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Tiny Tunas Harmony Fitted Giveaway!

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This week Lara introduced you to the Tiny Tunas Harmony Fitted- an exquisite piece of “art” disguised as a diaper.  Any mom, especially a babywearing one, would love to add one to their stash so at least one will once they win this giveaway!


Tiny Tunas creates innovative, sustainable handmade cloth diapering solutions to last you from infancy to potty learning. Our company is dedicated to children and their families and focused on providing support to assist you on your sustainable diapering journey.”

Everything about the diapers is luxe- their snaps are very high quality with engraved motifs, the outer materials are made from Oscha slings woven wraps, the absorbent materials are bamboo fleece and sherpa.  Tiny Tuna also makes wool longies and shorties, even wool leggings (I am particularly fond of these, very cute).

harmonyfitted win

They’d love a DDL fan to win a Harmony Fitted!  You can enter below, open to US and Canada.  The winner will get to select the size and pick Boy/Girl/GN.  Winner has 48 hours to claim or I’ll have to pick a new winner.

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New Releases from Blueberry, bumGenius, Bummis, Applecheeks, Fuzzibunz, AMP (so far!)

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It’s that time of year again when your favorite cloth diaper brands are releasing the fruits of their labor from the past year (or more).  There will be a lot more announcements to come (and I will be giving a lot of the new products away for a little something I’m cooking up with Super Undies and the other brands exhibiting at ABC Kids Expo in 2 weeks).  For now here is a look at what has been released.

Blueberry hit us with 5 NEW prints.  I’m so in love with Geo and I really love their cohesiveness, something Blueberry is great at with their prints.

new prints from Blueberry

bumGenius surprised everyone with a release of two new prints in the Genius series, Spence and Marie.  These aren’t quite in line with their previous prints and are much brighter.  Both are somewhat “sea” themed with one Pirates and one Mermaids.  Many retailers will be stocking this today or tomorrow so keep checking Kelly’s Closet.   Diaper Junction (has them right now)!

new prints from bumGenius Spence and Marie

Bummis released TWO new products!  Their new Flannel Fitted and The Dimple Diaper.  The Flannel Fitted is One Size and comes in several fun prints.  The Dimple Diaper is organic cotton, has lots of absorbency, all hidden snaps, and soakers are either stay dry or cotton.

dimple flannel fitted

Applecheeks has released a new Limited Edition color that will surely become a HTF color once it is retired so grab it while you can.  JEM!  Inspired by a favorite show of mine (and probably your’s too) from way back when.


And in case you missed it, Fuzzibunz are back with two new diapers- their One Size Small (OSS) and One Size Large (OSL).  I reviewed them recently because I was able to get my hands on them early (no video posted yet).  They still have the internal size adjustment but the sizing is different and the quality has improved.

New Fuzzibunz Fact Chart

AMP Diapers has three new prints that they just announced- Spotty, Dotty, and Enchanted.


Funky Fluff announced a new color, a new print “Funksters” and new hanging diaper pails that look awesome.


Don’t worry, there will be loads more announcements in the next 2-3 weeks.  I can’t say a peep until then but I KNOW great things are coming so if none of these are your favorites keep an eye on my Facebook page.

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Pink Lemonade Luxury Mama Cloth {Giveaway!}

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One of the unintentional side effects of cloth diapering your baby is that you are suddenly aware of the yucky chemicals inside of all disposable hygiene.  Tampons and pads are not immune to those ingredients and now you are wondering how to avoid the same things!  For some a menstrual cup is a good plan but not everyone is comfortable with using them.  For those moms reusable mama cloth (reusable menstrual pads, you don’t HAVE to be a mom to use them!) can be the answer.


You may be wondering how all this works… like cloth diapers, you will need to wash your mama cloth items.  Pink Lemonade conveniently sells reusable zippered wet bags from Planet Wise to store your dirties in between wash days and Femme Rock, a detergent designed for washing mama cloth. You can carry a small dual zippered bag to hold clean and dirty pads for traveling too.

Pink Lemonade specializes in luxury mama cloth.  The luxury comes from their soft fabrics and boutique designs.  They have created a large variety of menstrual pads with sizes that will work for teens all the way up to their larger and more absorbent post partum pads.    I am asked often about safe options for after childbirth since menstrual cups are not an option so I love that they have created post-partum mama cloth.   If you are traditionally a menstrual cup user but still have light leakage on heavy days or just like that protected feeling they offer liners too. Fabric choices like minky, bamboo velour, and fleece are very familiar to cloth diapering moms.

Eventually cloth diapering comes to an end, perhaps a mama cloth stash is your next addiction?  Like cloth diapers you can find them in designer prints and really amazing tie-dyes in vibrant hues. I can help get you started!


Enter to win a $50 Gift Code to shop on Pink Lemonade! This giveaway is open Worldwide (hurray) and ends at midnight August 28.

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Milk or Cereal? Cloth Diapers Then vs Now

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During my time in the “cloth diaper industry” I’ve been witness to an explosion in new brands, new styles, new prints, new everything!  I came onto the scene just as this explosion was happening and things have only grown from there (something I can’t take any credit for).  I’ve often wondered if this growth and the limitless options parents face today has been a good thing or if it makes it harder.  Explaining the different types of diapers to my sister who just gave birth a few days ago I again realized how confusing it really is to a brand new cloth diapering parent.

It’s kind of like Milk or Cereal…

In the earliest days of cloth diapering up to about the 1990′s there were very few choices.  Looking at your milk section you can find just a handful of options- Whole Milk, 2%, 1%, Skim.  And in those “styles” of milk you only get to choose from 2-3 brands.  Do you want the organic or the generic?  Hmmm… it doesn’t take very long for you to make that choice and usually you know already what you want before you get there.

Milk by Teakwood on Flickr

Milk by Teakwood on Flickr, cc

Similarly before the renaissance of modern cloth diapers you had one option- flats.  Later prefolds came into the mix.  As for covers you either went without, used wool soakers, or sparingly used a boater or rubber pants but only for special outfits or car rides.  If you went to a larger store/catalogue you may even get to choose the brand, otherwise you just have the one option or you make you own if you’re handy.  Having fewer options made diapering simple though I’m sure parents then were hopeful that there would be an easier and more convenient way.

1915 baby layette catalogue

W&H . Walker Co. 1915 catalogue

The milk era is gone… now we are in the “cereal” era.  Today at any grocery or convenience store you will enter the cereal aisle thinking “I just need one box…” and wind up standing there for 10 minutes making a decision.  Even ss an adult I wind up weighing my choices based on the cost, any sales they may be having, what I think is best for me, or maybe that day I’m really going to ignore the sugar and go right for the good stuff even it costs twice as much as other options.

Cereal Aisle byFlickr User Jeepers Media, cc

Cereal Aisle byFlickr User Jeepers Media, cc

Online or shopping in store for cloth diapers today is the same way.  You know what the diapers DO- they catch pee and poop.  Just like you know cereal will stop your hunger.  But the variety, the choices, the range of prices… why is one diaper $5 and another that looks the same $35?  Is it just the “name brand” like the $5 “Lucky Charms” and the $2.50 “Marshmallow Stars?”  You can shop the bottom row for the “good for you” cereals… with cloth diapers you can also shop the bottom “healthy” row of organic prefolds that are cheap and work great but lack the pizazz of the higher up items.

Shelves of cloth diapers at Diaper Junction

Shelves of cloth diapers at Diaper Junction


Keep looking higher and suddenly you’re overwhelmed with even more options- there are so many styles of diapers that you aren’t even sure how one simple item could have so many different names.  Yes- they all do the same thing but how they go about it is slightly different depending on the brand you choose.  And the colors!  One glace at a well stocked diaper store and you are struck by how many colors and designs diapers come in now.  Even if you know the style or brand you want, how can you possibly pick a color?  You kind of want to try one of each.

So… with all of these choices do parents have it better or worse than their grandparents did?  I think that depends on who you ask.

Would you rather choose diapers from a milk-sized selection or cereal-sized selection?

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Fuzzibunz Large One Size on toddler

First Look at the New One Size Fuzzibunz- Improved Design and New Owners

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I’ve been keeping a secret for a very long time and it is finally time to spill the beans!  Fuzzibunz are back with new designs and a completely new manufacturing process that will greatly improve their quality.  How do I know all this?  Well… I was given a sneak peek at the new designs prior to their release and also had the chance to chat with the new owners of Fuzzibunz (CRG Icc).

Fuzzibunz Small One Size on a Newborn

For those new on the cloth diapering scene, Fuzzibunz have been around a long time and are considered the first mainstream pocket diaper on the market.  They started with a fleece pocket, then started using waterproof PUL outers and fleece linings.  Their earlier diapers were sized but they later released their One Size diapers that saw several incarnations.  Most notable was the One Size Elite with a narrow pocket that changed widths a few times.  In the cloth diapering world we love NEW but when a diaper design changes too often it can be a bit of a bother.

That’s why when Fuzzibunz changed ownership the first step was to make a consistent product that was a good quality.  They’ve spent over a year testing and re-testing new designs and came up with something slightly different but still very much the same. From my conversation with Roy Couvillion I learned so much about the long and arduous process they went through to re-design the diaper to work better while still looking and feeling the same as the beloved Fuzzibunz brand.  Much of the redesign has come from his experience in solving problems and creating better products.  Usually diapers are designed by mothers to fit their babies and tweaked as time goes on.  In this case he used his design experience in other fields and applied it to cloth diapers to solve the little problems that Fuzzibunz had before.

Fuzzubunz now has TWO One Size Diapers!  Fuzzibunz “Small” One Size and Fuzzibunz “Large” One Size. (Please note the images depict a prototype diaper I was sent so the colors and finishing may be slightly different than the final products)


Both diapers are still adjustable using their numbered slotted leg elastic-same as before.

New Fuzzibunz One Size Comparisons

So maybe you are asking… why?

One Size diapers typically fit babies from 10 pounds up to 35 or 40 pounds.  Very few fit a newborn well and very few fit a larger toddler well.  Fuzzibunz decided to make two different One Size diapers- they are each adjustable to fit babies of many ranges.  The Small One Size will fit babies beginning at about 7 pounds and the narrow crotch works better for the smallest babies without too much bulk in between.  The Large One Size will start fitting  a bit later and has a wider crotch but will work for longer for larger babies.

New Fuzzibunz Fact Chart

The design is still very similar to the Elite One Size but with thoughtful design choices. The elastic bands are nice and wide- this means a more comfortable fit around the back and the legs for baby (the thinner the elastic the more likely for red marks). The snap placement has been adjusted but you probably won’t even notice it- that was done a tiny amount to help create a better fit. The insert is once again microterry instead of minky. It is also shaped a bit differently and has a contoured shape instead of a rectangular shape and has just 3 layers instead of 4 for better cleaning.

How does it work?

I’ve been testing both sizes on my own son at night because I wanted to see for myself how they compared to the old version. My son at 3.5 years can still fit the small! It is a “just barely” kind of fit but it will snap on! The OSL (large) fits him best of course and has worked great on him for the occasional accident overnight even with just the one microterry insert. It even has a little room to grow- though he is a peanut for his age at just 30 pounds and it should fit up to 45 pounds.

Fuzzibunz Large One Size on toddler

I even snuck the OSS diaper onto my new baby niece- just born yesterday at 11:30 am- and the small sized down to fit her. She is 7.5 pounds. For her I tightened it in the adjustable waist and all the way down in each leg.  This version should fit up to 30 pounds.  

My only complaint at this point is that stuffing the pocket can take longer using the contoured insert than a rectangular insert when you have to make sure the back is tucked in and flat.  For people who dislike stuffing pockets to begin with this is one more step that adds a small amount of time to that process.

I am out of town for this reveal though I wasn’t supposed to be and my video is at home so that will have to come later on.

What do you think?  Are you going to give the new Fuzzibunz a shot?  They are only at a handful of retailers (DDL affiliate Kelly’s Closet carries them) or on the Fuzzibunz website.

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7 Ways Cloth Diapering Changed My Life

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Without being dramatic I can absolutely say with confidence that cloth diapering changed my life!  That one decision I made while pregnant over 5 years ago has paid dividends for my family and not just because we saved a few thousand dollars over the course of diapering two children.  You’ll be surprised at how drastically my life has changed simply due to cloth diapering.

Cloth diapers changed my life

1. The most obvious change was the money savings from diapering two children.  I would estimate that after the cost of my diapers and accessories I saved $2,740 dollars!  And since my youngest still needs diapers on occasion at night we are still raking in the savings by him wearing reusable trainers instead of disposable pull-ups.  When our family was brand new we needed all the money savings we could get.  The money saved was able to go to our rent and other expenses, making it easier to have a baby and be young parents fresh out of college.

2. I started cutting down waste in other areas and became more conscious of household wasters like napkins and paper towels.  I ordered unpaper towels and a reusable kitchen wet bag to store the dirty ones in.  It hasn’t made us cut them out completely but every little bit helps.  It also helped me think before buying certain products.  Buying items that use less packaging cuts down on our household waste overall and buying products sold in glass is something I prefer to do.

3.  I became aware of the chemicals in disposable hygiene products for babies AND women.  That propelled me to switch from tampons to the reusable menstrual cup.  That one decision has changed my quality of life tremendously!  I can get through one menstrual cycle with only changing a cup 4-6 times versus changing a tampon that many times in ONE day!  I stopped having strange cramps and I haven’t had to buy any more boxes of tampons in over a year since using the Lunette!

4. Babywearing was suddenly a word I knew the meaning of!  Cloth diapering moms also liked babywearing so I saw the term, learned what it was all about, and tried it myself.  It made parenting my needy baby boys much easier.  Truthfully, I don’t know what I would have done with my velcro babies without my Ergo, my wraps, and my Maya Wrap Sling!

5.  I gave birth- at HOME!  Again, being involved in the cloth diapering community introduced me to the concept of homebirth.  It was not love at first sight but as my second pregnancy progressed the idea was more and more appealing to me.  Late in my pregnancy I made the switch to a homebirth midwife and at 41.5 weeks my second baby boy was born in my bedroom into an inflatable pool.  That moment is one I will never forget- it healed me from my first bad birth experience and my son was born healthier, more alert, and better at breastfeeding.

6.  Extended breastfeeding was normal in my circle of support, not gross.  I had the support I needed to make it through tough times and the inspiration to pull through in order to do what I felt was best for my sons.  With my second we made it to almost 3 years and I wouldn’t have even known this was acceptable and NORMAL without my new circle of friends and acquaintances.

7. I have a surprising career thanks to cloth diapering.  While the 1-5 are probably common among all of you, I loved cloth diapering so much it also became my job.  At first it was just a hobby blog, then it started earning ad revenue, then I started being hired by other companies for various jobs (like video editing/filming, social media or twitter parties, or consulting) and it allowed me to stay at home for with my young children and supplement our income.  Cloth diapering led me to learn how to edit videos, how to use social media, and do it all from home (or Starbucks.)  Instead of going back into the workforce when the boys are both in school I plan to keep working from home.

How has cloth diapering changed your life?

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Registering (and getting) Cloth Diapers at a Baby Shower {Fluffin’ Awesome Tips}

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 ”But you’ll quit in the first few weeks so I got you disposables as a back-up!”  


How many moms have heard this?  As frustrating as it can be to have a family member or friend dismiss something that means a great deal to you, it can be even more soul crushing to have them doubt your ability to follow-through with a task.  I too was told I would quit, though no one bought disposables for my baby shower in 2008 they didn’t buy cloth diapers either.  (PS, did I show them OR WHAT?!)


Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 5.07.07 PMToday not only can you register for cloth diapers at an online retailer that specializes in the product (may I suggest Kelly’s Closet?) or you can add them to your registry at places like Babies ‘R Us, Buy Buy Baby, and Target!

Is there a secret to actually getting the cloth diapers you’ve registered for?  No.  Absolutely not.  Every person and family is different.  You know your circle of friends best, not to mention there may be cultural reasons behind purchases and traditions.  The concensus out there today is that it is still hard to get modern cloth diapers at a baby shower.

Add cloth diapers to your registry!


My first tip to getting cloth diapers at your baby shower is to register for them!  You can’t get what you don’t ask for.  For most of the people shopping you are speaking another langauge.  Older family members recognize the term but are confused by the product (it has snaps?  Where are the pins?  Why don’t these need a cover?)  Rather than expecting them to figure it out themselves just register for exactly what you want.

Talk about cloth diapers!


Open a dialogue with your close friends and family.  If cloth diapering is something you are committed to then let them know that.  You may or may not want disposables (hey, they can be handy once in a while) but if you are hoping to get a lot of help with your stash it may be worthwhile to mention how much you’re looking forward to using cloth diapers and WHY.  A subtle hint now and then never killed anyone.

Keep it simple!


Keep your registry realistic and basic.  By paring down to the essentials (does your baby really need that plush cotton robe and slippers or the decorative giant giraffe?) your guests will find it easier to shop for you and their eyes won’t glaze over with a 5 page print-out at Target.  Shooting fish diapers in a barrel is easier when the barrel is smaller.  This tactic will benefit your overall as well so put some thought into what you really need and want- be a great baby registry editor.

Break it up!


Register for individual items or smaller packages, not the full set.  If you only add a larger “buy it all at once” package like those that cost several hundred dollars, you lower your chances of getting any diapers at all.  Either someone buys the whole thing or no one does.  By letting people pick a diaper or two or an accessory off the list you can at least hope to add a few diapers to your baby’s stash.

Spell it Out!


Even though a gift is a gift I believe to some degree a mother’s registry should be followed.  It is customary to register for weddings and baby showers and in the case of baby showers parents know not only what they need, but what they will use.  This is why you may want to be more than subtle about your desire to cloth diaper, especially if you are on a tight budget and are relying on the baby shower to help you get started.


You can even try including a not-so-subtle poem in your invitations (or use these FREE invitations for cloth diapering moms from Cloth Diaper Geek!)

Or Get a Gift Card!


If you know your friends and family well enough to foresee their reluctance about buying cloth diapers you may want to skip registering for them directly and instead ask for gift cards to places that sell diapers online or in store.  To some this is considered tacky (asking for gift cards) but again, this is your life and you understand the rules of your circle.  Another option is to collect funds in a jar to go towards the diapers at the baby shower itself.


Have you gone through registering for cloth diapers and getting them (or not getting them) at your baby shower?  Share your experience in the comments!

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make a breast pad rose bud bouquet

Bamboobies Breast Pad Rose Bud Bouquet {Fluffin’ Awesome Gift}

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This one is a very unique gift for your soon to be mom who is also going to be breastfeeding. It takes a practical item (reusable breast pads by Bamboobies) and makes it a centerpiece worthy gift!

make a breast pad rose bud bouquet

You can use any number of breast pads, I used half a dozen.  I did this post in a bit of a hurry and forgot to take a wide shot of supplies, sorry!  No time for a video for this one either.


  • Bamboobies Heart Shapes Breast Pads in Hot Pink or Light Pink
  • Floral Stem Wire
  • Green Satin Ribbon (wide, or wide and slim in same color)
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Lighter
  • Scissors
  • Bud Vase
Step 1: Make a Rose Bud

Before you begin making your rose bud make sure you have a piece of stem wire handy. Using the heart shaped breast pad, fold the bottom of the heart inward and make sure the colorful PUL waterproof side is facing out. Start rolling from left to right until you have the desired look. You can play with how you fold the point up and how you roll it to create different looks. (The Eco-Friendly Family did this craft as well and folded her pads completely different)

Rose bud breast pad

Step 2: Attach the Stem Wire

Attach the stem wire to the base of the rose bud by using one end and wrapping it around a few times. Use the stem wire to keep the bud closed so make sure it is tight. When you spiral you can pull the bud tighter towards the bottom.

Breast pad rose bud

Step 3: Make the Bottom Ribbon Cap

Using your green wide satin ribbon cut a small section (just a few inches) and snip out triangles to make zig zags. Next, take your lighter and lightly singe the edges. This will keep the ribbon from fraying and also make them curl and look more organic. Wrap this around the stem wire and glue the bottom of the ribbon to itself. Don’t glue anything to the breast pads!


Step 4:  Close the Ribbon Cap

This is the hardest part for me. Trying to start the ribbon that you will wrap around the stem and making it flow nicely from the bottom
“cap” you just glued. For the stem you can either use skinny ribbon of cut the wide ribbon you already have and singing the edge to prevent fraying. The best method was glueing the bottom cap ribbon to itself on the bottom, then glueing the start of the long ribbon to the cap.

Make a breast pad bouquet

Step 5: Wrap the ribbon tightly around the wire. You can intermittently add clue to it doen’t unravel. I tried to get the glue on the stem as well. Keep in mind that this only has to look good for presenting, not last for years, since the gift recipient will pluck the bud from the wire! Make a loop at the end of the wire, add a dot of hot glue, then finish wrapping. You can burn any loose threads off from the stem with the lighter.


Add your beautiful breast pad roses to a bud vase of your choice! They’re a decorative gift that looks great on a baby shower table.

Breast pad rose bud bouquet

Make a rose bud bouquet from breast pads

If you love this tutorial make sure you have a look at the cloth diaper sushi baby shower gift post.
Breast pad roses in a clear vase- baby shower gift idea

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Everyone {Fluffin’ Awesome Gifts}

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For our EPIC event myself and four other bloggers have partnered with our favorite brands in order to bring you high quality content, giveaways, crafts, and more.  Today’s post is all about gifts for baby showers.  Not all gifts or showers are created equal which is why I’m breaking down gift ideas in a way that makes sense.  Maybe you’ll be inspired for the next time you’re stumped and attending your umpteenth shower.  Don’t forget that many of the brands mentioned below are sponsoring the HUGE giveaway we have running!  


For the Gung-Ho Cloth Diapering Mama-to-be- It isn’t often you get to shower a friend with cloth diapers.  Not every friend or family member is going down that path.  When you are sure your friend IS that is when you can really have a blast.

Cloth Diapers:  Of course your friend will be in need (or perhaps, in want) or cloth diapers!  Select some in fun prints like the new GroVia Up and Away or get her a wet bag which is always a handy item.  Tiny Tush, Smartbottoms, Moraki (ruffles!), RumparoozCharlie Banana, Softbums, and GroVia!

Detergents:  It may seem odd to buy detergent for a baby shower but if your friend has a stash ready to go this is one way to offset that upcoming expense.  Like disposables (which are always gifted in bulk), detergent is something your friend can always use!  Try these:  Molly’s Suds Cloth Diaper Powder, Eco Nuts, or Allen’s Naturally.

Accessories:  Maybe your friend has already gotten started on her stash but you want to make sure she succeeds with cloth diapering.  Give her an amazing conversation starter- the Spray Pal!  This handy device makes diaper spraying less messy by shielding the splatter.  Or for a smaller version you can try the new Diaper Dawgs Cone with the same function in mind.  Snappi’s are always a good idea too, inexpensive but totally useful!

Cloth Friendly Clothing:  Newborns in cloth diapers, especially One Size diapers, can make fitting into the tiny onesies and adorable leggings or jeggings.  Spoil your friend with Project Pomona Pants made specifically to fit over cloth diapers.  Or, buy long gowns like those from Zutano that make diaper changing easy in the first few months.  Don’t forget baby leggings!  You can even coordinate your leggings with your diaper like those from GroVia and Rock-a-Thigh.

Butt Creams:  Like detergents, you can never have too much diaper cream.  Try Grandma El’s or EMAB Bottom Balm

1. SprayPal 2. Softbums Echo 3. EcoNuts Wool Dryer Balls 4. GroVia Up and Away Shell and Wet bag 5. Project Pomona Pants 6. Charlie Banana XS 7. EMAB Bottom Balm 8. lil’ Joeys by Rumparooz 9. GroVia Rock-a-Thigh leggings 10. Moraki All-in-Two 11. Thirsties Fab Wipes 12. Tiny Tush OS Pocket 13. Zutano Newborn Gowns 14. Diaper Dawgs Spray Collar 15. Molly’s Suds Cloth Diaper Powder 16. Allen’s Naturally Detergent 17. Grandma El’s Diaper Balm 18. Smart Bottoms Smart One 


Gift ideas for second time mom- Shopping for moms who already have one or more children can be a challenge.  They might already have the biggest items and the basics.  Try these “out of the box” ideas!

Accessories:  For stylish mamas and practical ones too there are Zen Rocks.  These attractive necklaces are also safe for teething babies who tend to love grabbing at chewing on mom’s necklaces.  For the baby you can also help with the teething pain while giving them a stylish accessory of their own!  Healing Hazel necklaces make hazel and amber necklaces that help relieve some of the pain associated with teething in infants.  Babies WEAR these necklaces, not chew them.

Lifesavers: Another conversation starter gift is the NoseFrida.  A functional gift that mom won’t be able to live without and never knew she needed.  They beat the pants off traditional bulb syringes.  And now that mom is going to be balancing more than one little human a baby carrier is a must!  Onya’s carriers do double duty as a high chair too!  Or get her a Baby Shusher, a magic soothing device that mimics the “shhhhh” sound moms find themselves doing a million times a day.  Magic!  Or you can add a Starbucks giftcard to the mix for the times she is gets a drive through latte not because she wants coffee, but because she wants her babies to all fall asleep and to enjoy 30 minutes of purchased silence.

 1. Nosefrida, 2. Zen Rocks, 3. Onya Carrier, 4. Healing Hazel, 5. Starbucks gift card, 6. Baby Shusher


Gift ideas for breastfeeding moms- For moms who will be breastfeeding you can give gifts that aid them on their journey or shower them with a little pampering.

Breastfeeding aids: Give the gift of Bamboobies.  No other nursing pads are as comfortable or discreet (you can craft them into rose buds for an amazing gift!).  Plus, they’re shaped like hearts!  Earth Mama Angel Baby goodies are always a safe bet.  Booby Tubes and Nipple Butter are a girl’s best friend during the early days of nursing.   While mom may or may not want to cover during nursing, the NuRoo nursing scarf is an accessory all moms should have.  It is multi-functional and super stylish.

Lifesavers: Amazon Gift Card for eBooks or RedBox gift cards.  Your friend will be spending a few weeks on the couch or in bed nursing a new baby.  Keep them entertained!  The Maya Wrap sling is a simple and easy way to keep baby close enough to kiss and nurse.  The rings make it easy to adjust for nursing sessions for newborns on up.  HALO Bassinest, not available in stores yet, is a true revolution in baby sleep.  It is accessible for moms who may be recovering from C-Sections and keeps the baby sleeping safely as close to mom as possible without them being in bed (if that is their aim.)  For nursing moms it keeps them close enough to grab at the first hungry whimper without the baby cranking it up to 11 making it more likely the baby will transition back to sleep easier.  If you haven’t heard of this product yet make sure you watch the video to truly understand how much of a lifesaver it could be to a new mom!

 1. Bamboobies, 2. Nuroo Scarf, 3. Earth Mama Angel Baby, 4.Amazon Card, 5. Redbox (send credits online via email),  6. Halo Bassinest, 7. Maya Wrap Sling


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Real or Fake- A Fun Baby Products Baby Shower Game

Real or Fake? A Fun Baby Products Printable Game {Fluffin’ Awesome Game}

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It’s time for a new game to play at your next baby shower that doesn’t involve chocolate in diapers or sucking milk from a bottle!  Today moms are more knowledgable about baby products than ever before, thanks in part to social media and those dedicated product reviewers like the infamous BabyGuyNYC.  Not only that, but inventors are constantly trying to solve the struggles and problems parents face when raising babies.  Their resulting products can either become a new baby shower gift staple or a “what the heck were they thinking” product that makes you wonder if they ever even had a human baby!

To poke a little fun at some of these products I created “Real or Fake?  A Fun Baby Products Game” meant to be played at baby showers.  Hosts can download, print, and cut out the cards.    As a bonus there is also an online QUIZ if you are dying to try the game but don’t have a baby shower to host or attend!  While I didn’t make it explicitly about cloth diapers it does of course include them!  Play the online Real or Fake Quiz now.

There are two ways to play using your printed cards:

Real or Fake- A Fun Baby Products Baby Shower Game

Call and Answer as a Group: Have one person hold the cards and read the back (all text) side of each card aloud.  At the end of the reading they will ask the group “Real or Fake?” The group can shout their answers and the reader will announce if it is real or fake.  No one keeps score and everyone has a blast!


Call and Answer- Taking Score:  Still have a person hold the cards and read the back (all text) aloud.  All participants in the group will number 1-14 and write “Real or Fake” next to each number.  The caller will need to keep cards in order as they’re called out.  At the end, the caller will reveal the correct answers, whoever scores the most correct answers, wins.

Once you download the file you will need to print them- preferably on card stock.  Depending on your printer you’ll need to download one of two files.  File 1 is for printers that are fancy enough print front and back in one go (two-sided printers).   File 2 is a bit more involved, you will need to manually print the fronts then print the backs.  You’ll want to determine which direction your printer feeds to decide which way to lay the already printed fronts to be printed on the back.  If you’re totally confused take the files to your local printing shop and spend a couple bucks to have them print and slice ‘em up for you.

Printable Baby Shower Game

Once you have them printed, either use scissors to cut out the cards or a paper cutter.


Then all you need to do is have a great time laughing with friends. I won’t spoil the game for you, but I will say that some baby products should have remained in the mind of the inventor and some products sounds terrible but don’t knock them til you try them!  Don’t forget you can play it online too!


Click to download File 1PDF!


Click to download File 2 PDF!

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