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10 Harry Potter Cloth Diapers for Muggle Babies

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I haven’t done a fun cloth diaper themed gallery in a long time but after being inspired by a DDL reader who had an entire stash of Harry Potter cloth diapers I decided that was ny next gallery! I’ve linked each diaper maker- keep in mind many of these are OOAK (one of a kind) customs or were made in limited numbers. You can usually contact the WAHM who made the diapers to see if they’ll do a custom for you!  I will readily admit that I haven’t read the books though I do love the movies, and maybe when Fletcher is a little older we can read them together.  (don’t burn me at the stake… I get my geek on in other ways)

Harry Potter Cloth Diapers

Bunzuke Diapers takes the craft of making diapers to a new level. They made several Harry Potter cloth diapers back in 2013, when this photo was taken. They also make costume-like diapers (as you can see with the Hedwig diaper) with attachments like tails, wings, capes, and more. Often these are custom slots.

Crunchy Love Co Harry Potter Custom Diaper

Crunchy Love Co. offered this incredible custom Harry Potter diaper at auction last February, 2014. Every inch had some connection to HP- the back was Potter’s likeness, front has a fabric with spells, and the inside was HP colors- even the soaker and the lining! The post is no longer there to find out how much this puppy went for but I bet it was more than a steak dinner.

Hufflepuff Harry Potter diaper from Honeybuns

Honeybuns Cloth Diapers has many geeky diapers and non-geeky to choose from, this one has the Hufflepuff embroidery design.

Harp Diapers Harry Potter

Harp Diapers, a WAHM based in Canada, has made several HP diapers but this one stood out to me because of that aqua fabric.  Most Harry Potter diapers tend to be burgundy/red and gold/yellow!
littlebuttintro2 copy

Little Butt Diapers- we reviewed these several months ago and just happened to get an amazing Harry Potter diaper.

Baby Coon Harry Potter Fitted cloth diaper

Baby Coon Designs makes hybrid fitteds- this one in particular features a Harry Potter theme.  They also create wardrobe items like pants and skirts.


Dapper Derrieres is  new to me but I’m glad I learned about them because they have an an incredible array of geeky diapers and have sold many Harry Potter cloth diapers.

Harry Potter with Scarf Smellephant Diaper

Smellephant Fluff creates very unique cloth diapers, many that take on the likeness of the characters themselves in a way I’ve never seen done before!  This Harry Potter cloth diaper has an uncanny likeness to Potter himself.  I’m partial to their Link diaper.  I only wish the photos were a bit better, I bet this is lovely in person and on the bum.



Binky D is known for their geeky and pop culture referencing diapers.  They had this custom up for grabs just recently and offer other custom slots if you need a HP diaper of your own.

Maximum Smiles Hybrid Harry Potter Diaper

MAXimum SMILES has created a few hybrid fitted Harry Potter cloth diapers and I like in particular how the glasses line up nicely with the snaps in this example (design seems to be done with a bleach pen?!)  This is a brand that seems fairly new but if they keep making super cute diapers they should do very well.


If you want to create your own Harry Potter (enthusiast sewers at home) Spoonflower seems to have some very unique HP fabrics.  They aren’t the cheapest fabric source but they are awesome!

You can also see my other galleries including Nintendo Themed Cloth Diapers, Geeky Cloth Diapers, and Music Themed Cloth Diapers.  Suggestions for the next themed gallery?  Let me know in the comments!

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Announcing the “Make a Cloth Diaper Meme” Contest! Be Funny, Win Prizes!

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No fancy titles here but this contest is going to be so much fun who cares if it has a fancy name?  I don’t!

Make a funny/relevant cloth diaper meme and win prizes/fame!  There will be prizes for the top 5 memes will each get a prize and the top 10 memes will be posted here on Dirty Diaper Laundry and shared!

Success Kid Contest

I don’t want to go into what a meme is, I was hoping by now most readers had caught on, but if you haven’t here is a post on Gizmodo that should help.

Your job is to create your own meme.  You can use an established meme such as Success Kid, Bad Luck Brian, First World Problems, Awkward Penguin, Grumpy Cat, Confession Bear, Pepperidge Farms Remembers, and so on…. there are many to choose from!  You can also make your own meme with your own image (keep in mind this is the Internet, if your meme becomes popular there is the risk of it being shared so you have to be ok with this) and add your funny text on top of it.

Creating a meme can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it.  There are meme generators that let you search popular memes, all you do it add text to the top and bottom, save the image, and share it.  I’d prefer that you save and post your image rather than linking to it for this contest.  To use your own image you’ll need some basic skills with Photoshop or another image editor to add your own text (Impact font in white with a black stroke) on top and bottom.

Content and Guidelines:

As long as it is related to cloth diapers your meme is fair game.  It should be funny, witty, or relevant- not mean.  I am totally ok with vulgarity or dark humor but with a purpose, not for the sake of being shocking.  I can see places where a dirty word would work, sure, so if you find it works in your meme then go for it.  We are adults here.  The best memes will relate to cloth diapers AND take on the tone of the meme/image it uses.  You can check out the cloth diaper memes by more more inspiration and look below for some ideas.

How to Enter:

You will want to email your meme to me to be SURE I see it.  You can also post them now to my Facebook page, post to Instagram and tag me (Kim_Rosas), etc but be sure to mention that you are entering the Make a Cloth Diaper Meme contest on and use #CDMEME hashtag so I can find them.  Deadline to enter is Saturday, 12:00 am EST.  I must have them in hand by then.  Top 20, decided by a team of judges TBA, will be posted to Facebook by that Wednesday for voting and the public will have until the following Saturday, 12:00 am EST to vote.  The top 5 memes will win a prize!  You can submit multiple memes but only 1 per person will be allowed in the top 20.

So far Spray Pal, Smartbottoms, GroVia, and Maxwell Designs have signed on.  I just need one more sponsor and we’ll be golden! Not all prizes are open to Canadian residents, if it turns out more Canadians win than I have a prize for I will make something happen so let’s say this is open to both US/Canada.  I can’t guarantee a prize to international winners if one makes top 5 (but if it happens I will try), but if you are ok with the fame and not a prize you should enter too.


Here are some memes I made as inspiration.

jokermeme confessionbearmeme confusedfrymeme diaperstainmeme pepperidgememe sohotrightnowmeme suddenclaritymeme

And an example of one of my “homemade” memes featuring an image of my son.


By submitting an entry you are giving Dirty Diaper Laundry permission to repost, with credit to your name or website.  Good luck and have fun with this one!  I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

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Bummis Duo-Brite Package Giveaway! {9/29}

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Since we recently reviewed the Bummis Duo-Brite system we thought it would be a great idea to run a giveaway with it!  Lara gave the Duo-Brite very high marks and it scored well all around.  Make surey ou view her review and the video demonstration of the Bummis Duo-Brite.

Bummis Duo-Brite

Bummis is known for their high quality covers and prefolds but have recently decided to expand their line into new categories, something that makes this Bummis fan very very happy!  The Duo-Brite brings Bummis into the All-in-Two category and the cover still works with prefolds or covers as well!  The fact that this cover is wipeable is also a huge bonus since it is easier to reuse more times when changing out the inserts.

The Duo-Brite is also a dual sized system and comes in Size 1 or Size 2.  What is unique is how they have tailored the cover design to best work for each size- size 1 has a single row of snaps and size 2 has two rows to best fit older babies and toddlers.

The snap-in inserts have been carefully and expertly designed to make the most of the materials and to work using either side!  One side is a stay-dry topped insert covering a proprietary ZORB, and the other is organic cotton.  No male snaps will touch baby’s skin and the insert fully covers the belly panel for the most absorbtion.  The center line of stitching has a few functions- it allows both layers to get cleaner and dry faster, and pull moisture towards the center to distribute which is aided by the wicking jersey in the middle.

One of the best parts of my job is that I get to meet with the brands at various expos or events.  I’ve gotten to know the two women behind Bummis and have heard first-hand information about their new products.  I know the lengths Bummis goes through to keep their products made in Canada, their commitment to domestically milled fabrics, and their passion for cloth diapers and keeping babies healthy.  The Duo-Brite is a new product I can’t wait for others to try so make sure you enter this giveaway and hopefully you can see how amazing it is!  And as much as this sounds like a paid endorsement, it isn’t, I just can’t hide my true love!

bummis duo-pack copy

Enter using the Rafflecopter below- open to US and Canadian residents.  Winner will have 48 hours to respond or a new one will be drawn.  Ends 9/29.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Modern pool table game room

Rosas Home Tour- 2014 Edition

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Lets talk about my house!  Longtime readers are familiar with the ongoing work I’ve been doing to the home my husband and I purchased in July, 2012.  To refresh your memory, the home was painted in 3 shades of pumpkin orange and needed a lot of TLC.  In real estate, location is king and because the home was on a beautiful street, right on the cul de sac, it fulfilled our dreams.  It has been an amazing two years in this home- lots of love and laughter, a ton of time spent riding bikes outside or swimming in the pool, and we couldn’t love it more.

Make sure you look at those before photos!  And please forgive the photo quality- I didn’t use a tripod for these and didn’t want to use a flash so they aren’t great quality.


Let’s start from the front foyer.  It might be my favorite room in the house because you get a view of our front living room and my beautiful couch, and our game room.

entrytallwm entrywithcouchwm

The foyer has a lot of my thrifty finds- the white chairs were found at a thrift shop for $40 each, the credenza was a Craigslist find, the wooden collage art was from a yard sale, the yellow signed lithograph was an estate sale find and the lamp was from the same estate sale.

Game/Entertainment Room

Next up is the “great room” which has now become our game room! (note the burnt out globe- we don’t have a ladder tall enough to change it so…. yeah.  One day.)

Modern pool table game room

We just added this gorgeous Brunswick Gold Crown II pool table to our collection.  Obviously, I care a lot about the items I put into my home, so adding a bulky pool table wasn’t something I was keen on.  However, my husband was determined to get one.  In fact, he wouldn’t shut-up about it.  For a year I’ve been researching modern pool tables and stumbled onto this line.  It is still made, however this particular table was made in the 60′s.  I found it for a more than reasonable price (if you Google it, I did NOT pay that price) and gave it to my husband for his birthday.  All the artwork (except our wedding painting) has been found at thrift stores and so was the record player cabinet (my husband is a vinyl enthusiast now and our collection is growing rapidly).  The overhead lights were from Craigslist.  My dying plant was from Wal-Mart…. hah.

The Kitchen/Dining Nook

kitchen2014-4wm kitchen2014-5wm kitchen2014-6wm kitchen2014-7wm

Our kitchen drives me a bit batty… the cabinets and counter are not my taste but we are trying to make it work!  We replaced our old college era dining table with this amazing smokey lucite and chrome set from the 70′s.  I saw it on Facebook from a shop in Orlando and went to see it that day.  The seats had to be recovered so I chose a white vinyl.  It is easy to wipe clean since I have little guys.  The bar was also from Orlando but I bought it from Ebay!  We had been looking for a bar and this one was perfect- it really is a cool thing to see in person.  The light turns on when you open it automatically!  Notice that the stone planter from previous photos has been removed.  It took more effort and time than I want to talk about but having it gone makes me so happy!  No more random pile of rocks!

The Master Bedroom

bedroom2014-1 bedroom2014-2 bedroom2014-3


Our bedroom only has a tad MCM (mid century modern) flair, the bed, the rocker, the armoire are more traditional items.  My armoire is so roomy that I’m sure I could never find a vintage piece to match the storage it has so for now it stays.  The nightstands are thrifted and refinished, lamp and long dresser are also thrift scores.  The dansk candle holder was my 6th wedding anniversary gift (iron) and hold 6 tapers.  My 5th anniversary gift (wood) was the large wooden lamp and his was the photo of the place we met in college, framed in wood of course.  None of our 7th gifts (copper) were decor related so they don’t get coverage.  I love how calm our room feels when it’s clean and that we have family photos all around!

The Master Bathroom

master2after masterafter1

These are just photos of our bathroom taken after it was first painted, nothing else has been done since these were taken except that the door was replaced.  (hence the older watermarks and text from an older post).  It is small but it works.

The Laundry Room/Pantry

laundryroom1 laundryroo2
laundryroom3 laundryroom4

My laundry room project is complete and I even have a place to showcase a few of my “vintage cloth diaper” collectibles like the Sta-Puf advertisement.  I created sliding panels modeled after those sold at Ikea using curtains I found at the thrift store.  I placed a weighted metal rod in a pocket sewn into the bottom to keep it straight and we mounted them to sliders from Ikea.  We use our laundry room as a pantry since this home didn’t come with one!  The cabinets over the washer/dryer were found at the Re-store.  Even the paint for this room was a Craigslist find.

The Office 

The office hasn’t changed much at all since my last post.  It is technically a dining room but we wouldn’t use it so office it is!

officefromkitchen stevensoffice stevensoffice2

We added a rug that is made from FLOR squares, I wanted a more custom size so this was a good solution.  I would definitely use them again and am thinking of adding more to my hallway to the bedrooms.  We also added the large map canvas.  The office is a mess but it is used a lot.  This is the “tidied” up version.  Usually there are papers everywhere…

The “Formal” Living Room

The front living room  (designed to be a formal but we use it as a real living room) brings us full circle, as you can tell from the first photo.  In fact, our kids run this path over and over.  It’s like a home track.

frontlivingroomfromofficewm frontlivingroomnewcouchwm frontlivingroomtvwm frontlivingrooomnewcouchwm

A lot of changes have happend in this room.  In fact, I don’t think there is a single piece of furniture in here now that was there in my last home update.  The sectional is something really special.  It belonged to my Great Aunt who lives in North Carolina.  She had to move from her home and so the couch went to me.  It needed new cushions and upholstery, not exactly what I was hoping to deal with.  My husband and I agonized over the color decision but wound up going with the color we picked first- 1 month after shopping everywhere else!  The upholsterer did an incredible job and I have to pinch myself sometimes- this beauty is mine!  The side table is a $10 yard sale score, the coffee table was from an estate sale, the vintage radio was from an auction.  Now lets talk about the credenza.  It’s one of the few pieces I’ve paid “almost retail” for but it was fate.  Our entertainment stand fell apart!  We needed something for our TV so I started looking- this turned up (in Orlando again… sigh) and it was the exact size I needed.  Apparently credenzas are standard 60″ or more.  Smaller ones are 1 in a million.  It’s a gorgeous piece of furniture and will be with us for a long time.  The rocker and stool/ottoman are reproductions I purchased from Zulily and not vintage.  The pillows are all from regular stores like TJ Maxx, Old Time Pottery, Ikea and Wal-Mart.  We placed a cat scratcher right where the cats from in from and it was really been effective in keeping them from scratching on the couch.

Guest bathroom

Guest bathroom… the only room in the house we totally renovated (and my ourselves!)

bathroom2014-1wm bathroom2014-3wm bathroom2014-4wm

Not much has changed in the guest bathroom since my post on it.  I still love it so much!  DIYing the entire project allowed us to put more into the big ticket items that make this bathroom look much more expensive than it was.  First time visitors love it, and I get a lot of comments about it on YouTube videos it appears in.  The artwork ‘If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie wipe the seatie.” was custom from Etsy.  The octopus stencil was also from Etsy.  The toothbrush holder is actually a bottle drying rack from Boon!

Everett’s Room

Everett’s room hasn’t changed that much but it’s worth a look.

Evroom2014-1wm evroom2014-2wm evroom2014-3wm

His dinosaur collection has grown quite a bit since we moved in.  His vocabulary is mostly dinosaur names, and don’t tell him that an Allosaurus is a T-Rex or he will not hesitate to correct your ignorance.  I also semi-permanently attached the building plates to our Expedit shelf for a nice place for him to build his Duplos on, an activity he still loves.  We got a new TV for Xmas from a family member so this was the only room the old one fit into.  Believe it or not they rarely watch it unless we let them watch a movie on it in bed.  All of his furniture is Ikea, and everything but the Expedit was bought from Criagslist for a STEAL.

Fletcher Room

Fletcher’s room has seen some revisions too!  (these photos have a different watermarks since I took them for a post about his room featured on OffBeat Families)

fletchersroom10 fletchersroom13 fletchersroom12 fletchersroom9

Fletcher’s room has a Mario/Nintendo theme that evolved from the cross stitch I made for him while I was pregnant.  Most of his furniture is Ikea, but the dresser was a thrift shop find that I painted.

The Golden Girls Room

And lastly- the Golden Girls Room.

ggroom ggroom2

Looks fabulous right?  This room flip flops between being a stately shrine to The Golden Girls and my filming “studio.”  I love my house but I do miss the full basement we had in NY- I was able to spread out my filming equipment and get away from the kids while I worked!  You can see it more put together in an older post.  

Wow… I guess that is it!  I covered everything except the garage, even though we did actually do some organization and added cabinets from Re-store in there for a workspace.  Seeing it all come together, even though it isn’t complete (in my opinion) has been fun for me.  In two years we have managed to fit in a ton of work on the home and make it our own.  As much as people dread buying “fixer-uppers” it gave us the ability to customize it fully to our taste and the home itself was priced right.

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I’m struggling here and asking for your input!

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In a departure from the normal posts on cloth diapers, my house, or my kids I’m going to put out a problem I’ve been struggling with here on the blog.  I would TRULY appreciate honest feedback and because you are the people I make this website for your voice matters most.

My blog- Dirty Diaper Laundry- is thriving.  It’s doing better than ever, traffic continues to increase even though Facebook has done their best to hide my updates from all of you who like my page.  Who needs ‘em?  Since starting this website in 2009 I’ve been updating it regularly.  In fact, I’ve started and ended many other projects since 2009 but I’ve never neglected the blog- it is my home and my passion.

710 4

In 2010 I started another passion project- something no one had ever attempted before!  Cloth Diaper Finder, a searchable cloth diaper database, was born in 2011 after nearly a year of designing, spreadsheeting, and working with a developer to make my vision come to life!  I had incredibly high hopes for this database- it solved the problem I saw most in our community!  How many times did I witness people wondering what diaper to pick?  ”If only I could find a diaper that was a One Size, with natural fibers, made in the USA, that also didn’t require unstuffing.”  MY DATABASE LETS YOU FIND OUT IF THIS EXISTS AND THEN TELLS YOU THE BRAND AND WHERE TO FIND IT!

I LOVE the Cloth Diaper Finder.  And I HATE it.  I made a big mistake when I created this beast- I had the developer link it up to my blog through WordPress.  I wish I had known better… Since 2011 I have been battling this database- each update I make to my blog breaks it.  I have to call my developer and he charges me a boatload to fix it (and according to him this cannot be avoided… hmph) .  I can’t ever change my blog’s design unless I pay someone 5x as much to also change the database and make sure the new blog design doesn’t kill the Finder.  My entire website has started to look dated and I just can’t afford the fee quoted to me to fix the entire mess I created.  I do earn an income from this blog- I won’t pretend I don’t- but because the cost to redesign is so high (a huge chunk of my entire year’s income) it isn’t worth it for me at this time.

Traffic for the database is good…. not as good as I thought when I designed it, but it is still one of the top sources of traffic on the blog.  That makes me happy.  I want people to use this tool because it is amazing!  I use it!  When I can’t remember a diaper name I look it up by what I remember and BOOM, it appears.  But then I think of the heartache it causes me, the stress, the inability to fix the blog that DOES bring money to our household.  My load time on the blog is slow and I can’t fix it because of the database.  I can’t touch the blog without breaking the database.  My website is in a constant state of “oh shit” with the database linked to it- one minor change and the entire thing could potentially just implode.  If I were better at coding I’d definitely fix it myself but alas, my code knowledge is only good enough to change colors or add images!  Perhaps this is all coming to a crisis point because I can’t update my blog right now and I feel it is vulnerable to attacks- in fact, one already happened but my husband and I were able to fix it.

Here is where I finally ask YOU for advice.  What do I do about this hole I’ve dug?  What if I were to remove it from the blog and have it stand alone?  Would you still use it even if the look isn’t updated or there were no new features added?

If I were to actually pay someone to move it and change it, what features would you like to see added?  What about it currently do you not like?

And finally… this one is a BIG IF but I’m curious- how would you feel about an attempt to crowdsource funding for the move and updating of the database only?  I myself am not sure how I feel about the concept in general, but because the database costs me more than it earns (true story, I use all the ad revenue and listing fees it brings and take more from the blog to keep it running) using revenue from DDL isn’t feasible to fund the changes at this time.  The Finder is a great resource for those who use it but it is sucking me dry and causing me more stress than it is worth.  If the community at large finds it helpful enough that they themselves would like to help me make it run better then I wouldn’t rule it out.  If not- that is OK too.

I’m really looking for some direction.  I KNOW this thing is amazing but for some reason the word hasn’t spread enough to make it profitable.  Or even break even.  Some days I want to just press a big DELETE button and be done with it but the brands who HAVE supported it, the advertisers who DO run ads, the people who DO use it on a regular basis- those people matter more to me than my own blog’s demise.

Please leave a comment with your opinion.  I’m listening.


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I’m back from Adult Summer Camp (ABC Kids Expo)

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I could post a lot of photos of the fabulous new products I saw at ABC Kids Expo but I already did that on Instagram.  Instead, as I adjust once again to my normal life, I’d rather reflect on my week of Summer Camp for Adults (term stolen from Katie Pickles from AppleCheeks).

photo 2-1

Kim, Amity of Green Child Magazine, Jill of Baby Rabies, and Amanda of GCM

Every single year I look forward to this trade show.  Of course I love seeing the products and learning about new things I can share here on the blog or on social media.  I like having answers for your questions even if those questions aren’t cloth diaper related.  I like being “in the know.”  But, I enjoy the quality time I get to spend with my “industry family” even more.

Me and Fletcher with Sara, former owner of Diaper Daisy, in 2009 at our first ABC Kids Expo

Me and Fletcher with Sara, former owner of Diaper Daisy, in 2009 at our first ABC Kids Expo

I started attending this expo back in 2009 after learning I could go as media.  In fact, Jenn Labit was the one who put the idea into my head during a Twitter party.  It stuck, and the following month I packed my things and my 10 month old son and headed for Vegas!   It was CRAZY!  I’m not that type of person to travel so far from home, alone, with a baby in my Ergo, and head to one of the largest juvenile products expos in the world!  My passion and love for cloth diapers overpowered by logical brain.  I still wonder how I did it and why- my blog was a baby then with little traffic and no one knew who I was!

That experience helped push my blog forward.  I connected with brands on a level not possible on the computer.  I MET them, and more importantly, they met ME!  We were real people behind those Twitter handles.  I certainly credit that first trip with the growth of Dirty Diaper Laundry.

This year it was less of a meeting and more of a reunion with my camp friends that I only get to see once a year.  Most of us left our children behind and were able to do grown-up things like have dinner and converse without interruption.  I love my kids but boy was it fun to have a few days away, even if I was missing them and my husband like crazy.

The thing about ABC Kids is that it reinforces the fact that there are real people behind many of the brands/stores I love and recommend here.  I can love a product, but if I love the people and the mission behind it I love it EVEN more.  It makes my job easy to say you should support _____ company because I know them, they are real people working hard to run their company and support their family.  Those “huge” companies in our industry- well those are still mostly family run too.  Many have extended family working together and they support 5 or more families.  Our buying decisions matter, where are dollars go matters.  I get to see this and I hope I’m able to continue to convey this message with my work.

In the cloth diaper business no one goes into it to get rich.  No one (except maybe a certain section that you can guess).  It’s where entrepreneurship and passion intersect.  With the business savvy these brands have they could easily be doing something else, making a lot more, with a lot less hassle.  I’m glad they’re here, helping us lessen the impact our children have on landfills and keep our wallets a little heavier.

I wish I could bring you all along to see just what I mean.  Maybe we should start a real summer camp for adults, with rum soaked marshmallows in our S’mores  and fun, adult only campfire stories.  What fun that would be!

Here are some photos of my summer camp friends, new and old, that I can’t wait to see again next year.


Kim Ormsby and Kim Rosas


Calley of DiaperShops and Kim Rosas

Kim and Alicia of Earth Mama

photo 1-1

Kim and Maria of Change-Diapers


Libby and Jenn of Cotton Babies, Maria, and Kim


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Natural Parenting Scavenger Hunt Sept 7-10. Enter at home to win 1 of 3 Prizes Worth $500!

This post may contain affiliate links.

While I’m discovering the newest products in the baby industry at ABC Kids Expo I’m also going to be hosting a Scavenger Hunt for Retailers/Media attending along with Super Undies.  Players will be collecting stamps on a sheet from over 20 booths and will win one of 3 prize packages.   That is exciting for those in Vegas but what about you guys?  You get to win too!


Just by entering this giveaway you could win one of three prize packages valued at around $500 each.  Each package has at least one baby carrier, at least one detergent prize, multiple diapers, and other accessories!  The best part?  Many of the prizes aren’t even released yet and won’t be public until this very moment!  Ahhhh can you feel the excitement?  I can!

The sponsors have been incredibly generous!  I’ve broken the prizes into three packages.  Lets take a look to see what you could win…

Prize Package 1 ($490 ARV)


An Earth Mama Angel Baby Baby Essentials Bundle, A Spray-Pal Splatter Shield, a 6-Pack of Osocozy Bamboo/Organic Cotton prefolds, a new Moby Lotta Go carrier in a new design, 4 new Rumparooz One Size diapers, One of each in the new color of Smart Bottoms Smart Ones, Molly’s Suds 120 loads Laundry Powder and a Wool Dryer Ball set, Sweet Pea Diapers IO in the new owl print, Funky Fluff cloth diaper in one of the newest prints (choose stay-dry or bamboo), and two new Happy Heiny Newborn AIO‘s (new product launch).

Prize Package 2 ($500+ ARV)


This package is a chopper’s dream!  $100 to spend at and $100 to spend at Rockin’ Green!  Plus NEW Planet Wise Peacock Plumage Wet/Dry Bag  NEW Planet Wise Lite Wetbag – Totally Tye Dye  and NEW Planet Wise Diaper Cover – Toadstool/Gray Chevron, NEW Best Bottom Diaper Totally Tye-Dye Shell + 3 stay-dry inserts, NEW Best Bottom Playful Panda Training Pant Kit, Imagine One-Size Stay-Dry AIO – NEW Ring-a-Ding print, A Bottombumpers One Size in their new white with teal snaps, a Size 1 Snappi 3-pack, a travel sized BON Nourishing Skin Oil, Astoria pikkolo carrier from CatBird Baby, and a Thirsties One Size All-in-One new product launch) in one of their new prints!

Prize Package 3 ($500+ ARV)


A babywearer’s dream package because this one comes with two baby carriers!  An Onya Cruiser in the new Lapis color and a BityBean compact travel carrier, plus an Experience Package from Tidy Tots with diapers in their new print, Tushmate One Size Starter Kit in chocolate, $100 to spend on BALM Baby products, an assortment of Eco Sprout products  including 1 24oz bags of detergent, 1 Coconut Stick, 1 Bottom Balm Stick, 1 Eco Bottom Liners, 1 Breathe Again Pail Freshener, and 2  brand new products yet to be announced, Applecheeks Little Bundle in their new color Jem, 1 Grandma El’s 3.75 oz, 1 Jar, 2oz Tube plus new Zen Rocks style (to be revealed at ABC) and Eco Vessel Frost bottle for kids.

You can enter to win starting September 7 up through September 13 for at home players.  Those attending who are playing live will need to turn in their stamped sheets to me or Super Undies (4841) on September 13.  I need a few days to recover from ABC Kids so I’ve extended the online giveaway to be open a few extra days before I go pulling winners.

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Super Undies Overnight Pull-On Review

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My youngest, who has been potty trained since last year, has occasional accidents at night. We have tried going without protection but I wind up washing sheets 3 times a week or more. For my sanity and to prevent him from waking up screaming and crying after realizing he has had an accident we went back to wearing diapers or trainers at night. Super Undies asked if I would be interested in reviewing their overnight pull-on and I said yes. It would be nice to try an actual trainer meant for holding an overnight accident versus a trainer meant as a “just in case” for potty training toddlers.


Ease of Use✩✩✩✩ The Super Undies Overnight Pull-On has been extremely easy for us to put on before bedtime. The fact that it so easily pulls down and up means I can put it on with pajamas and he can still go potty alone right before climbing into bed at night without me having to help with any snaps like on a regular diaper. This also means he can remove it himself in the mornings. For those concerned about it being too thick for washing and drying (watch the video to see) the absorbent inner tongue pulls out of a stay-dry sleeve for washing and drying. The reason this gets 4 stars for ease of use is that it takes a bit of time to get the soaker stuffed back in nice and flat. Without the diaper laying flat like an open pocket diaper, this task can be a challenge. Because the pocket opens on each side the insert should agitate out on its own. Often the diaper comes out of the dryer inside out and just needs to be re-stuffed and turned right side in.  You can also fold the soaker in half and stuff towards the front for boys or tummy sleepers though I never needed to.

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩ An Overnight Pull-On will run you $30. For reference, a package of one-time-use equivalents will cost $14 for 23. I’ve been using some sort of overnight option for my son for a year now. Buying a few trainers and washing those is less expensive than buying a package of disposable pull-ons for the same time span. Plus you also feel better about not using and tossing that number of diapers.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ We have had a fantastic experience so far with Super Undies. No leaks at all for several months. The cotton version, which I reviewed, has 4 layers of absorbency which is pretty standard in cloth diapers. If your child is older or a heavier wetter you may require an additional booster that you would stuff into the sleeve opening.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ The wide waistbands and leg cuffs fit great around the leg and they don’t leave any red marks so I’m happy with how comfortable they must be on him. It does fit poofy, possibly if my son were a bit larger it would be less so. They have several more sizes up from where my 3 year old is in so it is a comforting thought to know that if he, like many other children, continues to have overnight bedwetting, we can size up for quite a while. Of course I’d like that not to be the case but it can be normal for children to wet the bed until 8 years old. I’d hate to think of the money spent on disposable products for that time span. These are also a good option for children with special needs. The super motifs and colors are nice for children who don’t want babyish themes.

Overall: I’m so happy there is a company that caters to this market. Having trim trainers is good for some (though we skipped trainers for the most part) but sometimes you really just need a highly absorbent pull-on for older toddlers and pre-schoolers. Mom and Dad don’t want to buy disposables forever, and even non-cloth diapering parents faced with years of buying and tossing pull-ups can find value in switching to reusable pull-ons. We have three and this is enough to work well. The biggest challenge going from full-time cloth diapering and washing a large load of diapers every 2 days is adjusting to washing a small number of trainers. It can be done, and I’ve broken a few rules by tossing them in with the kid’s clothing a load or two (we don’t use softeners). Nobody got hurt and the police didn’t show up at my doorstep… just a tip for you.

Where to Buy:Diaper Junction carries Super Undies products


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Tiny Tunas Harmony Fitted Giveaway!

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This week Lara introduced you to the Tiny Tunas Harmony Fitted- an exquisite piece of “art” disguised as a diaper.  Any mom, especially a babywearing one, would love to add one to their stash so at least one will once they win this giveaway!


Tiny Tunas creates innovative, sustainable handmade cloth diapering solutions to last you from infancy to potty learning. Our company is dedicated to children and their families and focused on providing support to assist you on your sustainable diapering journey.”

Everything about the diapers is luxe- their snaps are very high quality with engraved motifs, the outer materials are made from Oscha slings woven wraps, the absorbent materials are bamboo fleece and sherpa.  Tiny Tuna also makes wool longies and shorties, even wool leggings (I am particularly fond of these, very cute).

harmonyfitted win

They’d love a DDL fan to win a Harmony Fitted!  You can enter below, open to US and Canada.  The winner will get to select the size and pick Boy/Girl/GN.  Winner has 48 hours to claim or I’ll have to pick a new winner.

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New Releases from Blueberry, bumGenius, Bummis, Applecheeks, Fuzzibunz, AMP (so far!)

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It’s that time of year again when your favorite cloth diaper brands are releasing the fruits of their labor from the past year (or more).  There will be a lot more announcements to come (and I will be giving a lot of the new products away for a little something I’m cooking up with Super Undies and the other brands exhibiting at ABC Kids Expo in 2 weeks).  For now here is a look at what has been released.

Blueberry hit us with 5 NEW prints.  I’m so in love with Geo and I really love their cohesiveness, something Blueberry is great at with their prints.

new prints from Blueberry

bumGenius surprised everyone with a release of two new prints in the Genius series, Spence and Marie.  These aren’t quite in line with their previous prints and are much brighter.  Both are somewhat “sea” themed with one Pirates and one Mermaids.  Many retailers will be stocking this today or tomorrow so keep checking Kelly’s Closet.   Diaper Junction (has them right now)!

new prints from bumGenius Spence and Marie

Bummis released TWO new products!  Their new Flannel Fitted and The Dimple Diaper.  The Flannel Fitted is One Size and comes in several fun prints.  The Dimple Diaper is organic cotton, has lots of absorbency, all hidden snaps, and soakers are either stay dry or cotton.

dimple flannel fitted

Applecheeks has released a new Limited Edition color that will surely become a HTF color once it is retired so grab it while you can.  JEM!  Inspired by a favorite show of mine (and probably your’s too) from way back when.


And in case you missed it, Fuzzibunz are back with two new diapers- their One Size Small (OSS) and One Size Large (OSL).  I reviewed them recently because I was able to get my hands on them early (no video posted yet).  They still have the internal size adjustment but the sizing is different and the quality has improved.

New Fuzzibunz Fact Chart

AMP Diapers has three new prints that they just announced- Spotty, Dotty, and Enchanted.


Funky Fluff announced a new color, a new print “Funksters” and new hanging diaper pails that look awesome.


Don’t worry, there will be loads more announcements in the next 2-3 weeks.  I can’t say a peep until then but I KNOW great things are coming so if none of these are your favorites keep an eye on my Facebook page.

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Bummis Duo-Brite,