Merry Xmas from DDL!

I hope everyone out there had a wonderful holiday with their family and friends.  Because we are having such a great time visiting family (and my 9 week old won’t let me put him down long enough to type out an entry) things have been sparse here and will continue to be so until I get back into the swing of things.

Fletcher has loved all of the attention from family here.  He also made out very well after Santa came.  His brother Everett hasn’t really let anyone else hold him so it has been a hard trip for me.  I am constantly on the yoga ball bouncing him (which we bought our first night here in desperation).

Xmas day in NC is always a whirlwind.  Presents in the morning, an hour drive to m hometown for my father’s side’s event, then my grandmother’s house, then an hour home for dinner with my in-laws.  I am going to share some photos from our day.  I have to say that I am impressed with the lack of comments or glaring I received while nursing my son at every event.  My aunts talked to me and stared at the baby while he ate, my grandmother (who nursed her own babies) talked to me while I fed him and made a loving comment about him nursing, and everyone there treated us as we wanted to be treated.  I certainly didn’t skulk off to another room or pull out a cover.  We didn’t want to miss the action!

Xmas morning. Feeding baby while Fletcher opened gifts
Riding his new Wheely Bug. His little bro go a little Bee also.
Modeling his new Onesie from his Aunt
My handsome husband and adorable son
Terrible pic, but me chatting with my niece while nursing at a crowded family event
Enjoying his new toys
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