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Announcing 6th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge: May 16-22

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It’s already that time of year again!  Join Dirty Diaper Laundry and other parents from all over the world for the 6th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge taking place May 16-22.

The Flats Challenge is an event born at a time when the news began covering diaper need, in particular, it was sparked by an article that disclosed how families would scrape out or hang dry and reuse their disposable diapers.  In the 6 years since this event started we are still seeing blatant omissions from news stories that either don’t mention the option of cloth diapers for families in need, or dismiss the option.

Our aim is not to say that every poor family facing the supremely difficult choice of buying diapers or food should use cloth diapers.  That would be short-sighted of us to think it’s an answer for every family.  The flats challenge is a way to show that for families willing and able, babies can be diapered for less than $100 or even $50 and without owning a washing machine.  It is a viable option for families who are in homes without washing machines and an effective one.


Flat cloth diapers are the easiest cloth diapers to wash by hand and get effectively clean without enormous physical effort.

Flat cloth diapers are the fastest to dry, in optimum conditions a flat can air dry on the line in 20 minutes.  In less ideal weather or indoors flats can take closer to 12 hours or more but will still always dry faster than prefolds, pockets, all in ones, etc.

Flat cloth diapers are the cheapest absorbent diaper available.  They are disguised as “flour sack towels” in big box stores and found in the kitchen aisle, making them the most widely available cloth diaper to those unable to buy diapers online or from a baby store.

Flat cloth diapers are the transformers of the diaper world.  They can be folded in dozens of ways or can simply be “pad folded” to the shape of a rectangle and laid into cloth diaper covers.  They work with any standard modern diaper closure device (Snappi).

Flat cloth diapers can even be DIY-ed from XXL cotton t-shirts, an even more affordable short-term solution for any family in need of diapers right away.


As you can see, I’m a passionate advocate for flat diapers.  They became my favorite diapers to use when my youngest was in diapers.  They had all of the best qualities of a good cloth diaper and the fact that they were extremely cheap was only part of their appeal.  Simple diapering is great whether you need to save money or not.

Now that I’ve sold you on the diapers, why should you participate in the Flats Challenge?  I didn’t set out to start an event, I initially set out to challenge myself.  I had the idea that flat diapers, in theory, were the perfect solution for families who would have to handwash but I’d actually never used them!  I ordered some and began my own personal challenge.  I then mentioned it online and others wanted to join.  That’s how this all began.  I needed to understand- was it possible?  Would the diapers get clean?  Was it fair to ask others to do something I myself wouldn’t/couldn’t do?

Myself and the thousands of others who have taken this challenge over the past 5 years have come to our own conclusions to these questions and more.  We have all experienced different things when taking part in this challenge and it’s not my place to say what you will find out.  This event has come under fire in the past for having unrealistic expectations of families.  If families weren’t already doing this everyday maybe I’d agree with you, but so many are.  They do it because they know their babies deserve clean and sanitary diapers.  They found a cost-effective way to do that without having a washing machine.  It may be temporary or it may be permanent but it’s happening.  This challenge has given others the resources and education they need to solve their own diaper need problem.


If you’d like to participate in this event there are some rules to follow- these will be posted again once the sign-up form is open but you can expect them to closely follow the rules from 2015.

Those who want to join and post their progress can do so on their blogs and link up to our daily blog prompts each day here, and/or can post along on social media with the #flatschallenge hashtag.  For fun I also like to tag photos with #bringingflatsback since this event has had a huge impact on the re-popularization of flat diapers.

To study up you can browse all blog posts made in during the past challenges (in backwards order, skip to the last page and work back for chronological order) by using the Flats Challenge tag.

Keep an eye out for the official sign-up post.  You can join our group to discuss this event in the meantime.


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Hey Mama, Don’t Stop The Music

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Occasionally I feel the need to write something unrelated to diapering, in this case, about my devotion to the Smashing Pumpkins and music.  If nothing else, let this remind you that mothers deserve it all, even a chance to throw elbows in the pit.  Don’t let the music stop, mamas.  

It’s true that your entire life changes when that first baby is born, you’re no longer able to do the things you once used to.  Your schedule, including your own bathroom breaks, revolve around that single baby. Motherhood is not for the weak.

Self-care is a buzz word right now. Every blogger and speaker is out there trying to tell us all that we have to take time for ourselves, to go get our hair done, to soak in a bathtub, to grab coffee with a friend and not bring the baby. I can respect that, I can’t however say it’s always possible.


Like probably every other new mom, I lost myself in the baby days.  I chose to focus 100% of my energy on this little person, forsaking nearly all of the things I loved in the process. Most regrettably was when I stopped the music. I gave up the thing that meant the most to me before I had a family as if it was one or the other. I traded traveling to concerts and keeping up to date (stalking) my favorite band for the theme song to Andy Pandy. I let it all go, probably because I thought I had to.  Parents can’t be “groupies.”  Breastfeeding mothers can’t leave their babies behind to go to a concert, you can’t pump milk in a disgusting portapotty. Mentally, it didn’t even seem right to want those things anymore. I disconnected from the old me and threw myself into motherhood and the business I was building online in the same context.

I stopped the music and with it, I stopped being myself.

Music, in my case 98% Smashing Pumpkins, was all that tethered me to existence from the time I discovered Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness until I graduated high school. Every waking moment I had access to a CD player I was listening to MCIS. It would have been my very first CD ever but I was too modest to let my father’s girlfriend buy it, the double CD wasn’t cheap.  Instead my first CD was Glycerine by Bush and I had to raise the funds to buy Mellon Collie on my own. I took the liner notes and memorized every word, then when I could earn enough money I bought another CD from the SP back catalogue and memorized those words.  The music kept me alive.  You just don’t live through the things I have without something to get you through it.  Watching your mother aspirate on vomit from an overdose, calling the ambulance when your step-father has almost died from one of many suicide attempts, getting your cereal before school surrounded by drugged up strangers and burnt spoons in the living room, it’s not the life I was meant to have. I knew that, I knew it wasn’t real. I lived in the music to hide from the real world until one day I could be free. It is the thing that kept me alive, the motivation to wake in the morning and the soundtrack that drowned out the crashing and fights beyond my locked bedroom door. That time in my life now feels like it never existed, I’ve only kept the music and left the rest behind.

I recall being annoyed with my mother for taking this one.

I was angry, depressed, and worse.  High School…

When I started my job at 14 I used all my under the table earnings to buy CDs, then when I was old enough and had transportation I used that money to buy concert tickets. I only saw my favorite band once in high school.  I had seats in the very back of the concert hall, you couldn’t have had worse seats than I had for that show. I lost hearing in one ear temporarily because the music bounced off the walls. It was my first taste of good live music though and I wanted more. I would go on to see many great shows- The White Stripes, Coldplay (before they sucked), Radiohead, NIN, Marilyn Manson, Zwan, Billy Corgan (solo) etc… but the Pumpkins were always my main obsession. They did break-up (that fateful day is known to many as my utter breakdown, but I did bounce back eventually) but Billy C. was always creating music and I followed.

Then I stopped. 2008-2013 I lived in a bubble of motherhood.  I didn’t allow myself to enjoy the things outside of it, I ignored the music world and missed opportunities I will never get back. Rather than stay up to date with new releases I only listened to NPR.  It was as if I was consciously depriving myself of music and the happiness it brought me and instead, trying to be the adultiest adult I could be. Slowly I started to let the music shine through in tiny slivers… I discovered my old CD’s and sang happily while my children took their car naps.  If I traveled for a conference by car I got hours of uninterrupted music of my own choosing and it was pure bliss. Still, I told myself that music wasn’t a big deal for me anymore and that having kids was what mattered. I’d be fine if I didn’t even know about a reunion concert tour or a new album. It wasn’t important, nothing was but my little boys. What a load of crap.

Before the 2013 show I entertained myself on fair rides with friends.

Before the 2013 show I entertained myself on fair rides with friends who happened to be there for another band

Without looking for it I discovered my favorite band was in my town in 2013. I went alone to the Smashing Pumpkins show since my husband isn’t a huge fan of my concert style. He used to go with me and found that we like different things.  I like being in the thick of it, up front in the pit. I’ll wait for hours to make sure I am right there in the front.  He prefers to sit and enjoy from a distance and not feel the need to protect me. We agreed he would stay with the kids and I would get my concert time, the first time I’d seen my favorite band since I’d had kids. Everything amazing about the music came back to me. I remember leaving the concert wondering why I had ever let it go.

Opportunities to see Smashing Pumpkins don’t come too often but I’ve made it a priority to see them when they’re in town. When they announced their current tour, an acoustic tour “In Plainsong,” it was necessary that I be there.  I was driven to make it work, even though it meant taking a plane to get there. Most notable about this concert was the fact that I scored VIP seats.  I was in the front, where I’m happiest, able to see each facial contortion and smile. I could feel the music and the joy from all sides. My 15 year old self, the one who sat in the very back row and almost didn’t get tickets at all (it took every single dollar I had and I still had to borrow money) was back again but this time, right up front with a VIP badge on. This isn’t to brag, this is to point out that I’ve come a million miles and I owe it to that band for pulling me through. I’m sure thousands of others can say the same thing, and that’s the power of music, be it Smashing Pumpkins or whatever non-SP bands there are out there. They do exist.

Just a trio of awesome about to get our donuts on. ☕️☕️#jakontheroad A photo posted by Kim Rosas (@kim_rosas) on

So now I’m back. I’m feeling like the whole person I am, not just a mom, a whole person with interests that go beyond what happens in her own house. I’m not feeling the isolation of motherhood as strongly because I can tune in to my music and dream about future concerts to come and make them happen. I wish I had known that it was ok to be both people, to love rocking in the pit and also to love rocking my baby to sleep. The two are not incompatible, I just thought they were. The important thing is that eventually I came back to myself. I used to dream that one day my kids would love the Pumpkins as much as I did. For now their favorite songs are by Justin “Beaver” and they really like Blurry Face. We will get there I hope, one day.

[I’m a habitual album listener and not a fan of playlists, but I put together some of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins songs into a playlist for those who said they’d never heard of them on my Facebook page!]

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DDL Turns 7 Winner List

DDL Turns 7 Winner List

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It’s been one heck of a week (and then some) for the DDL Turns 7 anniversary celebration.  I teamed up with several stores and brands to offer giveaways to fans, over 20 of them!  All winners have been pulled and notified but in case someone didn’t see their message or for the curiousity of others here is a quick list!  When all is said and done more than $1,100 worth of prizes were given away!  I am still wading through winner emails and sending prize information to the brands so if you see your name and know you’ve been contacted and haven’t heard from me that’s why!


Thanks to the sponsors for providing these prizes and to everyone who entered!

Facebook Winners: 

One Love Diaper Co Prize: Dianalyn Frank

Logan + Lenora Prize: Tabitha Luczak

qdSpray Prize: Hil Hart

DivaCup Prize: Ellen Bratzel

Bambino Mio Prize: Amelia Jarvis

KangaCare Prize: RichienWendi Hixon

Smart Bottoms Prize: Stephanie Vega

La Petite Creme Prize: Kelly Davis Pabst

Kelly’s Closet Prize: Rebekah Cyb

Earth Mama Angel Baby Prize: Desirae Petho

ZCreationz Prize: Kelly Elizabeth Smith

Spray Pal Prize: Brittany Johnson

Mom’s Milk Boutique Prize: Ali Dupuis

Thirsties Prize: Luanne Viqueira

Lalabye Prize: Kaitlin Weakley

Put A Cup In It Prize: Tracey Collins Serafin

Bummis Prize: Sharkyta Salters

Instagram Winners:

KangaCare: Wendi Cave

Smart Bottoms: @blackburnellingsworth

La Petite Creme: @alleyymarie

AppleCheeks: @midgelidge

Mom’s Milk Boutique: @corgimum05

Snugabell Prize: @dewy1240

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7 Years of Dirty Diaper Laundry

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Tomorrow marks a special milestone that I can’t let slip by without mentioning; it’s the 7th year of Dirty Diaper Laundry. In 2009 on April 9 I hit publish on the very first blog post. I wrote it knowing only friends and family would see it, and continued to write that way for a while. I made my videos and just assumed people would find them if they needed them. Eventually I learned more about networking and marketing my own website through places like Twitter (my earliest social network) and beyond.


Things have obviously changed since I started my blog. The biggest change is that I have no babies in diapers! While I used to worry this would mean I’d have to stop blogging that hasn’t been the case. My focus has shifted to other things but I’m still able to give DDL love on social media and even blog occasionally too. Lara helps tremendously by lending her expertise for the reviews we post here. My main goal was to continue posting those videos because that is what made Dirty Diaper Laundry a favorite resource. It was too important to stop giving people helpful videos and reviews.

I have to make time for my family (we recently purchased an RV and have been adding camping to our family time), Dirty Diaper Laundry, speaking engagements, Put a Cup In It (a growing website!), freelance work, and running Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.

A photo posted by Kim Rosas (@kim_rosas) on

Time is spread thin these days since I’ve added other roles to my life and those roles have grown to take up more time than I probably even have. They’re all things I enjoy but I’m sure at some point something will have to give. DDL will never go away- it’s an invaluable resource that’s still helping thousands of families a day with their cloth diaper questions. Everett goes to Kindergarten in the fall, gifting me with an extra 2 hours of work time a day. That could be just what I need to accomplish the things I WANT to do and just can’t get to.

As a quick note to those who may have noticed a diminishing number of ads on the sidebar, I have dropped the ad network that served me for several years. Their poor customer service lasted years but only recently have I finally decided I’d had enough. I’m letting ads that have paid their time remain then I can shut down the entire account. I’m using this time to decide how I want advertising to look on DDL in the future and if that means a fresh design or not. Losing all ads hasn’t been easy financially and it was definitely a hard call to make, but in the end, it will be for the best. I’m not shutting down, just planning the next move!

On to the celebration! For the next week I’m going to be posting flash giveaways to my Facebook Page and the new @dirtydiaperlaundry Instagram account! I have over 20 amazing sponsors giving out prizes.

Look for goodies from Thirsties, Mom’s Milk Boutique, Bambino Mio, The DivaCup, PumpEase, One Love Diaper Co, Spray Pal, Kelly’s Closet, AppleCheeks, Smart Bottoms, and many more!

Thank you to everyone who chooses to support this website as a reader, a sponsor, a referrer, and so on. It’s been a true gift to be part of the cloth diaper community. This website has brought so many amazing people into my life and enriched it beyond words.  I’m proud of the resource 7 years of work has built and hope it’s helped the millions who have made their way to my corner of the Internet.

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Win it! The New Bummis AIO!

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Already the feedback on the DDL video and review of the new Bummis AIO has been outstanding!  I’m so excited to see everyone loving this new diaper as much as Lara and I do.  Make sure you check out our post from earlier this week in case you missed it.


Bummis is BACK and really answering the call for more modern options in their line with their new natural fiber All in One.  I hear so often how much people love the quality of Bummis but want something more modern.  This is definitely easy and modern!  Plus they have come out with several new prints to boot.

Bummis AIO Details

As always the mission of Bummis to make a high quality product that will last, and keep production local (Canada).  They source all their fabrics from North America, another way their cloth diapers are some of the greenest around.  I’ve been a fan of Bummis for many years and every time I speak to them I’m reminded of why I love their products and mission- they really care about every detail including customer satisfaction.

You also get the chance to win on Facebook during the flash giveaway happening now!  Entering there gives you extra chances to win this one so it’s a win/win.  Open to US/Canada of course!  This giveaway ends on 4/12.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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take the make cloth mainstream challenge

Make Cloth Mainstream for Earth Day and Convert the Masses- the #MCMSChallenge

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Now that April is here we can push the big red button THE Mission.  What mission?  The Make Cloth Mainstream Challenge, of course! This challenge, also known as #MCMSChallenge on social, got it’s start in 2015 when a few people in the industry realized the power of social media and word of mouth advertising.

Celebrities “sell” us things without us knowing it all the time- when Khloe Kardashian posts a photo of herself in a waist cincher and tags the brand that’s not a generous thing, that’s advertising. And it works.

Even social media stars who post product suggestions without paid compensation OR free product are still selling us things and we’re buying them. How many of us buy a lipstick because we see it on someone and love it? Heck, I even get asked what lipstick I use from my photos (all of them is the answer, lol). We follow people because we like them, admire them, trust them, or maybe on some level- want to be like them.  If you’re taking the challenge and have some time fill out our form to let us know!

take the make cloth mainstream challenge

That thought process is the seed that grew into the Make Cloth Mainstream Challenge.  Our mission?  To have influential social media users try cloth diapers for 3 weeks and share their experiences on social media.  Their adorable photos, their videos, their live Periscopes, their snaps- whatever! Our challengers aren’t just parents- they’re style icons, trend setters, foodies, humorists, even social media experts. Their posts about cloth will reach far outside of the choir many of our brands and bloggers preach to.  THIS is real outreach.  THIS is what helps get more people to use cloth diapers. THIS is why we work hundreds of hours to make this event happen.


The other aspect of this challenge invites YOU to advocate cloth diapers to your friends! Help them dip their toes into cloth diapering for this challenge by loaning them diapers you own or aiding them in their selections. Share on social with this image and let them know they can do it and YOU can help! Word of mouth is cloth diapering’s biggest ally and responsible for the slow but steady climb in cloth diaper usage over the last 3 decades.

We introduced our sponsors a few weeks ago who make this possible.  A few advocates aren’t going to be able to provide what is needed for a campaign of this size and so generous sponsors who believe in this mission have provided product to our influencers to enable them to try cloth diapers for 3 weeks. Our sponsors- Smart Bottoms, Thirsties, Kanga Care, AppleCheeks, Spray Pal, qdSpray, Green Child Magazine, Dirty Diaper Laundry, Lillebaby, Allen’s Naturally, and JuJuBe sent the challengers a message of good luck that you can watch.

Now to meet our challengers. Each was revealed one at a time in our live Kick-Off on Facebook this past Friday.  We have 8 influencers that range in their followings (though all have an engaged audience, the MOST important thing.  You can buy followers so that’s not always the goal!) We searched far and wide, and even a little close to home, in order to find people who we’d not only LOVE to convert to cloth but who would inspire their followers to consider using cloth as well!

Here are our challengers and their social handles- we know you’ve been asking for a way to get their links in an easy to find place.  I was listening!

Suzanne Davis is a talented photographer and mother of three who shares her life on her blog and all over social. Fun fact, Suzanne is also a contributor at

A photo posted by Suzanne Davis (@bebehblog) on

Tiffany Reese has an amazing sense of style! And she also happens to have some of the most stylish kids on the block, who are the stars of her blog and Instagram. Her fashion sense has won her a large blog audience and mentions from publications like Apartment Therapy (personal fave) and Buzzfeed, where she was named one of 43 parents to follow on Instagram!

A photo posted by Lookie Boo (@lookieboo) on

Ryan A Bell is best known through his public speaking, philanthropic work, and his involvement with Summit.Live (formerly Periscope Summit) that kicked off last year with a bang. He and wife Lynette are all about live streaming platforms and the global community that they help foster. They love babywearing and are excited to be back to cloth diapers after a life got in the way.

Katie Reed is a social media addict, foodie, coffee lover, and world traveler who shares her journey on her blog and YouTube Channel.

Help! I am stuck under two sleeping kids!!

A photo posted by Katie Reed (@amotherthing) on

The Canatellas have seen viral fame thanks to their many hilarious videos, including one of my favorites, the MTV Cribs – Baby Girl Nursery Tour. We love their sense of humor and honest look at parenting. Be sure to check out their YouTube channel!

Alex Kaslowitz is famous in the baby world thanks to his babywearing expertise. Even before having an adorable little baby of his own he was a pro. This fabulously fun couple is just getting started with cloth and we can’t wait to see how it goes!  They have created their own brand new family IG so please follow them there if you’re already following Beco, the company Alex works with.

Laura Boswell is from Memphis as her blog’s name suggests. She loves sharing her supreme sense of style and we’re sure that she will love the all of the modern cloth diaper designs available today. We just dare you to try not to fall in love with her gorgeous photos!

Jacqui Saldana is a beautiful force on Instagram and her website, Baby Boy Bakery, inspired by her son Ryan where she shares delicious kid-friendly recipes and inspiration to live a loud and wild life! We are so thrilled to have her joining our event and hope she loves cloth diapering!


As always the Cloth Diaper Experiment group is home to our event.  Our  challengers have joined in case they need any advice during their 3 week challenge. We invite you to assist our challengers with their questions and root them all on as they post!

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Beautiful Balloons, the new Softbums Print, is here! {giveaway}

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If only I were floating around Seattle in a hot air balloon instead of in a hotel near the airport!  I may not be taking in the world from a beautiful vantage point but I can tell you about the newest adorable print from Softbums- Beautiful Balloons!  Right on trend this hot air balloon print is bright and airy (get it?) and is going to be an adorable addition to your print stash!


Softbums diapers are a true One Size fits all and have patented Slide 2 Size adjustments unlike any others on the market.  If you’re new to brand DDL has a video on both of their styles, the Echo and the Omni.  Echo Softbums are an All in Two that work with Softbums pods or alone as a cover, and their Omni has the addition of a pocket if you prefer the flexibility while still giving you the option of using as an All in Two.

Want to in your own Beautiful Balloons print?  You have TWO ways to enter to win!  First, you’ll want to enter below on the blog using Rafflecopter.  You can earn extra entries by following both DDL and Softbums on social and we’d love that too so please do!  Get another chance to win AND earn extra entries into this giveaway by entering the Flash giveaway on DDL’s Facebook page!  Best of luck to all entering, but if you don’t win you can find the print available at your favorite Softbums retailer.  Open to US and Canada, ends 4/9.  The Facebook giveaway ends April 3 so get that extra entry while you can!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Make Cloth Mainstream Challenge- Kick Off Giveaway! 8 Prize Packages!

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It is with great excitement that we announce our sponsors of the Make Cloth Mainstream Challenge for 2016!  If you were around for our first event in 2015 you’ll recall how amazing it was so we are really ready to kick off this year!  The Make Cloth Mainstream Challenge is an event that raises awareness of reusable cloth diapers through our challenge takers- all families with very little or zero experience with cloth diapers- who each post on their social networks about their switch to cloth diapers!   They try cloth for 3 weeks and let us in on their experience.  We also encourage YOU to invite a friend to try cloth- loan them a few and see if they want to switch too.  We aren’t ready to announce our challenge takers yet, that will happen on April 1 during our Facebook Event.

For now, get to know our sponsors and enter to win a prize from them in this fantastic giveaway!


The Planning Team is comprised of myself, Green Child Magazine, Spray Pal and qdSpray.  We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you fantastic brand sponsors that make this entire event possible.  We are also the ones seeking out challengers to take the Make Cloth Mainstream Challenge.  We also act as the admins in our Cloth Diaper Experiment group which acts as the hub of activity for challenge takers as they learn the ropes of how to cloth diaper from our fantastic community!

This year our sponsors are Smart Bottoms, Thirsties, AppleCheeks, KangaCare, Allen’s Naturally, Lillebaby, and Jujube.

Each challenger who was invited to take part in this event will receive the cloth diapers they need along with some extra goodies from these brands.

The best news is that we have a giveaway for products from them as well for YOU!

We have 8 prize packages in all.  Scroll through to see all the prizes then complete your entry in the Rafflecopter at the bottom!  All prizes but 1 are open to Canada.  1 Prize package per winner.  Contest ends April 1 and winners will be announced during our 1 hour Facebook Kick-Off so be sure to RSVP and join!    Choose as many entries as you’d like- the more love you show our planning team and sponsors the higher your chances of winning!  See you on April 1!


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#DiaperGap- Why Not Cloth?

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The White House has finally recognized that diaper need, and the divide between those who can buy diapers and those who can’t, is worthy of being addressed and solved.  This is welcome news to the diaper banking community (of which I am part of as the Executive Director of the cloth diaper charity Giving Diapers, Giving Hope) because for years even convincing people that diapers are a NEED has been a struggle.

Diapers are as much a necessity for all families as the food they need for their child.  Listen to the valid points made on the website:


“…These choices become even more pressing because the lowest-income quintile of families with infants pay 14 percent of their income for diapers alone – an average of $936 for diapers per child each year, while many higher income families pay less than half that amount. These struggling families may not have access to transportation to the big box store, the credit or capital to buy in bulk at cheaper prices, or the access to internet or ability to receive packages required for online subscription services. The technology that makes life easier for so many of us just doesn’t provide the necessary supports for these families. 

There is also no federal assistance for purchasing diapers, unlike other essentials like food or health insurance. Programs like WIC, SNAP, Medicaid help provide parents with nutritious foods and the supports they and their babies need to stay healthy, and the President’s budget has called for $10 million to test effective ways to get diapers to families in need and document the health improvements that result. But unless Congress acts, we don’t have a program to help struggling families buy diapers for their children. So, we’re getting creative and using every tool we have to help solve this problem.”

Independent diaper banks have assisted these families and many are located in the areas most affected by diaper need and poverty.  Their existence is vital to the families who need them but most only provide disposable diaper assistance and some don’t have the means to provide the total or even half of the diapers a family needs each month.

Why has the White House neglected to recognize the validity of reusable diapers as a solution to at least SOME of the need that exists?  One Size reusable diapers, those that fit babies ranging from 10-40 pounds on average, have the ability to help each baby at a FRACTION of the cost.  They’re a one-time investment for whomever purchases- be it the diaper bank, a donor, or the family themselves.

How AMAZING would it be for the government to recognize this fact and subsidize programs that provide cloth diapers for families, or assist qualified families directly with their purchase?

How AMAZING would it be for the government to offer this as an option along with education on a local level where these families seek assistance such as WIC offices, social services, etc?

How AMAZING would it be for the government to also recognize the reduction of waste and resources used that cloth diapering on a larger scale would assist with?  Obama knows the crisis this planet faces- imagine how many millions of diapers could be saved by adding cloth diapers to this plan!

To say that lower income families can’t or won’t use cloth diapers is insulting and untrue.  Not offering the option or providing a hand-up when possible is also an great injustice.  I can tell you that not every family can or will but they will NEVER give cloth diapers a chance if they don’t know they even exist or understand how they work.  The lack of access in the most affected areas of this country means a dependence on expensive diapers at a higher cost with no hope for climbing out of the depths of poverty.  This isn’t just the truth about diapers, it’s the truth about poverty.  It’s expensive to be poor.  

GDGH Lifetime

Giving Diapers, Giving Hope is able to provide 16 changes worth of diapers per child at less than $50 each when we seek out the best deal on cloth diapers.  For FIFTY DOLLARS a family can save nearly $2,000 of their own money that can go towards other essentials.  At FIFTY DOLLARS a family GDGH can gift a family the peace of mind that comes with knowing their baby will never have to experience wearing a diaper too long and suffering diaper rash or worse- infection.  GDGH helps 40-60 families a month all over the US who qualify for assistance and our shipping partners Kelly’s Closet and Thirsties work together to send  1,000-1,600 diapers each month.

Imagine what the US Government could do with their resources that GDGH simply can’t!

Take just 10 seconds and let your voice be heard that cloth diapers are a viable solution for families facing #diaperneed by tweeting:


Tweet: .@WhiteHouse Reusable diapers can TRULY bridge the #diapergap- EDUCATE and FUND a sustainable option for families.

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La Petite Creme- a Cleanser and Balm in One

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It’s not often a product in the cloth diaper world is able to sneak up on me but in this case it feels like I was one of the last to know about La Petite Creme. This diaper lotion is self-described as the way French parents clean their babies and this brand has brought that idea and their recipe to the US.  It was brought to my attention by MommyCon- if you’re attending any this year you can get a live demo from me at the Cloth Diaper Resource Center so come by and say hi!

lapetite creme

Here’s how it works, and it’s a bit different so try and stay with me.

Step 1: Squirt generous amount of product onto your wipe (or cotton pad)

Step 2: Use wipe to cleanse baby’s bottom. Hopefully you only need one wipe!

Step 3: A thin layer of lotion remains on the skin, leaving an oily thin layer that acts as a diaper balm.

View a short demo I posted to DDL’s NEW dedicated Instagram account. @DirtyDiaperLaundry. Lara and I will both be posting to this one so that we can cover more diaper related content there so give it a follow while you’re here so we can spam you with cloth diaper pictures and info!

A video posted by @dirtydiaperlaundry on

When I first heard of the product and watched a demo video I became even more confused since it appeared they left a goopy amount on the skin. After seeing an in person demonstration through Facetime with Cecile, one of the brand’s founders, it made much more sense.  I personally would wipe the majority of the lotion of the skin and this is how I approached it in application. Considering that acidic, food reactive rashes are very common for all babies as they begin trying new foods a traditional “barrier cream” is useful to prevent and protect against these unpredictable rashes. For cloth diapering parents it’s harder since most of us only use cloth safe creams or balms when needed and not for prevention (personally this was my tactic). Most barrier creams are thick, white, and many aren’t cloth safe either.  I also didn’t like smearing cream on at each diaper change- too much mess. The concept of a 2-in-1 product like La Petite Creme has proven itself very attractive since your hands never touch the cream and it provides breathable, cloth safe prevention agains rashes. Luckily with cloth diapers our babies aren’t as prone to them but those awful rashes that crop up when baby tries strawberries and poops are no laughing matter.

I was able to test the product for several diaper changes and really liked the simplicity and cleaning ability along with the very light, natural, clean scent. La Petite Creme uses natural ingredients so there is a shelf life to consider.

I asked Cecile how long it lasts and she said it won’t last indefinitely since they don’t add any ingredients to extend the shelf life. The good news is that the olive oil in the lotion is all that’s affected; it won’t smell as good after a couple months but since it’s a butt wiping cream I’m not too concerned. I’d rather the ingredients be safe than smell good for a year in my bottle.

• 100% hypoallergenic • Paraben Free • Drug Free • Fresh natural smell (Fragrance-free)  Cloth Diaper safe.

I’ve also been using La Petite Creme as an all natural make-up remover and it’s quite honestly the best I’ve used. I started wearing a new mascara from Benefit and it’s impossible to remove with soap and water so the cream has been a lifesaver! I love an item with multiple uses.

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Their starter kit ($23) comes with the full size pump bottle, choice of cotton pads package or cloth wipes (these wipes are pretty thin but the new Thirsties organic wipes look great if you need wipes too), and a travel sized bottle for the diaper bag (or your makeup bag!)

I was able to meet the team behind the product at MommyCon Atlanta and their enthusiasm for the product is contagious!  I was shipped a kit to try before MommyCon so that I could get familiar with the product and wasn’t asked to post a review but I really love this product and wanted DDL readers to know about it too.  If you’ve been looking for a new wipe solution or diaper balm perhaps you’ve just found your answer!

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