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5 Years, 300+ Videos, 1,300+ Posts. Happy Birthday DDL!

  That idea became a blog and that blog became a huge part of my life and eventually, a paying job as well as a passion/hobby. Dirty Diaper Laundry started from an idea while a new and insomniac mom laid in bed thinking of a new cloth diaper coming out and how she wished she […]

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Is that a Poop on my Floor!? When Toddlers Won’t Poop on the Potty

There are some people that won’t talk about certain when it comes to potty training.  I’m not one of those people. My youngest son potty trained a few months ago and for the most part it was a very easy process.  Then, things started changing.  He started having frequent accidents, both pee and poop, and […]

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The Curse of Blogher 2012- #BlogHerTarmac

Boarding my plane mere hours ago I was suffering from that American Mentality of “It can’t happen to me.”  The previous day dozens of departing BlogHer 2012 attendees all simulaneously participated in what was coined #BlogHerTarmac due to so many planes being delayed or grounded.  That day while I hoofed it all over NYC sight […]

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BlogHer ’12 and NYC- I’m Almost Ready {Not Really}

Imagine that the internet came to life and all of your favorite bloggers and Twitter personalities jumped from your screen and into your living room.  Multiply that by a few thousand.  Add in some free stuff, alcohol, big name speakers, a few celebrities, and a tourist town.  What you get is BlogHer 2012- a blogging […]

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Chelory SD All-in-One Giveaway {8/13}

The only thing better than getting to review a hard to find cloth diaper is getting to give one away!  Rachel from Chelory is letting me give one of her uber popular cloth diapers away to a very lucky reader!  No stalking required! The prize will be a solid color SD AIO in Hook and […]

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Smart Bottoms Smart One All-in-One Video and Review

One of the diapers I was able to discover at ABC Kids Expo was the Smart One, part of the Smartbottoms line.  I had heard of this brand but previously it was only sold through home party consultants.  Now you will be seeing it available at a few retailers and online.  I really enjoyed meeting […]

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Bummis Duo-Brite, Little Tunas, Opulent Monsters