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New Prints Update- Wacky by GroVia, Celebrate by Softbums, and more!

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GroVia Wacky will be stocking at retailers on July 6 in the US. These are going to sell out FAST so get your trigger fingers ready!
New Blueberry Exclusives from Lil Tulips is available now!
Planet Wise has their new print, Keep Swimming, that will be stocking at retailers soon, including Nicki’s Diapers.


bumGenius announced their new print Chico (formerly named Kipling) and can be found at some retailers still.
Celebrate is a new print from Softbums. 
Rumparooz has 2 new colors, Scarlett and Nautical.
Limited Edition Best Bottom shell for Nicki’s Diaper (appears to have JUST sold out. boo)
Beach Bums Smart Bottoms
Beach Bums had an Exclusive Smart Bottoms but it is sold out for now.


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Big Boys room

A Big Boy Room for Two Featuring Mario, Minecraft, and Lego!

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When I was little we lived in a 2 bedroom trailer and so of course, I slept in the same room with my older sister.  Not only that, but we shared a queen sized canopy bed that I had begged for.  It was frilly and had pink ruffled layers all around.  I know my sister wasn’t thrilled but I was the baby and Santa was good to me that year.  I have fond memories of my sister protecting me from monsters that lived under the bed and calming my fears each night.  She even walked me to the bathroom because I was too afraid to walk from the bed.

Big Boys room

Now I have two little boys who are sharing a room.  For us, this isn’t necessity.  They used to each have a room but it never felt that way.  The room with the big queen bed has always been home base and the secondary room was never played in or slept in.  Since this was the case I took it over as my office for filming and photography and the boys moved in together.  Lucky for me they have similar interests!

Expedit and other Ikea pieces

Even though the theme had been “Nintendo” the items go with a lot.  We also have an entire tower of Dino items from Everett, and a cabinet full of Lego creations and special “display” worthy items.  Minecraft is another big thing that is creeping (pun intended) into their room!

Lego Storage in a big boy room

Rather than buying bunk beds, a piece of furniture that makes me nervous, we kept the queen sized bed and they sibling co-sleep.  The standard stores for bedding that cater to young boys and girls don’t make bedding for queen beds!  We checked them all and came up short, or found them to be very expensive.  I knew we had stored a feather queen sized comforter somewhere in a closet so I hunted it down and purchased a queen sized duvet from Ikea.  I took the boys with me and they picked something they liked and of course, at $30, it was a great deal for us.

Custom pillow cases made with Silhouette for boys

I still wanted the bed to have a custom touch and to match the game “theme” we had going on from our old decorations.  Using my Silhouette Portrait (a die-cutter than can cut heat transfer vinyl and other items) I decided to make pillow cases that would give them each their own little space in the big bed and make it fun to go to sleep on THEIR pillows.  I took the boys shopping and they picked out this teal color sheet set at a bargain price from an outlet.    Fun sheet sets in bright colors are so hard to find!

Minecraft table

Using a font from called Kemco Pixel I made my cutting template.  The Silhouette has a default cutting size that matches their cutting mat but with heat transfer material you don’t need a mat so I was able to extend the size in the settings, no longer restricting it to a small size.  I chose to have each say “Fletcher’s Side” and Everett’s Side” and cut the words into a black flocked vinyl.  Fletcher is so obsessed with “8-bit” right now that I knew he was going to love these!  I was right!

Ikea cabinet storage for Legos and Mario cross stitch

We use a lot of Ikea pieces in their room.  Most were Craigslist finds (the bed, the dresser and the nightstand were all from one person that we bought for cheap!) and the Expedit cases plus the cabinet were purchased new.  The cabinet was our solution for the many completed Lego sets our son has built.  We wanted a place he could put them that was safe and that allowed them to still be seen.  The doors beneath hide a big messy library of books.  No longer do we have open shelving that forces me to tidy them before having guests over.  The Mario cross stitch has graced the walls of every room my oldest son has slept in since he was a baby.  I started the project when I was pregnant with him and finished it when he was a few months old.  The pattern can be downloaded from

I love that the boys share a bed, it makes me happy that they have each other for comfort and company just as my husband and I have each other.  Since they co-slept (and sometimes still do when they need us) this situation works great for us.

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Grateful Naturals and Summer Skincare {Giveaway}

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Summertime is here and that can often mean there’s a combination of bothersome bugs, sweat, and sun.  Luckily Grateful Naturals has offered up several items from their skincare line that can help!


“First time mother, Monica Mayer, has always had a passion for natural products and remedies for herself, and now her son. After researching natural skin care products she realized there was a need for more wholesome ingredients that are non-toxic and pure in essence. We are a local company that is actively engaged in the development of natural skin care products you can safely use on your entire family.

We believe that healthy bodies have beautiful skin, which is your body’s largest organ. Skin is a vital functioning system that protects your body from injury, keeps fluid in and bacteria out. It is your first line of defense against life threatening disease. Sickness in your body can be seen on the skin. That is why healthful living contributes to the condition of the skin.

Grateful Natural’s goal is to promote natural health & well-being through creating a nourishing natural botanical skin care line. Our products are good for the entire family and our planet. Our main purpose is for everyone to replace their toxic skin care products with all natural alternatives. You can feel good about using Grateful Natural’s knowing that the products work well and are made locally in the USA.”

Monica sent a sampler pack my way.  I’m a lip balm junkie so that’s been my new go-to for my chapped lips and the fact that it comes in a tube versus a tin is a bonus.  I enjoy natural lip balms but they do often come in hard to open, sometimes messy tins.  I also appreciate a user friendly natural deodorant.  I have used natural deodorant pastes in the past with great success but one that comes in a stick can be a good introduction for people wanting to switch to a natural deo but not sure about applying with their fingers.  It’s the little steps.

Grateful Naturals does sell a cloth safe  natural diaper balm, of particular interest to readers here, and it comes in the same user friendly stick.

You can enter to win a Summer Skincare Kit with All natural sunscreen, deodorant, and bug repellent from Grateful Naturals! (products in graphic not identical to prizes winner will receive) This contest is open to US only. Enter using the Rafflecopter below. Thanks to Grateful Naturals for sponsoring this prize for DDL readers!

Win a summer skiincare package

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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13 Inspired Cloth Diaper Storage Ideas

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Cloth Diaper Storage is one of the most exciting parts of planning a nursery!  You don’t need to invest a lot of money to create a beautiful set-up.   You can choose to organize your diapers by color, group your prints by theme, or organize by daytime and nighttime diapers or style!  Whatever you choose there are lots of ideas to inspire you thanks to DDL readers who have shared their photos for this post.

Beautiful nursery with cloth diapers on the wall

Using wooden crate style boxes on the wall Randi has made cloth diapers a part of the room’s decor!  It’s easy thanks to the gorgeous tones and colors in her stash of mostly GroVia diapers.   The empty, painted frames over the crib and a white French Provincial style dresser with a changing pad are a perfect pair.

Space saving cloth diaper storageSaving space can be a big concern in your nursery.  Sunny, a big fan of AppleCheeks cloth diapers, uses WayBasic cubes- lightweight and eco-friendly storage cubes- for all of her cloth diapers, wet bags, and wipes.  They offer several colors for a bright, cheery POP, or you can use all white.  Sunny is on IG as @msmcclurg.

ikeacartforclothNot gonna lie, when I started planning this post I knew I had to find an example of the Ikea cart, RÅSKOG, as a storage solution for cloth diapers.  It’s perfect for holding a full stash of diapers and accessories.  In the end I wound up buying one!  I paired it with a $1 metal bucket found in the dollar aisle of Target that holds a spray bottle for wipes and several cloth wipes too.  With three levels you can organize by style of diaper OR set aside one level just for your overnight diapers.  I tucked a changing pad in the bottom and have pulled it out to use on the rug (for a baby I’ve been watching) which makes this a perfect storage solution for those with little space to spare.  You can also wheel all your supplies into your room for overnight if baby rooms in.


To customize the cart just for cloth diapers I created a #makeclothmainstream vinyl decal and cut it using my Silhouette machine.

Numbered rustic storage for cloth diapers from Target


Ariel is a girl after my own heart! Her eclectic taste is diapers can be displayed proudly using a rustic/industrial inspired wall mounting storage container she found at Target. It has a lot of character and holds a good amount of diapers too!  PS- the world wants to know if that is a bacon print diaper in slot 6 between the Martin and Louis!  Shelf was $50 at Target.

Ikea for cloth diaper storage

Ikea is good to us! Katrina Lang uses an Expedit 4×2 shelf with wooden crates and wicker baskets for diaper storage. The shelf doubles as a changing table once you add a pad on the top. For those with a large stash this system works great and holds a ton of diapers!

Toy Story inspired nursery with custom shelving for cloth diapers
STAHP IT! A Toy Story inspired nursery! Ashley Wade has an awesome set up and her husband custom built the shelving for their storage needs! Impressive! They also use the drawers beneath for additional diapering supplies though there are plenty within reach for easy access right above the changing table.

Use a shoe organizer for cloth diaper storage

Now this is creative, space saving, and CHEAP! (I found a few 24 pocket versions from $8-12 on Amazon)  Natalie Holladay (another huge fan of AppleCheeks!) uses an over the door shoe organizer for her cloth diapers.  “The changing station is in my room, so it has to be efficient and attractive.” she says.  In case you’re wondering, she has fit 48 STUFFED pockets  (they’re doubled up).  Fantastic idea and so pretty to look at!  She’s @JustGnatty on IG!

Storage cubes for a large stash of cloth diapers

For the family with a larger stash Anna T Parido has found the solution! Above the changing table are hung several closetmaid mini cubes and inside each and every one is a Lalabye Baby diaper. Baby is not included with this storage system!

Cloth diaper storage for twins!

Here is a smart set-up by Kerstin McFeely for her twins.  She has also used the Ikea RÅSKOG for her diapers.  If I’m not mistaken the furniture with wicket baskets and drawers is also Ikea as are the little shelves with toys and books on the upper left.  A large 3 tiered basket holds miscellaneous items and a changing pad rests on the top of the dresser for now and can be removed later when no longer needed.

Cheap and effective storage for cloth diapers

A favorite of mine and one that will serve a good purpose without requiring any sort of installation or large investment is a set of plastic drawers that can tuck away in the corner or in a closet.  A 3 drawer set from Sterlite is all you need for a medium or small sized stash.  You can organize as you choose!  Devery has her Best Bottom inserts ready to plug in right up top for easy access.

Toy organizer for cloth diapers

Repurpose or purchase a toy storage unit for diapers!  A practical and attractice solution from Leslie!  She has her prefolds trifolded and filed away along with other baskets of covers or one piece diapers.  It fits in a closet and you can keep the door closed to prevent helpful babies from “unfiling” all the diapers at their leisure.

Refinished Armoire for cloth diaper storage

Heather refinished a beautiful and ornate armoire and made it her diaper changing station!  A new coat of paint, a changing pad inside, and voila!  She’s just building her stash but the drawers will be full soon enough.

Brilliant custom cloth diaper storage


Bringing it home is the image that was partially responsible for inspiring this post, first featured in the 6 Kinds of Diaper Stash Shots post.  Brittany Osia said that her husband custom built the shelves for her diapers.  I love this look and the horizontal diaper lines in bright colors!

Inspired yet?  There are a million ways you can organize your cloth diapers!  If you have a great idea share it in the comments or share a photo on Instagram and tag @Kim_Rosas, I’d love to see!  When considering your storage idea always keep safety in mind.  For large/tall dressers, armoires, and other furniture pieces that may tip over be sure to buy and install anti-tip wall straps to keep your children safe.  Store small pieces like Snappi’s and diaper pins out of baby’s reach.  Happy Decorating!

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Cloth Diaper Trends: Tribal

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Want to know what the trendsetting tikes are wearing on their bums?  Diapers with a southwestern, tribal, or aztec inspired design! Love it or hate it, it’s here!  I’ve gathered a few of my favorites to share here.  Click over to the brand’s pages or websites to buy or see their other designs.  As some of the diapers are WAHM made the specific print featured here may no longer be available.


The Little Bumblebee on Etsy has several prints that are right in line with this trend, the Jade was my favorite.


NestBaby on Etsy has this stunning Gold and Black print that is just begging to be photographed on a Spearmint Baby blanket and posted to Instagram.


Nicki’s Diapers has released three new prints with a Southwestern flair in a few products. You can only find them at Nicki’s Diapers.


OK OK, this one isn’t exactly the same but the print… I mean come on.  Another gorgeous diaper from Orange Diaper Co.


This diaper from Blueberry&Me is most definitely a Blueberry designed print and is aptly titled Tribal.  They only sell for a limited time.


Cloudnine on HyenaCart has this Aztec inspired print listed.  It’s geometric and bold, all things I love.


A simple diaper cover from Barrel and a Bear on Etsy.  You won’t find this print in stock now but perhaps they’ll add more at another time.  Again, I’m feeling this gold, black, and coral!

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A Binky D Giveaway for Two!

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Already the feedback on our Binky D Hybrid Fitted review has been outstanding!  It’s so great to know there are brands with such loyal fans and that the products are making so many people happy to be using cloth diapers.


It’s time to reward TWO people for their patronage of DDL and Binky D!  Binky D Diapers is providing two prizes, one in stock item of the winner’s choice and one custom embroidered diaper with their choice of 1 design on the bum!  This giveaway is for two winners, first pulled gets the in-stock choice and the second pulled gets the custom!  If you’re already a fan of Binky D Diapers you know how hard it can be to get a diaper sometimes so this is even better than a golden ticket!

If you didn’t get a chance to see the review Lara did on their Hybrid Fitted here is a bit more about what that is: “A hybrid is a fitted cloth diaper that is designed to be worn coverless made with a hidden layer of poly fleece, to push moisture back into the soaker system and keep the outer shell dry.”

Since Binky D Diapers are often so gorgeous it can be hard to want to cover them up.  That’s why the hidden fleece layer is so fabulous!  You can have them on longer without needing a cover before wetness makes it to the front of the diaper!  They’re also good for daytime diapers when you need a rash to air out since they will be more breathable than a diaper with a PUL cover.

Since you know you want to win one enter using the Rafflecopter below. Open worldwide!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The Most Eclectic Giveaway Ever (40+ Products) for #HistoryofCloth

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When I started thinking of a way to make this History of Cloth page launch match the epicness of the page itself I decided my goal would be to gather at least one of every brand of diaper on the timeline.  The package would make the winner experience so many brands and styles and I think I would do just about anything for a package like that!

I didn’t succeed in getting every single brand on the timeline but I feel like I came pretty close!  Here, have a look!


Oh goodness, thanks a LOT of diapers.  Lets have another look.


What am I seeing in there?  AMP, Cloth-Eez, Best Bottom, a tiny peek of a Tots Bots, a…. O.N.E.?


I see a Tushmate, Sloomb, Nicki’s Diaper, Bottombumper, Smart Bottom, Rumparooz, bumGenius and AppleCheeks!


This prize is so amazing I can’t even keep up with how many diapers are in it!  More amazing?  It’s going to a single person.  The winner is going to have to earn it though.

Here’s what inside this incredible package!

Cloth-Eez Red and Brown edge prefolds (6 total), Size 1 and Size 2 Osocozy Prefolds (12 total), (1) Thirsties One Size AIO, (1) Softbums in Chevron, (1) Sarah Watts for Sloomb (Medium), (1) Tidy Tots Trial Kit, (1) Best Bottom and 3 soakers in Dragon Scales, (1) Bottombumpers in green, (1) Tots Bots in Pumpkin, (1) AMP in Spotty, (2) bumGenius Freetimes in Mirror and Hummingbird, (1) Size 1 AppleCheeks Swim Diaper in Bee Happy, (1) Rumparooz G2 in Unity, O.N.E. in Koi, UR the One, and DandliONE (3 total), (1) Nicki’s Diaper in Tree Friends, Smartbottoms 3.1 in Hipster Fox, (1) Tushmate Globe print shell and insert, Nicki’s Diapers bamboo blanket, Babykicks inserts, Softbums wipes, and Planet Wise snack bags.

Before you enter the Rafflecopter form you’ll need to explore the History of Cloth Diapers page and timeline.  After you’ve explored this new resource it’s Quiz Time!  Test your cloth diaper history knowledge.


Taking the quiz is mandatory though you aren’t required to ace it.  

Everything you need to know you will have learned by exploring the History of Cloth Resource and the expanded text timeline (don’t forget that one, you’ll need it for a few questions). This is an open book test so if you’re stumped the answers are there to find.

Once you’ve taken the quiz then enter the Rafflecopter below. Please show all of the sponsors love and like their Facebook Pages.  They’ve been so generous and supportive of the History of Cloth page and made this entire event, including last week’s insane flash giveaways, possible!  Giveaway open to US/Canada.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Announcing the History of Cloth Resource

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After more than 6 months of compilation and over 2 years of research the History of Cloth Resource is now here.  

The History of Cloth Diapers

To be completely honest, I don’t even know where the desire to create the most comprehensive history resource on the topic of cloth diapers came from or when it began.  It was a slow build-up of interest until suddenly I knew that the combined hours I had spent looking into the topic had to go somewhere beyond my own brain.

It was at least 2 years ago that the real research began and I started looking in every crevice for more information to answer questions I had about the history of cloth diapers.  There are several great and detailed website resources on the history of disposable diapers.  Many include historical information on cloth diapers but this ends in the 1960’s when disposables are introduced.

Diaper Jungle is the only other real resource for historical information on cloth but the timeline is not very detailed and drops off many years ago.

At the very least I knew the information I found would be put to use here on the blog, at most, maybe it would turn into something much more.  The timeline I created evolved into a resource page that includes links to the various articles I’ve written on the history of cloth.

History of Cloth Diaper Brands

Then I decided I would add something more of interest to me that perhaps others would enjoy- a history of brands timeline.  Just a few days ago I decided to tack on one more item- a brief but more comprehensive timeline of cloth diapers that is great for a quick look to see the entire history without the fluff.

Most of the information on the History of Cloth page is far from what could be found with a google search.  So much of it comes from the ads, photos, books, and manuals I have purchased.  Don’t get me wrong, the Internet has been an amazing resource as well, but I’ve been diving into the deepest, forgotten regions to find my answers.

My research has helped answer several questions I haven’t seen answered elsewhere.  The biggest was the “why were diapers worn so loosely way back then?”  I answered that in a blog post that’s linked in the History of Cloth page.  “Which came first, velcro on cloth or tape on disposables?”  I found a vintage advertisement in my hunt (almost by chance!) and then matched it up to a newspaper article which gave me a definitive date and found that VELCRO came first.  “Who gets the credit for the first One Size diaper?”  “Where and how did people buy modern cloth diapers before the Internet?”  There were so many things I wanted to find out and it’s been an absolute blast doing it.  After all, I do have my Bachelor’s in History and my senior thesis was on the history of consumer goods in 18th Century England.  All these years I’ve laughed that my degree has sat on the shelf collecting dust but I blew it all off for this website project.

Have I found everything there is to know?  Absolutely not!  I’m still researching nearly every day!  Why just yesterday I found something I didn’t know existed that will hopefully solve one of the questions that has gone unanswered so far in my searches.  There is so much more to discover and until I get it all I probably won’t quit!

Thanks to everyone who has supported this insane project, especially my husband!  He’s been my biggest cheerleader and he doesn’t get alarmed when I tell him I’m buying out the stock of a photo archive store or I stay up half the night working on this project.


Have fun exploring the History of Cloth!

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Cloth Diaper Like Your Grandma (and love it!)

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Ever wonder how our grandparents diapered their babies, or even your great-grandparents? I did so I asked mine and their interview is one of DDL’s most beloved posts of all time. (Watch an interview with my grandparents about cloth diapering in the 50’s)

Cloth diaper like your grandma and love it.  Lessons on cloth diapering you can still use in modern times.

I got to thinking- what can we learn from their experiences in diapering that would translate and improve on your modern diapering ways?

Grandma’s diapers were natural fibers.

Cotton, either birdseye, gauze, or twill, or terry was all that touched their baby’s bottom.  In grandma’s day she didn’t has access to microfiber or stay dry fibers but that doesn’t mean the cotton she used is a thing of the past.

Why should you use natural fibers? Natural fibers are durable and easy to keep clean and are less prone to the stinkies that plague microfiber inserts.  They also absorb urine immediately, unlike stay dry layers in modern pocket diapers. Another perk? The sensation of feeling wet has been associated with earlier potty training versus disposable diapers or cloth diapers with stay dry layers.

Advertisement for new Riegel flats, 1950's.

Grandma didn’t use covers.

Rubber, vinyl, and plastic covers have been available since the early 1900’s but your grandma never used them! The old covers didn’t breathe and caused baby to have heat rashes or chafe.  Instead, grandma put her baby on the potty every many times a day in case they had to pee and changed her baby as soon as the diaper was wet. Wasn’t that messy? It could be, but it also kept her baby’s skin healthy, reduced chances of diaper rash, and had a huge role in earlier potty training. Grandma used Lap Pads to protect her stylish vintage duds when holding her baby.

Why should you have baby go coverless?  Today going coverless can be useful when attempting full or part-time elimination communication (EC).  Knowing your child’s schedule means an increase in catching a miss next time.  You’ll also know right when your baby wets to change their diaper and your baby will get more airflow than when using PUL covers.  If baby has a rash and airing out completely isn’t possible a loosely applied prefold is the next best thing.  Coverless at home with fitteds, prefolds, or flats even a few hours a day is a great idea!

Grandma line dried.

Those cotton prefolds and flats were hung on the clothesline to dry.  Though I’m sure grandma would have LOVED a washer and dryer she also appreciated pulling a clean load of diapers off the line.

Why should you line dry?  Line drying today can save you money on your electricity bill. The sunlight is also perfect for cloth diapers since it naturally bleaches away stubborn stains left behind after the wash. Today most of you have the luxury of tossing your diapers in your fancy dryer after line drying so that they will be soft and not stiff.


We can learn a thing or two about cloth diapering from our grandmothers and great-grandmothers while still appreciating our modern conveniences.  Simple can be as good, or even better, than modern diapers!  

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#HistoryofCloth Is Almost Here!

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I’m so ready to reveal the project I’ve been working on for months (years really if you count research) but I want to make sure everything is just right before I have the big reveal.  The time is almost here though, so I want to give you a peek at the new page in this video.

Exciting right?!  It is for me at least!  I’ve reached out to the companies included in the new resource in order to throw an amazing giveaway to celebrate the launch.  You’ll want to be following my facebook page Dirty Diaper Laundry because leading up to the launch these brands will be hosting flash giveaways (YES!!!!) AND I have a whole huge box of diapers to send to one lucky winner from sponsors too.


Here is a look at who is offering prizes for the event: AppleCheeks, Thirsties, AMP, Softbums, Sloomb, Green Mountains Diapers, Osocozy, Tots Bots, bumGenius, Rumparooz, Planet Wise, Imagine Diapers, Best Bottom, Tidy Tots and a few more surprises!

A photo posted by Kim Rosas (@kim_rosas) on

That’s not even all of the diapers going into the box, I have more en route!

I’m dying to hit publish but you will have to wait until June 15. Perhaps we should host a little live chat on the DDL page to celebrate and talk about the new resource. You can ask me ANYTHING about cloth diapers, the history of cloth diapers, or about the color of paint on my walls. Whatever! I will wrangle up a few more prizes to give out during our live chat because I love planning things last minute and because I love working late nights. Just kidding. I don’t love working late nights but I love you guys and I LOVE this new page.


Chat with me Monday night, June 15 at 9:30 pm EST-10:30 PM EST.  No RSVP required, just show up!  

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