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Fuzzibunz Sweet Beginnings One Size- Win it!

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Now that DDL has let you in on the new Sweet Beginnings One Size from Fuzzibunz we have your chance to win one here!

Having used the previous versions of the Fuzzibunz One Size, including the most recent, I am happy to see them back to a rectangular insert.  The contoured microfiber inserts that came with the last version were very hard to stuff.


The new product line-up also includes their famous sized pocket diapers, their first year diaper that has adjustments like the One Size we reviewed but in an overall smaller size, and other accessories.  Their newly re-designed website is very easy to use!  I loved that it asks the viewer if they’re an experienced cloth diapering parent or new and tailors the information based on that information.

For their new prints Fuzzibunz kept it sweet with bright and happy designs like paisley, airplanes, and turtles.  The solid choices are all colors I happen to love on a diaper!


You can enter to win one right here on the blog- just use the form below. Open to US only!

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Periscopathon Recap! The Best 17 Hours Ever!

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On September 28 the cloth diaper community came together to support Giving Diapers, Giving Hope in the form of the first-ever telethon using the new social network Periscope.

Periscope is an app that allows anyone to broadcast live video from anywhere in the world to anyone!  The idea to utilize this fun new social media platform was inspired by BALM Baby and grew to include over 30 brands/retailers/media.  So many people signed up to raise money for Giving Diapers, Giving Hope that the event lasted a staggering 17+ hours!  Sept 28 also marked the first day of National Diaper Need Awareness Week.


I kicked it off at 10 minutes til 9 AM EST and closed it (even though TheBabyGuyNYC was still broadcasting his bedtime story #afterdark finale) at around 2:00 AM EST.  Each hour two members of the cloth diaper community held their own broadcast to discuss diaper need, how cloth diapers can be a solution for families in need, who THEY were and why they cared about this issue, and how their company was helping by donating!  Each person set up goals and if they earned x number of hearts they would make a donation to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.  The more hearts they earned the higher the donation!  Brands made donations totaling $1,700+ and pledged to give more than 450 cloth diapers to GDGH!

The other aspect of this Periscopathon asked for YOUR donations!  We had a seemingly impossible goal- we wanted to raise $5,000.  Did we make it?



We raised a staggering $6,300 and exceeded our goal by $1,300!

How did we achieve such a feat? We did it through the passion and combined efforts of a community I grow to love more and more every single day.

We did it thanks to Calley from Diaper Shops wearing a diaper on her head while doing the Whip and Ne Ne.

We did it thanks to Lavie Bebe throwing a pie in her own face when she hit her goal!

We did it thanks to Smart Bottoms matching dollar for dollar every donation made in their Periscope up to $500. Their fans and the company together raised $1,415! (PS you can order Smart Bottoms print Jamberry nails to beneft GDGH now too)
Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 8.20.39 PM

We did it thanks to Milk and Sugar Co and her awesomely fun Periscope game of The Price is Right!
IMG_8324 (1)

We did it thanks to qdSpray and her hilarious game that involved 3 facts about me. She even played a clip of my infamous Pteradactyl laugh that only a lucky few ever get to hear!

We did it thanks to Rumparooz and their special offer to send doll diapers to donors who pledged $35 or more in a new print that no one has even seen yet! And Super Undies who also promised special trainers in their new prints to the highest donors during their Periscope. And Lalabye Baby who offered a HTF print giveaway for donors and Spray Pal who danced for heart and donated $10 for every 10,000 hearts!  Molly’s Suds who SANG, Change Diapers who got to pet a sleeping puppy, The Eco Chic who made the perfect backdrop, Funky Fluff creators who both talked in their best Canadian accents, GroVia who upped their stretch goal and got enough hearts to donate 200 covers, MamaSuds who shared her passion for healthy cleaning products, The Eco Friendly Family who made everyone love her, Cloth Diaper Geek who taught us how to diaper on a budget, AppleCheeks who was most fashionably dressed, Dream Diapers who had people watching on two screens just because they love Deanna that much, ConservamomE who put her baby in a tux for the occasion, Donna from Black Women Do Cloth Diaper who passionately explained the diaper gap and lack of resources/education, FiggyFuzz who shared how cloth diapers help Foster families, Samozrejme who taught us how to say her name AND pulled out special prizes to raise donations, Strawberry Sunshine who shared her love of cloth and supported us all the whole day, Thirsties who learned how to Periscope that day and took us on a tour of their warehouse, EcoNuts who taught us about soap berries, Pinstripes and Polkadots who eloquently explained why diaper need is such a huge problem, Bottombumpers who shared her own personal story, BALM Baby who grossed us out with maggot talk, Softbums who showed us the slide2size, Sloomb who began an impromptu wool class, Sweet Pea Diapers who announced a special GDGH diaper coming soon, and TheBabyGuyNYC for tucking us in with a special bedtime story at 2 AM!

We did it thanks to YOU.  YOU guys who shared, and tweeted, and invited, and TAPPED and TAPPED and TAPPED!

Thank you.

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Funky Fluff LUX Giveaway!

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Yesterday DDL was really excited to bring you a video and review of the new and anticipated Funky Fluff LUX 3-in-1 diapers.  The new diapers added many features and they are welcome improvements to an already beloved diaper design.  The two new prints, Maritime and Chantilly, have Lara and myself falling in love!  SWOON!

Funky Fluff Maritime and OPI

As luck would have it, when I filmed this review several weeks ago I was wearing a nail polish color that perfectly coordinated so if you win this package you’ll need to find and buy OPI’s “Can’t Find My Czechbook.”

You love, right?  How could you not?  Want to know more about the new Funky Fluff Lux line?

The details as conveyed by Funky Fluff:

Both Stay Dry & Bamboo Diaper Systems will come with new redesigned LUX Bamboo terry inserts:

  • Both small & large soakers have a contoured shape for increased absorbency area (previous soakers were rectangular shape)
  • Soakers Snap together and onto diaper shell (previous soakers did not snap together)
  • Large Soaker is 6 layers of bamboo terry fabric and measures: 36cm x 11cm x 14cm
  • Small Soaker is 5 layers of bamboo terry fabric and measures: 30cm x 11cm x 14cm

LUX Bamboo soakers will also be available for purchase separately and will be sold as a set (small & large) rather than 2 pack of large and 2 pack of small in the 2.0 version

Also available for our stay dry and bamboo diaper shells are new premium soakers – Funky Fluff DeLux Hemp/Bamboo Soakers.  This is a brand new product for us:

  • Made with hemp fleece and bamboo fleece fabrics. Smooth side of the fabric is visible on the outside (fleece is on the inside) to prevent pilling and give soakers a smooth & soft feel
  • Each soaker has 2 layers of bamboo and 2 layers of hemp (50% bamboo/20% cotton/30% polyester + 2 layers of 55% hemp/45% organic cotton fleece)
  • Bamboo layers are sewn together, Hemp layers are sewn together and connected in the middle by two stitch lines = faster drying time and helps direct liquid toward the middle of the soaker.  Fans out to help with drying time
  • Small & Large Soakers have a contoured shape for increased absorbency area
  • Bamboo on top absorbs quicker, hemp on the bottom holds onto moisture
  • Bamboo & Hemp fabrics chosen for DeLUX soakers shrink at similar rates.  Shrink after washing by about 10%
  • Soakers snap together and onto the diaper shell
  • No exposed snaps on top of the insert make it very comfortable for babies
  • Large soaker measures: 37cm x 11.5cm x 14.5cm
  • Small soaker measures: 32cm x 11.5cm x 14.5cm
  • Available for purchase in a set of small & large soaker


Dirty Diaper Laundry has teamed up with Funky Fluff for a giveaway!  The lucky winner will receive the following items:

Funky Fluff LUX Bamboo Diaper Shell
Funky Fluff LUX Stay Dry Diaper Shell
DeLUX Hemp/Bamboo Soaker Set
LUX Bamboo Soaker Set

This giveaway is open to US and Canada.  Ends 10/3

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Maritime Lux from Funky Fluff

Funky Fluff LUX 3-in-1 Review

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Fall marks the beginning of cooler temperatures for most of the country, as folks dig out their boots and scarves. For me it was only weeks ago that I bothered taking the cover off the pool as it is finally a reasonable temperature for my baby to be out in the sun every day. I wish I had the cash to spring for one of those fancy outdoor patios made of compressed rubber pavers, our backyard is mostly concrete and with Autumn learning to walk I get very nervous letting her play and explore. Harper doesn’t know it yet, but my husband is planning to build her a wooden deck/sunporch/platform for her playhouse to keep it from collecting rain water on her outdoor rug and to provide a sense of structure in a large yard. I have my own plans to update her house, and on her birthday there will be a special breakfast cupcake waiting for her inside. What do you do to make your backyard fun for your littles? How do you deal with crawlers/walkers/daredevils in a less than ideal environment?

Funky Fluff Lux new prints
Today I’m sharing a new review for Funky Fluff, they’ve come up with an amazing updated series called LUX (and, spoiler alert, it IS luxurious!) and I have been so impatient to show you their new prints, Chantilly and Maritime! They released the prints without a name and let the fans choose, I think that is so cool and the names are perfect.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ These diapers have the capability of being relatively easy or complicated, based on your preference and your child’s needs. The diaper system includes a pocket with openings at either end and snaps to secure the soakers. You also receive two crazy thick soakers, one larger and one smaller, but both generously sized. You can snap the soakers together and stuff them then snap them in place (which is what I do for Autumn since she tends to need a lot of absorbency and I like the way it is all held neatly in place) or you can use just one of the soakers, you can stuff the pocket without snapping, or you can snap without stuffing (to use as an all-in-two). The soakers are contoured which helps with absorbency and is great for even the biggest messes but can make stuffing a bit intensive, I found it a struggle to get both soakers into the pocket each time, it usually required quite a bit of smoothing out on either side. I’m really glad there are openings at the front and the back to make adjustments easy. I found that I preferred to remove the inserts before washing to help them wash and dry easily, but it’s possible, especially with just one insert, to leave them snapped in place. If you prefer something simpler, stick with one insert or use the all-in-two option. I love that this diaper is so easy to customize for your needs.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ At $24.45 for a full system from Canada, I think this price is very reasonable considering the quality of the materials. You can choose either a bamboo terry option or a stay dry option (which is a dollar cheaper, too!) if your baby is sensitive to wetness. I found both to be equally absorbent and can’t pick a favorite.

Old Funky fluff and New Funky Fluff Lux insides

Performance ✩✩✩✩ With Autumn, I use this diaper with both inserts and I can trust it to last for naps and even overnight without issue. I was initially concerned there would be compression leaks since the pair of inserts seems to fill the diaper pocket snugly, but I have not experienced any leaks with this diaper at all! One of the updates in design includes a waterproof band at the interior front which is probably a big help with this. Harper is using diapers part time now, usually just when we are out of the house or at night, and with her I use one insert snapped in place and even one can manage a well hydrated toddler for several hours of running errands without issue. That is something I cannot say about some of the other “thicker” all in one or all in two styles she’s been wearing. I will say the bamboo terry takes a longer time to dry, I generally start with drying it on the line with my other diapers and inserts and if it is not dry when I collect the laundry I will toss it in the dryer with some wool dryer balls and whatever laundry I happen to be drying (usually towels or my husband’s clothes) to make sure the super absorbent material is completely ready to be used again.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ This diaper comes with four rise snap options and two rows of waist snaps as well as hip snaps and crossover snaps for trim tummies. I much prefer diapers with hip snaps for Harper, as a skinny toddler she will inevitably suffer from “wing droopage” if she does not have a hip snap to keep the sides of the diaper up and in place. With my baby Autumn this is less of an issue, she’s a bit of a chunker and doesn’t have the same issues as her sister. I am happy to report that this diaper fits her quite nicely as well, and there is definitely plenty of room to grow. If both inserts are used there is more of a fluffy profile and I’d suggest roomier clothes but it is still very cute and if you need something trimmer just use one insert, it is very absorbent on it’s own.

Overall: These diapers are very soft and absorbent as well as adorable! I love the updated features, the fun prints, and the high quality materials and craftsmanship. These diapers make a great gift, since even one or two would help any parent know that they have a “bulletproof” option available, and they would also be a great stash diaper since they can be customized to be easier for daycare or babysitters, more absorbent for night, trimmer for day, or just how you like them all the time! If you know someone who is struggling with their diaper routine and needs something to help them love cloth diapers again, this might be a great gift for them, because no matter how you use them they seem to do their job really well!

Where to Buy: Kelly’s Closet 


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New Prints Round-Up! Admiral, Charlotte, Put on Love, Hopscotch and more!

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Last week the cloth world was busy releasing new prints left and right! Here they are in case you missed them!

jujube print collab with Rumparooz

Ju-Ju-Be and Kanga Care have released their second print collaboration.  Now you can find Kanga Care products in Admiral!

Best Bottoms On Point

The newest print from Best Bottoms is To The Point.  Tula fans will love this one!  You can also find it in Planet Wise products.

Put on Love by bumGenius

The newest print in the bumGenius lineup is Put on Love and is joining the redesigned Albert print in the permanent collection.  bumGenius fans can rejoice because it is not a limited print.

Charlotte from Smart Bottoms in newbornThe new Smart Bottoms print to join their brand’s line-up is Charlotte.  SB fans who love their retired print Ella in a similar small scale floral motif are very excited about this one!  Smart Bottoms also has several new retailer exclusives including Moon Fairy for Abby’s Lane, Sweeney for Lil’ Tulips, Colten’s Catch from Squiggly Bugs and….

Lovely Llamas Smart Bottoms

…Lovely Llamas from Nicki’s Diapers.


There are also new prints from Nicki’s Diapers in their own diaper line!  Hopscotch is a fun and bold new print and the Nicki’s Diapers line also has a Buy 1/Give 1 model to help families in need.

Toucan from Nuggles

Nuggles, a Canadian brand, has 2 new prints including this Toucan I Am.

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Simplee AI2 by Nuggles- Giveaway!

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We haven’t had a giveaway on DDL for a bit, mostly because we took a small respite from reviews.  Lara and I can get busy and well, it happens!  We are super excited to share this giveaway for the Simplee by Nuggles that Lara just posted a review for.  Nuggles, a Canadian brand, is just starting to be carried by retailers in the US like My Blossom Bottom who is offering a Simplee for our giveaway!  With their various systems, fun coordinating solids with colorful snaps, and cute prints I suspect the US will be seeing more of the brand as more retailers bring them on.

Introducing our newest, trimmest, most absorbent diaper yet! Simplee. by Nuggles!™ is a one-size-fits-all bamboo AI2 diaper!

A true all-in-two, you can stuff, snap & stuff, or snap & lay the insert in.

NO NEED TO UNSTUFF, NO NEED TO UNSNAP. The inserts will ALWAYS agitate out in the wash to get the cleanest they can be!

Comes with 2 bamboo terry inserts (one regular insert and one newborn insert that can also snap to the regular insert as a booster!)

One-size fits most 8 – 40lbs.


Nuggles recently released two new prints- Toucan I Am and Surfing Love.   Nordic Stag and Winter Fox are back from the vault!


In my video I referred to this diaper as an All in One, probably because to me the diaper functions as an AIO or as a pocket diaper.  Without packages of additional snap in soakers to replace the dirty inserts with it doesn’t function or feel like an AI2 to me.  All in two diapers are most effective when they have a layer that can be wipes clean or one that doesn’t absorb much, if any, urine when the insert is saturated.  I just wanted to clarify any confusion I caused in my video.

Thanks to My Blossom Bottom we have a Simplee. by Nuggles to give away to a lucky reader.  The winner will get to pick the color.  Open to US and US military addresses.  Enter using the Rafflecopter below.


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Join the Periscopathon Sept 28, Donate, and Help GDGH Fight Diaper Need. How and WHY

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The #Periscopathon is in just a few short weeks and it’s my goal to get every DDL reader involved. Not only will your shares, donations, and hearts help Giving Diapers, Giving Hope reach their fundraising goal of $5,000 but it will help our overall goal to educate and inform the general public that cloth diapers can be a solution for diaper need.

$5,000 seems like a lot, right? To be fair, it IS a lot of money. For a small non-profit $5,000 makes an enormous impact in the budget, especially when you know that GDGH has little overhead costs thanks to the volunteer administrative staff AND the labor that GroVia employees provide at no cost to us.  If you’d like to see more about GDGH’s finances we have it all spelled out in a blog post.  Our goal is to be transparent about everything we do.

To raise this much takes very little when you consider how large the cloth diaper community is. When there are groups that have 6,000, 10,000, even 50,000+ members you know that we are out there! Just a single dollar from each member would fund GDGH’s program for the entire year AND allow for growth.  Many of us have been through diaper need or realize how lucky we are that we already have cloth diapers when unexpected costs arise like a major appliance breaking, or plumbing disasters.  GDGH can only provide the diapers we have, and only pay for the shipping fees ($15 per family at this time, leaving $20 each family owes that covers shipping to and from their home) if we have the funds to do so.


Each week we see dozens of families that apply to our organization and we ask them how cloth diapers could help their family. Here are just 3 of the hundreds of stories that represent the diversity of families applying and diaper need in the US.

“I am a single mother of a ten and a twenty three month old. Currently I am unable to work and am living with family and am having to rely on the generosity of others. Food stamps and the WIC program take care of our nutritional needs, so the only serious expense I have to worry about is diapering. I have a few cloth diapers, but not enough to use them exclusively, which would be a tremendous help. … this set of diapers for the boys will allow me to use strictly cloth so that that extra money can be spent trying to better our family’s situation.”

“I am a single mother who simply can not afford diapers. A good friend of mine gave me a set of cloth diapers when I had my baby and I was also able to obtain a hand crank washer to wash them and line dry, it has been beyond helpful. However, my baby has grown a lot since birth and has outgrown all of the cloth diapers and covers that I had. I donated them (bc I didn’t know about this program) to the  survival center, where I have found much needed help with food and clothing for my children. I am able to get about 15-20 disposable diapers from the food pantry there, but only once a month. I would rather use cloth and I can not afford to buy the disposable kind. Giving Diapers Giving Hope was just suggested to me by a close friend and I feel that my family would greatly benefit from your program. Thank you for doing what you do, and I hope you are able to help my family.”

“GDGH’s generous lending of a set of cloth diapers for our son would relieve pressure from the expense of disposables. I actually didn’t think of considering cloth until I watched the GDGH promo video. Something in the video deeply resonated with me…it was that those in poverty are forced to make their babies wear their diapers for too long to make them last longer. And it also showed a wife texting her husband that they wouldn’t have enough diapers to last until payday. Both of these situations have happened to my family. This isn’t fair for our baby. He shouldn’t have to wear dirty diapers. This would make cloth attainable for us. Without this, we would never be able to afford cloth diapers.”

What I want people to understand most about diaper need is that it can happen to anyone, at any time.  When I made the above me mentioned video I included “luxury” items like the washing machine and the smart phone because I understand that many families in financial hardship own a phone and have a washing machine in their home.

Being that more than 60% of families living below the federal poverty level have a washing machine in their home why can’t cloth diapers be a solution for them?  “but Kim… why should poor families have one more burden on them ?”  I recently asked on my Facebook page how many single mothers use cloth diapers and how they made it work.  The most popular response from single moms was that they would put the diapers in the washer at bedtime, then toss in the dryer right before they went to sleep.  The diapers were waiting- clean and dry- the next morning.  By my own calculations I found it takes 30 minutes of actual “work” to wash, dry, and fold cloth diapers.  The other time the diapers are being washed by the machine.  It’s very comparable to handwashing where the average time spent washing, wringing diapers, and hanging to dry took 40 minutes based on 2014 survey responses in the Flats and Handwashing Challenge.  I’ve been told many times by families that they are willing to put in the extra work of cloth diapering because it means their baby can always have access to clean diapers.  I don’t pretend to understand the hardships others face I just know that when it is possible to wash diapers instead of going without or stretching the disposable diapers to their limits- I would choose to wash diapers.  Getting those cloth diapers is the struggle.

That’s why GDGH exists, to alleviate the start-up cost for families so that they can be financially unburdened by disposables and take charge of their baby’s diaper needs with cloth diapers.

Now that you can understand the needs families face and how GDGH helps, please take a moment to learn about the Periscopathon with this video. You can see how to follow all the broadcasters by viewing the video on Facebook.

Enter the giveaway and make your donation now until Sept 28 on the Giving Diapers, Giving Hope blog!

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Diaper Need Awareness Benefit for GDGH- Be there!

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September 28-October 4 marks Diaper Need Awareness Week- a time when those involved in diaper bank work like to remind the public that going without diapers is an issue that far too many parents face daily. When families face financial hardships they can apply for and receive benefits such as SNAP to help them buy groceries, or WIC to help them buy formula and other necessities for pregnant moms and infants. Neither program provides the other necessity- diapers.

Cloth Diapers CAN Help from Giving Diapers, Giving Hope on Vimeo.

There are many, many commenters in Internet-land who loudly proclaim these gems “if you can’t afford to diaper your kids you shouldn’t have them” or the always fun “Can’t afford diapers? Don’t use them- that’s what they do in the Amazon.” There are also the commenters who suggest cloth diapers. Usually those comments are from the older generation who proclaim proudly how they were diapered in cloth and their parents were poor- it’s just the logical thing to do if you can’t afford disposables.

Most often these “know-it-all” commenters come from a place of privilege. It’s easy to say what poor families should do with the money they don’t have, and it’s even easier to say those things from behind the computer screen. Would they tell a woman, infant in arms, that she shouldn’t have had that baby to her face? I doubt it.

Diaper need is often overlooked but there are many wonderful organizations, both local and national, that are there to assist families by providing diapers. Usually these diaper banks or food pantries can only give parents a small number of disposable diapers in order to help the large number of families that rely on them each week. Even with this help it’s not uncommon for the families to still run out of diapers before they can get more from the same diaper bank.

I’m one of those people who WANTs to comment on these article- use cloth diapers! They can help! I too come from a privileged point of view. I’ve never once had to choose between buying food or diapers (and not just because we have always used cloth.) I grew up relying on food pantries to eat more than not, and yes I have had welfare cheese. Thankfully I escaped that life and it’s something my own children have never known. Today I am fortunate enough that I can volunteer for a cloth diaper bank. Currently I serve in the role of Executive Director of Giving Diapers, Giving Hope, prior to this position I was their Fundraising and Social Media Coordinator.

I do this because I truly believe cloth diapers CAN help families in need, but the start-up cost of cloth is often a fee families cannot afford. There are so many ways to get started with cloth on a budget but not every family is able to.

Giving Diapers, Giving Hope has enabled more than 1,000 families to start cloth diapering since 2011 for the cost of shipping. We do this with a lot of help from GroVia (they manage all of the shipping and receiving on our behalf which is incredible).  The program loans a set of diapers and families can use them as long as they need them. When they’re done with the diapers they ship them back with a pre-paid label. GDGH helps the families who aren’t close to a local cloth diaper bank. You can find examples of other cloth diaper banks on

This year I don’t want to see or hear “… but cloth diapers aren’t an option for low-income families.”

Why the media feels this statement is 100% fact is beyond me. 60% of families living under the poverty level have access to a washer. Many times this is because they rent a home or apartment that includes a washing machine. Having a washing machine doesn’t imply they are not truly “poor” just as the ownership of a smart phone or possession of a car or computer shouldn’t. Hardships comes without warning, and some families have been gifted such items from family or friends who want to make their quality of life better. Washing machines are not an indication that families shouldn’t qualify for public assistance. In our case it just means they can save $60 or more per month by using a charity like Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.

Periscopathon BiglogosBIGGER

In order to raise awareness that cloth diapers CAN help we need you, our community, to help us. Share the video. Join the Periscopathon on September 28. Tell your friends to join, have them tell their friends.  We can only give away ALL the prizes, including the highest value prizes in the Rafflecopter, if we hit ALL of of fundraising goals so be sure to participate in this donation drive on Sept. 28.  Enter to win but again, remember, all prizes may not be given away if we don’t hit our goals.  See more on the GDGH blog about our event.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Men of the Baby Industry- Nominate Your Favs for the 2016 Calendar!

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This year has snuck up on the Men of the Baby Industry Calendar planning committee!  In 2014 Jen Aprea had a crazy idea, that with very little planning time, became reality just in time!  We’ve been brainstorming all year long and feel more prepared this year to make the 2016 edition even better! (you can still buy one for just $5 if you just HAVE to have one for the next few months!  December’s MOTBI is TheBabyGuyNYC!)


The first Men of the Baby Industry calendar started life as a Facebook message of “wouldn’t it be cool if…” then the frantic paced planning and photography sessions began.  The concept? Feature men who work in or are connected to the baby industry each month.  In this predominantly female industry it’s nice to meet the men who put up with   love and contribute to this unique industry.  It wouldn’t be the same without them! The best part?  Profits from the calendar will once again be donated to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.  YESSSSSSS.  That’s a Win/Win!  Fans of the 2015 calendar won’t be disappointed! With more time this year we are doing what everyone has hoped we would- we are taking nominations for the men you’d love to see involved for 2016!

This could be someone you know, or YOU! You are welcome to nominate yourself.

Keep your eyes out for the next calendar late Fall!

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Snuggly Owl Boutique AIO- Win it!

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Yesterday we were so excited to share Lara’s review of the Snuggly Owl Boutique All in One.  This diaper is made by a WAHM, and expertly so in our opinion.  Natural fiber lovers, parents of heavy wetters, and anyone who appreciates a gorgeous diaper will be excited about this one!


More about this All in One:

There is an internal soaker with 2 thirsty layers of organic bamboo fleece surrounded by a coordinating blue PUL boundary to help prevent leg and tummy leaks for the ultimate in leak protection!

The snake style soaker that is sewn in at the back is made with super soft organic bamboo fleece and Hemp French Terry. The soaker folds to create 6 thirsty layers of absorbency, for a total of 8 layers in the diaper!!!

The Snuggly Owl Boutique diapers come in lots of prints and options.  This one is a recent creation that I happen to LOVE!

Snuggly own Boutique

As it often happens when a diaper is awesome, it’s getting hard to find in stock!  Snuggly Owl Boutique has a group for stocking updates and B/S/T action for their brands: Join their group.


You can enter to win one right here on the blog!  Open to US and Canada!  Winner will pick color/print.  Ends Sept 5.

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