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I Tried Thinx Period Panties- Play by Play Review

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I’m not afraid to discuss all things period.  In fact, I do it all the time when I host my session at MommyCon!  I stand in front of a decently large crowd and show people how menstrual cups work while wearing uterus leggings (to scale) for educational purposes.  It was only natural that when a company came out guns a blazing with period panties- advertised to take the place of menstrual products completely- people were like “KIM!  WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH THINX?”

Like the menstrual cup, I wasn’t running towards Thinx period panties.  I referred to them in private convos as the “blood diaper” and as a former tampon/current menstrual cup user they didn’t appeal to me AT.  ALL.

A photo posted by Kim Rosas (@kim_rosas) on

I finally ordered a pair because curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to form my own opinion for future questions about them.  My underwear, after using a $10 off referral code, cost a whopping $28.  I went with the high waist since these are great for under leggings for those of us with junk in the front.  If you’re good with thongs you can pay $24 ($14 with a $10 off coupon) but these have less absorbency. For your viewing pleasure I photographed my “granny panties” for the world to see.  #noshame

thinx underwear hanging to dry

According to Thinx their panties can be worn as a backup to other products or used alone.  Considering they have the amount of liquid each holds (the style I chose holds 1 1/2 tampon’s worth) on their website and packaging I decided to go all in and try it without other protection.  Here is a timeline of my day and how it went.  I wrote brief notes during the day and have pasted them here.

11:40 Finally showered, cup out, put on Thinx.  Day 2 of cycle and my heaviest day.

1:43 Bathroom and wiped- no residue on top layer but 3+ wipes to get all blood off.  Wishing I had a bidet.

2:30 Couch time. Can’t feel anything wet but have that sensation of stuff leaving my vag.  Praying not to bleed on my re-upholstered vintage couch.  

3:00 Bathroom.  Something on top layer- mucous blood clots about a nickel in size, dark around that where fluid was trapped inside, lots of blood each wipe for 3 wipes.  Pulled panties back on and they felt damp/cold but after a minute not noticed due to body heat.

5:10 Done. A good bit of mucous on top layer, quarter size. No leaks but could tell it was more than time.  Took off Thinx and went with a cloth liner plus handy cup.  

I made sure to take a photo wearing Thinx under leggings. Obligatory dirty mirror for realness

I had predicted on Facebook that I could wear a Thinx 5-6 hours based on their chart and my average Day 2 flow.  I was pretty spot on with my timing since I wore them for 5.5 hours!  #patsback I should have put some money on it!

I’ll admit that the panties were shockingly effective.  The high waist model were true to size and very comfortable- I actually washed them and wore them again as back-up with my cup for my last day.  I’ve worn the period panties from Lunapads and Thinx were much more breathable and they look like regular underwear which I love.  Not only do they look like regular underwear, but they are so trim that even hanging to dry no one would guess there were absorbent layers in the crotch. (Thinx should be cared for like cloth diapers in some ways… rinse after wear, cold wash, hang to dry and no fabric softeners.  You can still wash with regular clothing but storing in a reusable small wet bag would be ideal until wash day.)

Odor.  I almost forgot this part.  I did periodical sniff tests (fairly close to the underwear I might add…) and for my 5 hours even at the last hour there were no foul odors or anything that screamed I had been wearing undies soaked with menstrual blood for the day.  On the full day it was worn as backup it was the same story, though to be honest they probably had no menstrual blood because my cup and I are besties and it’s almost 100% effective with the exception of a few “wiping leaks.”

Thinx Underwear trimness example

The obvious drawback of Thinx (and pads of any kind) is that they won’t absorb the mucousy portion of menstrual flow, so it just kind of sits there until you go to the bathroom.  This is why menstrual cups will ALWAYS be my #1 choice for my period.  I’m not a pads person and they don’t have the comfort or convenience of cups.  The Thinx panties were effective as long, even longer, than if I were wearing a regular cloth pad so color me impressed.

Thinx are well suited for back-up, absolutely.  They feel no different than underwear while being worn so if needed or not it’s not a burden to wear them.  They would also be great for those spotty days (or for those who just have very light, spotty periods) when it’s not enough to wear a cup but too much to go without a liner.  Overnights?  Excellent.  Wear as insurance for your sheets.  I have worn thin cloth liners on occasion and plan to replace the day or two I wear those with a pair of Thinx since they’re so much trimmer and wear the same as regular underwear.  The idea that these would work full time is not ideal- changing a pair of underwear 5 hours into your day just won’t work.  If they’re only being used for backup then they can last the full day or perhaps the full day on very light days.  Their website is quite helpful in understanding how these work.

Here’s the tough part.  The price.  GULPS.  If you had told me in college that I would pay $28 for a pair of panties I wouldn’t have believed you.  It wasn’t even close to being in my budget.  Even now it’s not a price I want to pay but I see the benefits of the product enough that having 1-2 is a good thing.  A full set for a cycle?  I would need a big traffic increase on this blog to be willing and able to throw that down for panties.  They have a “buy one give one” model where for each pair of Thinx sold they donate to Afripads.


Thinx has devised a brilliant way of marketing their products that lets you refer people so if you want to buy Thinx and want more than 1 pair but just can’t right now you can spam your friends until they buy a pair and save $10 which gives you $10 in credits.  You can start with my code to save $10 on a pair and if I make sudden “THINX millions” after this goes live maybe I can order up a few for a giveaway.  I had been in discussions with a PR rep from Thinx to do a post and giveaway, we even had a phone call, but they never followed through with their plans.  For that reason I ordered my own but it’s been frustrating that my plans for an earlier review and giveaway were dashed.  Despite that frustrating experience the product is a good one and worth sharing.  

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Try the MioSolo from Bambino Mio- FREE!

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I’ve been keeping a secret!  I’ve partnered with Bambino Mio for an exciting promotion that will let you, my awesome readers, get to try a new cloth diaper for free!  All you will have to pay is the shipping and each diaper will be shipped from their homebase in the UK.

It’s not often a brand lets you try their product at their cost and you might be wondering why!  Bambino Mio is a household name in the UK and among the top brands of reusable “nappies” overseas.  They have many fantastic prints and their newest diaper, the MioSolo, is easy to use and a great daycare/diaperbag friendly diaper.  Parents in the US aren’t as familiar with the brand and we would like to help spread the word.  That’s it!

Fun fact!

In the UK velcro is the most popular diaper closure option.  Bambino Mio is the most widely used diaper in the UK and their velcro closure have proven to last.  That’s a great reason to try their diaper for FREE!  Most of us here in the US are quite wary of diapers with velcro- we’ve been burned before.  While it’s unrealistic to think velcro is going to last for 10 years, you may as well give these a shot and see if they can make you a believer in velcro again.

The diaper has a tongue style insert that agitates out in the wash to make washing and drying easier and faster.  DDL recently did a review of their improved MioSolo and the diaper scored perfect or nearly perfect in all categories!  You can check that out here: MioSolo Review.

Here are a few more reasons to try the MioSolo.

1. Free.  (well, the diaper is free but you will be paying 9.99 shipping.  The MioSolo retails for $21.99)

2. Expand your taste. Trying a new brand could lead to finding a new love.

3.  ADORABLE.  There are some really cute prints that just released and you get to pick which one you receive!


I’m kind of feeling like the Oprah of diapers right about now.


Head to the Bambino Mio USA Page and get your free diaper!

NOTE: it appears they’re already sold out, which was very fast!  I hope you were all able to grab your diaper in time!

To claim your FREE MioSolo head to their website and fill out the form, pay your shipping, and stalk your mailbox!  The promotion will be active until January 31 or until stock lasts so if you’re thinking of doing it don’t wait too long!  This offer is only available to residents in the US.  The code is unique- one code per shipping address.  

After filling out the form you will receive your unique promo code by email and you CAN pay shipping with Paypal!

Full rules can be seen below.

Promotion rules


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Tushmate Deep Sea Wonders AIO Giveaway!

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Hello lovelies… I heard that you all fell in love with the print featured in yesterday’s review for the Tushmate One Size All in One.  It’s gorgeous right?  Well, the name is Deep Sea Wonders and it’s a really vibrant print that the UK based artist Ewa Bursztyka.  Not only is it a custom print for Tushmate, but it’s also printed and cut in such a way that each diaper is identical and all the elements are orientated correctly on the front and back of the diaper.

I don’t know about you but I think that’s so cool.  If you love the print, and you probably do, you’re in luck because Dirty Diaper Laundry has one for the lucky winner of this contest!


You can enter below using Rafflecopter.  The contest ends 2/3 at midnight.  Open to US only.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Influencers share the Cloth Love!

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Social Media Stars- they’re just like us! They can’t help but share adorable photos of their babies in their cloth diapers. Here are three huge social media celebs that have been, whether they know it or not, making cloth mainstream by sharing fluffy photos online.

pixel line

Bethany Hamilton earned her fame unconventionally- at just 13 she lost her arm in a shark attack.  Bethany is a pro-surfer living in Hawaii and gave birth to her son Tobias in June 2015.

It’s well documented that Bethany uses cloth diapers at least part-time- she has an active social media presence and as every proud mom tends to do- she shares adorable photos of her son.  Many fans have noticed that their family uses cloth diapers!  Oh- and she’s a Tula mom.  

Even more amazing- when they use cloth diapers they don’t opt for the hook and loop- they use snaps! She is quoted as saying this about changing diapers-“First I arrange the diaper with my one arm, then I use my feet to lift his legs before reaching and fastening the diaper with my one hand. It’s even harder as we use re-usable diapers, which have a button that you have to fasten.” (Source: Daily Mail UK)  


Reby Hardy is more than just a celebrity who happens to use cloth diapers- she’s an out and proud #makeclothmainstream activist on social media! Reby is a Pro-Wrestler and TV personality as well as a model. She’s also the wife of pro-wrestler Matt Hardy. Her son named Maxel makes frequent, and adorable appearances in her Instagram modeling #alltheclothdiapers. GroVia, bumGenius, Funky Fluff, even WAHM brands- she has them all. Reby is also practicing Elimination Communication (infant potty training) and she’s proficient in many other “crunchy” arts. I’m not ashamed to say I am officially a Reby stalker- her IG is perfection. She’s certainly helping to #makeclothmainstream in each and every photo she posts. Even if she doesn’t realize it, she’s become a bit of a hero to the cloth world!

A photo posted by Reby Hardy (@rebysky) on

As an official Reby IG stalker I should also note that she has taken to collecting baby carriers as well. She’s making all of us jealous with her stashes of diapers AND carriers.

A photo posted by Reby Hardy (@rebysky) on

Jill Dillard (formerly Jill Duggar) is a polarizing figure due to her family’s beliefs. Love her or not, she has 1.5 million Instagram followers and the world is obsessed with how she and her husband are raising their son, Israel. Not long after his birth fans noticed that Jill chose to use cloth diapers, a higly praised move considering her mother’s choice NOT to cloth diaper all 19 children. If Jill and her husband decide to have as many children as she has siblings they will save more than $30,000 on diapers! Not to mention the disposables that would be saved from landfills. Even if you don’t agree with them it’s a positive thing to have her share photos of Israel in his cloth diapers!

A photo posted by Jill Dillard (@jillmdillard) on

It looks like Jill Dillard uses Rumparooz diapers at least part-time. Or perhaps she only uses for her monthly photos. Either way, it’s a great thing to have her fans exposed to cute cloth diapers.

  A photo posted by Jill Dillard (@jillmdillard) on

pixel line

We’d love to see more and more influencers using their platforms to knowingly or unknowingly spread the cloth diaper love! The #makeclothmainstreamchallenge will be starting this April. If you know someone who needs to participate leave a comment and we will see if we can’t bring them to the cloth side.

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Which Brand Should Feed Your Print Addiction? Take the Quiz!

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pinterestpinprintsquizWant to know which brand makes prints that are in tune with your style choices? Take this simple 5 question quiz to find out! Leave your answers in the comments and tell me if it’s what you expected!

Print Quiz

Pin It

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Quick Look- New Super Undies Pull on Trainers 2.0

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The beloved Super Undies Pull on Trainers have been given a facelift and a “tuck” in the new 2.0. Lara was sent one to try shortly before they released. We don’t have the full review since we need a little more time with the product but here’s a quick look at the new and improved 2.0!


Harper is in the early stages of potty training so these are a pefect option for daytime accidents.

The new sleeker, trimmer design means they will be more discreet and less bulky beneath clothing.

Super Undies Pull-On 2.0

The side panels are stretchy and comfortable.  You can buy the Super Undies Pull Ons in sizes for the best fit on your learner.  These may work for you overnight but they are designed for daytime.  Super Undies makes other products with more absorbency for overnight if needed.

We have several trainers being reviewed including this new 2.0 so look forward to those!

The 2.0 is available from Super Undies and retailers. It sells for $19.95.

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Lillebaby CarryOn, Tula Todder, and Beco Toddler carrier comparison chart - perfect to get an idea of each when trying to pick!

Líllébaby, Tula, and Beco Toddler SSC Carriers- Comparisons

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Lillebaby CarryOn, Tula Todder, and Beco Toddler carrier comparison chart - perfect to get an idea of each when trying to pick!

I thought my babywearing, diapering, breastfeeding days were completely over.  My “baby” was almost 5, out of diapers, no longer nursing, and had stopped letting me carry him years ago.  The last bit of “baby” I had from him was that he still crept into bed with me in the middle of the night for much appreciated snuggles on all sides.

The beginning of the school year came with challenges on mine and my youngest son’s part.  Because my oldest son goes to a charter school I pick him up each day.  Rather than using the carline- a nightmare parents are familiar with- I chose to park in the shopping center next door and do “parent walker pick-up” each day.  The walk isn’t far and usually my son was fine with walking to and from school with me.  I say usually because on certain days he completely rebelled and I was forced to carry his heavy body to and from.  Either that, or argue with him (while he cried) to get him to walk.  Those days SUCKED.

I had to make a choice- suffer through those hard days, 1-2 times a week, or go back to the carline and spend an extra 45 minutes of my day in the car and without my older son.  Those minutes are precious on weekdays.  Then it hit me- use a toddler carrier!

I have to admit, it’s been really great babywearing again.  I missed carriers and having my “baby” close to me.  It’s not the same as wearing a squishy newborn in a ring sling or a chubby infant in the SSC but it’s been really nice to reconnect with something I loved so intensely about having babies.

I tried out the Beco Toddler, Líllébaby Carry On, and Tula Toddler SSC’s (soft-structure carriers, AKA buckle carriers).  I’ll be going over each one’s pros and cons as I discovered in my time using them these last few months.  Disclosure- this post comes from an experienced babywearer but I do not claim to be a babywearing expert or perfectionist.  Each photo was taken after I put my son in the carrier alone using the superman toss, his shirt is bunched up as they tend to do, and he’s as centered as possible without a mirror or person to center him.  The reality of babywearing is that you are often solo- these images are a reflection of reality and not of a staged babywearing photoshoot with experts on hand to tweak us.  Don’t chase perfection- aim for safe and enjoy the journey you and your baby/toddler plan to share in your carrier.  

Overview Comparison of Líllébaby CarryOn, Tula Toddler, and Beco Toddler Carriers

Enjoy this short and sweet chart that compares the basic features of each toddler carrier.  Then we can get into my own thoughts on them.

Lillebaby CarryOn, Tula Todder, and Beco Toddler carrier comparison chart - perfect to get an idea of each when trying to pick!

Individual Comparisons:


Beco Toddler-

This was the first toddler carrier I tried.  The Beco, stylistically, is most appealing to me and the options are almost all ones I adore.  For the extra fashionable there are “Bekni” carriers made from woven Tekni fabric and they’re TDF (and also a good bit more price-wise).

The Beco is well constructed and comes with a zipper pouch that fits your carrier perfectly when you roll it up.  The pouch is made from the same material as the carrier and is NOT waterproof (a wetbag for the carrier included would be nice but the pouch is a total bonus, no other carriers include one that I tried).  The carrier also comes in a great giftable box, A+ for presentation.

Ev and I first tested this one at home and we were both a little rusty.  Being that he is so old and speaks perfect English it’s a whole different world.  I just told him to climb on my back from the bed and pulled the carrier around his back, on my arms, and secured the chest buckle.

The Beco was the only carrier that I really fiddled with to get the perfect fit on the straps and chest clip.  Initially I was struggling with the straps being pulled up on each side- I needed them to be tight enough that he was secure on my back.  I played with the chest strap level and tightness, along with the padded shoulder straps until it was workable (the Beco has PFA which are perfect fit adjusters for finer tuning)  It took several times of wear to achieve this and was admittedly uncomfortable until I got it right.  I stress this because I did get it eventually and as an experienced babywearer I want others to know they may have issues too but it doesn’t mean the carrier won’t work (always) it could just mean that you need to make small adjustments.

The Beco Toddler has an appropriately high back panel for taller toddlers.  It was good enough for Ev though he is certainly at the tail end of it’s max.  I didn’t feel nervous that he would stretch or arch out of it and feeling that he is safe is so important.  The seat has padding at the legs, good for toddlers and preschoolers since they have longer and heavier legs.

The biggest drawback to the Beco Toddler is the availability.  I was looking to buy one and couldn’t find it in stock!  I understand they are working on making it more available so if you’re in the market hopefully it will be easier for you to find one than it was for me.  I am too old for this stalking nonsense.


The Líllébaby CarryOn

The Líllébaby CarryOn is also a toddler version of their standard carrier.  Unlike with the Beco, I had never used a Líllébaby branded carrier with any of my babies since it was newer on the scene.  I’ve tried their carrier on before with a weighted baby and LOVED the extra panel for your back that really helps with longtime wear and comfort.

The Carry On includes this panel but for me, I am only wearing my preschooler on my back.  Those with younger toddlers may find you still wear them on the front and in this case, the back panel is great.  I unthreaded it and kept in the package for later.

The company kindly sent a Tokidoki print and I’m not obsessed yet but after ABC Kids Expo I’m understanding more and more why people are!  It’s very cute and also something a lot of parents who don’t fall into the beige category will love (and rock).

I appreciate a pocket for the hood since it’s not something I use.  Even with little babies I can count how many times I used the hood on our SSC’s on one hand.  I’d rather see the cute patterns than have a draped hood.

Fans of their breathable carrier will be happy to know it’s also in the toddler CarryOn. Even though babywearing is always going to be warm for the parent (that skin on skin is hot, no way to really combat that except a wet towel between you) the breathable mesh can be cooler for the child on their back or front.

My favorite thing about the CarryOn is that it’s easy to find in pretty much any print they offer.  If I’m being honest, sometimes being able to get the thing I want is more important than other features.


The Tula Toddler

I tend to go against the grain when it comes to trending items.  I never had the chance to wear my sons in the Tula when they were babies because it was just starting to become available as my babywearing days were on the way out.

Try as I might to resist the mania over the Tula I can see why it’s so popular.  The Tula Toddler was a great fit for both Everett and I and adjusting the straps was simple.  I think if I were to pick a carrier that fit us both best it would be this one.  This isn’t to say this is the best toddler carrier since every parent/toddler pair is different.  The waist belt and buckle were comfortable, though the Líllébaby had a more comfortable waist belt IMO.

The straps were the most comfortable for me, I was carrying a good deal of weight and the padding was generous.

The panel was plenty high for my 5 year old and the fabric was wide enough that his legs looked and felt supported.  When I look at the images it appears that the seat is wider than the other two carriers even though the Líllébaby measures wider- this could mean it would be too wide for wearing the younger toddlers but it was perfect in our case.   The padding at the edges is really thoughtful for the toddler’s comfort.

The hood is removable and this is my ideal situation, we just don’t use hoods.

The downside of Tula anything is that it can be hard to get the one you want- if there is a pattern you love it might not be at the store you prefer to buy from.  It can be a hunt to find it, or you have to settle for a print you like less.  Is this my favorite print ever?  No.  Was it at the store I wanted to buy it from?  Yes.  #thereyougo

Comparison of Lillebaby, Tule, and Beco toddler carriers

Is there a clear favorite?

No!  I wish.  I’m too indecisive for that to ever happen.  When it comes to aesthetics the Beco is my favorite, though since I began writing this post Líllébaby has released more prints that I love.  I just find the Beco prints to be closer to my own taste, they choose modern patterns I would easily put into my home.  Líllébaby and Tula are more colorful and playful.  Tula patterns are also ones that seem more for the baby than the parent overall.

The Tula did fit me best, I liked the Líllébaby waist belt and back support option most, but the Beco felt to be made the best with the highest quality of construction.  Since Everett is 100% able to have a vote I did ask of one was more comfortable than the other and he wasn’t able to say any over another.  Take that however you’d like.

I also rediscovered how nice it is to wear a larger toddler with a wrap conversion SSC.  This isn’t a quick and easy SSC but the long wrap straps made it possible to get a wider seat than the one on the carrier itself, which is why woven wraps are still a versatile option for wearing newborn to toddler to preschooler.

Why Can’t He Just Walk?


Toddlers and even preschoolers have their moments when they just can’t EVEN.  If you’ve been a parent before you realize this  Extreme exhaustion, pure stubbornness, sickness, whatever it is- sometimes even older kids want or need to be carried.  Wearing them is no different except that it’s a million times easier on your body and arms.

One of the reasons we stopped babywearing was that my son equated being worn in a carrier to missing out on the fun.  He fought it.  We took a long break and resumed for school pick-up as needed or the occasional shopping trip.  Now he loves that he has an option for when he is too tired or sick to walk.  Life has to march on, parents have other things they need to do.  Carriers are more convenient than strollers to have on hand.

It should also be pointed out that for children with special needs babywearing into toddlerhood and preschool is a godsend for the families.  Toddler carriers that accommodate the weight and height of children up to 60 pounds are filling a need and judging by their popularity, one that is only going to grow as people see the value in extending their babywearing into toddlerhood and beyond.

If you’re looking ahead to wearing a toddler the best advice I can give is to try carriers before you buy.  Look to babywearing groups such as the local BWI Chapters.  Ask a friend who already has one if you can try it on.  You can narrow down your choice using charts and reviews but there is nothing like trying them firsthand to understand which fits your body and your baby best.  Happy Toddlerwearing!

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Winter Print Releases from AppleCheeks, GroVia, Funky Fluff, and More!

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It’s not just Christmas for the kids- it’s Christmas for all cloth diaper lovers and it came a little bit early! Several new prints have released in the last week or so! So many new prints, in fact, that a blog post is the best way to share them all!

So many new cloth diaper prints have been released this Winter!  A handy reference for anyone who missed them!

pixel lineAppleCheeks

To the Core- newest print from AppleCheeks!
To the Core

Out of the Blue- Newest print from Applecheelks
Out of the Blue


Holland- the newest Dutch inspired print from GroVia


Funky Fluff
Funky Fluff Polar Ice with Wee Urban

Polar Ice, a print in collaboration with Wee Urban.

Smart Bottoms

Incredible- the newest print from Smart Bottoms

Incredible (coming soon to retailers)







Harvest Bears


Tots Bots


Festive Fling




Nicki’s Diapers


Blue Steel and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

pixel line

Retailer Exclusive Prints- Winter 2015

There have also been many Retailer Exclusives released recently. This is my best attempt at listing the most recent additions for your shopping needs!  Note that a few have sold out including Gnome Sweet Gnome and Homer’s Adventure.

Blueberry for Nicki’s Diapers



Ruffle My Feathers



Blueberry for Diaper Junction



Smart Bottoms for Abby’s Lane


Gnome Sweet Gnome

Smart Bottoms for Lil’ Tulips

Homer's Adventure

Homer’s Adventure

Thirsties for Nicki’s Diapers



Over the Rainbow
pixel line

If you’re itching to order any of these diapers you can click the images or print names to buy from a retailer! Happy Shopping!

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Peenut by Tots Bots {Giveaway}

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Earlier today Lara introduced you to the relatively new system from a DDL Favorite- Tots Bots!  From what I read the Peenut system has won Lara over and I’m guessing it will be in heavy rotation from now on!  It’s been on US shelves since October 2015.

2 (1)

To learn more about the Peenut here is a great description from The Green Nursery’s blog post:

“The PeeNut couldn’t be easier to use… no pocket, no stuffing, just snap in a pad and go! Unlike the Stretchy Wrap, which the PeeNut wrap is replacing, the inside of this wrap is wipeable. When it’s time for a change, wipe it down if needed, then pop in a new pad and reuse the wrap.  The 3-in-1 PeeNut pad is made up of two pads, a light and medium pad, made from gorgeously soft bamboo with a touch of microfiber for fast drying. For newborns, use the light pad during the day and medium at night. Once baby starts needing more aborbency during the day, make the switch to the medium pad. And for older babies and heavy wetters, both the light and medium pads can be used together for maximum absorbency, day and night…”

The system offers Size 1 and Size 2- since the Size 2 begins fitting at around 9 pounds the Size 1 may not even be needed but it’s there in case you need it for a much smaller baby or if you prefer a less bulky sized diaper on your baby until they outgrow the 1.

I have always loved the fit and print selections of Tots Bots products, not to mention how sturdy and long lasting their velcro is.

There are only 3 brands on my list, Tots Bots is one of them!

Now I’m guessing you’d love to try this brand and this system, yes?  Here is your chance thanks to Tiny Marigold- the US Distributor for Tots Bots and the reason we can actually get our hands on GOOD velcro!  If you don’t carry Tots Bots you can always give them a shout

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
You could win [1] Size 2 Peenut shell and [1] Day-to-Night Pad (US Only) by entering below.  The contest ends on December 21.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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No-Sew Elf on the Shelf Hack {Video}

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The easiest way to hack your elf on the shelf- makes him bendy for posing!  Must do this for Christmas!In 2012 I had a thought- why not add bendable wires to the inside of my Elf on the Shelf?!  I had so many fun ideas for him but quite frankly, he wasn’t up to the task with his wimpy body.  Not long after that he was hacked, I blogged it,  and the tutorial went on to become a HUGE Internet sensation!

In 2015 I decided (after the prodding of a friend) it was about time I made a video of this hack.  I did that and more- finding a way to put in the same, thick gauge wire that should last for many years of fun, but without the sewing!  If you haven’t hacked your Elf yet then you’re in for a treat- this method works for anyone and there is no need for a needle and thread!

You Will Need:

Cost- The wire is about $5 (use a coupon at the craft store!) and the velcro dots were $2 for the package. Most of the other items you will have on hand!  If you have a Leatherman tool this works great for pliers and a wire cutter.
Time- With no sewing this version of my Original Hack is even quicker! The first arm or leg may drive you nuts while trying to get the wire in between stitches but you find your groove!
Skill Level: If you can boil water you can hack your Elf.

Make Your Elf Arms Bendable!

Elf on the Shelf hack
Use the seam ripper to un-stitch the hands if you haven’t yet.  Take your wire and lay it next to your elf’s arms then cut where there is a tiny bit extra so you have enough wire to make a loop.  Make a tiny loop and squeeze it closed with your pliers- it has to be small enough to fit through the stitching but a loop is necessary to ensure the wire doesn’t eventually poke through the fabric and leave a hole!

Examine the hand on your elf- look on the side where the stitching is spaced out more (not the very tip).  When you find a good spot push the non-looped side of your wire through.  If you can’t seem to get your thick wire through you can use the seam ripper to widen a hole or even rip a single stitch- because you’re going in from the side and not the tip even ripping a stitch won’t matter!  The wire can’t poke through the tip (I wish I would have thought of that sooner!)
If you have a newer elf you notice there is elbow stitching to deal with (older, creepier models don’t have this).  On the backside of the arm rip 1-2 stitches in the middle of the arm.  This gives your wire entry to the upper portion.
Since we entered on the side, depending on how long you cut the wire will determine how easy or hard it is to get the remainder stuffed into the hand.  I wanted mine pretty exact since it seems to do the best for bending so I had to really work it in by bending the arm and pushing extra fabric down and working the wire up.
Make sure the end of your wire is centered and not facing the way you came in- once inside use your fingers to massage the seam.  The “entry wound” will be nearly invisible.

Make Your Elf’s Legs Bendable!

For the legs you will go the exact same thing.  Find stitching on the back of the leg above the bottom of the “foot” and insert your wire.  Pop a stitch or two at the knee and work the wire all the way inside.

Make Your Elf’s Hands Grippy!

Elf Hack for Grippy Hands
You can opt to skip this step- the bendable hands to most of the things the velcro addition does- but I like having the option of velcro.

Take your velcro hook and loop and cut one of each to fit the hands.  Decide the placement you want, add hot glue to the back, and attach.  That was easy!

Time to Pose!

Your Elf now has super posing abilities just in time for Elf on the Shelf season!  Find a few fun Elf on the Shelf ideas on DDL or the great list on Kids Activities Blog.  I’d love to see your bendable elf in action!  Tag me in photos on Instagram (@Kim_Rosas) and follow our Elf Wyatt again this year!

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