers (as you can see with the Hedwig diaper) with attachments like tails, wings, capes, and more. Often these are custom slots.

Crunchy Love Co Harry Potter Custom Diaper

Crunchy Love Co. offered this incredible custom Harry Potter diaper at auction last February, 2014. Every inch had some connection to HP- the back was Potter’s likeness, front has a fabric with spells, and the inside was HP colors- even the soaker and the lining! The post is no longer there to find out how much this puppy went for but I bet it was more than a steak dinner.

Hufflepuff Harry Potter diaper from Honeybuns

Honeybuns Cloth Diapers has many geeky diapers and non-geeky to choose from, this one has the Hufflepuff embroidery design.

Harp Diapers Harry Potter

Harp Diapers, a WAHM based in Canada, has made several HP diapers but this one stood out to me because of that aqua fabric.  Most Harry Potter diapers tend to be burgundy/red and gold/yellow!
littlebuttintro2 copy

Little Butt Diapers- we reviewed these several months ago and just happened to get an amazing Harry Potter diaper.

Baby Coon Harry Potter Fitted cloth diaper

Baby Coon Designs makes hybrid fitteds- this one in particular features a Harry Potter theme.  They also create wardrobe items like pants and skirts.


Dapper Derrieres is  new to me but I’m glad I learned about them because they have an an incredible array of geeky diapers and have sold many Harry Potter cloth diapers.

Harry Potter with Scarf Smellephant Diaper

Smellephant Fluff creates very unique cloth diapers, many that take on the likeness of the characters themselves in a way I’ve never seen done before!  This Harry Potter cloth diaper has an uncanny likeness to Potter himself.  I’m partial to their Link diaper.  I only wish the photos were a bit better, I bet this is lovely in person and on the bum.



Binky D is known for their geeky and pop culture referencing diapers.  They had this custom up for grabs just recently and offer other custom slots if you need a HP diaper of your own.

Maximum Smiles Hybrid Harry Potter Diaper

MAXimum SMILES has created a few hybrid fitted Harry Potter cloth diapers and I like in particular how the glasses line up nicely with the snaps in this example (design seems to be done with a bleach pen?!)  This is a brand that seems fairly new but if they keep making super cute diapers they should do very well.


If you want to create your own Harry Potter (enthusiast sewers at home) Spoonflower seems to have some very unique HP fabrics.  They aren’t the cheapest fabric source but they are awesome!

You can also see my other galleries including Nintendo Themed Cloth Diapers, Geeky Cloth Diapers, and Music Themed Cloth Diapers.  Suggestions for the next themed gallery?  Let me know in the comments!

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Bummis Duo-Brite,