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The 5 Phases of Breastfeeding {in gifs}

I had so much fun with my 5 Phases of Cloth Diapering post that I decided I had to do it again, this time for breastfeeding!  These phases are more closely based on my own breastfeeding experience and while everyone may not find it matches perfectly I think most moms who are or have breastfed will find a few phases they can relate to *cough touched out cough*

Phase 1: I made dis and it’s mine!


There’s nothing else in the world like the newborn snuggles and skin-to-skin contact when nursing that brand new baby.  In fact, you may find the baby doesn’t leave your side (or boobs) for more than a collective few hours a day.  It’s pure bliss for you and baby and helps establish your milk supply too.  #alldayallnight #imadedis #skintoskin

Phase 2:  Butter me…….  


All that day and night nursing can take a toll on those nipples, even babies with perfect latches and experienced moms can still end up with a little soreness or dryness.  Nipple butter and soothing heat are a mom’s best friend during this time.  #butterallthenipples #pauladeenknowsbutter #pretendthosetatersarenipples #sfw #emab #earthmama

Phase 3: I need a jacket….


The newborn days are over but your milk production didn’t get that memo. While at work or out running errands you may find a jacket handy just in case a baby cries nearby. That or remember to stuff your bra with nursing pads! #letdown #wetshirt #suzeormanlovesjackets

Phase 4:  These things are amazing!


Breastmilk and boobs are the cure for everything!  Baby crying?  Stick a boob in it.  Baby tired?  Stick a boob in it.  Pink eye?  Squirt some milk in it.  The benefits of breastfeeding  have proven themselves worth all the nipple buttering from the first few months.  #boobscureall #stickaboobinit #havesomemilk

Phase 5:  Can you just get off me….


Even moms who love breastfeeding and can’t imagine it will ever have to end can relate to that “touched out” feeling.  When those babies get older, and bigger, and handsier, things can be too much for one person to take.  Between the toddler gymnurstics and twiddling and the fact that their little body is now generating a sun’s worth of heat… it takes a toll.  Sometimes this is when mom says she is ready to move on or the baby/toddler decide they are ready to let go.  Either way eventually it ends and the feeling is bittersweet.  Still, no matter how long the nursing relationship lasted you know it was worth it.  #touchedout #getoffme #istillloveyou

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The DIY faux stacked wood fireplace screen {that almost killed me}

Ever since we moved into our home 2 years ago (wow!) I’ve loathed the fireplace.  The rustic stones are not in line with my modern and clean aesthetic but part of me would hate to remove them since they’re a {crumbling and cracked} part of the original home’s charm that future buyers may hate us for removing.  We did do away with the stone planter made from the same stones and I don’t feel any guilt about that since it was sloppily made, looked weird, and took up precious space.


I’ve considered covering the stones, whitewashing them, and have finally decided that instead of changing the stones, why not try updating the fireplace opening?  That led me down the Pinterest wormhole and Google searches for “modern fireplace screen” that resulted in tons of pins for expensive options.  For some reason modern=expensive across the board and buying an $800 screen wasn’t in the budget.  Other pins were to stack items in the fireplace such as books or wood.  I loved the look of stacked wood but it would then be a non-functioning fireplace.  Then I finally found the answer in a DIY from Pepper Design Blog that was also featured in This Old House.  I pined (get it?  lol) for a white wood such as birch but around here I haven’t seen any.  After looking to buy slices (very pricey) I finally just decided to stick with native Florida woods.  I posted to Craigslist offering a small sum for pre-sliced wood and a lovely guy met me with a huge bag of slices in varying sizes, lengths, and woods.  There is white oak, oak, fir, and cypress in our final result.


Before- old screen that came with the house

The process for my screen seemed to be more difficult than the original for several reasons.  1.  My fireplace has uneven rocks all round the opening, including the floor.  Getting a perfect piece of wood sized to fit was impossible to slide in over and past those bumps.  I went in and out 8 times from the fireplace to garage to saw off more areas to make it fit.  2.  The fireplace slants inside so I had to cut each side at an angle (like mitering moudling) for a better fit.  3.  I wound up glueing one slice past the edge which caused more heartache than I can express.  10 minutes with a saw, dripping sweat, cursing, kicking, and bloody knuckles solved it.  Then it fell off after previous tries to just pry it off failed.  I wish I were kidding.


The dry fitting was perfect…


Each slice was glued down


A notch had to be shaved off with a knife in order to make this slide past. And a few kicks.


This was how it was wedged, seemingly stuck forever on the slice that needed to be cut.

All in all I spent less than $80 buying a large plywood sturdy enough not to bend under the weight of the slices which was $22 at Home Depot, $3.97 for a matte black spray paint (I could have used my leftover chalkboard paint but i was too lazy to brush it), I paid for the slices of wood (more for labor than the wood which is so often free around here), the large bottle of Gorilla wood glue was $6, and I shaved a few years off my life.  The cleaner front of the fireplace has been worth it though!  Due to the differences in my fireplace shape and being set back a little more it is easier to figure out this is a black board, but eh.  I also dig the varied sizes and textures though I also like the cleaner look at the version from Pepper Design Blog.

fireplaceafter1 fireplaceafter2 fireplacelivingroomafter2

You may notice we are missing the coffee table and red tulip style stool (seen on Instagram).  Those are in the other living room with our new recovered turquoise sectional.  This room is eventually going to house a pool table (we are going to look at one next week that is mid century so it pleases me) that my husband has always dreamed of.  That, along with the turntable console and mid century bar will make this a very groovy space for entertaining!  Just don’t ask me to move this damn screen, it is wedged in there tighter than I had hoped… uh oh…. Santa will have to enter with a magic key in the front.

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Could it be? The best velcro diaper ever!

I haven’t purchased a velcro/aplix/hook and loop/whatever you call it diaper in years.  Why?  Because in general- they suck.  The velcro either stops sticking after a while, curls up, or starts out so strong that it is a strong man competition to pull it open in hopes it will last.  I had pretty much given up and moved to all snaps.  I know the benefits of velcro but in my mind the pros never outweighed the cons enough.  Snaps last!

Then one day it occurred to me that one of my diapers that we used on my son at night, and have had since it first released, was going strong.  The velcro was still sticking without any signs of failure while another velcro diaper from the same time period has been completely unusable for a year.

This magical, miracle diaper?

Tots Bots Easy Fit v2 v3.  (A few readers say this is v3.  I had it as v2 in my original review so I may have been mistaken then.)

It seems the UK is much better at making velcro than America.  Just listen to that sound…

I’ve had this diaper in rotation for 2 years, and when my son was still in diapers full time it was in heavy rotation because we liked it a lot.  We still use it once a week or so since it is a tongue-style pocket and fits so trim that I put it on my son in case of an accident at night (which is still frequent).



I still prefer snaps since overall I can be sure they will last for the long haul over velcro diapers, but for those who just love velcro take a look at Tots Bots!  My original review from 2 years ago can be seen here: Tots Bots V2 v3Review and Video.  In that review I stated I preferred the original soaker materials and PUL, and while I still do, I now know why they switched after seeing older and well loved V1 Tots Bots so the new materials are for a reason.  Now the Tots Bots is on V4 and since it looks like the velcro is the same I am going out on a limb and saying purchasing one now would be a good choice for anyone who needs or loves velcro.


I see that Diaper Junction (a DDL affiliate) had them in stock, including several prints which often become hard to find once they sell out.  The one pictured above is my favorite in this new series.

Have you found a diaper with velcro that lasts? Let us know in the comments and help other DDL readers who may be looking!

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4th Annual Flats and Handwashing Survey Results {Infographic}

It has taken a while but I do have the results from the 4th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge.  Unsurprisingly, the data is nearly identical which shows the viability of using flat diapers in general and of handwashing.  You can refer to the results of last year here: 3rd Annual Results.

Flats and Handwashing Challenge Results 2014

There were less participants this year, though not by a huge margin.  Across the board the thing I noticed when looking at the data was that again pad folding was the favorite method of folding, unbleached flats were the most popular (2nd place were flour sack towels), and that the bucket and plunger method was the most popular but it fell slightly in percentage of how many used it this year.

One change was in the average drying time, possibly just due to that pesky polar vortex that challenged those who had hoped to dry outside.  The average time increased slightly.  Half of participants dried their diapers inside and half dried outside.  The average time it took to wash the diapers increased by 9 minutes this year.

Other constants included the number of flats and covers used per day- 8 flats a day and 3 covers per day.  This is extremely good information to have and helps us know how many diapers to suggest families should buy.   Some babies were using as few as 3 diapers who may have been using the potty too, and some had stomach illnesses causing them to go through a dozen in one day.  This information means that for most families they should buy at least 2 dozen diapers in order to go 2.5days until washing, and 4-6 covers.

The most astounding change  this year was the average cost of materials used for the week.  I asked participants to calculate values even of the items used were already things in their stash and not just purchased for the challenge.  Last year the average was $86 dollars but this year it was a mere $56 dollars!   Both values are supremely minimal but $56 is a good, affordable amount that is even more attainable for families on a tight budget.

Once again the numbers aligned when it came down to the viability of handwashing flats- this year there was a 3% increase of people who said it was absolutely possible, up to 86.6%.

I’m so grateful to the hundreds of families who joined again this year to show how affordable cloth diapering can be and how handwashing is an option for families without washing machines.  By showing the extremes with no room to “cheat” it makes reality a little easier.  Part-time handwashing, part-time cloth diapering, using flats mixed with more “convenient” diapers for caregivers- these are small steps that make a big dent in finances.

Because things were so similar across the board from this year and last I didn’t go into the rest of the data and show each result, but if you love that nerdy stuff you can look at those from last year.


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I’m only in it for the points: FitBit Addiction

I’m switching gears here from my usual area of expertise (cloth diapers, cloth diapers, breastfeeding, cloth diapers) and throwing a blog curve ball at you today.  (post contains affiliate links to some of the products I’m using that were all my own purchases, this is not a review or endorsement)

Fitbit- do you have one?  I got mine for Mother’s Day after deciding I was going to start Couch to 5K (I mentioned it in May).  I felt having a way to track my steps each day and other statistical information would be beneficial to my overall health and weight loss goals.  I also thought throwing some money at it would help keep me motivated and invested, otherwise I’d be wearing a $100 Armstrong-esque silicon armband for “looks.”  I also threw some money at a pair of running shoes (that turned out not to be ideal according to the running store I later visited) and calf compression sleeves I needed for the shin splints likely caused by the not-so-great running shoes.

Obligatory Lego in the background

Obligatory Lego in the background

I have slacked on the running thing (I am blaming the inescapable heat and humidity for this… not even a 7 AM run would be early enough to escape it) but I’m still obsessed with the FitBit.

I even lost 2 pounds!  In fact, I didn’t lose any weight while running but in the weeks that followed I lost those two pounds.  Was it because my overall activity increased thanks to my FitBit?  Maybe.  Was it because I was broke and stopped drinking as many lattes?  That could also be a factor.

The FitBit has changed my days because I’m a competitive gamer.  I’m in it for the points.  I want to WIN at walking.   I want a high score and I don’t want to fall to the bottom of my Friends list.  I’m consistently in 2nd place each week except for the time my battery was dead for 24 hours while traveling, causing me to miss out on over 10,000 steps I would have earned while walking around the airport. (I typed this last night when I was in 2nd and woke up in 4th!  Luckily I’m heading to the zoo so I will catch up.)  I would strive for first place but she is 40,000 steps over me on average each week I am going to have to let her have that trophy.  The funny thing is that I’m always in a feminist blogger sandwich, one in 1st and one in 3rd, being surrounded by awesome women is a bit motivating as well!  My friend list isn’t full of athletes, I should be very thankful for that, otherwise I wouldn’t even be on my own leaderboard. (You should read David Sedaris’ article about his FitBit addiction if you think I have it bad.  I love him.)

One of my older dashboards that hasn't been deleted yet!

One of my older dashboards that hasn’t been deleted yet!

I check my numbers as often as I check my Instagram feed.  If I see I’m well below making a good day I go for a walk or clean my house.  In fact, the FitBit has caused my house to stay much cleaner since I know I will get a lot of steps from doing housework.  I call up a friend and start cleaning.

When I shop I look crazy because I only push the cart with one hand, otherwise I would miss out on a few hundred steps (pushing carts and strollers doesn’t seem to count!).  I may also have a adapted a more exaggerated arm swing just to ensure each step gets counted.  If you see a crazy lady pushing a shopping cart with one left arm swinging wildly that’s me.

Along with tracking my steps, the FitBit has given me insight into my sleeping patterns.  I’m never going to win a “deepest and longest stretch of sleep” competition so it is useless for me there.  I am restless much of the night (not a surprise) and I can pinpoint the exact moments when I have to get up and address any nightmares or bedwetting incidents.

I’m aware that I’m probably doing this for all the wrong reasons, but if the results are there, who the heck cares?!  I’m looking forward to the end of summer.  I plan on getting back to running when the humidity isn’t practically visible!  I know that this fitness tracker isn’t 100% accurate (I don’t know of one that is, though I have friends who use MisFit, Fuel Band, and there are a lot of other wearable fitness trackers I haven’t even heard of) but if the result is more activity overall it is doing the job it was intended for and that has been fun and beneficial for me.

The only drawback I’ve felt so far has just come from wearing the thing 24/7.  I don’t want to miss out on any steps so no matter what the occasion, I’m wearing a silicone armband.  Date night?  I’ll wear the “pretty” red one.  Pre-K Graduation?  Teal.  At least there are some choices in colors for extra bands but it is still an athletic silicone armband.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m a bit behind and typing doesn’t count as activity and I need to grab a snack- but first I’m going to walk back and forth to the fridge 20 times.

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New Limited GroVia Prints Available Now!

Did you see the newest prints from GroVia?  They’re a collaboration with WeeGallery, a brand I was familiar with since I used their cards with my youngest son!


Up and Away and Wild Thing! are high contrast prints that will not only be fashionable, but will capture the attention of your little one!  Up and Away has adorable clouds and hot air balloons while Wild Thing! has black and white animals drawn stylistically.  The new prints are available in the shells and also in the pail liners.

You can order them now at retailers!  Consider ordering at a DDL affiliate such as Kelly’s Closet and Diaper Junction.

Harper (Lara’s daughter) modeling the new Up and Away print

I have an Up and Away shell and Wild Thing! wet bag to give away too, check Facebook later today for a flash giveaway!


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3 Common Sense Tips for Handling Diaper Explosions

Diaper explosions are, for the uninitiated, when a poop (typically one from a newborn or a baby with a sick stomach) escapes the diaper and most often goes up the back and into the onesie area.  With a little common sense and a lot less waste, I’m going to offer real advice based on the tips given by Today Parents on how to avoid diaper blowouts and leaks.

My tip for avoiding diaper explosions?  Use cloth diapers with elastic at the back.  Their tip?  Bring a change of clothes for the caregiver and baby.

elastic copy


It works almost every time.  I even have a graphic photo as evidence where the elastic was all that came between my son’s disgusting, wet, mucousy poop and his clothing.  Today Parents didn’t offer a way to stop the blowouts, they told parents to bring a change of clothes for the baby and themselves (which is a good idea in general for spit-up too, but does nothing to prevent the poop explosions.)  I’m surprised they didn’t tell everyone to use the blow-out blocker…. oy.  You can view three minutes of their Earth shattering advice on their website.  

My second tip refers to getting peed on between changes.  Their tip?  To buy Pee-Pee Tee-Pees (which are pointless purchases new parents are told to make because it is a funny thing to say and, surprise, they might actually buy them because they’ve never had kids.  My tip: after you remove the dirty diaper take either a cloth wipe (best choice because it is absorbent and won’t be missed if peed on) or lay your clean diaper over the top to catch that pee.  For girls it is a bit trickier but having a waterproof and reusable changing pad lined with PUL and cotton on top is a way to protect your changing pad cover.  Having two or three is a bonus.  Today Parents said to use doggy pee pads (really?)

wipeoverdiaper copy

My last tip is for those toddlers who love removing their diapers.  Their tip?  Use colorful duct tape.  Once again, cloth diapers can be the answer to this in and of themselves.  My tip?  Use cloth diapers with hard to open (for a baby) snaps; it is usually enough to keep the diaper on and the mess inside.  If you have a particularly dextrous toddler or maybe one dead set on mischief, putting the diaper on backwards should do the trick.  If Houdini figures that one out I would buy them “Baby’s First Magic Set” and start training them as an escape artist.  Today Parents told their audience to use colorful duct tape (as if the rainbow colors make this any more palatable for anyone involved.)  Just.  No.

snapping copy

Cloth diapering can make life a lot easier (believe it or not) and the prevention of blow-outs is just one of their many benefits.  Plus, look at the cute diaper in these pictures!  It is a retired Fuzzibunz limited summer print (sorry no longer available).

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Plastic FREE July Challenge + Giveaway

Plastic FREE July Challenge + Giveaway

Every one of us has the ability to make a small change that ultimately makes a huge impact.  This month is Plastic Free July and the chance to challenge yourself- make one small change in your lifestyle to cut the amount of plastic you bring in.  Call it “pre-cycling.”  I love the folks at BALM! Baby who are inspiring this challenge and that they understand how hard it is to change our daily habits and routines, so one small change is something!
Plastic Free July Challenge + Giveaway

Challenge Details:

  •  Challenge will start July 1& end July 31, 2014. Form must be filled out & filled out HERE (it’s short)
  • Switch one thing either within your household or your place of business within the month of July that helps to reduce plastic use. Then post a picture to our FB (
  • Make sure you ALSO enter the GIVEAWAY via Rafflecopter (SEE BELOW).  We added a giveaway to show our appreciation for the support of you taking the challenge.
  • Prizes include: $100 Gift Card to be used at our online shop ( * Glass Dharma $25 Gift Card * Pura $50 Gift Pack * SmartBottoms AIO Cloth Diaper (One Size ORGANIC) * Irresistibly Green $25 Gift Card * Life Without Plastic Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold set * Brinware Plate Set * PLUS Stay tuned for MORE!
  • Baby Steps Peeps! Don’t stress or get all “perfectionist” like I do! I know it can be intimidating sometimes, so just focus on your one little baby step. (:::

WHY Take the Challenge?

Most people are unaware that plastic is a huge issue, not just to our planet, but our health.
Our Planet: Plastic will NEVER break down. 2oz. of plastic will ALWAYS be 2oz. of plastic & can only be down-cycled / up-cycled so many times.

Our Health: When plastic is used for food or skin care containers, there are health concerns because plastic can leech, especially when warmed up,making even natural products become full of toxic chemicals, and therfore, no longer natural.

Get Informed! Be Part of the solution!

 Switch Ideas:

* Switch items with plastic material to more sustainable materials (glass, stainless steel, wood, clay, fabric, aluminum, etc.)
* Buy some re-usable stainless steel or glass water bottles instead of plastic ones.
* Buy some re-usuable stainless steel or glass food containers.
* Buy in BULK, taking your re-usable containers in to fill up.

Feel free to switch as MANY things as you’d like (just don’t overwhelm yourselves!).

One of the things I’ve done in recent years has been to bring my reusable bags with me, and not just to the grocery store.  Target, one of my regular haunts, even gives a small discount per bag.  Am I perfect at remembering?  Of course not!  But by placing bags in places like my car, in the hallways I exit from each day, and a small one in my purse I’m more prepared than not.

As cloth diapering families you are already greatly impacting the planet by keeping disposables out of landfills.  Not only that, but consider the plastic packaging that wraps those disposables!  Many cloth diapering companies think carefully about the way they package, display, and ship their diapers too!  Being that disposables can take hundreds of years to break down this is a problem that isn’t going away- it is multiplying.

So consider joining the challenge and entering the giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Plastic Free July (the organization that started it all), has their Challenge that we highly recommend doing.  You can find more info. on it & sign up HERE:

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The History of Disana, a company 40+ Years in the making.

This post is part of a new series I hope to bring to Dirty Diaper Laundry that focuses on the history of manufacturers and brands. Even companies that began in recent memory still have a valuable story to tell and I’d like to tell it. If you have any suggestions on who you’d like to see documented please get in touch.  Our first story is about Disana, a German based company that has been a mainstay in the world of wool, but that also brought the tie-on nappy to the market.  This article will use the words nappy and diaper/cloth diaper interchangeably.  The story was written out by Elma, the daughter of Imma and Dietrich who founded Disana.  I’ve reworked the story using her words and include quotes from her original correspondence.  


Knittednappystep4Disana’s story begins in 1967 when two families traveled to Italy for a summer holiday. It was there that they came across an intriguing diapering item, and by their account, perhaps the first tie-on nappy! This particular nappy was handmade but the family was in the textile industry and they saw promise in the item. At that time, even though in America disposables were present, in Europe they weren’t yet available in the marketplace. The family saw an opportunity to create their own tie-on diaper back in Germany and were confident it would be a success.

As it turns out, this idea gave them trouble at first. It was difficult to knit the tie-on nappy on the machines they had. It took two long years before they were able to track down a specialist who could knit their prototype on a knitting machine. According to Elmar, my contact who so kindly wrote the Disana history for me:

“My father was this specialist.

My parents [Imma and Dietrich Sautter] ran several knitting tests till they have been able to produce this type of nappy on machines. It was very helpful for them to have their own baby at this time so they could test it on their child. This is my part of the story. In 1969 I was the very first test baby for the disana tie on nappy”

Imma and Dieter Sauttertext

Elmar’s parents soon learned what many other parents already knew- plastic pants were not breathable. According to most of the literature of the day plastic pants were always left off except for long car rides. In general, until more breathable nylon covers came into fashion, babies either went without a cover completely and just wore their flats, or they wore homemade knitted wool soakers. With plastic covers the heat builds with nowhere for it to escape. Add a wet diaper and baby is sure to get a diaper rash.

It was kismet. Imma and Dietrich Sautter were looking to find a more breathable solution for diaper covers and found wool pants to be the answer and were also looking to begin a home-based textile business. They had purchased knitting machines in the 1960′s hoping to build a foundation for their future family. Just a few miles from their hometown a colleague was producing wool pants. Once that tie-on nappy was partnered with the waterproof, breathable wool pants, it was a perfect match.

Elmar’s father worked for the family who discovered the tie-on nappy doing their knitting and the products were distributed under that family’s label. It was a successful company and product for a few short years. Just like other cloth diaper (nappy) companies experienced in America, the tie-on nappy company faltered in the early 1970′s when Pampers came to Germany. They lost interest in the company, presumably understanding the difficult road that would lie ahead for them, and stopped distributing the nappy system. Elmar’s parents lost the only customer for the product they were knitting. Now, as Elmar puts it, the typical “garage store story” began.

“It was my mothers idea to create their own label “disana”. It stands for “Dieter and Imma Sautter Naturtextilien.” And it was her idea to use organic cotton and organic wool to produce a skin friendly, pesticide free nappy system. So the nappy got one of the first organic textilies in the world.”

disana in 1980s-text disana in 1980s 2-text

Disana’s nappy system gained in popularity thanks in part to midwives and doctors who were convinced of their breathable properties and spread the word.  As time went on the brand added baby blankets, sleeping bags, and other knit items.  Their company was growing more and more.

Even with the growth, or in spite of it, Disana’s nappy and the diaper pants  have had the same design for more than 45 years.

nappy brochure-wm nappy brochure 2-wm

“I must have done a perfect job in testing the nappies” Elmar wrote.

Today Disana is sold in more than 1,000 shops and mail order/online companies in 48 countries around the world.  They only work direct with retailers (skipping wholesalers/distributors).  They’ve done so because they want to keep a direct relationship with the stores and companies that sell their products and like to communicate with them in order develop their program further.  Most of their products are sold in Europe but they also have customers in New Zealand, Australia, and they have a large base of fans and customers called the “disana community” in Japan.

from a Japanese Newspaper in 1990-wm

Beginning in the 1990′s Disana began selling their products in the US and Canada.  They had an office in Atlanta but had to close it due to the economic crisis in 2008.  They are hopeful about growing again in the US and now have about 50 retail customers in US/Canada.  You can find Disana at Green Mountain Diapers, Amazon (aff), Abby’s Lane, and Nicki’s Diapers.

Today Disana is still based in Germany, and employs more than 20 people.  They are still focused on finding organic, pesticide free, natural raw materials.  At their facility workers enjoy flexible, family friendly hours (no rigid 40 hour requirement). The company is being run by Elmar and Aiga, children of Imma and Dieter.

Disana is the inspiration for this series.  Elmar sent such a fabulous and thorough history of her family’s company that it deserved a dedicated post.  I initially contacted her asking for more about their history when I was writing my “History of Wool” article.  Her response came after it was published, and while I considered editing in what would fit, she sent a wealth of information that deserved to be published in full.  I want to thank Elmar for sharing so much with me.  For more about Disana there is a wonderful article with photos of Disana’s facility:  (In Russian, use Google Translate for the gist of it).

For more articles on the history of cloth diapers click over to the History of Cloth Diapers and vist my Pinterest Board Historical Cloth Diapers.

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The 5 Phases of Cloth Diapering

For most of us cloth diapering started out as a little idea that would save money and maybe look cute too.  Little did we know what a roller coaster it would become!

Phase 1:  Bright-Eyed and Fluttering with Optimism


Saving the world, saving money, and cute diapers! What isn’t there to LOVE about cloth diapering? When is the baby getting here? I’m READY to get this thing started and prove to all the naysayers that I’m gonna rock this!


Phase 2: Am I in Over My Head? There is SO MUCH POOP!


Started out strong with a basket full of beautifully prepped diapers but now the baby is here and things are getting REAL! Not sure if I can do this- my nipples are working overtime and the baby is playing a cruel game called “poop whenever I start a load of diaper laundry.”




The Internet has become my social outlet and I’ve found new friends in cloth diapering groups.  I learned about “limited edition” prints and this thing called “bum placement.”  At first I thought it was dumb but now all I want is a Jules and I’d do anything to get it (for less than $50).


Phase 4:  I’ve GOT THIS!


Not only am I fluent in “cloth-ese” but I’m now a recruiter.  I carry my prettiest AIO in my diaper bag and share it with unsuspecting moms I be-friend in the park.  I’m no longer just a “cloth diapering mom,” I’m now trying to #makeclothmainstream.  I’m even starting to enjoy the extra laundry and have a “the poop is solid today” dance.


Phase 5: Bittersweet Ending


As cliché as it sounds, the days are long but the years are short. Just as I was figuring it all out it is time to say good bye to my precious diapers.  Now I’m looking forward to my toddler earning the “wipes own butt” merit badge in the game of life.  The struggle is real.


Did I miss a phase? What were YOUR cloth diaper phases?

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