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Enter to WIN the 30.30.30. Giveaway with 30+ Prizes! 11 Winners!

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After 3 long days of constant announcements it is finally time to enter this giveaway!  I hope I didn’t make you wait too long, but some events just require teasing!  The 30.30.30. Event is to celebrate hitting the 30,000 Fans Milestone on Facebook (I just hit 31k!), my 30th Birthday which is TODAY, and the 30 prizes (plus the bonus prizes) I’m giving away.  Each brand gave 3 prizes and there will be one winner per set of three.  One winner gets the Tula and one winner gets the entire AppleCheeks Full-Time kit.  You can also enter the bumGenius prints giveaway I self-sponsored happening on my Fanpage.

We have some incredible sponsors who have been so generous so please don’t forget to like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram to thank them.  Molly’s Suds, Super Undies, Smart Bottoms, Spray Pal, GroVia, Logan and Lenora, Dream Diapers, Thirsties, Onya Baby, Sweetbottoms Baby, and AppleCheeks have made this event one for the history books!  I always feel overwhelmed with joy to know there are so many amazing companies that support DDL.  More details on the prizes can be found in all of the past posts or you can see them in this giant graphic- even the ENTIRE Full-Time Applecheeks kit!  WHAT?!


Now you’ve already been told about the prizes so all you need to do now is enter to win!  This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents but notice that only some of the giveaways are eligible to Canadians.  Sucks but that is how it works sometimes.  Enter below.  You have until midnight on January 31st to enter.  Winners will be emailed if they win and they have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be drawn.  GOOD LUCK and thank you for celebrating with me!

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The Biggest Surprise! Win a Full Time AppleCheeks Kit in the 30.30.30. Giveaway!

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This is only considered a BONUS giveaway because the sheer number of prizes would ruin my “30 prizes” count for my theme but are you complaining?  I don’t think so because this is a FANTASTIC giveaway!  AppleCheeks said they love me SO MUCH they had to do something fantastic in celebration of my 30k milestone and my 30th birthday.  It’s hard to argue with that logic so I said bring it on!


On top of the other amazing prizes (27 prizes from 9 sponsors, 3 prizes I self-sponsored, 1 Bonus Tula) I get to set someone up with a Full-Time set of AppleCheeks!  This is way better than getting gifts for my birthday, I am giving them!

Next up is the ACTUAL giveaway as we have been working our way up to it I hope your excitement has grown.  Good luck to everyone!

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Bonus 30.30.30. Prize is a Tula from SBB!

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I told you I had some surprises up my sleeve… now that 27 of the 30 prizes have been announced (see this link for 27 ) I’m ready to share one of those surprises!  No birthday celebration can be complete without a surprise or two!


Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique is sponsoring a prize that I’m positive you will want to walk away from this event with.  A Tula!!!  A Tula Standard in Arrows to be exact.  Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique has been one of my favorite shopping spots since my early cloth diapering days and their free shipping on most items is a nice perk! They have a retail location in the Raleigh area in NC for anyone local too!


I am so bummed that the Tula craze really started at the tail end of my babywearing days so I never did get to try one but I’m excited that one of you will get one!  I have just one more announcement left…. then the giveaway will begin!  The next one is a BIGGIE so be seated.  You can look back to see the rest of the prizes for now.

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Announcing Prizes 24-27 from Onya Baby!

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I’m making my final numbered announcement here on the blog for prizes in the 30.30.30. event and what a way to end it!  Onya Baby is offering 3 prizes for the event and I know you will want to win them!  As you probably know or gathered from the name of this event, there are 30 prizes and this covers 24-27 of them… but it’s the last announcement?  The rest will be shared on Facebook so look to my fanpage for that.


Onya Baby has had my heart for a long time, they’re such amazing people and the carriers are SO innovative and comfortable.  This year they added the new Lapis color for their Cruiser carrier and since it goes great with my skin tone I’m excited to have that as part of this event (vain much?).  One lucky DDL reader is going to win the Cruiser in Lapis and two sets of Chewies to protect the straps from teething babies, one in chocolate and one in grey.  AMAZING!  I’m so jealous that a. the winner will have a baby to wear and b. they get to wear them in this gorheous carrier.  Onya carriers have the most comfortable back carry of any SSC I’ve tried so get ready to explore and go on a hike somewhere amazing!

I do have some surprises up my sleeve…. look for the last 3 prizes to be announced on my Facebook page.  You haven’t liked my page yet?!  Like it and get notifications or you could miss out!  Find all of the prizes announced  here and join me tomorrow for DDL’s 30.30.30. giveaway!

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Announcing Prizes 22-24 from Thirsties!

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Can you feel it…. we are SO CLOSE to the real 30.30.30. giveaway that begins tomorrow and I can’t stand it!  I hope you’re as excited as I am though I still know a few things that you don’t!

The next set of prizes will be from my friends at Thirsties!  It’s been a great week for them too because they just announced their new Newborn All-in-One and it looks awesome!


Now lets get right to the prizes!  One lucky DDL reader will win this Thirsties package which contains 3 prizes: a One Size All-in-One, a Duo Wrap and Hemp Prefold, and a Thirsties Wet Bag!  The winner will be able to choose their size, print, color, and closure.  I’m not sure what I would pick, probably the new Silver Dollar print or the new coral color for one of the diapers… the possibilities are endless.  I only have one more announcement for today then we can get to the giveaway tomorrow!  Did I mention today is my last day of being 29?  Guess I need to do something reckless and irresponsible before I hit 30.  Tattoo?  Look at the rest of the prizes and be here tomorrow to enter!

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Announcing Prizes 19-21 from Dream Diapers!

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Dream Diapers has been growing and has a wonderful and loyal customer base even though they’re a newer retailer.  They’ve also been a longtime DDL advertiser so I’m very excited to have their store as a sponsor of this 30.30.30. celebration!


Even though there are technically more than 3 prizes they are being given as sets so imma let that slide because it is to the winner’s benefit!  Dream Diapers is generously giving away HTF a Lalabye Baby diaper in  Hush and Over the Meadow, a Sloomb OBF and a pair of Sloomb wool Underwoolies, and  $35 Dream Diapers Stash Dash (their choice of girl or boy version).  Incredible right?  I know a lot of readers would love to try Lalabye Baby and Sloomb so this is an incredible chance!  Go look at the rest of the prizes announced so far and them come back on Janaury 25th to enter!


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Announcing Prizes 16-18 from Logan+Lenora!

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Following up on the announcement that GroVia will be part of the 30.30.30 giveaway I have some even more amazing news- Logan+Lenora are in too!  I fell hard for their stylish wet bags and clutches when I met them at a tradeshow.  There are few wet bags that can match them in gorgeousness and every stylish cloth diapering mama needs at least one!


The lucky winner will get three (THREE!) products from Logan+Lenora.  Classic Wet Bag, Mini Wet Bag, Wet + Dry Diaper Clutch in the winner’s choice of print!  I’m VERY partial to the B&W owls, even featured them in the DDL Favorite Things of 2014, but you don’t have to pick my favorite print!  This set will make someone jump up and down when they get the email that they won so don’t forget to enter when the giveaway goes live on January 25th!  Only one more day of announcements then we can get started on entering!

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Announcing Prizes 13-15 from GroVia!

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I couldn’t celebrate without my friends at GroVia.  Not only was my very first video review of their hybrid diaper system (formerly known as GroBaby back in 2009) but they are partners with Giving Diapers, Giving Hope and I love them for all of those reasons and more!  They will be giving 3 products away in the giveaway that starts January 25th for my 30.30.30 celebration!  If you don’t already know and are just tuning in, I’ve been announcing sponsors one by one as we lead up to the official giveaway and we are on the 5th sponsor.  There are a total of 30 prizes so we are at the halfway point…


Here is what one lucky DDL will be winning: A set of No Prep Soaker Pads, an AI2 Shell, and a GroVia Magic Stick.  A nice way to pad your stash right there since it amounts to 2 changes!  That’s the beauty of an All-in-Two!

You can look back at previously announced prizes and sponsors with this link: 30.30.30 Sponsors.  Come back on January 25th to enter the big giveaway and you could win this or another prize!


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Announcing Prizes 10-12 from Spray Pal!

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Did you catch my hints last night on Facebook about today’s brands?  Our first brand started with a product cloth diapering moms say no one should live without- Spray Pal!  My big 30.30.30 giveaway is going to include 3 prizes from Spray Pal and that will start on January 25th so come back to enter when it is live.


Now lets talk about those prizes!  Spray Pal will be giving one reader a Spray Pal splatter shield, a Spray Pal diaper sprayer, and a set of cloth diaper advocacy stickers!  I have the new sprayer that I need to install and play with for an upcoming video and the packaging is awesome plus it looks very nice.  If you know how much I love my bathroom then you know I wouldn’t want a crummy looking sprayer in it!  Beyond babies and diapers the Spray Pal and a diaper sprayer can work with mama cloth and comes in REALLY handy when spraying clothing that has been vomited on.  I’ve even heard of Spray Pal’s being used as a shield for boys that are potty training!

As a company Spray-Pal has come so far in a short period of time thanks to Mr and Mrs. Spray Pal’s hard work and amazing knack for connecting with the community and other brands.  I’m thrilled to have their support as I celebrate my milestones and have loved cheering them on for theirs.

Have a look at the other prizes already announced and come back soon to see even more prizes and brands being added.  The big giveaway posts on January 25th too!

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Introducing Prizes 7-9 from Smart Bottoms!

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Using cloth diapers is a smart idea and using Smart Bottoms might be a brilliant one!  A lucky DDL reader will receive 3 prizes from Smart Bottoms as part of DDL’s 30.30.30. event but you’ll need to enter the giveaway on January 25th so don’t forget!.

Already we have announced two great prize packages from Molly’s Suds and Super Undies, now we are closing the day with Smart Bottoms.  I’m really excited to see how this company has grown through the years, their products have improved with each new version and their current 3.1 One Size is the best version yet.  They’ve added a great newborn diaper to their line-up and have introduced awesome new custom prints.  I’m sure 2015 will be an even more exciting year for the company.


One reader will win a Smartbottoms 3.1, a pail liner, and a wet bag!  They will get to choose the colors or prints too.  If you’re just getting started with cloth diapering or not anyone can use these items!  Come back and enter to win these and other prizes on January 25th!

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Winning Colors Baby, Buttons Cloth Diapers, Tushmate Newborn, Chelory All in One