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My name is Kim Rosas and I am a 26 year old mom of 2 boys and a wife to my husband of 4 years.  I met my husband in college; we graduated, moved to Syracuse NY from Charlotte NC, got married, and then I popped out 2 handsome boys.  My first son was an induced and a medicated birth (11-22-2008).  The second time around I fought hard to have a homebirth (10-20-2010).  You can read my second son’s birth story: Everett’s Homebirth.

My Beautiful Family

I decided to start Dirty Diaper Laundry after my first son, Fletcher, was 3 months old.  We began using cloth diapers from the get-go.  I did a lot of research while I was pregnant but the fact that I couldn’t see and touch the diapers in person was frustrating.  There are only so many reviews you can read!  When Gro Baby (now GroVia) was coming out with their new All-in-Two I wanted to see it!  And I knew a ton of others would too.  That is when I came up with the idea to film a video on it.  That night I laid in bed thinking of all of the possibilities of starting my own cloth diaper blog.  The next day I bought my domain, chose a host and blogging platform, and began my adventure.  When I started there weren’t nearly as many cloth diaper blogs as there are now, I promise you!  Now my blog is more than cloth diapers but you will always be able to find cloth information here.

To date I have filmed over 100 reviews and I have tried over 120 cloth diapers! If you were to watch every review you would be in front of the computer screen for over 7 hours.  This doesn’t include my other informational videos.

Besides video reviews I have also been known to blog about cloth diapers in general, breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping, homebirth, and eco-friendly topics.  Becoming a parent has meant discovering and promoting these ideas.  I am so very passionate about breastfeeding so you will see this topic come up frequently.  I also like to share about my own life and my boys.  You can find some pretty fabulous product reviews and giveaways from time to time as well.  I am pretty picky so you won’t be seeing reviews of granola bars or pasta.  That means what you DO see is something I really love and want to share with you.

So why the name “Dirty Diaper Laundry” anyways?

When I was trying to think of something catchy I wanted the name to fit my life, not just diapers.  At that time I felt that my life was an endless cycle of dirty diaper laundry.  So there ya have it!

If you are new to cloth diapers I encourage you to visit my “New to Cloth Diapers” page which has links to my most popular and informational posts on cloth diapers.  You should also visit my Video Cloth Diaper Reviews page where you will see over 100+ images of cloth diapers.  Click the diaper you want to see and read the review of it.

When I started blogging it was definitely a hobby with the crazy idea that maybe, just maybe, I would get some free diapers.  Well, I have gotten a lot of free diapers (more than I can count) but this has become a part time paying but full time job.  I am very honored to be considered a leading cloth diaper blogger, and dare I say it, advocate.

If you are interested in this blog for PR purposes please take a look at my PR and Media page for stats, subscriber information, and adveritsing rates.

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Kim R.

The Queen of the Cloth

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