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Nursing a newborn and a toddler

What it’s really like to breastfeed after 2.5 years

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Being that World Breastfeeding Week (Aug 1-7) is nearly finished and I’ve yet to post about the topic I thought it would be fitting to post an update on our breastfeeding journey.

Nursing a newborn and a toddler

Our first latch and a recent nursing photo

I forgot to wean him at 1.  I forgot again at 2.  With 3 months until his third birthday it is quite possible we will forget to wean at his third birthday too. 



I never set out to breastfeed this long or wanted to be a poster child for “extended nursing.”  I have often posted about the topic because, even though it is personal in nature it is important to see mothers and toddlers who nurse past 2 because it is normal.  If you are reading this with a newborn in your arms and can’t fathom ever nursing that long I say to you that yes, it is possible.  3 years will sneak up on you faster than you think and that newborn will gradually grow into a toddler in front of your eyes.  They will still be your baby and you still might be nursing them.  Don’t knock it until you try it.

Our typical day begins when my son wakes me up.  Some days I am in his bed because he woke up in the middle of the night.  On a rare occasion he slept all night in his bed and comes to my room.  We will cuddle either on the couch or stay in bed and he will nurse for just 2-3 minutes.  Then it is time for breakfast and time to wake up Fletcher, who is normally still in bed.

I’ve gone past the “don’t ask, don’t refuse” stage and will not nurse him every time he asks.  I allow him to nurse only two or three times per day unless he is ill.  Several months ago he was very sick and didn’t eat for a week.  Still breastfeeding was a lifesaver and I’m not sure what we would have done without it.  At that time he was allowed to nurse whenever he wanted.

The next time he nurses is before his nap.  He looks forward to having his “milk-milk” and it has made nap time drama-free.  Again, he only nurses for a minute or two on each side and then I leave the room for him to fall asleep on his own.  He is not being nursed to sleep and hasn’t been for many months.

Our last nursing session of the day is before bed.   It might last a little longer, four to six minutes, and we get to cuddle while I stroke his hair and tell him about the dreams he can have that night.  That is my favorite part of the day.

It may seem that he is content to have just three times to nurse a day but that isn’t the case.  He tries to nurse more than that, especially if I’m sitting on the couch.  He has brazenly walked up and pulled my shirt up to gain access and he asks for “milk-milk” way more than he gets it.  I’m not a mean mommy, but I’m not nursing a newborn.  At some point I do want to wean him and it starts with baby steps.  No nursing at night, not nursing on demand…. we have limits and boundaries.  A few months ago we didn’t and I was on the verge of cutting him off cold turkey because I was so touched out.


As for what it feels like to nurse an almost three year old- it is still wonderful for the most part.  I don’t see him as almost 3.  He is my youngest and still my baby.  If I had a newborn to compare him to he might seem more grown up but I don’t.  He didn’t become this size overnight so it has continued to remain normal and comfortable to keep breastfeeding him.  The positions are different- he can’t just fit inside of my arms while I cradle him.  Now he lays next to me in bed and his feet are touching my legs.

There is an end in sight.  He can go a full day without nursing and he has when we are busy or on vacation.  He will opt out of nursing on occasion when he wants to sleep in his brother’s room.  I see opportunities to remove another nursing session soon as we slowly work down to nothing.  He may even wean while I am out for a week long trip for work in October.  I’m confident we won’t be nursing by his fourth birthday but other than that guess I don’t have a weaning date in mind.

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Nursing into Toddlerhood and Beyond

Oops!  I forgot to wean my 2 year old.

Weaning or Potty Training?  Which would come first?


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Weaning or Potty Training? Which would come first?

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The question posed by a family member “when will you be done nursing?” was shortly followed by “when is he going to be out of diapers?”

and I didn’t have answers to either one of those questions.  With my first son the weaning came first because I was pregnant again and gently led him to that decision over the span of a few months because the pain was increasing.  Since he weaned fairly early at 18 months I never considered I would nurse past potty training because that event was so far off for us.

This time things are different.  I’ve gone past 18 months with Everett, then we hit the two year milestone… that is when I started thinking “Am I going to be nursing a ‘child’ wearing underwear?”  The thought is a bit uncomfortable and certainly a foreign one to myself and most Americans.  I’ve only seen babies wearing diapers at the breast.  Nowhere except the sensationalized Time cover have I seen what is obviously a child capable of using the toilet on his own still who was still nursing.  Photos and real life don’t often reveal what happens in our homes when our babies turn into toddlers, and even *gasp* preschoolers who are still breastfeeding.  The topic is taboo and quite frankly, children of this age aren’t nursed in public because their needs are not all nutritional.  The comfort and peace of nursing is just as important, if not more, than the nutrition of breast milk; they can eat and drink at the table and don’t need the milk to feed their hunger.  I haven’t nursed in public for probably a year, although I have nursed at other places than my home, including when staying with family.  I knew what they were thinking… that he should have weaned by now… but this time they kept quiet.

As for potty training… we have hit several bumps on that road.  Each time I started our diaper free adventure (I like the 3 Day-Method) Ev would get sick and we would have to stop.  Without comparing children (which parents always do…) I knew that my first son was already trained by now and had been for a few months so the expectation has been that we would already be done with that phase of life.

So here we are. The question has been answered- “Would Everett wean or potty train first?”  


Everett and Mom, age 2.5

Everett is officially out of diapers and the nursing is going strong with no end in sight. I am so thankful to have come this far because, as some of you may recall, Everett was very ill for over a week and breast milk was about all he was getting and nursing was one of the new things that could calm him down during what was obviously a painful experience.

The potty training thing has been in the works for months, but again, he has suffered from the flu, two bouts of a stomach virus, and then his Strep/Cat Scratch Fever/ HSP so each time I would begin the process he would suddenly fall ill. For a while I was suspicious that he was getting sick on purpose to get out of it! I expected the blessed event to be much more difficult and involved. Instead, he practically potty trained himself. After being shown the potty once and getting the “song and dance” that befits such an occasion, he was on track to continue each time he needed to go. He has had a few accidents but we are only using diapers at night- even his naps and outings are dry now!


Now what? I don’t have plans for weaning quite yet. Everett still seems like such a baby to me despite him now wearing tiny little underwear. He is the reason we keep going, even though I love our nursing time together, he is holding all the cards here.  I used to say I couldn’t breastfeed a baby once they got teeth (before actually becoming a parent), then it was “when they are old enough to ask for it” (a gem passed down from family), and now I have stopped having any expectations. We will be done when we are done.


Not Mom Enough… just a Mom

I enjoy sharing our breastfeeding journey here on the blog because I know how many mothers need to see it. Please be respectful of our family and, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

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Oops! I forgot to wean my 2 year old.

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Everett’s 2nd birthday came and went and our nursing relationship has remained the same.  He is still nursing and I am still letting him.  To be honest I didn’t have plans to wean him at any certain age but it was my goal to make it to 2 with him.  I wouldn’t have kept him from self-weaning earlier than that date and I wasn’t planning on cutting him off on his birthday either.

It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and “extended” nursing or full-term nursing might not be for you and that is OK.  To be frank I didn’t even know if it would be for me.  I’ve posted before about how uncomfortable I was witnessing a 1.5 year old nurse at one time.  Now here I am nursing a full grown toddler who can operate an iPad and who has been known to pour his own cereal.  At least he hasn’t yet come over and asked for me to top off his bowl because he can’t get to the milk in the fridge.

There are so many benefits to nursing to 2 years.

The biggest benefit is the most obvious one- the chance to bond with your growing child who is on the move 24 hours a day.  I don’t get to just hold and wear my son like I used to when he was a newborn.  He is too busy playing with Transformers for that.  But when it is time for his milk-milk he runs over and puddles into my arms in a sweet, sweaty pile every time.

I am thankful everyday that I still breastfeed my two year old because he has become quite the picky eater.  At least I know he is getting the benefits of breastmilk that is being tailored to his needs and age and this helps me sleep a little better at night.  Considering his lunch of grapes, a few bites of hot dog, and a cookie he stole this is a very good thing.

The most surprising part of this journey has been how nursing helps us with bed time.  I don’t nurse him to sleep anymore and haven’t for quite a while.  He still gets to nurse before bed and it is only one of 3 times he gets to nurse during the day, for the most part.  For this reason he starts asking to go to bed when he is tired!  My son ASKS to be put to bed.  I think any parent will appreciate how monumental that is.  He doesn’t fight bed time, rather he looks forward to it as our special time to cuddle and nurse.  When we are done sometimes he gets upset but that is short lived.  Besides, he now sleeps with his brother so he has a friend to talk to while in bed.

Breastfeeding benefits you too!  The longer your breastfeed the lower your own risk of breast cancer, breastfeeding has also been linked to improved long-term health for mothers, including lower risks of ovarian cancer, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and heart disease.  This applies to having more children as well.  As of now I have breastfed for a total of 45-ish months when you factor in the 18 months I nursed Fletcher.  I am nursing my way to a ripe old age.

Almost every week I am thankful to still be nursing when my little accident prone 2 year old has a spill and needs comforting.  This boy has perma-skinned knees and even after he takes a spill and blood is pouring out of his wounds he can be calmed with a cuddle and nursing.  Would he survive without?  Of course, but he doesn’t have to worry about that just yet.

As the months pile on and we get closer to 2.5 years others are wondering when we will stop.  I don’t know.  I won’t lie and say that I am ready to stop right this minute because I’m not.  If he stopped nursing today I would be sad.  I’m not ready and I’m not “weaned” yet.  I expect that we will have a gradual weaning process like his brother so that when our last session occurs it isn’t painful for either of us.  I do have a 4 day trip planned at the end of the month so there is a chance he will self-wean while I’m away so I’m preparing for that mentally just in case.

Everett is my baby.  He is very likely my very last baby.  The last baby I will ever get to nurse, and diaper, and rock to sleep.  He and his brother will always need me and I’ll always be there, but nothing compares to those sweet moments of silence while he nurses.  His sweaty little head lays in the crook of my arm and he will ask for “meh meh” and I find it hard to say no.  He may be a long legged toddler with scarred knees but he is my baby boy.  I’ll look forward to that eventual full night of sleep, potential overnight trips with my husband, and not wearing a nursing bra.  I am fully aware that all of those things will happen, and soon, but I’m in no rush because I have a full life ahead to enjoy push up bras and only months left to savor those sweet baby snuggles.  They turn into preschoolers too fast.

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Want a Baby To Sleep Through The Night? Never Go To Bed.

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After almost 4 years of parenting I have discovered the secret to getting a baby to sleep through the night: never go to bed yourself!

The longer I stay awake in anticipation of my son waking for the first time, usually between 11 PM and 12:30 AM, the longer he waits. If he hasn’t woken up by 12:30 I usually wait longer. Once I decide to give up, typically around 1 AM, he starts to cry as soon as my head hits the pillow.

Coincidence? I think not. More like a conspiracy to rob mothers of their sleep even when they are sleeping.

Damned if they do {sleep}, damned if they don’t {sleep}.

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{Mostly} Wordless Wednesday: Breastfeeding Bliss

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Breastfeeding Toddler Bliss

I’ve been learning how to shoot in Manual Mode on my Nikon D80 for the past 2 weeks in earnest (inspired by Jill from Baby Rabies). After shooting a few photos of my guy I laid the camera down on the bed and he signed for milk. I crawled in bed with him and cuddled up for a nursing session. With the camera within reach I grabbed it and took this shot. Thankfully the settings worked fairly well since we were in the same lighting as before. I’m sure I’ll cherish this photo forever as a lasting reminder of the 16+ months we have been in a nursing relationship. Everett is 16.5 months and not even close to weaning. I’m OK with that.

PS:  I just made the “Cloth Rocks” t-shirt he is wearing available for sale in white or black on http://shopddl.com.

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Surviving Our First Full Family Plane Trip and my Tips

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My family and I just returned home from a short notice trip to Tampa, Florida.  This was our first plane trip as an entire family since Everett joined us.  I’ve been places with just Everett, and prior to him being born we have taken many plane trips with just Fletcher.  Having two children can certainly make things logistically challenging.  We chose to take 2 car seats and check them, plus luggage for 2 adults, two kids, diaper bag for the plane trip, laptop bag for husband’s work, snacks, and a few toys.

I’ll be talking about why we went to Tampa at a later date, but for now I’d like to list out a few of the tips I use for flying with kids that have been successful.  Flying was the least stressful part of our trip considering we were almost stuck in Orlando, 1.5 hours from our hotel, with no way to rent a car or leave the airport.  LONG STORY, but believe me when I tell you it would make a great new movie in the National Lampoon’s Vacation series…

Tip 1:  Bring a Ring Sling!

Unless you are really keen on back carries a ring sling is the perfect airport carrier.  It can be compacted and rolled into your diaper bag, it works for any age baby, can be used for a hip carry, tummy to tummy, and the kangaroo hold (for younger babies with head support).  Not only is it good to keep your hands free at the airport- it doubles as a nursing cover if you want one, and I even use it to wrap around myself and the baby while they sit in your lap.  Talk about versatile!  Oh….. and if you need to cover the little one or need a makeshift pillow it can do that too.  I love my Soft-Structure Carriers like my Boba but with the buckles and bulk it isn’t quite as convenient at the airport.

I used my ring sling to cover the top of my breast while Ev nursed

Tip 2:  Let em’ Roam

I hate flying with crawling age babies because I am a firm believer in letting them roam while waiting for the plane, whether it be before the first flight or on a layover.  Babies and toddlers can’t grasp the concept of “sitting still” as well as we do, so giving them plenty of exercise before a flight will hopefully “get the wiggles” out enough that they are willing to sit and read books, color, or play a game.  This trip my husband and I took turns walking the aisles of the airport.  At one point my boys started holding hands and walking…. trust me when I tell you that this sight made the day of many travelers and weary pilots.  Everyone that passed let out an “awwwww…

Roaming the halls

Tip 3:  Find a Safe Play Area

Tip 3 goes right along with Tip 2.  For non mobile and crawling babies, if you can find an airport play area, use it.  If it is disgusting beyond belief then make a judgement call.  Not every airport has a play area though.  I ASSUMED Orlando would have one considering it probably has more pint sized travelers than any other airport in the US but I was wrong.  They did have an arcade and we chose this as our play area… Fletcher got to play some games and even Steven and I got to kill time and play games like air hockey and pinball.  Everett was entertained by the flashing lights and noise.  Win/Win/Win.

Tip 4: Bring Strategic Entertainment

In the past my diaper bag has been packed to max capacity with activities for Fletcher.  I even brought a puppet at one point…. With two boys I had to think in terms of what items they could both share and what would entertain them the longest.  For Fletcher we let him pack his own tiny backpack that he would carry around.  He chose to bring a few tiny trains, a monster truck, a sticker, a lego train, a train book, and a piece of his motorcycle game.  I packed Everett’s 2 favorite board books and some snacks (including pouches which are the perfect airport snack food for both boys).  The final piece of the entertainment puzzle was the iPad.  It is space saving and contains more than enough games to occupy both boys.  We also have a few shows for the really desperate times.  The books for Everett and the tiny trains for Fletcher were the most used.  I read and re-read Quiet, Loud 100 times.  You can also get creative- whn the light was just right we did shadow puppets!

Tip 5:  Let the Kid have the Window

If you have a child with a seat then let them have the window.  It will give them a wall to rest their head if they sleep, and they might like seeing the view.  If they are terrified then you can always switch places and close the window.

Tip 6:  Bring Noise Cancelling Headphones/ Ear Plugs

The first flight with Fletcher had him yelling that he didn’t like the airplane.  In the airport he explained that he thought it was loud.  On our return trip we gave him the noise cancelling headphones and he promptly fell asleep.  If your kid will let you put in ear plugs you can try that too.

Fletcher wearing headphones and sleeping

Tip 7: Forget the Routine

If your life is dictated by naps schedules and set meal and snack times then you may want to lose your watch.  If 12:00 rolls around and you make your child nap at the airport while waiting for the plane then they will be wired and ready to roll once boarding comes.  I always keep them up as long as possible before we board, even if they look like zombies.  This paid off big time when it was time for our second flight on the way home.  By take-off Everett had already passed out on my lap.  Even after napping far later than normal they still went to bed at a reasonable time that night.

Both kids snoozing soundly on me

I’ve learned over the years to care less about the other passengers and just worry with making the trip as easy and enjoyable as possible for my kids. I used to be so tense and stressed if one child cried or yelled that my energy was spent frantically making them stop. Of course crying isn’t good but it is normal, especially during take-off and landing. if you are nursing then putting the baby on the breast during those times will help their ears pop. Older kids can be given a drink or snack to swallow. Bigger kids can have gum if you allow it.

What are your favorite travel tips with children or babies?

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Wordless Wednesday: Nursing my 11 Month Old

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A Mother’s Boutique Giveaway *closed*

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Twitter has changed my life in so many ways for the better.  I can’t tell you how many amazing women I have met by being involved with the many interests in my life.  #breastfeeding or #bfing folks on Twitter have also played a huge role in my nursing experience.  When I was lamenting about finding a good fitting nursing bra Judy, owner of A Mother’s Boutique and Nursing Bra Expert, chimed in to help.  She wasn’t out to “sell” me on anything, or even her store.  I could tell that more than anything she wanted me to find the bra that worked for me.  She offered her opinion on a few, and based on her recommendations I chose a brand to try.  Ever since I have always suggested her store to my friends and have shopped there myself.  She really knows her stuff and she carries a huge selection of nursing bras.  In fact, she has the best selection of bras for the “bustier” crowd than any other store I have come across.

She is a cheerleader too! Judy loves breastfeeding and watching mothers hit milestones with their babies.  She nursed her own son for quite a while.

When Judy wrote to me and asked if I would be interested in hosting a “Virtual” Bra Fitting on my blog I didn’t hesitate.  “YES!”  I was wearing the wrong size before I was virtually fitted, and I can bet that most of you are as well.

At A Mother’s Boutique you can find a few DDL favorites. Pumping mamas can find the Pumpease, an amazing bra that lets you pump hands free.  Ginni reviewed this bra for us and said it changed her life!  I wear a Glamourmom tank and love the easy, one handed access and the excellent support it provides.  Bamboobies are another fav here; they provide nursing mothers with super soft bamboo reusable breast pads backed with a waterproof layer to keep those letdowns from showing on your top!  And before writing this I had no idea they carry one of my favorite ring sling brands, Maya Wrap! I lurve my Maya Sling and it is very affordable too!

Here is what is being given away, and I hope you are as excited as I am!

Winner #1 will get a free nursing bra (up to a $55 value)
Winner #2 will get a free nursing bra (up to a $30 value)
Winner #3 will get a free nursing bra (up to a $25 value)
Winner #4 will get a free nursing bra (up to a $15 value)
Winner #5 will get a free nursing bra (up to a $15 value)

Judy will help each winner be fitted and I guarantee she will help you find the right size!  She is the booby whisperer!  A Mother’s Boutique has a gazzilion nursing bra brands, ranging from Fully Supportive to Sexy!  Yeah, you heard correctly, there ARE sexy nursing bras you just have to know where to look!

So let A Mother’s Boutique help you find the perfect nursing bra!

I am simplifying all of my giveaways for this week.

Mandatory Entry:

(1 Entry) Visit A Mother’s Boutique and browse the extensive selection of nursing apparel, bras, and other goodies for lactating mamas!  Come back and tell me which nursing bra you would choose if you won!  Leave an email for me to reach you or sign in to leave your comment.

Not Mandatory, but encouraged entry

(1 Entry) We would also love for you to “like” A Mother’s Boutique on Facebook and say “Hi!” on the wall!  Their Facebook page is a wonderful place to be.  Amy, a CLC, and Judy, the Booby Whisperer, are there to help with your breastfeeding and nursingwear questions.

Extra Entries:

(1 Entry) Do any of these: Follow @KimRosas on Twitter, follow @MommyNews on Twitter, “Like” Dirty Diaper Laundry on Facebook.   Let me know that you did.  You can only do one, or do all.  Tell me which one(s) you did as well.

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(1 Entry) Tweet about this giveaway and reply to @KimRosas and @MommyNews and link it. You can tweet one time a day until the contest ends.

The fine print: Open to US and Canadian Residents.  If you have won something from A Mother’s Boutique in the last 6 months you are not eligible, sorry!  I use “and the winner is…” to randomly draw winners.  Giveaway is open until April 30.  Prizes will be drawn and given in order: First draw gets prize #1, second #2, etc.  I am an affiliate of A Mother’s Boutique and some links provided are affiliates.

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What my overdue baby taught me about my induction

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Because everyone I know online is pregnant I have been hearing a lot about their labors.  Some were hospital births, some were at home, and many were even VBACs.  Luckily, most of my friends are pretty informed about pregnancy, labor, and delivery.  This meant that most of them waited for the baby to come when the baby was ready.  Many of these babies decided they wanted to wait until after their “due date.”

This is what I noticed.  These “overdue” babies gave their mamas a short labor.  All labors, whether they are an hour or 20, hurt.  If I were given a choice, I would rather have a relatively quick and intense labor like the one I had with my second son, than the 20 hour slow starting, induced labor of my first.

Everett was born at home at 41 weeks and 3 days.  My labor was 4 hours and 45 minutes including 20 minutes of pushing.

Friend A was 41 weeks and 3 days with her third baby (her second HBAC), and her labor was 6 hours.

Jill from Baby Rabies recently gave birth to her second baby at 41 weeks.  She walked into the hospital at a 7 and delivered 2 hours after checking in after an intense and fast labor. Her birth story.

We were all “overdue,” very large, uncomfortable, and ready to have a baby.  We waited a long time

One of my theories is that my babies need to bake longer than the “40 week” mark.  Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different.  Why is there so much importance placed on this magic 40 week mark?  The reason I say this is because of the differences I saw in my first son after birth compared to my second.

My first son was induced when I was 39 weeks 3 days.  To most pregnant people they would assume this is plenty of time to bake a baby.  My OB decided to induce me because I had Gestational Diabetes and was told going 1 day over 40 wasn’t an option (pshaw… wish I had known) and because at my growth scans they noticed my baby’s abdomen was measuring small (but consistently small, why worry?).  The day we went in for a follow up scan they told me to pack my bags and come in the next day because, and I quote, “the baby has baked long enough.”

I had a pitocin induced labor which took over 20 hours from start to finish.  I couldn’t take the humpback contractions and opted for the epidural.  To this day I am amazed I ended up with a vaginal birth now that I know the statistics for inductions and long labors.

Fletcher was 7 lbs 2 0z and 19.5 inches long.  He was coated with thick vernix.  Why do I mention this?  Typically, full term babies have already sloughed off most or all of their vernix.

A very cheesey newborn

Fletcher was very drowsy and we had an insanely difficult time with nursing.  He didn’t latch properly and would fall asleep at the breast in minutes.  Instead of cuddling my new baby I was forced to torture him to stay awake in order to eat.  I undressed him, flicked his feet, blew on his face, all to get food in his belly by order of the nurses.

He was also fairly small and rag dollish.  He became jaundiced but not severe enough to need lights.  He looked like a stick figure baby when I look back at photos.

In comparison, my “overdue” baby, Everett, was born at 41 weeks 3 days (2 full weeks more than Fletcher).  He weighed 8 lbs 8 oz and was 20.5 inches long.

He also had vernix, but a much lighter coating.

He was alert and ready to nurse.

He had the head control of a 1 month old and could lift his head off my chest at a few minutes old.

His latch was perfect (but he was tongue tied which we had clipped, more on that here)

He also slept great from day 1 (at night that is)

I am not saying every problem I had with my first son was related to him being born too early, nor am I saying every thing right with my second has to do with him being born overdue.  My boys both also had very different birth experiences.  Fletcher was induced, put through a long labor and a very long pushing phase (3 hours) and was born while I was on an Epidural.  Everett came when he was ready, he had a calm labor lasting less than 5 hours with a 20 minute push phase.  Part of their difference in labor is probably because second labors are typically faster as well, so I can’t blame everything on being induced.

My wish for all women is that they not have to even deal with the pressure to be induced.  With the staggering rate of C-Sections, babies born too soon thanks to being induced before the baby was ready (you can read a recent article in Time magazine to that effect, which is ironic since I wrote this a week ago, good timing!), and the high rate of Maternal deaths in the US, women need to educate themselves and possibly prepare to butt heads with their care provider.

I wasn’t exactly thrilled about being 41 weeks and 3 days pregnant but I trusted my body and my baby. I had a very routine (and easy) pregnancy other than my gestational diabetes, which was well under control.  My baby made a grand entrance into the world and kept us all anxiously waiting.  I’m so thankful for our supportive midwives and the internet for informing me that I am in charge of my body, not my OB GYN.

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Merry Xmas from DDL!

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I hope everyone out there had a wonderful holiday with their family and friends.  Because we are having such a great time visiting family (and my 9 week old won’t let me put him down long enough to type out an entry) things have been sparse here and will continue to be so until I get back into the swing of things.

Fletcher has loved all of the attention from family here.  He also made out very well after Santa came.  His brother Everett hasn’t really let anyone else hold him so it has been a hard trip for me.  I am constantly on the yoga ball bouncing him (which we bought our first night here in desperation).

Xmas day in NC is always a whirlwind.  Presents in the morning, an hour drive to m hometown for my father’s side’s event, then my grandmother’s house, then an hour home for dinner with my in-laws.  I am going to share some photos from our day.  I have to say that I am impressed with the lack of comments or glaring I received while nursing my son at every event.  My aunts talked to me and stared at the baby while he ate, my grandmother (who nursed her own babies) talked to me while I fed him and made a loving comment about him nursing, and everyone there treated us as we wanted to be treated.  I certainly didn’t skulk off to another room or pull out a cover.  We didn’t want to miss the action!

Xmas morning. Feeding baby while Fletcher opened gifts

Riding his new Wheely Bug. His little bro go a little Bee also.

Modeling his new Onesie from his Aunt

My handsome husband and adorable son

Terrible pic, but me chatting with my niece while nursing at a crowded family event

Enjoying his new toys

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