Pampers Dry Max Being Investigated by the CPSC *updated*

Not long ago I shared with you the story of my friend and her experience with the new Dry Max diapers and the terrible rash her baby endured.  I also pointed you to the facebook page demanding the old Pampers back.  After that story posted their numbers doubled, and soon after major networks and websites picked the story up!  I would like to think I had a little something to do with that!

What is the official stance of Pampers now that the shit has hit the fan?

ABC spoke with Bryan McCleary who had the most idiotic statement made by a spokesperson, ever.

Diaper rash is one of the most common symptoms and things that babies experience.  The things that are being described, things like blisters, breaks in the skin, deep red rashes, this is part of what is experienced by babies all throughout the year. As hundreds of thousands of moms and babies are switching to the new Dry Max, it’s clear that they’re coincidentally developing diaper rashes and severe diaper rashes at the same time.”

Let us break that down.

His first statement: “Diaper rash is one of the most common symptoms and things that babies experience” True, but it shouldn’t be.  Diaper rash has seen a huge increase since disposable diapers were introduced in the 1960’s.  I understand cloth diapered babies do get diaper rash, mine has, but not due to reactions based on the chemicals in his diapers.

“…blisters, breaks in the skin, deep red rashes, this is part of what is experienced by babies all throughout the year.” This blanket statement says nothing good for their products, before or after the launch of Dry Max.  If he believed blisters, breaks in the skin, and deep red rashes are normal, what is wrong with that picture?  I don’t expect that this is true, however.  Again, plenty of babies experience severe diaper rashes, but this is not the norm!

“As hundreds of thousands of moms and babies are switching to the new Dry Max, it’s clear that they’re coincidentally developing diaper rashes and severe diaper rashes at the same time.”

Wow.  Wow. WOW. The denial is shocking.  Pampers believes it is clear that the outbreak of rashes coinciding with the use of Dry Max diapers is coincidental. Get your head out of the sand and listen to the customers who have suffering babies with severe rashes.  Rashes that were clearly caused by your product.  Moms aren’t stupid.  They ruled out allergies, teething, illness, diaper size, etc.  The common thread amongst thousands of mothers was the Dry Max diaper.

Despite the denial, the complaints set forth by consumers has sparked an investigation of Dry Max by the CPSC (US. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The grassroots efforts of parents using Facebook has paid off indeed.

Even though McCleary insists the diaper was put through rigourous tests and is “…Pampers’ most thoroughly researched and tested new product since we invented the disposable diaper back in the 1960s…” there is something wrong.  I expect that the investigation will result in a mass recall of all Dry Max diapers.

If you are one of the parents who believe they have a rash caused by Dry Max diapers, do yourself and others a favor by filing a complaint with the CPSC by either calling (800) 638- 2772 or filling out an online form and submitting it to

To remedy your rash problems, most parents have seen near immediate relief by switching diaper brands. I personally would love to invite you to also consider using modern and convenient cloth diapers! If you would like help making the switch you are welcome to email me dirtydiaperlaundry at gmail dot com or read this handy guide. Not only would you be saving your family thousands of dollars, you will help ease the environmental impact disposables have on our planet and keep nasty chemicals away from your baby.

Update: Pampers has released an official statement (Reuters).  I suggest giving the whole thing a read, since it is fabulous, but here are a few excerpts.  And let me tell you, my head is swelling since I have an inkling they were referring to me!

These rumors are being perpetuated by a small number of parents, some of whom are unhappy that we replaced our older Cruisers and Swaddlers products while others support competitive products and the use of cloth diapers

Cloth diapers you say?  Who me?  Nah….

Because the number of families who use disposable diapers is staggering (something like 93%) obviously they sell billions of diapers (all of which are still in a landfill, every diaper, ever made.  Consider that.) Since they claim 2 customers per every one millions diapers sold, they are feeling confident in their stance.  They did say they are going to have to increase advertising (gag, get ready for a slew of new commercials and product placements in your favorite TV show) to make up for the damage done.

Pampers, even if it is a very small percentage of parents using your diapers, every baby counts. And those moms are seeking other brands or cloth diapers.  Good for them!

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  • Brittany

    I filed a report too! I normally wouldn’t bother, but while DSs cloth diaper covers were in the wash, I put him in a sample pampers with dry max…and in less than two hours he had a raw red rash! Now, I normally don’t report things like this, but P&Gs response has made me so mad! I think their response above anything has increased the uproar. When you tell parents they are just being stupid…you are shooting yourself in the foot.

  • This still bugs me: “These rumors are being perpetuated by a small number of parents, some of whom are unhappy that we replaced our older Cruisers and Swaddlers products while others support competitive products and the use of cloth diapers,” Jodi Allen, vice president for Pampers, said in a statement.

    I love this – if you are following this story, you hear about cloth diapers in the following manner – – parents offering to help other parents to use chemical-free diapers that will help their babies heal after being hurt by Pampers and then blamed and dismissed by the manufacturer. Parents have legitimate concerns about putting plastics and chemicals on their babies’ most sensitive areas – – and if they’ve had the opportunity to escape the well-funded PR machines of enormous disposable diaper companies and find their way to simple, reusable cloth diapers, they’re grateful and ready to lend a hand to other parents in need. Perhaps that kind of caring looks like evil advantage-taking and rumor-mongering by P&G’s damage-control unit (or at least that’s how they want other people to view it), but actually, that’s parents-supporting-parents, something P&G apparently knows nothing about.

  • Vanessa

    The rashes & burns r completely real!! My baby girl doesn’t want to urinate because it burns & literally stands there holding herself & cries because she is In pain. She’s been walking funny or not at all! This is sad that P&G is trying to protect themselves instead of considering that this could be factual!  & I do change my baby often. She’s 1 1/2 & has only had 1 (antibiotic induced) rash in her life! So it’s not my problem, but theirs!!  (& I have changed brands in an effort to find one that will work. Mom’s BEWARE!!

  • geneva

    My son indeeds have scar tissue on top of his penis and had to have surgery this week and the doctor has said its caused by the diapers and the kind of diapers he has always used is pampers, i am going to court for a civil suit over this so if there are anyother moms that has had this happen please contact me at thank you so much

  • jessica

    Hi my name is Jessica and I’m so happy to be able to say something about this. My son cohan is my first child and ever since he was born we followed down the pampers line from newborn to 6’s. Until tomorrow. Today is the last I will “torture” my son into wearing the new pampers. It has been a few months of about every 2 weeks at the most we will go through the most awful diaper rashes to the point were they are bleeding. At first I was ate up in guilt thinking I wasn’t changing his diaper enough, to the point where my fiance would come home lecturing me about changing cohans diaper. My son is 16 months old and tonight after I gently as possible wiped his tushy he cried out mumma no shaking his head. Now that’s when enough is enough, so I decided to google it after cohans doctor had given us medicines that failed his rashes. That’s when I came across all these websites about the pampers causing rashes. Its such a sad thought. And I really want to do something about it!!. Please feel free to email me because enough is more than enough..

  • Singerbabe

    I am absolutely for Huggies. I used to LOVE pampers, it’s the only brand I used on my boys. But now the drymax is out and it gave my little one a rash who never had one with pampers. Only luvs gave him a rash. So to me, it is VERY clear they need to go back to the old style pampers. They were the best. Huggies has gotten better with their diapers, however. I like theirs, too. The pure and natural were REALLY nice as were the snugglers. They were like the pampes sensitive and swaddlers.

  • I am in complete agreement with you. I also prefer the use of cloth diapers. It is sad that the world has become so money driven that people care more about their bottom lines than lives of others. Great post.

    Get Free Diapers

  • Suzanne

    These diapers DID cause a chemical burn on my grandbaby! I am very insulted that Pampers would dismiss such an issue with out speaking to me directly or viewing pictures! This is NOT a normal diaper rash!!! My grandbaby has NEVER had this reaction to anything we’ve ever put on her. We tried Pamper’s Cruiser diapers and with in the same day extreme redness occured, looking like a very bad dry sun burn! IF you’ve ever had a sunburn you know first hand it’s unpleasant. Imagine what it’s like to have one this bad on the most sensitive area of your body!!!!!! To see my 7 month old grandbaby SCREAM from pain when she tried to sit was heart breaking! To change her diaper was torture for her! When she peed she screamed! Touching the redness we felt the dried out skin and heat! We tried to give her a bath and that too caused her to scream! Needless to say, taking those diapers off of her and doctoring the burns it caused helped tremendously! For those parents that see no reaction or change in their babies, good for you. But for the baby in our family, it was an extreme nightmare! Never again will we buy Pampers! And I’m not saying this to be mean, I’m saying this because this is what I’m doing to protect my grandbaby. I had nothing against Pampers until now. We didn’t know other parents were having such problems until we investigated our own situation. We couldn’t believe Pampers, a huge name brand company would dismiss such injuries to such innocent children!!!! I suggest every single person dismissing these problems wear the Pamper’s Cruiser diapers for an entire day. That’s how long it took to sevearly burn my 7 month old grandbaby. Let’s see how comfortable they are when their private areas are burned so bad they cant sit down or take a bath!!!! It sickens me to know such a product is allowed to be sold. I can only imagine all the parents out there punishing their kid(s) because they won’t sit still & can’t stop crying! I really hope Pampers deals with this quickly and starts taking this seriously.

    • Anonymous

      SO sorry to hear about your grandbaby suffering from that rash. I hope she
      heals quickly and that you find a new diaper to trust. Pampers is
      definitely not one of them.

  • Jackie

    My 16 month old has never had any diaper rash, and we use pampers dry max (always!!) .. The thing is, we ALSO use butt paste for EVERY diaper change.. Which is why I firmly believe we have been blessed with no skin irritations… What we love about the dry max, is we can get a full nights rest without worrying that our daughter will soak up the bed (which has happened on occasions when we ran out of dry max, and used huggies). I know every other parent on here, has a chi.d suffering from a skin rash… I do pray that pampers follows up with the complaints and that justice is done for each and every one of you… I would hate to be the parent of a child with a burn, and having a company just wash their hands.. Not resolving the issue… I would hate to have to switch brands (or to cloth) due to pampers lack of loyalty to their baby bums!!