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Happy 6th Birthday Fletcher!

Happy 6th Birthday Fletcher!

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The little baby who tested out cloth diapers back when this website first started is now a Kindergartener with two missing teeth!  He can read, write, beat me at Mario Cart, and has his own sparkling personality.  I used to think that this day would never come.  Not because I doubted he would make it that long (though can I get a high five for keeping a human being alive for 6 years?!  Parenting is hard yo) but because the days were looooooooong.  In his infancy my nipples didn’t think we would make it to say 5.  6 years seemed like an eternity away and yet here we are. This kid makes everything better- he’s my comic relief, my helper, and my new gaming buddy.

This year I have been doing even more of a juggling act than usual near his birthday and so I didn’t get to put the time into his video as much as I had hoped.  Though it’s a little plainer than usual it still captures our year and the milestones that never make it into a baby book.   We didn’t have the time to plan a party for him so we did one at Chuck E Cheese for the first time.  He loved every bit of it!  After the party we ran home, packed our bags, and drove from FL to GA for the night on our way to NC for Thanksgiving. In the hotel lobby a wonderful, bubbly woman started a conversation with him. Her told her it was his birthday and she exclaimed “I gotta get you a gift!” then started rummaging in her purse. She handed him two dollars and his face lit up with excitement. That pretty much sums up Fletcher… he is charming and makes friends everywhere he goes.


Happy 6th Birthday Fletcher!

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Thirsties Ocean Collection is HERE!

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It’s been a while since one of my favorite brands released a new print so I was super happy to see their Ocean collection a few months ago.  Yes, my job does have perks like getting sneak peeks at unreleased products!

IMG_7104 copy

The Ocean Collection includes prints featuring sea life in subtle and gender neutral colors.  The entire collection plays well together and it is going to be hard not to want all of them!  There are two collections, Coral and Fin,  that can be purchased in coordinating sets of 5 or you can find each new print or color sold alone in all of the styles Thirsties offers.

Ocean Collection Coral

Sand Dollar
Ocean Life
School of Fish
Whale Tail

Ocean Collection Package Fin

Silver Dollar
Ocean Life
School of Fish
Whale Tail


To go with their new collections they’ve really gone above and beyond by offering a book!  This sweet board book features the characters that appear on the diapers in cartoon form and is an enjoyable read that you’ll love reading to your baby.  The packages are perfect and sweet baby shower gifts!

They’re available at retailers now!


You can enter to win a package of the Ocean Collection (5 diapers+ the book)  from Thirsties (yay!) and the winner can select if they’d like Coral or Fin and the closure/size if applicable. Open to US Only.  Ends November 28.  Good luck!

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Score a HTF bumGenius Print and Support a Great Cause!

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Recently the most amazing package arrived at my doorstep- a box full to the top with brand new, HTF bumGenius and Flip diapers.  No, it wasn’t a dream, it was shipped to me from Abby’s Lane.  Why?  They saved them and wanted them to do some good for a great cause and I’m fortunate enough that they chose Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.

Giving Diapers, Giving Hope is a non-profit cloth diaper charity that ships a set of cloth diapers to approved families in the US for the cost of shipping.  The organization has been running since 2011 and has helped over 800 families!  It’s growing rapidly and outgrowing the donations being sent so we are having to now order diapers to attempt to keep up.  Fundraisers like this auction will go a long way to help.

auctiondiaperslot copy

These Newborns, Flips, Elementals, Freetimes, and 4.0′s will be auctioned off on Hyena Cart.  All proceeds from the auction will go to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope!  Prints being auctioned included Jules, Picadilly Circus, Harper, Spence, Marie, Martin, Chaplin, and Audrey.  All diapers are being sold to US only with the exception of the Harper prints that I’ve opened to Canadians.  The bidding begins on Thursday November 20th at 6 PM and ends on November 24th at 6 PM. (update: an earlier version of this post mistakenly said it ended on Thanksgiving Day the 24th.  It ends on the 24th, not Thanksgiving Day)

Before you say- why didn’t they just donate them to be shipped to families- keep in mind that since many of these diapers will likely sell above retail the funds will go so much farther from the sale of the diaper than the single diaper would.  I will admit that I have mixed feelings about selling things above retail but when it comes to charity I am all for it.  There is a demand and demand sets the price.  I know of many parents who are happy to pay above retail specifically because the money is going to a good cause.


I hope those of you seeking these prints will consider bidding, not only to add the print to your collection, but to support a very worthy cause.  There are so many families who rely on GDGH to get started with cloth diapers- without help many can never overcome the initial startup and instead are stuck in an endless cycle of using their limited funds on disposables each week.  Thanks go to Abby’s Lane for this generous donation that will do a ton of good!

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BALM Baby ABC Video Giveaway!  Watch and Win!

BALM Baby ABC Video Giveaway! Watch and Win!

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Way back in September I was able to watch a fun promotion happen at ABC Kids where tons of manufacturers and retailers came together for a video.  Believe it or not, there is a great sense of community and togetherness in our industry- even competing brands and stores do get a long for the most part!  I didn’t participate in the actual video since my voice was almost gone at that point but I am going to help spread the word for my friends at BALM Baby.  They’ve worked hard on this!

(ABC Video Series Giveaway) Graphic

How to Play & Enter:

{1} Watch the videos (on the BALM! Baby blog.. or click the image above )
{2} Like & Follow ALL Social Media For the hosts {Dirty Diaper Laundry, Green Child Magazine & BALM! Baby}
{3} For EACH video giveaway you want to enter, you are encouraged to Like & Follow ALL Social Media For:

  1. Shop in video
  2. Brand in video

{4} Confirm BELOW via the Rafflecopter for EACH Video Giveaway you are participating in
{5} Keep watch for the posted WINNER via ONE of the Shop’s Social Media {It’s a secret which one, so you need to keep watch}

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The Big Reveal- Live Chat with us November 25th to see the #MenoftheBabyIndustry!

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Myself, Spray Pal, The Eco Chic, and Green Child Magazine are PROUD to finally reveal our secret project.  I’d like to say this has been a year in the making but it hasn’t- we started and completed this project in less than 2 months.  They said it couldn’t be done but we said YES it CAN because we are a determined group of women with pretty lofty goals and a great sense of humor.

The project will be for sale soon and you can order a piece of history.  The eye candy inside isn’t bad either.  100% of the profits will be donated to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope so by buying one of these you are supporting a terrific cause that could really use some help to continue its mission.

Sign up to watch our live stream on G+and YouTube on Tuesday November 25th at 9:30 PM EST where we will reveal each man involved and their fabulous photo one by one.  Fortunately (unfortunately?) no one goes for the full monty so it’s totally SFW….. Have you guessed what it is yet?













It’s a calendar!  

12 months (13 when you include our community member of the year) featuring a Man of the Baby Industry in each one.  We’ve leaked a few brands involved- Planet Wise, bumGenius, Applecheeks…. who else?  You’ll just have to wait and see!  Unlike regular, boring calendars, our calendar includes important dates such as The Big Latch On, The Great Cloth Diaper Change, and even all of the confirmed 2015 MommyCons!  We all know when the 4th of July is…. we don’t all remember those!


Sign up to view our live chat- G+ will remind you via email if you do join AND we will be giving some prizes out including 5 of the new calendars!  They’re printing now and we should have them by December ready for purchase- keep your eyes peeled for an announcement for sale date.

We are gently suggesting that all viewers have a glass of wine during the chat…  We promise it will be even more fun that way.  Who doesn’t love partying down with their best online friends?  If you drink a bottle that’s ok too…. I won’t judge.  #beenthere


Sign up to watch!

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2009 Stash Shot- Let’s Revisit!

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I started cloth diapering way back in 2008… at this point that seems like an eternity ago.  I was using diapers then that in some cases no longer exist, or the earlier forms of those brands that we know today.  My stash started out very humble because we were a newly married couple, straight out of college, living in a 2 bedroom apartment upstairs in Central New York.  The closest diaper store was 2 hours away in Ithaca, NY so I mostly relied on online sales, Craigslist, and Diaperswappers to obtain my diapers.  For my newborn I used a lot of prefolds and some really terrible WAHM “all in ones” that I shudder just thinking about.  GOD those were awful!  They gave WAHM diapers a bad name in my eyes for a while until I realized it was not the norm.  I also had a large number of plain white bumGenius 3.0′s I obtained from Craigslist.

I began slowly adding to my original stash and probably caught the cloth diaper “bug” for collecting when GroBaby came out.  I ordered a few to try out (these original GroBaby diapers are what inspired me to launch my website and video reviews thankyouverymuch) and then ordered a diaper here, a diaper there as I started to really get into it.  My beautiful stash was ever evolving from the beginning but once I started receiving diapers from companies who asked me to review them for Dirty Diaper Laundry it was a revolving door.  A few years ago I decided that all review diapers would be shipped to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope or another charity/worthy cause so for anyone curious- I do not own 400 diapers.



1. 3 WAHM made prefolds- bamboo velour.  2. 8 white bumGenius 3.0′s- 4 were converted to snaps by a WAHM.3.  Blueberry Deluxe Pocket 4. 2 bumGenius Organic AIO‘s (now called Elemental) . 5. GroBaby 6. Blueberry Deluxe Pocket 7. Smartipants One Size 8. bumGenius Organic AIO  9. bumGenius 3.0 10. GAD (Green Acre Designs) sized pocket. 11. bumGenius Organic AIO 12. bumGenius 3.0 13. Pointy Tab Fuzzibunz 14. GroBaby 15. Sweet Pea (I think… for some reason I can’t pin this one down!) 16. bumGenius 3.0 17. bumGenius Organic AIO 18. GroBaby 19. Piddle Poddle fitteds 20. TK Cuddlers One Size Pocket 21. Goodmama fitted in Pollock print 22. ES Baby Covers

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THE Black Friday Sales Post is Coming!

THE Black Friday Sales Post is Coming!

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I wanted to make sure all of my amazing readers are aware (if you’re new here, hi and welcome!) that I’ll be posting an EPIC Black Friday sale list that will point you in the right direction for cloth diaper stores and makers who are offering specials and promotions on cloth diapers and more!


You can get an idea of how it all works by visiting the 2013 post- there are featured listings first- these stores paid a fee for prime space (girl has got to eat!) then there will be tons more listings from other stores.  The exact order has yet to be determined for free listings- I may group them by kind of sales or the order they send their information.  All I know is that it WON’T be alphabetical.

For the stores who want to list all featured slots sold so you can add yourself for free by filling out this form.  I sent an email to my current and past advertisers from the year first so there is one more reason why advertising is a good idea!  (and advertising this time of year is also a great idea because it’s when I have the highest traffic of the year- see what ads are available).

First- sales will be posted on the Monday before Black Friday but most stores won’t publish at all or will only publish certain sales this early.  The FULL list will publish at midnight on Black Friday.

This is always a HUGE undertaking for me to organize and publish this post (I can only imagine how crazy it is for retailers to organize their sales AND the rest of the work that is involved) but it is so worth it because you can compare sales in one spot them make your decision and BUY!  Frankly- this might be the best time to order cloth diapers so I hope you’ve set aside a little diaper money for next week!

Retailers- sign up for your free listing today:

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Kissing Blake Hybrid Fitted Giveaway!

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Like a lot of you, Lara has a heavy wetter so hybrid fitteds like the Kissing Blake we just posted a review for are a great option!  The hidden fleece hold in more wetness and the super heavy bamboo fleece soakers will hold it all!

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 4.19.11 PM

If you’re dying to try one you definitely want to try your luck on winning!  Kissing Blake posts often on their  Facebook page about stockings, new fabric choices, embroidery options, and more so you’ll WANT to follow their Facebook page to keep track.  When entering the giveaway please visit the page and hit the like button!  I was perusing their photos section (something I really love doing on WAHM pages because I get a great idea for their style and options since so many post their diapers as they come off the sewing machine) and above you can find many examples- my favorite print would have to be the one on the bottom left.  Several have a Lisa Frank feel to them- it’s bringing me back!


Enter to win below- the winner will get to choose the fabric used for their diaper from in-stock fabric and they’ll also get 2 free wipes.  This one is open Worldwide (but if you win outside of the US or Canada you may be responsible for shipping fee).

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10 Uses for Menstrual Blood

10 *Totally LEGIT* Uses For Menstrual Blood

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Now that you are a menstrual cup user you might be thinking “What can I use my menstrual blood for?”  Excellent question!  Each day you waste that nutrient rich menses that could be fulfilling a higher purpose.

10 Uses for Menstrual Blood

Well- wonder no more!  Amanda from The Eco-Friendly Family (the amazing artist behind these images) and I have come up with 10 uses for period blood- there’s no reason it should be wasted.  You’ll thank us for these excellent tips.  I have 5 listed and she has the rest so check those out for more hilarity.

Paint With Period Blood

Use Period Blood for Plant Food

Use period blood for hair dye

Use period blood for face paint

Use period blood for food dye

You can see the other five on The Eco-Friendly Family!  You don’t want to miss them!


Our #vagangelist event has been sponsored by our friends from The Diva Cup, LunaPads, GladRags, Pink Lemonade Shop, Lunette Cup, and Bummis!  All of this amazingness is thanks to them so please show them love!  You can enter to win many of the products mentioned above in our giveaway from this event’s sponsors!  

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Meet Vera the Vagangelist! {Episode 1}

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I’d like you to meet Vera- she made the switch to reusable menstrual options and now she can’t shut-up about them.  Sound familiar?

Vera Vagangelist Episode1- Learn all about why menstrual cups are your best friend.

Now you can all say you’ve seen me nude.  Amanda of The Eco-Friendly Family has some serious talents and drew this cartoon based on our ideas of ways you can benefit from using a cup that we thought were hilarious.  You really should see the ones that didn’t make the cut…. but some ideas were a bit NSFW.

Vera Vagangelist Episode 2 teaser

You can (and should) find Episode 2 on Amanda’s blog!   If you’re brand new to the idea of menstrual cups or cloth pads we both have excellent resources for you to check out.

Comparison Chart of Menstrual Cups
What Every Woman Should Know About Menstrual Cups  {video)
How to Insert and Remove a Menstrual Cup {video}
10 Pro-Tips for Menstrual Cup Users {video}
What you Need to Know About Reusable Menstrual Cloth


Amanda also already has an excellent resource guide with those links and more if you need even more information! Safe Feminine Care Resource Guide

This post is part of our week long #vagangelist series.  We are thrilled to have sponsors who have made these posts possible- Diva Cup, Lunette, GladRags, Lunapads, Pink Lemonade Shop, and Bummis. You can enter to win many of the products mentioned above in our giveaway from this event’s sponsors!  And we are hosting a live chat about menstrual cups and reusable cloth pads this Thursday (today!) at 9:30 PM EST, join us!

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Bummis Duo-Brite,