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Hushamok Dream Package Giveaway {ARV $499}

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Ya’ll, I’m still so in love with the Hushamok baby hammock…. a product I used with my own infant son 4 years ago (that I purchased myself… I might add… and posted a review of back then).  When Julie, the creator of Hushamok, asked if DDL could review their new version I was thrilled.  Not only would I get to share about the product here again but Lara would also get the chance to try one of the best baby products I’ve used as a parent.  It’s not bad on the eyes either!  I have a giveaway for you to enter at the end of this post so learn more about the Hushamok and if you think it might be for your family, try and win!

Win a Hushamok

Hushamok began in 2007.  The creators, a husband and wife team, wanted to improve upon the 1,000 year old baby hammock concept they loved.  They wanted to incorporate organic and sustainable materials with a modern and functional baby hammock.  Their dream came to life and has been serving parents for 7 years!


Lara explained in her Hushamok review how it has become a lifesaver in her home.  The leaf spring gives motion from a gentle touch by a parent and the slight incline can aid babies with reflux.  As with any baby product, especially one intended as a sleeping space, parents need to follow the manual (the Hushamok suggest babies no longer use the hammock when they can roll over or when the hit 22 pounds) and follow common sense.   Baby hammocks have been used for centuries by cultures all over the world.  If you as a parent don’t feel comfortable with the idea of a hammock then it isn’t for you.  I slept directly next to my son when he used his hammock and having him so close and being able to reach over to bounce the hammock and soothe him from bed was a definite bonus.  The set weighs in at around 11 pounds and can move from place to place around the house or can be disassembled for travel.


In the past 2 years I have been obsessed with furnishing my home.   The Hushamok can blend in with a modern aesthetic such as mine, a home full of mid century modern furniture, but it blends just as well in a traditional home.  The Okoa stand has an organic feel while the Dream aluminum stand is more utilitarian but has a modern feel.   It looks lovely in Lara’s newly made-over master bedroom!  As Autumn gets older Lara can add the My Seat and either girl can use it in a reading nook.   Even I can fit in the My Seat and have sat in it many times… it’s quite comfortable!


One lucky DDL reader will win a Dream Hammock and Aluminum Stand of their own, a $499 value.   The giveaway is open to residents of US and Canada and ends January 3, 2015.  Please enter using the Rafflecopter form.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Lily Cup, Diva Cup, and Lily Cup Compact

Lily Cup Compact Review (The Collapsible Menstrual Cup)

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The Lily Cup Compact has gone about as viral as a menstrual cup can- it was featured in news stories, posted to major news websites, raised way over their asking amount via Kickstarter, and got the world interested in menstrual cups! That’s always a good thing in my book. Why did it get so much attention? Because it took the menstrual cup, something that’s been around for more than a hundred years, and reinvented it. The Lily Cup Compact does what the name says- it collapses and fits into a small clamshell plastic case that’s not much larger than a tin of lip balm.
Lily Cup Compact

The collapsible cup works much like those collapsing colanders you may already own that save space in your cabinets. It folds into itself and unfolds for use. The idea is novel, sure, and it got a lot of attention, but does it work and does it have a function beyond just being neat? Before we go there lets talk about the size and compare it structurally to other cups since I know this is helpful for you.

Lily Cup, Diva Cup, and Lily Cup Compact

This isn’t Lily Cup’s first menstrual cup so they have experience in the market. Their brand is Intimina and they have two cups, the standard Lily Cup that comes in sizes A and B, and the Lily Cup Compact that also comes in sizes A and B. These are the softest menstrual cups on the market and the silicone is very unique.  The cups, size wise, couldn’t be farther apart. The standard Lily Cup is quite large, larger even than the Diva Cup. The Lily Cup Compact is far more petite in length and girth. For a baseline I am using Diva Cup Size 2, a cup many women and cup users are familiar with.

Lily Cup and Diva Cup Length

I used Size B’s for my photos but the Size A’s will have the same growth curve from brand to brand for the most part. For me as a cup user, the Diva Cup is slightly longer than what I need so I trim the stem to use it.  If you dislike the idea of having no stem the Lily Cup Compact’s stem is just about to the tip of the Diva Cup without a stem.


The shorter length is a bonus for any woman with a lower cervix (this means the cup can’t go as far into the vaginal canal so for it to be comfortable you need a shorter cup and/or to trim the stems.  It could also work for women with a tilted cervix who need to wear their cups lower (I don’t have one so this is speculation, not speaking from experience).

divacupvslilycup copy

The obvious drawback to the shorter length and the way the Lily Cup Compact tapers is that it holds less volume than the standard Lily Cup or another cup like a Diva Cup or Lunette Cup.  Those cups are more bell shaped, and hold more.  The visual above shows how the shapes differ from the Diva Cup and most other standard cups, and even though the Diva Cup isn’t pushed all the way down (they have roughly the same diameter) you can see what I’m trying to illustrate.

Lily Cup Compact Firmness test

I’ve been testing it out for 2 menstrual cycles and I can’t say it will become a favorite.  The main reason is that it won’t work for me on the heaviest days of my cycle and that the lack of firmness in the rim and the cup body don’t work well for ME.  That being said, a softer cup and rim can be a good thing for women who find a more rigid cup uncomfortable.  Personally, I like having a rigid base to push on (means going less “up in there” to adjust if my seal isn’t right or of the cup isn’t opening I can turn it a bit which helps).  A firmer rim can also aid in the cup opening easier since the firmer it is, the more force it exerts to pop back to original form from whatever fold you have used.  For the above photo where I have compared the Diva Cup Size 2 to the Lily Cup Compact Size 2, I used books weighing the same exact amount (7.5 ounces each per my scale, they are Anne Rice novels, The Vampire Lestat and Memnoch the Devil for curious minds), and placed each on the cup at the same place to demonstrate the difference in the firmness of the rim and cup.  You can also see this in action in the embedded video.

Softer cups are easier to fold and keep folded verus firmer cups, and the Lily Cup Compact holds a push down fold beautifully.  This is the fold you will want to use when inserting from my experience, the C Fold doesn’t gives and bends when inserting the cup.  Firmer cups want to pop back open before or during the insertion process and for this reason it can be a bonus for a new cup user to try a softer cup. Rubber cups (Keeper Cup) tend to be the firmest.

As explained fairly spastically in my video, I could only use the Lily Cup Compact on my lighter days and it took some time for me to find the best method for making it work on those days.  On my heaviest day I still needed a back-up medium flow pad and the second to heaviest day I had what I call “wiping leaks” and these I can have even with my most reliable cup.


I wouldn’t say the collapsible feature is totally for show, having a small cup that fits in a discreet place can be useful.  I plan to use this as a backup cup and will keep it in a zippered section of my purse along with a few Lunette wipes.  Shown above, you can see how small it is compared to my other carrying case (it’s a Paci-Pod from Jujube now known as the Vagi Pod) so it can still fit in my favorite tiny Calvin Klein wristlet.  Since most women while on their period don’t have a need to carry a cup (it is conveniently located in your vagina at all times except during washing) the compactness of a cup then matters very little.

As a final thought, another friend of mine who is a fellow #vagangelist (Amanda of The Eco-Friendly Family) has been testing this cup and found it to work without any leaks.  I’ll link her review when it is live.  Like flowers and snowflakes, all vaginas are unique and beautiful so while this cup didn’t work as well as I had hoped for me I know it can work well.  Hopefully you are now  armed with information so that you can decide if the Lily Cup Compact will work for you.  I want to thank Intimina for sending both cups for me to try.  I’m going to test their standard cup more next cycle and will post a review of it as well.  If you need general menstrual cup help and information you can see all of my past videos and posts in the Reusable Feminine Care section.


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Stuck at home for NYE? Have a Mom’s Night IN with Kim and Amanda!

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Being a parent can mean missing out on New Year’s Eve festivities…. but don’t fret!  If you don’t have a babysitter or if your baby is too young to leave them just yet then we made plans for you that can be done safely from the comfort of your own home!

Live chat/party/drink/laugh/play with Amanda of The Eco-Friendly Family and ME!  We’ve had a blast hosting live G+ video chats, first with our #vagangelist event and then with #menofthebabyindustry.  We just had to do another!

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 11.10.56 PM

So how does it work?  As a viewer all you need to do is say “Yes” to the “Are You Watching” question on the event page.  G+ is excellent, to the point of annoying, about reminding you as the days approach so you almost can’t forget to attend if you say yes!  As the chat starts you can see the video from the event page.  To participate with other viewers you can post to the event’s page- we will be monitoring the activity there so if you have a comment or question for us ask it there too!

Click YES to attend on the event page here:

We have our festive hats made, our wine glasses washed, and are just counting down the days until our next event!  We are looking for a few more sponsors that might be interested in offering prizes.  If that’s you contact me or send an email!

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Early Hybrid Cloth Diaper 1950's

Playtex Dryper- World’s First Hybrid Diaper 1950′s {History of Cloth Diapers}

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Early Hybrid Cloth Diaper 1950's

The hybrid diaper system- a diaper that has a washable cover and can be used with washable or disposable inserts- really gained popularity with the gDiapers system that began being sold in 2004 (gDiapers was based on a Tasmanian based brand founded in 1990 called Eenee so it wasn’t the first modern hybrid, just the first to hit the states).  In fact, the gDiaper was what first piqued my own curiosity about cloth when I learned there was a “middle path” though I never fully invested in that system or used it.  The concept is great isn’t it?  You can pick and choose when cloth works for you, often at home, and choose to use disposable inserts when you are out of the home or on vacation.  Did you know there was a much earlier hybrid diaper on the market long before gDiapers were sold?  It was called the Playtex Dryper- a truly revolutionary advancement for cloth diapers and for parents!  It was “pinless” and convenient!  (I introduced what I consider to be the first “pinless modern cloth diaper” that debuted in 1940 after 15 years of development in an earlier blog post.)

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 9.44.39 AM

The earliest mention I can find of the Playtex Dryer is 1951- all of the records I’ve found for this diaper are advertisements and appear in various magazines.  The diaper worked as a waterproof cover in conjunction with either their Playtex Dryper Pads or a regular cloth diaper.  There seem to be at least two versions of the diaper- in advertisements it shows a nylon “soft” sleeve that the “flushable” pads slipped inside.  The pads were removed and flushed (did they dare flush these back then?  I hope not for their plumbing’s sake) and a new clean pad was slipped in.   In my own diaper it appears you slip the pads into the slotted opening in the center- the panels hold the pad in place so this could be the “hybrid” option and the other was only used with disposable inserts as the advertisement suggets.


My diaper was purchased from Ebay as NOS (New Old Stock) and was never used.  Still in the box!  I love vintage advertising so I didn’t want to leave out the best part- photos of the box and the original price tag. The original price was $1.49 which seems extremely cheap, but with inflation the diaper would be about $13-  right on par with a diaper cover today! Very interesting!

playtexdryper1 playtex3 playtex4 playtex2

I don’t have the pads to examine but they were sold in boxes.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 10.17.18 AM

I added a vintage Curity flat, also purchased from Ebay, into the diaper to see how it would look and fit.




Based on the price and other literature of the day this product was likely a novelty item. Many parents in this time period refused to put waterproof covers on their babies believing that it increased diaper rash. PUL of today is more breathable than rubber, plastic, or vinyl.  Babies often only wore waterproof pants on outings or to protect a special outfit.  Advise articles of the day warned mothers to avoid the new “rubber” pants.  To the Dryper’s credit- this vinyl has retained pliability unlike other vintage covers in my collection that are like crunchy shower curtains. The elastic is no longer stretchy but for a 60+ year old diaper I think that’s acceptable. They even reinfornced some of the snaps using a guitar pick shaped piece of plastic- it’s really a genius design. Flats and prefolds reigned due to availability and price until the rise of the disposable diaper in the late 80′s.


You can find other articles on vintage cloth diapers and the history of cloth diapering by going to this link: History of Cloth Diapers.

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That Time I Lost Our Elf on the Shelf

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“Mom, where is Wyatt?” my 6 year old asked as he started combing our home.  “He’s not in my room, maybe he is hiding in the kitchen!”

“He must be hiding really, really well….. maybe take a break and finish watching the movie we stopped Friday night and we can look more later.”

Crap crap crap crap crap.  I had been putting off bringing our elf out this year far later than our usual date of Thanksgiving night and suddenly my 6 year old was convinced he was already hiding.  Simple fix though, my tactic to distract he and his brother with a movie worked.  I snuck into my office and typed up a note in my fancy machine (worth every penny and then some so far!) then let it write it in pen using a much more legible script than my own.

After it was finished I rolled it into a scroll and silently walked by the kids into my room.  I knew he was in my closet… but where?  He was hidden in a bag of some sort, that I was sure.

My closet is a mess.  I stepped over a dusty sewing machine, huge bag of clothes waiting to be dropped at the dry cleaner (they’ve been sitting in that bag for 4 months at least), the pile on shoes of the floor, and leaned over the overflowing hamper to examine the bags on the shelf hidden by hanging clothes.  Parting the dresses I pull out each bag.  Nope.  Nothing!

That’s when panic strikes…. I knew I had put him in a bag on that shelf.  Where is my Elf on the Shelf?  The movie distraction would only last for so long.  I went back to make an appearance before they came looking and the littlest needed cuddles.  Then, the oldest fell asleep on the couch.  I had hoped the movie would lull him into a nap since he so desperately needed one after a night of partying until midnight at our Christmas party.  Minutes later the little dude was asleep on my chest.  DRAT!  I was trapped and wasting precious time I could be clawing through my closet.  I slowly rolled and Everett stayed asleep, took pictures for good measure because they were adorable, then went back to searching.

photo (2)

Every stone was turned, every empty shoe box opened, every bag handled.  Eureka!  He was there, tucked behind some vintage hats in a tightly wrapped Target plastic bag and very well hidden in a deep corner of the closet.  Hello Wyatt old friend, time to hide.

Wyatt was placed on a shelf (really, nothing fancy this time, just our mantle over the fireplace) and tucked in his arms was our letter excuse for being so tardy.  The children didn’t spot him until bed time.   The note read:

photo (3)

The note worked! My oldest made a face of understanding about traffic and my youngest started in on the questions. As I tucked my oldest son into bed for the second time he asked “How did he write that note without moving?”  I let him know that he can move at night when we are asleep, and that he used a tiny pen.  “Mom, he  can write better than you…”  Sigh… “I know son.”  At least the perfect script threw him off my trail… for now.

We’ve gone all in all these years but as they’ve aged I have been feeling a tinge of guilt regarding the lying about Santa and Elf on the Shelf.  As a family and a parent it just isn’t our style.  I’ve previously told the kids that magic isn’t real, ghosts are only in cartoons or movies, and had to explain what a church is to a child who has never been in one and a basic version of why people go.  We teach the children tangible things, so while it seemed like a good idea to embrace a little magic around Christmas it is hard for me to justify it to a 6 year old capable of using logic and reason.  It might be our last year but I haven’t decided yet.  I wanted the kids to have the magic of Christmas even though we celebrate it in a secular way but juggling two lies- Santa is real and the stuffed doll with wires inserted for maximum effect is spying on you- is wearing on my soul.  This morning Fletcher asked why Santa didn’t wake us up falling through the chimney and the first thing that escaped was “because he is magic” which goes against every other thing as a parent we’ve told them.  Dammit Christmas, you are making this parenting thing really hard for me.

Today Wyatt is staring in the mirror from our coat rack… tomorrow….. he might be on another shelf. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.


A Former Elf on the Shelf Overachiever

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THE List- Black Friday Sales 2014!

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NEW DDL BF14 Dream Diapers Thursday

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Grand Prize Package #3: 12 FuzziBunz One Size Diapers (6 OS Small, 6 OS Large) (valued at $239.40)
Additional prize packages include 3 Thirsties Bundles, Tots Bots, 2 Rumparooz Bundles, Funky Fluff, 2 bumGenius Bundles, Smart Bottoms Bundle, 2 Balm Baby Gift Packs, aden+anais Dream Blanket, 2 Bummis Bundles, Logan & Lenora Set, Bamboobies, Baby Bella Maya stroller blanket, Sweet Pea, 2 pairs of Project Pomona Cords, Planet Wise, Applecheeks Little Bundle, EcoNuts, Spray Pal, New Clothesline Company and Rockin’ Green.

Shop Kelly’s Closet Now!


Free Shipping on ALL USA Orders!

**Low Prices** **Great Selection** **Fast & Free Shipping** **Awesome Freebies**

15% off orders of $50+ from 11:00pm Thursday EST through 8:00am Friday EST*
10% off orders of $35+ from 8:00am Friday EST through Monday at midnight EST*
**Visit website for full details & coupon code**

Weekend Freebies:
Please visit our website for the complete list of freebies! We are offering too many to list here – Our best ever!!

Weekend Specials:
GroVia Buy 2, Get 1 FREE! – Applies to Print Shells, Print One Size AIOs, Print Newborn AIOs, Soaker Pads, My Choice Trainers in Surf & Blackberry

15% off Rumparooz, Thirsties, and MORE!

Full Sale Announcement available on our website on Tuesday!

Shop Sweetbottoms Now!


Black Friday Small 125x125All baby carriers $20 off 11/28 online and 11/29 is-store only

Spend $25 get a FREE sample of Earth Mama Angel Baby Tea
Spend $30 get a FREE sample of CJ’s BUTTer
Spend $50 get a FREE sample of Rockin Green Detergent
Spend $60 get a FREE sample of EcoSprout Detergent
Spend $75 get a FREE pair of Holiday Baby Legs! 11/28 online and 11/29 is-store only
Buy any JuJuBe item and get a FREE JuJuBe keychain
RAR 15% off
BumGenius 15% off
Thirsties 15% off
Bottombumpers buy 2 get a FREE Bottombumpers Diaper keychain
Applecheeks buy 2 get a FREE Applecheeks Christmas Ornament
Secret Lalabye Baby Freebie to be announced 11/28

Shop Green Path Baby Now!


mmb-stacksBlack Friday at MMB = STACKABLE FREEBIES!! Yes, stackable freebies – you don’t just have to pick ONE freebie – you get to STACK them!!! The freebies will stack at different levels (for example, $25, $50, and $75, etc.) and automatically pop into your cart.
10 – 20% off select brands of cloth diapers
15% off Sloomb (11/28 – 12/1)
bumGenius 4.0 ~ Buy 6 get 1 FREE (available NOW)
GroVia ~ Buy 2 get 1 FREE (11/28 – 12/1)
Rocking Green’s Holiday Scent (11/28 – until gone)
Stackable Freebies:
$15 – Sample (selected from creams, detergents, packet of RLR, etc.)
$25 – Pair of BabyLegs
$50 – Apple Tree Boutique Drooler Bib
$75 – Small or Regular Wetbag (it will be random sizes selected from stock of Planet Wise, GroVia and Wahmies)
$100 – Toy (selected from Rubbabu, Melissa/Doug, Haba, Dandelion)
$150 – Chlidren’s Amber Necklace
$200 – Aden + Anais Swaddle Wrap (muslin or bamboo)
$250 – Adult Amber Necklace
$300 – Mommy & Me Nail Polish (1 – hopscotch & 1 – Scotch Nail Polish, colors will vary)
$375 – One Size Cloth Diaper (brand and color will vary)
$475 – Girasol Woven Wrap (colors, sizes will vary)

Shop MMB Now!

ND_BlackFriday_SquareAll orders get a FREE Planet Wise Snack Bag.

All orders over $100 get a FREE Planet Wise Small or Travel Bag + Snack Bag.
All orders are automatically entered to win one of our many giveaways! Thousands of dollars in prizes are being given away!
USE coupon code BF14 for 10% off your order to get maximum discount.
*Up to 35% off Best Bottom Diapers
*Up to 50% off Planet Wise
*Buy 1 Get 1 Free Planet Wise Snack Items
*Up to 35% off Imagine Baby Products
*Up to 50% off Bumgenius and Flip products
*Buy 2 Get 1 Free GroVia
*Up to 49% off Nicki’s Diapers brand products
*Up to 35% off Thirsties Limited Edition BLACK diapers
*Up to 50% off Zutano and L’oved Baby
*Up to 30% off Aden & Anais
*Limited Edition Lalabye Baby Bundles
*Up to 40% off Rumparooz
And SO many more!

Shop Nicki’s Diapers Now!

blkfrisb (1)

“SoftBums is offering 15% off of all SHELLS on Black Friday, as well as a special discounted page of goodies (while supplies last)!

SoftBums shells are designed to fit babies from birth to potty training with NO red marks and NO leaks, EVER! SoftBums shells are made in the US and come in both the ECHO (trim fit) and OMNI (full fit with a pocket) for you to choose what works best for your child. The only adjustment system of it’s kind, the Slide2Size ensures a unique fit that works throughout every stage of your baby’s growth.”​

Shop Softbums Now


Receive 15% off your entire order when you use the coupon code Turkey14 at checkout.  Also, receive free shipping on any order over $49. Valid from 11/26-12/1







Rock-a-Bums, the industry’s ONLY 5-in-1 cloth diaper will have not one….not two….but THREE awesome packages on sale for Black Friday.  You will have the ability to choose from a Rocker Boy NEWBIE Pack, Rocker Girl NEWBIE Pack or Rocker Neutral NEWBIE Packs!

Shop Now Rockabums

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 6.59.24 PM

Men of the Baby Industry Calendar 2015

Black Friday Special!  Order the Men of the Baby Industry Calendar for 2015- all profits benefit Giving Diapers, Giving Hope (a non-profit that helps families get started with cloth diapering for the cost of shipping.  Save 5$ and get free shipping with code “SAVE5″ at checkout.

Support a WORTHY cause and make a difference for families in need this holiday season!

Buy Calendar Now


Free shipping on your entire order* when you purchase one or more absorbers 6-packs. Enter coupon 6PackFreeShip at checkout.

*Applies to U.S. retail orders only. Does not apply to international, wholesale or orders containing Rockin’ Green or Balm Baby Products.

Valid now through 12/1.

Diaper Parties


10% off all Tula Carriers and all standard Tula carriers get a FREE Ju-Ju-Be Fuel Cell

First 15 orders of $75 or more on Black Friday receive a FREE OS AIO Black Thirsties diaper using code BF2014
Mystery Grab Bags 40% off retail price!
50% off select detergents
and MUCH more!

Diaper Junction

Diaper Junction is excited to present their annual Thanksgiveaway Weekend Sales Event!
Sales and Freebies Include: (Thursday through Tuesday)
Double Points on all orders
FREE $20 Gift Certificate with all orders over $100
FREE sample with every order
Always FREE USA Shipping over $49
Doorbusters: 2 for $15 OS Pocket Diapers, 2 for $12 OS Covers, $4 Wetbags, $10 Pail Liners and more! (while supplies last)
10%-50% off brands like Thirsties, Rumparooz, bumGenius,
Applecheeks, TULA, Boba and more!
Flash Giveaways all day long Friday through Monday on our Facebook Page:


10% off site-wide Black Friday-Cyber Monday, no coupon code needed.

Abby’s Lane

1) All in-stock Tula Carriers and Woven wraps will be 10% off, we will restock during this sale period. Additionally, our “Hero” exclusive has been reduced to $149/$169 before any sale pricing!
Abby Chic will be stocking on Friday at 9 pm, and will be the only excluded print for the sale, accessories not included in sale pricing~

2) All Thirsties products will be 15% off through December 12th. This is the perfect time to stock up on the NEW Ocean Collection!

3) All Aden and Anais products are 20% off for 4 days only, Friday 11/28-12/1, no exclusions, valid on in-stock merchandise only.

4) 15% off all Sloomb cloth diapers (excludes wool soakers and wool longies) 11/28-12/1, or while supplies last

5) 10% off all Boba Carriers, accessories and stretch wraps, 11/28-12/1

6) 25% off select JuJuBe Bags, all bags in these patterns:
Dreamy Diamonds, Lilac Lace, Sapphire Lace and Silver Ice
Only good while supplies last, sale prices will appear in the drop down menu per item.

7) For 4 days, 11/28-12-1, all in-stock Solvej Swings are reduced to $199 each, over $20.00 off per swing~


For 4 days (11/28-12/1) we are offering three “tiers” of freebies, good while supplies last! Please take a moment to read through how to apply these to your order, we cannot apply freebies after an order has been placed~
The coupon codes below *must* be used in the “Apply Coupon” box at checkout, and then click “go” to see it apply on the bottom of your cart. This will not deduct any amounts from your cart, please do not add an item to your cart then use this code to deduct it. It is our way of securing your freebie, and verifying you have the correct order amount. If you get an “invalid coupon” note, that freebie has run out. Please do not type in the coupon code in the “order comments” box, we cannot honor it outside of the appropriate place~

If your order is between $1.00 and $69.99, you may use the coupon code “NeatCheeks” to have a pack of 12 NeatCheeks included with your order.

If your order is between $70.00 and $199.99, you may use one of three coupon codes to have an Aden and Anais swaddle included with your order. This freebie is an individual blanket with no packaging~
For a Bamboo swaddle (will be selected from gender neutral prints), use the coupon code “AdenBamboo”
For a Cotton Muslin swaddle in a gender neutral print, use the coupon “AdenSwaddleNeutral”
For a Cotton Muslin swaddle in a print that has pink, use the coupon “AdenSwaddleGirl”

For orders $200+, you may use one of two coupon codes to have a free Aden and Anais Dream Blanket included with your order (retail value $49.95)
Use the coupon “AdenDreamNeutral” to have a neutral print Dream Blanket included with your order
Or, use the coupon “AdenDreamGirl” to have a pink print Dream Blanket included with your order

Freebies good while supplies last!

The Green Nursery

Sale starts at midnight on the 28th! BIG SALES on diapers, diaper accessories, and baby carriers – PLUS excellent deals on eco-friendly and unique toys. Stay tuned for more surprises!

Get more than crap this Christmas at The Green Nursery!

Cloth Diaper Outlet

Valid Thanksgiving Day only

Free Diaper Wallet with any order over $20…Fair-Trade from a widow’s cooperative in Pakistan. Made specifically for cloth diapers. Value $20. Code: freewallet
Free Shipping for any order over $20 (to any US address) – automatic, no code needed


Spray Pal will be doing a straight discount of 10% off everything on their site, including the already discounted BUNDLES (which brings those to 15-20% off). The only exclusions to the discount are individual Lalabye Baby cloth diapers and gift cards. Just enter the code “SPRAYPALBF” at checkout!
In addition to the discount, we’ll be sending out loads of free gifts while supplies last!
Every order will receive a free BALM! Baby Diaper Balm sample while supplies last.
Orders $50-$99.99 will receive a free Mama Kloth bamboo reusable pantyliner. (Value $5)
Orders $100-$124.99 will receive a pack of Le Swipe organic cotton reusable wipes. Please specify in comments if you’d like boy, girl or GN. (Value $15)
Orders of $125+ will receive a FREE Spray Pal exclusive Lalabye Baby cloth diaper in Goodnight Moon. Please specify in comments whether you’d like blue or silver snaps. (Value $18.95)

This sale will run Black Friday through Cyber Monday, All freebies will be added automatically to your order, but only WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

My ChickaDee

Save 25% off current My Chickadee stock with code: save25. Divided Carryall for cloth diapering on the go, Changing Clutches for diapering while babywearing and Toy Carriers so the kids can babywear too…all weekend Friday-Monday. Don’t miss out!

Irresistibly Green

Get 40% off all in stock items, including clearance items, with code BLACK. Offer good 11/25 through 12/2.


Those of you with free Black Friday listings: will be offering an additional 20% off sitewide, Black Friday through Cyber Monday

Wonderful Bambino

Premium Nighttime Diapering Products
15-50% off ALL ITEMS on our website
While Supplies Last!! No Coupon Code Required!
Free Mystery prize on all orders over $50.
Only $3.99 Flat Rate shipping.

November 26 4pm CT– 2 December 12AM PT

Cotton Candy Co. Cloth

Love mama cloth or considering a switch? Save 20% on all orders placed during Cotton Candy Eco Cloth’s ONE DAY ONLY Black Friday sale using code BF14, and enjoy free goodies with purchase on all orders of $30 or more!

Visit us on Facebook for freebie details!

Over the Moon Diapers
aden + anais 20% off
Amber jewelry by Healing Hazel 30% off
AppleCheeks 15% off
Aquaus sprayers $10 off
Beachfront Baby ring slings $18 off
Best Bottom 25% off
bumGenius 25% off
Bummis 25% off
Buncha Farmers 20% off
Changing Diapers book 65% off
CJ’s 30% off
Doctor O’s 25% off
Earth Mama Angel Baby 20% off
Eucalan 20% off
Flip 25% off
FuzziBunz Perfect Size diapers 40% off
Gently used items an extra 20% off (including demo carriers)
Imagine Baby Products 30% off
KaWaii 50% off
Kissa’s wet bags 40% off
Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion spray 20% off
MilkDaze 25% off
Miscellaneous DIY diaper cream supplies 50% off
NoseFrida 20% off
PlanetWise 30% to 40% off
qdSpray sink-connected sprayers 20% off
Rockin Green 25% off
Snappi 30% off
Sock Ons 25% off
SoftBums Omni & Echo shells 15% off
Spray Pal 20% off
Super Undies 15% off
Sweet Pea 35% off
Thirsties 25% off
Wubbanub $2 off

The Green Nursery

Sale starts at midnight on the 28th! BIG SALES on diapers, diaper accessories, and baby carriers – PLUS excellent deals on eco-friendly and unique toys. Stay tuned for more surprises!

Get more than crap this Christmas at The Green Nursery!

Pinstripes and Polkadots

Most everything online 10-50% off! Free shipping, no minimums. All baby carriers purchased will receive a free diaper wallet in their order. Use code DDLWALLET at checkout. Additionally, spend…

$50 get a free detergent sample + diaper cream sample

$75 get 3 cloth wipes (plus previous items)

$100 get a diaper wallet (plus previous items)

$150 get a planet wise snack bag (plus previous items)

$200+ get a Ecosprout Ecobottom balm stick (plus previous items)

 Please use code DDLFREEBIES at checkout to receive these great gifts!

My Sweet Pickles

Thanksgiving Day Sale – Sale Starts at 8am Central Time Thanksgiving Day

-15% off Apple Cheeks Envelope Covers
-15% off Apple Cheeks Swim Diapers
-10% off Best Bottom Snap Shells
-15% off Blueberry Simplex (2.0, OS and NB)
-15% off Blueberry Coveralls
-20% off Blueberry Pockets
-15% off Blueberry Trainers
-10% off One Size Bottombumper AIOs
-10% off bumGenius 4.0s
-15% off bumGenius Freetime, Elemental and Newborn
-15% off CJs
-10% off Flip Covers
-10% off Flip Trainers
-10% off Geffen Baby
-20% off Hemp Babies Flats, Little and Bigger Weeds
-10% off Imagine One Size Diapers
-20-30% off All Lilebaby Carriers
-25% off All Momma Goose Amber/Hazelwood
-10% off Piggy Paint and Remover
-10% off Planet Wise (large hanging wet bags not included)
-10% off Sweet Pea
-15% off Thirsties (fitteds not included)
-10% off Wubbanub

See MoreMy Sweet Pickles sales

Stackable Freebies:
-Spend $39+ Free Lusa Lip balm or CJ’s sample. Code is TURKEY
-Spend $69+ Free One Size Diaper. Code is STUFFING
-Spend $99+ Free Planet Wise Lite or Sweet Pea wet bag. Code is APPLEPIE
Spend $139+ Free A+A Swaddle Blanket. Code is POTATOES
Spend $199+ $20 My Sweet Pickles CASH. Code is GRAVY
Spend $300+ Free Boba Wrap or Boba Air. Code is CRANBERRIES

*Free shipping applies to USA orders only. Detergents are not included.

** Please note that freebies are limited. First come first serve. We do have PLENTY, but if a code doesn’t work for you that means the code has been exhausted.


-20% off All Aden + Anais
-15% off Softbums Shells (echo and Omni)
-Buy 2 Get 1 Free Grovia Shells, Soaker Pads and -Grovia newborn AIOs
-10% off all Boba Carriers

Same as Thanksgiving! See above.
Any freebie codes from thanksgiving will still be valid unless we have run out of product. We will update which codes are still active (and maybe add some new ones!) at 10pm mountain time Thanksgiving evening/Black Friday morning.



Free Gift with every order! No code needed!




Sunshine Lullaby

15%* off everything on the site except for these brands. Starting at 9pm PST Thursday until EOD Friday.

aden + anais – 20% off
Boba – 10% off
Tula – 10% off
*AppleCheeks 15% off excluding Delishmas
*Kangacare 15% off excluding Sherbert, Invader, and Jeweled
*Thirsties 15% off excluding Ocean Collection

Black Friday Freebies – while supplies last. If we have something in stock that has the same retail value of the freebie we ran out of we will add it as a freebie with your package.

Spend $1 – $25 – CJ Sample & LuSa soap sample
Spend $25 – $50 – CJ’s Sample & LuSa Soap Sample, wool dryer ball
Spend $50 – $75 – balm baby sample, LuSa Lip balm, buncha farmer’s stick
Spend $75 – $100 – Balm! Baby Sample, LuSa soap sample, Jellystone chew
Spend $100 – $150 – CJ’s Sample, Amber Necklace
Spend $150+ – LuSa Soap sample, Swaddle blanket, 24oz Eco Sprout Laundry detergent

Every order over $100 will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE Brand new Kindle Fire.

Happy Baby Bunz

FREEBIE(S) with every order over $25 (After discounts & gift certificates, before tax (WY & SD residents) & shipping is added, while supplies last) *for freebies please let me know any applicable information in comments at checkout (age, gender, allergies, etc.)

Spend $25-$39.99 – receive 1 sample
Spend $40-$69.99 – receive 1 sample AND 1 item valued at $3-$8 MSRP
Spend $70-$99.99 – receive 2 samples AND 1-2 items valuing a total of $8-$15 MSRP
Spend $100-$149.99 – receive 2 samples AND 1-3 items valuing a total of $15-$20 MSRP
Spend $150-$199.99 – receive 2 samples AND 1-3 items valuing a total of $20-$30 MSRP
Spend $200-$299.99 – receive 2 samples, 1 Limited Edition print/color diaper (while supplies last! A replacement will be made if there are no L.E.s available), 1-3 items valuing a total of $20-$30 MSRP, AND a gift certificate for $5 (for use on a future purchase, gift certificate may not be combined with other gift certificates or discounts)

See More Happy Baby Bunz Sales

Spend $300 or more – receive 2 samples, 1 Limited Edition print/color diaper (while supplies last! A replacement will be made if there are no L.E.s available), 1-3 items valuing a total of $20-$30 MSRP, AND a gift certificate for $15 (for use on a future purchase, gift certificate may not be combined with other gift certificates or discounts)
Spend $500 or more – You have the option of trading the “Spend $300 or more” freebies for 1 Boba Air w/free shipping to you

FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100 (After discounts & gift certificates and before tax (WY & SD residents) & shipping is added).

Every customer receives rewards points!
EVERY order ships with a mystery coupon to be used on a future purchase!

All orders placed during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday sales, that include a BLACK (not restricted to limited editions) product, will be entered into a drawing for a $10 gift certificate! (limited to 1 entry per person per order, regardless of the total number of black products purchased, gift certificate may not be combined with other gift certificates or discounts, winner will be contacted via email).

**Orders will start shipping on Tuesday, December 2n to allow my family some uninterrupted time together.**

All sale prices below are valid Friday through Monday unless otherwise stated.

Best Bottom, Imagine, My Swim Baby & Planet Wise (Thurs-Mon) – 15% off

10% off: Baby Comfy Nose, Balm! Baby, Boba, Changing Diapers Book, CJs BUTTer, Diaper Dawgs, Diva Cup, Eucalan, Healing Hazel, Jack N’ Jill, Siliconies, & Woolzies

15% off: Kissaluvs & Thirsties (Thurs-Mon)
20% off: Eco Sprout, OsoCozy, & Snappi

CLOSE-OUT PRICES (final sale, no returns): Buddha Bunz, FuzziBunz, Rockin’ Green & Ruby Moon

Reduced prices on all preowned items (final sale, no returns)

Diaper Dawgs

• 5% EXTRA Off All Items Marked Down 10%: use code DD-DDL

• Expires Nov. 28, 2014

Daisy Babies

Black friday sale! 25% off purchase with code BLACKFRIDAY 26 November to 1 Dec.

Eco Nuts

25% with code HAPPYTURKEY and free shipping over $49
Eco Nuts is a multiple award winning organic cleaning products company that packages with little to no plastic. As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, the best known product features organic laundry soap from fruit shells,
Eco Nuts also has a line of great eco-friendly household and Cloth diaper friendly laundry items like wool dryer balls, liquid and powder laundry detergents and an ammonia bouncer.

Eco Nuts also has a collection of exotic luxury bath/body bar soaps made with natural and organic ingredients just for the holidays.

Thankful for Thorns

Free shipping on any order using code “ShopSmall2014″

Code good from 11/28-12/1

Bear Monkey Bottom

Many items marked down from 21-40% off plus coupons for free items! Free U.S shipping for orders over $45.00. Plus as always you buy 5 diapers you get a free surprise 6th diaper.

The Baby Bum

Entire site 15% off (excludes custom and limited edition items)
Free Shipping on ALL orders, USA and Canada. No Minimums
Freebies with every order.
Free AppleCheeks/The Baby Bum Toddler Tumbler with orders over $100
Double Reward Points all weekend!

Oko Creations

Use coupon code okoblackfriday to save 30% site wide on organic textiles for Moms and Babies, including hemp diaper inserts and wipes! US orders please email! (Ends at 11:59 PM EST, 11/28)

Lil Monkey Cheeks

Visit Lil’ Monkey Cheeks for 10% off Rumparooz, AMP, Blueberry, BumGenius, Flip, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Healing Amber, Chewbeads, Itzy Ritzy, Bummis, Rockin’ Green, Healing Hazel and Piggy paint. Take 15% off AppleCheeks, Funky Fluff and Omaiki, plus 20% off The Laundry Tarts. Shipping in Canada is free after $99 or $8 flat rate. Sale runs Black Friday til Cyber Monday.

Lalabye Baby

Free Shipping all weekend long on any size order!
At only – Re-release of Hey diddle, diddle (blue). Available while supplies last!
2 Lalabye Baby bundles available while supplies last!
Boy/Gender Neutral Bundle includes:
Ahoy wetbag and 3 diapers (Old Mcdonald, Baby Beluga and Speckled Frog) Save 10% off plus the wetbag is free!
Girl Bundle Includes:
Ahoy Wetbag and 3 diapers (Ring around the rosey, Baby Beluga and Mulberry Bush) Save 10% off plus the wetbag is free!
10% off all bamboo insert sets
10% off all Lalabye Baby exclusive diapers such as Little Bo Peep, Charlotte’s Web and Peter Pumpkin Eater 2
All offers good while supplies last!

Squiggly Bugs LLC

Celebrate Squigglybugs’ FIRST EVER Black Friday! Starts at 12:01 a.m EST on 11-28-14.
Every item in our store is 10-50% off! Free shipping!
***Be sure to check out the Black Friday Sales tab for a complete list of sales and details***
10% off all Tula baby carriers + $15 gift card. All other babywearing is 10 – 40% off.
Entire Laundry section is 40% off.
Applecheeks Envelope Covers 10% + Buy 3, Get 1 FREE. All other Applecheeks products 15% off.
Spend $100 on Cotton Babies products (BG, Flip/Flip Trainers, Econobum, etc.), receive a FREE Limited Edition print diaper while supplies last.
Receive a free Begin Again bath toy with Kozybaby towel purchase.
Buy 5 diapers of ANY brand/style, receive a free wet bag.
Every order will receive at least 1 free gift!
Like us on Facebook for flash sales and giveaways all weekend! HAPPY SHOPPING!!
*You must add codes to your order to receive ANY PROMOTIONS*

Milk And Baby

Thanksgiving Day 12AM thru Cyber Monday Midnight

25% off all nursing wear
Free Shipping on all US orders
Spend $150 and get a Free Smokey Grey Jellystone Organic Nursing Pendant
Daily Doorbusters!!!

Nurturing Nest Reno

We are a birck and mortar store located in Reno, NV Sales are valid for all purchases in store.

Little Smudgeez Buy 3 Karma Diapers Get 1 FREE
Little Smudgeez Pail Liner 40% OFF
Rumparooz- FREE Doll Diaper w/purchase of a Rumparooz
Thirsties Fab Fitted Buy One Get One 1/2 Off
GroVia Buy 2 Shells Get 1 FREE
Kawaii Buy 3 Get 1 FREE
Planet Wise—25% OFF
Tula—10% OFF
Chimparoo—15% OFF
Beco Soleil—30% OFF
Beco Gemini—10% OFF

Plan and Begin Again Wooden Toys
10% OFF 1
20% OFF 2
Buy 3 get 20% OFF or FREE Xylophone*

Lifefactory Food Storage
20% OFF 1
30% OFF 2
Buy 3 Get 1 FREE
Lifefactory Wine Glasses & Bottles
20% OFF 1
30% OFF 2
Buy 3 Get 1 FREE

*While Supplies Last

Jack Be Natural

It’s that time of year again for some great deals! Below is a list of all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Promotion Jack Be Natural will be running from midnight Friday 11/28/14 through midnight Monday 12/01/14.

Promo # 1: All GroVia Hybrid Shells, AIO‘s, Newborn AIO‘s Prints (Solid Colors excluded from promotion per GroVia’s policy) and Soaker Pads (Organic, Stay-Dry and No-Prep) are all Buy 2 Get 1 FREE! No limit on how many can be purchased. Add the (2) items to your cart and be sure to include your choice for the (1) Free item in the notes section during check-out. Mix and match is NOT allowed across the product lines. For example, you can’t get (1) Shell and (1) AIO and get (1) Soaker pad for free. No exceptions.
Promo # 2: All Boba products available at 10% off. Use code BOBA10 (Case Sensitive) at check-out to redeem.
Promo # 3: Thirsties New One Size AIO, New One Size Pocket, Duo Wrap Cover and Duo Fab Fitted are Buy 6 Get 1 Free (Includes new Ocean Collection prints). No limit on how many can be purchased. Get (1) Free for every (6) you purchase. Mix and Match is NOT allowed across the product lines. You can purchase the (6) or (12) packs in our “Package Deals” Section and included your free item selection in the notes section during check-out.
Promo # 4: 

See more JBN Sales

Crunchy Clean Bundle. Purchase (2) Bags of Crunchy Clean Diaper Detergent (Any Scent), (1) Crunchy Clean Oxygen and get (1) FREE Wood Laundry Scoop and no Handling Charge for Shipping (Savings of $6.95!). Add the (2) Bags of Crunchy Clean and (1) Oxygen to your cart and choose the “Local-Pick Up option” to offset the handling charge. In the notes section during check-out include FREE SCOOP.
Promo # 5: All Planetwise Wet Bags and Diaper Liners are 10% Off. Use Code PLANETWISE (Case Sensitive).
Promo # 6 (Crib & Organic Mattress Bundle): Purchase ANY Kalon Crib (Caravan, Echo or Ioline) and Jack will issue a 50% off equivalent store credit on a Naturepedic Crib Mattress.

To redeem this promo simply purchase the Crib of your choice and in the notes section during check-out write “Promo #1″ Someone will be in contact with you shortly thereafter with further instruction on redeeming your store credit towards the mattress.
50% off equivalent store credit can ONLY be redeemed towards the Naturepedic Mattress when purchased concurrently with a Kalon Crib. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Available ONLY to US Customers at this time.
Can NOT combine this promo with other coupon codes or discounts. Your Jack’s Cash Rewards may be redeemed.
Promo # 7 (Boba 4G Carrier & Vest Bundle): Purchase ANY Boba 4G carrier (Solid, Print or Organic) and Jack will issue a 50% off equivalent store credit towards a Boba Vest.

To redeem this promo simply purchase the Boba 4G carrier of your choice and in the notes section during check-out write “Promo #2″ Someone will be in contact with you shortly thereafter with further instruction on redeeming your store credit towards the Boba Vest.
50% off store credit can ONLY be redeemed towards the Boba Vest when purchased concurrently with a Boba 4G Carrier. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Available ONLY to US Customers at this time.
Can NOT combine this promo with other coupon codes or discounts. Your Jack’s Cash Rewards may be redeemed.
Bonus – Promo # 8: Download the Jack Be Natural App to get this promo. Available on iTunes and Google Play. Search JackBeNatural and download for FREE.

**Please note that this time of year there is heavy traffic to our site and our system may oversell some items. In that event we will of course honor the applicable promotion but your item(s) missing from your order will not ship until the item(s) are restocked.

Madeleines Diaper Shoppe

FREE Gift for the first 10 Customers
Grovia: buy 2 get 1 free
Best Bottoms: 15% off
Thirsties: 10% off
Trend Lab: 50% off
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all others 15% off

QD Spray

Free Travel Kit with the purchase of every qdSpray diaper sprayer! Good Black Friday only! Use code QDTKBLACK at checkout.

Starlight Stitches

Huge, inventory clearing sale. Everything will be 20-50% off plus there will be some incredible DOORBUSTERS. Amazing deals that you won’t find anywhere else. Amber necklaces, cloth diapers, wool dryer balls, organic clothing, etc. 11/28-12/1

WAHM Black Friday Hyena Cart Shop

12 WAHMs (work-at-home-moms) have teamed up to bring you a one-stop shop for all your holiday shopping needs. Doorbusters happen all day, every hour on the hour. Discounts of up to 80% off on Maxaloones, cloth diapers, custom couture clothing, and so much more!

Top to Bottom Baby

15% off all cloth diapers including:
Applecheeks covers and inserts
Thirsties diapers and covers
bumGenius Freetimes, 4.0s, and Flips
Sweet Pea covers and AIOs
Blueberry Simplex and Econappi
20% off all Baby Carriers including:
Maya Wraps
Beco Baby Carrier
Baby K’tan
Olives and Applesauce
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Shop the Bear Bums Black Friday Sale! Nov 28 – Dec 1
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Free CJ’s BUTT-er sample with $100+ (leave choices in notes section)
*some exclusions

Sustainable Babyish


orders over $100 will receive a FREE Sloomb Holiday Tote*
orders over $300 will receive a FREE Sloomb Holiday Tote + Holiday Sloomb Cube Sampler Pack + a 2pk velour wipes*
orders over $500 will receive a FREE Sloomb Holiday Tote + Holiday Sloomb Cube Sampler Pack + a 2pk velour wipes + Limited Edition Sloomb Holiday Fitted*

Dragon Cloth Covers

Black Friday 11/28 @noon PST: 24 hour sale on all IN STOCK fleece diaper covers! Use code: BLACKFRIDAY for 50% off! Etsy (

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Wink Diapers

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Tidy Tots Diapers

Free Diaper Covers.
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Tidy Tots Black Friday SALE:
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Kebbie’s Diaper Bag

Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/ Cyber Monday Deals start 11/27/14 and end 12/2/14.
Double ‘em Stack ‘em freebie promotion. Every time you double the amount you spend from $15 to $960, you will receive stackable freebies! Spend:
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Limited time offer, while supplies last.

Treetops Baby Boutique

20% off All Items in Stock

Free shipping over $25

Orders over $15 receive a free gift.

Tiny Prints (order those Christmas Cards!)

Save 30% off any order using the code BLACKFRIDAY plus an extra 10% off using the code 1128DEAL at checkout. There is no minimum purchase required for this promotion.

Clickin’ Moms 

40% off Lifetime membership.  Use code HOLIDAY40.


Cyber Monday

Winning Colors Baby

Cyber Monday sale! Every order placed in store on Drcenber 1st will be %15 off AND free shipping!! Also, we will be doing some random giveaways on our Facebook page at

This list was updated at midnight on Black Friday at 1:13 PM.  

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Happy 6th Birthday Fletcher!

Happy 6th Birthday Fletcher!

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The little baby who tested out cloth diapers back when this website first started is now a Kindergartener with two missing teeth!  He can read, write, beat me at Mario Cart, and has his own sparkling personality.  I used to think that this day would never come.  Not because I doubted he would make it that long (though can I get a high five for keeping a human being alive for 6 years?!  Parenting is hard yo) but because the days were looooooooong.  In his infancy my nipples didn’t think we would make it to say 5.  6 years seemed like an eternity away and yet here we are. This kid makes everything better- he’s my comic relief, my helper, and my new gaming buddy.

This year I have been doing even more of a juggling act than usual near his birthday and so I didn’t get to put the time into his video as much as I had hoped.  Though it’s a little plainer than usual it still captures our year and the milestones that never make it into a baby book.   We didn’t have the time to plan a party for him so we did one at Chuck E Cheese for the first time.  He loved every bit of it!  After the party we ran home, packed our bags, and drove from FL to GA for the night on our way to NC for Thanksgiving. In the hotel lobby a wonderful, bubbly woman started a conversation with him. Her told her it was his birthday and she exclaimed “I gotta get you a gift!” then started rummaging in her purse. She handed him two dollars and his face lit up with excitement. That pretty much sums up Fletcher… he is charming and makes friends everywhere he goes.


Happy 6th Birthday Fletcher!

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Thirsties Ocean Collection is HERE!

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It’s been a while since one of my favorite brands released a new print so I was super happy to see their Ocean collection a few months ago.  Yes, my job does have perks like getting sneak peeks at unreleased products!

IMG_7104 copy

The Ocean Collection includes prints featuring sea life in subtle and gender neutral colors.  The entire collection plays well together and it is going to be hard not to want all of them!  There are two collections, Coral and Fin,  that can be purchased in coordinating sets of 5 or you can find each new print or color sold alone in all of the styles Thirsties offers.

Ocean Collection Coral

Sand Dollar
Ocean Life
School of Fish
Whale Tail

Ocean Collection Package Fin

Silver Dollar
Ocean Life
School of Fish
Whale Tail


To go with their new collections they’ve really gone above and beyond by offering a book!  This sweet board book features the characters that appear on the diapers in cartoon form and is an enjoyable read that you’ll love reading to your baby.  The packages are perfect and sweet baby shower gifts!

They’re available at retailers now!


You can enter to win a package of the Ocean Collection (5 diapers+ the book)  from Thirsties (yay!) and the winner can select if they’d like Coral or Fin and the closure/size if applicable. Open to US Only.  Ends November 28.  Good luck!

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Score a HTF bumGenius Print and Support a Great Cause!

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Recently the most amazing package arrived at my doorstep- a box full to the top with brand new, HTF bumGenius and Flip diapers.  No, it wasn’t a dream, it was shipped to me from Abby’s Lane.  Why?  They saved them and wanted them to do some good for a great cause and I’m fortunate enough that they chose Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.

Giving Diapers, Giving Hope is a non-profit cloth diaper charity that ships a set of cloth diapers to approved families in the US for the cost of shipping.  The organization has been running since 2011 and has helped over 800 families!  It’s growing rapidly and outgrowing the donations being sent so we are having to now order diapers to attempt to keep up.  Fundraisers like this auction will go a long way to help.

auctiondiaperslot copy

These Newborns, Flips, Elementals, Freetimes, and 4.0′s will be auctioned off on Hyena Cart.  All proceeds from the auction will go to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope!  Prints being auctioned included Jules, Picadilly Circus, Harper, Spence, Marie, Martin, Chaplin, and Audrey.  All diapers are being sold to US only with the exception of the Harper prints that I’ve opened to Canadians.  The bidding begins on Thursday November 20th at 6 PM and ends on November 24th at 6 PM. (update: an earlier version of this post mistakenly said it ended on Thanksgiving Day the 24th.  It ends on the 24th, not Thanksgiving Day)

Before you say- why didn’t they just donate them to be shipped to families- keep in mind that since many of these diapers will likely sell above retail the funds will go so much farther from the sale of the diaper than the single diaper would.  I will admit that I have mixed feelings about selling things above retail but when it comes to charity I am all for it.  There is a demand and demand sets the price.  I know of many parents who are happy to pay above retail specifically because the money is going to a good cause.


I hope those of you seeking these prints will consider bidding, not only to add the print to your collection, but to support a very worthy cause.  There are so many families who rely on GDGH to get started with cloth diapers- without help many can never overcome the initial startup and instead are stuck in an endless cycle of using their limited funds on disposables each week.  Thanks go to Abby’s Lane for this generous donation that will do a ton of good!

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BALM Baby ABC Video Giveaway!  Watch and Win!

BALM Baby ABC Video Giveaway! Watch and Win!

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Way back in September I was able to watch a fun promotion happen at ABC Kids where tons of manufacturers and retailers came together for a video.  Believe it or not, there is a great sense of community and togetherness in our industry- even competing brands and stores do get a long for the most part!  I didn’t participate in the actual video since my voice was almost gone at that point but I am going to help spread the word for my friends at BALM Baby.  They’ve worked hard on this!

(ABC Video Series Giveaway) Graphic

How to Play & Enter:

{1} Watch the videos (on the BALM! Baby blog.. or click the image above )
{2} Like & Follow ALL Social Media For the hosts {Dirty Diaper Laundry, Green Child Magazine & BALM! Baby}
{3} For EACH video giveaway you want to enter, you are encouraged to Like & Follow ALL Social Media For:

  1. Shop in video
  2. Brand in video

{4} Confirm BELOW via the Rafflecopter for EACH Video Giveaway you are participating in
{5} Keep watch for the posted WINNER via ONE of the Shop’s Social Media {It’s a secret which one, so you need to keep watch}

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Bummis Duo-Brite,