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How to Use Periscope- a Guide for New Viewers and Broadcasters . Great look at this new social media platform and helpful video walkthrough!

How to Periscope- a Guide for New Viewers and Broadcasters {Video} {GIFS}

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How to Use Periscope- a Guide for New Viewers and Broadcasters .  Great look at this new social media platform and helpful video walkthrough!

I’ve only been a Periscope user for about 1.5 weeks and it’s my new favorite social network.  Thanks to @TheBabyGuyNYC and @SprayPal I was forced to update my phone so that I could enjoy the network and stop listening to them say how amazing it was.  They were RIGHT.

So what’s Periscope?

Periscope is a social network that’s more interactive and engaging than any other because you can view (or host) live video streams by/to anyone, anywhere in the world.  The possibilities are endless, the applications are diverse, and there’s probably going to be a lot of ways you can watch people around the world do a lot of bizarre things.  Unlike other video apps that have never appealed to me (SnapChat, Chat Roulette, etc) this one seems to have potential as a business and viewer.

Lots of people in our little community (cloth diaper/natural parenting) are hopping on this train and you probably should too.  After learning more about it I’ve filmed a video tutorial that will detail 4 sections: Intro to Periscope, Discovering Live Scopes, Interacting With Scopes, and Hosting a Scope.

Periscope Introduction

Intro to Periscope:

To get started you will download the app and sign in using your Twitter handle.  If you don’t have one I’m assuming they will allow you to create a new account.  With your Twitter “following” list you will first want to follow people on Periscope so that you have some entertainment.  I keep notifications on for now but as I follow more people I am starting to remove notifications for anyone who I don’t care to see scopes from if they do it too frequently.  Keep the notifications on for people you really want to follow!

Finding a Periscope on Map

Discovering Live Scopes:

There are various ways to discover live periscopes.  Other than the notifications you will receive on your phone when a new broadcast starts by someone you follow you can also check your list once you have logged in.  To view broadcasts of people you aren’t following hit the Globe icon at the bottom of your screen- you can view scopes as dots on a world map- zoom in to see individual dots and click one.  You can find other scopes by switching to the List view and featured scopes from “popular” accounts with lots of viewers will usually show in the top 3.

Leaving comments and hearts on Periscope

Interacting With Scopes:

To interact with the scoper(s) you can leave questions or comments using a text box at the bottom of your screen.  As shown in the video, people broadcasting will see your comments and questions as they scroll past.  With any luck they will see yours and answer your question- say hello back- etc.  You can show your appreciation for their scope by tapping the screen- hearts will appear in the bottom right that float up.  The heart color coordinates with the color of your username.  You can leave up to 500 in one public broadcast.  Hearts given in private scopes don’t count towards the total heart count of a Periscope user.  The more hearts a user has the better they may rank in Periscope broadcast lists, or they may possibly be a featured user.  These are not all clear since it’s such a new network.

Follow/Block a Periscope User in Chat

To interact with other viewers you can click their comments to either- view their profile and follow them, reply to their comment, or block them.  This goes for those hosting scopes or viewing.

Hosting a Private Periscope

Hosting a Scope:

Hosting Broadcasts is simple.  Start in an area where people can hear you and that has good lighting if it’s a scope of you speaking to the camera.  You will want to make sure you give your scope a good, engaging title that explains what you’re showing/talking about.  You can use emoji in the title. Use your camera to focus on the subject of your scope right from the start to make the thumbnail one that’s relevant.  Check that you have the settings the way you want them- Do you want location sharing on/off?  Is this a public broadcast or would you like to only share with a small group or an individual? (how to start a private broadcast is shown above)  Should everyone get to comment or just your followers?  Then you’re ready to hit LIVE and start scoping!

Tell people about what’s going on and remember, just like on a radio show, repeat who you are and what you’re doing once in a while.  People will be joining throughout the broadcast.  It’s ok to ask for hearts but don’t be tacky about it.  The point is to engage- not beg.

Brands- Periscoping is such a fun way to interact with your fans and loyal customers or potentially earn more.  I would definitely follow Spray Pal (@SprayPal on Periscope) as a good business to learn tips on Periscope from.  They’re over 100k hearts already!

Retailers- Showcasing your store, special events, new products in stock, and fun “getting to know you” scopes are great ways to interact with your customers.

Bloggers- We are using Periscope as to host educational sessions about menstrual cups that bring in viewers of all backgrounds.  It’s been a great way to reach a new audience versus “preaching to the choir” as it can seem here on DDL.

Everyone- Hosting scopes of live concerts, breaking news, your local food scenes, or family occasions are just a few ways you can use the platform.  For family events you can invite so many members privately to view your scopes as “Facetime” with everyone at once!

Headphones on Periscope

Other Tips:

Periscope devours battery juice- if you start using this app often to view or broadcast keep that in mind! Headphones are great for watching and when you are broadcasting. There is a delay so the broadcasters can often be behind by several seconds before they see a question. Make sure your ringer/volume are on in order to hear the broadcast.  Location is not exact but pretty darn close- if scoping from home use common sense- don’t show your home number, exterior, street etc that would make it easier for creepers to find you. Consider turning location off when doing scopes from home for that reason. There are adult content scopes out there- careful before you click! There doesn’t seem to be a way to filter out content by rating at this point.

Remember: Periscope is the ANTI-PINTEREST!  It’s your own live TV and we all know the best bloopers come from live broadcasts.  I’ve already had my son walk in during a Put a Cup in It broadcast and begin to tell a Minecraft story… and showed my nasty garage to every viewer on accident.  

While this video didn’t touch on every single possibility hopefully you’ve got a better understanding of why everyone has been talking about, and joining, Periscope.  Make sure you follow my accounts- @KimRosas and @PutaCupinit.  Anything diaper related and personal will be shared as KimRosas and the menstrual cup and reusable menstrual options discussions will be hosted on PutACupinIt.

 Let me know if this has been helpful!  Apologies for the poor lighting- I meant to pull the yellow and red out but it was already a looooong post to create and I forgot to before uploading.  

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Studio Ghibli cloth diaper by Sassy Bumz

Studio Ghibli Inspired Cloth Diapers

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I love creating diaper themed galleries and inspiration struck last night once I realized that there are WAHM’s making Studio Ghibli inspired cloth diapers! My husband introduced me to these magical movies in college. I remember Kiki’s Delivery Service was the first he showed me. Years later we watched Ponyo with my oldest son and I just recall seeing his amazement at the film. They’re not all suited for children but I know as my boys get older we will share more of the movies with them. I was able to find several diapers themed after the movies of Studio Ghibli that I wanted to share! Keep in mind that often these diapers are custom creations so they might not be in stock but I’ve linked the creator’s websites in order for you to get in touch with them.
Ponyo cloth diaper by Comfy Bums Cloth



A Ponyo diaper was a must, and while I couldn’t find any that featured Ponyo this diaper from Comfy Bum Cloth captured the beauty of the seaside town perfectly.  Comfy Bum Cloth on Facebook. (they have incredible Mario and Zelda diapers in their past gallery too!)

Howl's Moving Castle cloth diaper



Howl’s Moving Castle doesn’t get left out thanks to this diaper featuring Calcifer.  TheAlbinoSquirrel on Etsy
Studio Ghibli cloth diaper by Sassy Bumz

Thanks to this amazing fabric from Spoonflower (you can buy it by the yard too!) Sassybumz has made many custom hybrid fitteds that have the many magical characters from Studio Ghibli films, including My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Whisper of the Heart, Princess Mononoke, Ponyo, and Arrietty.  Find Sassybumz on Facebook.

Totoro cloth diaper by Bunzuke

A DDL gallery isn’t complete without a Bunzuke diaper.  I’m always amazed at their ability to have a diaper for everything geeky I dream up a gallery for!  Totoro is a popular theme. Bunzuke on Facebook.

Totoro cloth diaper by Little Butts Diapers



The diaper that inspired this gallery features a Totoro embroidered on a Little Butt Diapers creation.  These diapers are nearly impossible to get but you can find the stocking updates on Facebook. 

Totoro by Studio Ghibli cloth diaper from Albino Squirell


TheAlbinoSquirell is a fan, as you can see here is another Studio Ghibli inspired diaper, this time, featuring a Totoro face on the bum.  Find it on Etsy.  

Hand painted Totoro cloth diaper

Painting cloth diapers can be a way to get just the theme you want, that is, if you have the artistic ability!  Sarah Jean Seipe painted this Totoro diaper for her personal use.

Totoro scene painted onto cloth diaper

And to close us out is this incredible scene painted on a diaper by Elise Megan’s husband for their personal use.  Everything about this diaper and photo says “awww.”  If you’re wondering how painted diapers hold up to washing she said “After a few washes, it looks more like a watercolor & so much more like a Japanese landscape. Just like I was going for!”

Have you seen other Studio Ghibli inspired cloth diapers around the web?  My search didn’t come up with many so I’d love to see them!  You can also leave your idea for a themed gallery that you’d like DDL to do next in the comments!

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Lena Cup Intro and Review

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Time for a new post about menstrual cups- this time- an introduction and review for a new cup that’s only recently hit the market.  Lena Cup may have won me over!  I filmed a review and introduction to this new brand of cup.

If you hate watching videos here is a short synopsis of my Lena Cup review. The cup has a lot of really great features that are almost built after my own wish list in many ways.  The cup is bell shaped but a nice firmness.  The bell shape allows the cup to have a nice capacity while still being a shorter cup (when you trim the stem) for women with a lower cervix can likely still use it even if they have a heavier flow.  It’s completely smooth, no seams on any part of the cup!

A C Fold on Lena Cup size 1 and 2

The stem itself is the kind of stem you’ll consider keeping- it’s super flexible and even at full length it was comfortable.  The only reason I cut mine was because I am mental and it being there just got to me.

The most surprising feature of the cup that won me over were the suction holes.  Exciting stuff…. I know .  Every other cup I’ve tried so far has very tiny suction holes and often it takes extra effort to clean them.  Folding the cup where the hole is and running under water can be effective but sometimes I’ve needed to use a soft bristle toothbrush for a deeper clean at the end of my cycle.  The Lena Cup’s suction holes are at a slant and appear to be a little larger than other brands.  I’ve not once had to do anything other than run under water to clear the suction holes!!!  Long time cup users will know how exciting that is- it’s the little things in life.

Comfort wise the cup is a little larger feeling than I’d like at insertion, I imagine the size 2 could be harder for some women to insert for this reason (but they could look at the Size 1).  It was comfortable after that point and stayed in place perfectly.  It’s the exact right depth for me- a tiny bit shorter than a Lunette.

Inserting menstrual cup size 2

The base of the cup has a bit of firmness- enough that if I need to I can push against it fairly effectively to move the cup higher, a feature I love from the Diva Cup for newbies.

Sometimes it can be frightening to try a new cup when you already have one you love but I’m really happy I’ve tested this one and think I might be using it again for the next cycle!  I am usually the person who eats the same meal when I go to a restaurant- you find something you love and you stick with it- but Lena Cup could be the new “goldilocks” cup in my stash!

Lena Cup review

Lena Cup Measurements and Capacity

For those interested in stats here are the measurements according to the Lena Cup website above.  I also invite you to check out the comparison images to other cup brands in the Lena Cup post from Put A Cup In It (a new menstrual cup website you should totally be following).  The Eco-Friendly Family has the Lena Cup added to her Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart if you’d like to see it next to other brands as well.


Right now the Lena Cup is only available on and if you’re thinking of trying one now is a great time- since it has just launched it has a lower introductory price for both Size 1 and Size 2.


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Sugar Sheep Starter Set ($60-$105 Value) Giveaway!

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Monday Lara introduced us to Sugar Sheep- an Etsy brand that sells flat cloth diapers (among other things) made from luxurious and soft bamboo terry.  Terry flats are very popular across the pond and for good reason- they’re absorbent and soft.  Sugar Sheep uses a touch of spandex for stretch that makes getting a snug fit easy.


Sugar Sheep wants to get one lucky DDL reader started with cloth by offering a starter Set of their flats in the winner’s choice of size.  This amazing giveaway would make anyone happy and I’m betting the winner will want to roll around in the squishy, fluffy diapers when they are fresh out of the dryer after prepping.

sugar sheepwin

To enter it’s simple- use the Raffelcopter form below.  This giveaway is open to US and Canada.  Ends July 29.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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DIY Mid Century Modern Hoop Chair Knock-Off

Mid Century for Less- DIY Tutorial for Painted Patio Chair

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DDL readers know that when I’m not blogging about all things cloth diapers I’m working on my home.  I love decorating for less and so far I’ve paid more attention to the inside than the outside.  When Big Lots had a super sale on their patio furniture I decided I was going to buy the mid century style “hoop” chairs I’d been eying.  I figured I had nothing to lose.  The chairs had SO MUCH POTENTIAL but the tan was womp womp.  One trip to Home Depot later and I was ready to JUMP IN.  I’d never painted the webbing on a patio chair and wasn’t sure how it would turn out but let me tell you… I’m a GENIUS.


All it took was 1 can of paint to make this chair live up to the shape it was given. Thank you Big Lots… thank you Home Depot.  New “mid century modern inspired hoop chairs” can be several hundred dollars.  No, mine isn’t perfect but it has the look I love at a price I can handle.

Supplies Needed:

  • Chair to Paint (mine is the Wilson and Fisher papasan chair from BigLots.  It was only $16 at my local store for summer clear out but you could apply this technique to any similar chair with nylon webbing.)
  • 1 Can of Spray Paint (color for webbing)
  • 1 Can of Spray Paint (black for covering mistakes, optional)
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Saran Wrap
  • Old, Clean Paint Brushes 

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 8.33.42 PM

DIY Mid Century Modern Hoop Chair Knock-Off


DIY Instructions:

It is as easy as it looks but I’ll walk you through how I did it and what gave me the best results.


Prep your surface!  Starting with clean, dry chairs, tape off what you don’t want painted. As tempting as it was to paint the whole thing I really wanted a two-tone look like the $250 chair shown above. I used small pieces of tape around the curves. I also used strips of saran wrap to cover the legs and the rod behind the seat and taped those on.  I tapes off the back as well, but not as carefully, in order to paint the back too.

Start Painting!  Use your chosen color of paint. I picked one that says it works with plastics because the webbing is a nylon, not canvas, and I wanted to be sure it bonded. Start spraying but do a light coat all over the front and even the back side. It won’t look even after 1-2 light coats and that’s ok. Using your paint brush stroke everywhere you painted. This step after each coat is what I think made it come out so nice.  My first chair looks more “painted” than my second because I only brushed on the last coat.  My last chair looks like it came from the factory in that color!


You will want to do 3 coats on the front and 1-2 on the back. Brush after each coat. Let dry between coats.  (the above image really shows the mistakes I made before touching them up!)

Painted patio webbing

Touch-up time!  When you’re satisfied with the look and it’s dry remove the tape and wrapping. Here is where you may find some mistakes and that’s ok! My tape pulled up in some spots leaving me with paint on the metal. Oh boo! If this is the case it’s fixable. Take black spray paint and a paint brush. Spray some paint onto the brush tip and touch up where needed.

Fake Mid Century Patio Chairs

That’s it!  You have stylish chairs for way less than most modern patio furniture.  These chairs would look amazing in other retro inspired colors too like an orange or a darker turquoise.  I used Ocean Mist.  The total cost for this project (both chairs) was $38 with the new paint color!   I already had a can of black paint. Hurry over the Big Lots before they sell out of these fun chairs until next summer!

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Creative Photo Ideas for Fall Babies

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Even though it’s hot out now Fall is already creeping up.  I know this because Target has their back to school section ramped up and Michaels has pulled out their orange and yellow artificial flower arrangements.

Fall is a wonderful time of year for me because it contains the birthdays of my boys.  One November baby and one October baby.  I have to plan ahead because two birthdays plus Halloween and Thanksgiving are a LOT for a family to handle.  As you might also have an upcoming birth or a first birthday I wanted to share a special tradition our family has as inspiration for a photo keepsake tradition your family can treasure as much as I treasure ours.  Look for photography tips farther down in the post too!


Starting at my oldest son’s first birthday I had the idea to take his photo next to a pile of leaves shaped like a “1.”  It was a simple thing to do- I used a rake to pull a large pile in and shaped them into the number.  The next part, actually getting my crawling boy to sit still, was a lot harder!


When my next son was born we wanted a similar, but unique way to carry on our tradition.  As an October baby, pumpkins were a natural fit.  Mini pumpkins are purchased each year (I pre-arrange at the patch into the number or buy the right amount) and after our photo I use them as decorations in our house for the season.  It can cost about $20 for the pumpkins each year.  If you have to choose one maybe choose leaves… they’re free!  You could also consider grabbing some faux mini-pumpkins and using them every year.

I will be taking my son’s 7th Leaf photo this Fall and my other son’s 5th Pumpkin photo.  It’s a sacred tradition I look forward to each year. I’ve also upped my photog game since this began so I’d love to share a few tips for those who will be embarking on this adventure!

1. Take your photo from a step stool or higher vantage point.  In our earliest photos we were standing on porch overlooking a sloped hill facing us or took them from the upstairs bathroom window of our apartment on the 2nd floor.  To replicate that we used step stools after we moved.  This allows you to get the entire number and baby in frame, a helpful thing depending on the camera’s lens.  If you have a DSLR use a wide angle lens.


2. Shoot on an overcast day.  We made the mistake of taking our very first leaf photo on a sunny day.  I didn’t know sunny days are the worst for photography back them!  Taking photos on a day when it’s overcast means the shadows won’t be as harsh and the lighting will be more even.  It makes for a much better photo.


3. Take the photos when you baby is freshly fed and napped.  They’re more likely to be happy about the situation.  Have a partner with you that can reposition them (especially the first and second year) and between shots have them stand behind you and make ridiculous amounts of noise and gestures that will make them smile or at the very least, look at your camera.


4.  Position your number so that it faces the sun.  This tip is more about the quality of light than anything but if you really want your photo to pop have them face the sun.  The baby’s eyes will have light (and a reflection) in them.  Always avoid them being backlight (sun behind the baby and number) if possible.


5. Or ignore everything and just have fun with it because chasing perfection as a one or two man team on these photos WILL drive you crazy.  I have been in near tears on these photoshoots, especially the time we couldn’t find enough leaves in Florida, and as soon as we scraped together enough at a park, the sun was so far down that my light was gone.  The image is not amazing but I still love that I’ve made this work every year.


Taking better photos of my children was the number 1 reason that I started to learn how to use my DSLR.  All of the above photos were taken with either a Nikon D80 or Nikon D90.  This year I’ve upgraded to a full frame Canon so I’m excited to see the 7 and 5 photos!  I spent about a year studying on Clickin’ Moms and using their awesome forums to learn how to take better photos.  It’s a great resource so if you want to up your game I have a link to sign up- Clickin’ Moms.



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This one’s for the babies! New from Thirsties {Giveaway}

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Sounds like the Thirsties team has been busy lately!  They’ve just announced several new and exciting things!  You’ll have a chance to win three of them at the end of this post but first, let’s find out what they are!

In new color news Thirsties now has Poppy!  Poppy is bright and fun and the shade is on the feminine side but it’s also a popular color for men’s polos so I think a little boy could rock it too.

OOTD for Toddler Boys featuring Poppy

For a little inspiration here is an outfit I think boys can rock featuring Poppy!  Shirt- Vineyard Vines, Shorts- Old Navy, Shoes- Sperry, Diaper- Thirsties, Hat- Crazy 8, Glasses- Target, Necklace- HazelAid.

Beyond the exciting news of a new color Thirsties has other big news too!


Their Newborn All in One now has hook and loop!  Snaps are great for durability but in a newborn diaper most parents appreciate ease of use and the ability to get the tummy nice and tight!  A welcome improvement to their newborn AIO.


Thirsties NB Cover Aqua 250x250Thirsties also introduced a new Newborn/Preemie sized cover!  For the expecting moms out there these are a must for little newborns.  My first son’s first diaper was an XS Thirsties Cover from waaaay back in 2008.  These new covers with infant prefolds or flats will be great for those first few weeks and months.

And finally, their Diaper Covers (sized) will now come in Snaps!  

I say Thirsties has been busy because on top of these new products and improvements they have new product videos you’ll be seeing at your favorite retailer soon.  If you want to see them now visit the Thirsties YouTube channel.  


Win it!


You have the chance to win THREE products from Thirsties here on DDL: 1 newborn all in one hook and loop, 1 snap poppy duo wrap, and 1 newborn/preemie diaper cover!  Enter using the Rafflecopter below.  Open to US and Canda.  Ends July 23.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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3 Years in- Rosas Home Tour 2015

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In July 2012 our family made the move to Florida after waiting in limbo 6 months for our home. We had previously lived in Syracuse, NY for 5 years and that’s where our two boys were born. Prior to that we lived in Charlotte, NC and that is where we both went to college, met, and fell in love (if you want to be romantic). Our 8 year wedding anniversary is coming up this month too; crazy to think of the states, the kids, and the adventures from our married life.

Hello Summer!
Our home has become a bit of a hobby obsession for me. We bought a “fixer-upper” that is still in need of fixing. As a matter of fact, we found out this week that we have to get our entire home re-piped due to a leak under our foundation. Not welcome news, and I’m scared of the wall busting that’s going down next week, but being that our home was built in the 1970’s it’s not a TOTAL shock. I figured I should take updated photos before the pipes come out!  Look back on the progress of the home.  2014 Update, 2013 Update, and 2012 Before Photos.

Entryway- Features my latest find- a Broyholl Brasilia barcart with danish blue tiles found for $200 at a local thrift store.  This is my favorite spot in the home and never fails to make me smile (when it’s clean).



Sunken living room- My latest, frustrating DIY project is featured in this room- the three light tension pole lamp that came from a monthly vintage market, Brocante Market, at their July event.  The sailboat painting was also from that market at another event.



Lane Perception table

Husband’s Office- This room is boring but I didn’t want to leave it out.  He gets to do his thing in here and… it shows.



Laundry Room (Also old images. nothing has changed here)


Kitchen- (these are from last year, nothing much has changed enough to take new pictures)


Recreation Room- This year we added a wall unit purchased from Craigslist that has become home to my husband’s growing vinyl collection.


Master Bedroom- Nothing much is new here except the storage bench that had to move after we acquired the Bar Cart.


Master Bathroom- Ikea make-up mirror was added and a wall mounted hair dryer were the only changes here.


Boys’ Bathroom- We found a little Octopus at HomeGoods and my son insisted it come home with us.  We do love this little thing!


Boys’ Bedroom- Featured in a recent blog post, the boys have a combined room now.  I made them custom pillowcases.

Big Boys roomExpedit and other Ikea piecesLego Storage in a big boy room

The Golden Girls Guest Room- Using my Silhouette I’ve made custom GG pillow cases for the bed.  I’ve started adding copper molds to the wall but that just started this week and isn’t ready for new photos yet.


My Office/Studio/Diaper Museum- Also featured in an old blog post, this year I got my own office!  I needed more room to film and do photos.  It’s been a great help for my work and sanity.


So that’s the update!  Things haven’t changed too much since 2014 except the furniture has been moved around.  I’ve acquired some amazing new items from the thrift stores, flea markets, vintage stores, and Craigslist.  I’ve had a lot of fun finding new items on my thrifty hunts.  You can follow me on IG for more home updates and thrift scores.  @Kim_Rosas.



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On #MakeClothMainstream, the History as told by Jen Aprea

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What started out as a little hashtag to promote Spray Pal’s business (and cloth diapering at large) during an Intuit Superbowl Commercial Contest in 2013 has turned into one of the most popular cloth diapering mantras of all time.

I’ve been thinking about the phrase, and how it’s grown to embody the spirit of the cloth diapering community. This year I’ve been fortunate enough to work with and see Jen Aprea from Spray Pal a few times through MommyCon events. When our travel lined up again, this time in my birth state of North Carolina, I arranged an interview so that everyone could learn more about how the #makeclothmainstream hashtag came to be.

#MakeClothMainstream.  It gets right to the point, doesn’t it?  To outsiders the term is confusing… diapers is totally redacted so the phrase could mean anything really.  Yet in the cloth diapering world “cloth” always refers to cloth diapers so we KNOW what the phrase means.

Jen Aprea’s husband Dave created the Spray Pal and together they’ve been making cloth mainstream and a little more accessible.  It’s not easy selling people on a product that reminds you, just by existing, that cloth diapering isn’t all fluff and rainbows.  There’s poop, lots of it, and you have to have an intimate relationship with it in order to make cloth diapering work.

There was a real fear in the industry about the Spray Pal when it first came out that it would scare people away entirely because it offers a solution to one of the biggest reasons people refuse to use cloth.  Won’t people think this big shield is too much?  Will people get overwhelmed or confused?  It was an entirely new category and a road untraveled.  Other poop accessories existed (the potty pail and the diaper duck come to mind) but none of them aggressively marketed the way Spray Pal did when they started their #makeclothmainstream campaign in 2013 to try and get a Super Bowl commercial for their small business.

They made it really far but didn’t win the commercial.  The hashtag they used for their campaign, however, was a HUGE winner.

#makeclothmainstream from Instagram

Since 2013 #makeclothmainstream has gone on to embody a community and a movement.  It’s optimistic, punchy, and catchy.  Even though people on the outside may not “get it” that doesn’t stop cloth diapering parents from putting decals with the phrase on their cars, buying t-shirts with the hashtag, or even buying diapers with the term embroidered on the bum.  There have been more than 45,000 photos posted to Instagram using the hashtag since 2013.  Most of them are adorable pictures of babies wearing cloth diapers or stash shots.  A few are spam images that are less about promoting cloth and more and self-promotion.  Unfortunately there will always be spam on hashtags but the overwhelming majority of the images are a testament to how much people love their cloth diapers.


I don’t think Spray Pal planned to start this movement but the movement was started and they’ve done a pretty amazing job of fostering it.  Jen has become the queen of collaborations, bringing brands together for events and campaigns like the #makeclothmainstreamchallenge that DDL was happy to be a part of.

It’s been a fun ride watching the community rally behind #makeclothmainstream and seeing the real live conversions happening on social media.  In 2008/2009 Twitter was where the cloth diapering community came together using the boring, but effective, #clothdiapers hashtag.  Instagram and Facebook are now the new centers of communication.  Word of mouth is cloth diapering’s best friend.  Keep sharing those photos and spreading the word about how amazing cloth diapers are.  I’ve personally seen cloth diapers come so far in the 7 years I’ve been “on the ground.”  Will it take another 7, or 14, to be “mainstream?”  I have no idea but I can’t wait to find out!

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New Prints Update- Wacky by GroVia, Celebrate by Softbums, and more!

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GroVia Wacky will be stocking at retailers on July 6 in the US. These are going to sell out FAST so get your trigger fingers ready!
New Blueberry Exclusives from Lil Tulips is available now!
Planet Wise has their new print, Keep Swimming, that will be stocking at retailers soon, including Nicki’s Diapers.


bumGenius announced their new print Chico (formerly named Kipling) and can be found at some retailers still.
Celebrate is a new print from Softbums. 
Rumparooz has 2 new colors, Scarlett and Nautical.
Limited Edition Best Bottom shell for Nicki’s Diaper (appears to have JUST sold out. boo)
Beach Bums Smart Bottoms
Beach Bums had an Exclusive Smart Bottoms but it is sold out for now.


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