Want a Baby To Sleep Through The Night? Never Go To Bed.

After almost 4 years of parenting I have discovered the secret to getting a baby to sleep through the night: never go to bed yourself!

The longer I stay awake in anticipation of my son waking for the first time, usually between 11 PM and 12:30 AM, the longer he waits. If he hasn’t woken up by 12:30 I usually wait longer. Once I decide to give up, typically around 1 AM, he starts to cry as soon as my head hits the pillow.

Coincidence? I think not. More like a conspiracy to rob mothers of their sleep even when they are sleeping.

Damned if they do {sleep}, damned if they don’t {sleep}.

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  • Dragonflii


    • Anonymous

      He wakes to come to bed with me for the rest of the night. In my case my son is 18 months. Only nurses for comfort
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  • Rosie Hill

    This is what drove me to start sleeping on the futon…  Lo and behold, 2 weeks later the baby is night-weaned through no real effort of my own!  Just in time to get pregnant with #3…

  • Michelle Simon1

    You just need to go to bed earlier 🙂 My bedtime is 930 pm. Then if you wake up at 11pm or 1am, hey, at least you got those few hours before.

    • Anonymous

      If I went to sleep then I wouldn’t have a blog. I work 3-4 hours every night.
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  • I can relate and I’ve had seven babies to test your theory out on. LOL.  Have you considered waking Ev to nurse before YOU do go to bed?  That might buy you some STTN zzz’s.

  • Janelle Prentice

    LOL so true! That is an awesome photo by the way!

    • Anonymous

      I’m in the “never wake a sleeping baby” camp. He actually only wakes 1-3 times, the first being around 11-12. When he is sick or teething it can be 5-7. I won’t work on his STTN skills until we get settled in the new house.

  • Jenlcrum

    I have that problem too, that’s exactly how it works here

  • ashley z

    this is SOOO true, i noticed this first and second time!

  • That is the big perk to having my son in our bed. He totally wakes up as soon as I climb into bed, but at least I can nurse him as I doze off if I’m REALLY tired. I prefer to snuggle up with my husband until the first waking, but the option is great to have. I think I’d cry if I had to get OUT of my warm bed to feed him!

  • It’s TRUE!! I usually stay up until midnight most nights just because I know Leyna will wake by then for her feeding. The nights she doesn’t wake by midnight, I’m so torn! I want to just go to bed, but then I KNOW she will wake the minute I fall asleep. I usually just end up going in there and waking her to feed her, which isn’t helping at all when it comes to trying to night wean her.

  •  baby’s grow more n bcome healthy if they xpireince deep n long sleep….

  • but always do keep care of your babies hygiene while he is in deep nap..

  • Jennifer Nutter

    I have to agree I think they know that your relaxed. They can smell it.. Keep you on youR toes they must 🙂

  • Lauryn R

    Haha! This couldn’t be more true! I swear my son could have literally just fallen asleep, but the second I would close my eyes he would wake up! Everyone always says to sleep when baby sleeps, but both of mine always seemed to sleep SO much longer while I’m awake! Babies are so intuitive! 😉