Pampers new Dry Max causing Severe Rashes

Update:  The CPSC is investigating new Pampers with Dry Max.  Details here.

This is yet another Pampers post.  If you use disposables full time or part time, I urge you to read this.  Pampers are causing serious problems for babies.  Don’t let your baby be next.  If you can, use cloth. If you can’t please choose a brand better for your baby such as Tushies.

Today I saw something very disturbing.  A friend of mine posted a photo (edited to not show her baby’s privates) of a very serious diaper rash.  In fact, it is the worst I have ever seen.  The skin looks like it has been burnt off.  She was hoping to find some advice for treatment and causes until she could get to a doctor.  Obviously her daughter is in pain and very uncomfortable.

A few people suggested it could be a chemical burn.  My friend did a little digging and some dot connecting.  The rash started after she began using the “new and improved” Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max. She found a facebook group dedicated to bringing back the old Dry Max diapers. In that group, consisting of 728 members, she discovered many, many moms complaining of the same burn like rash.  All of the rashes began after using the new  Cruisers with Dry Max.

She has since started using another brand of diapers and is in the process of beginning cloth again after a hiatus.

While I nor she can confirm 100% that the rash is from Pampers Dry Max, the overwhelming number of mothers claiming severe rashes from this diaper is convincing.

Not that causing chemical burns isn’t serious enough, in typical big corporation fashion, it seems they are giving customers with rash complaints the run around.

Here is an excerpt from a customer service rep’s response to a mother complaining of a rash caused by Dry Max:

You know your baby best, but some factors that can contribute to the onset of diaper rash are diet/change in diet, diarrhea, teething, the use of antibiotics, upset stomach, etc. Taking all of these things into consideration, it’s hard to pinpoint the cause of your child’s skin irritation. If your baby’s condition doesn’t improve, you may want to speak with your pediatrician

My friend in particular was told her baby just needs to be moved up to the next size. How could a diaper rash possibly be caused by a smaller size?  Leaking, yes.  Rash, no.

And, in case you would like to see, this is what her baby’s rash looks like. Please be advised this is a graphic image and is hard to look at.  After a doctor appointment she was told it was definitely from the Dry Max diapers which caused “contact dermatitis.”


Listen to a few of the rash concerns:

After 1 day on the new Cruisers, red, hot rash ALL over the bottom. I switched diapers immediately, and am already seeing an improvement with Triple Paste. He’s 15mo and on table food. No allergies, no antibiotics, no diarrhea, not teething.

Our 12 month old son has horrible burn-type rashes and we know it has to be the new Cruisers – the diapers really smell of a strong chemical. The odor becomes stronger when wet. He is on a diet of Enfamil formula and solid foods. We were about to switch him to milk, but are waiting until the rash clears. We have officially switched diapers (testing out Huggies).

These quotes come from a discussion with 25 replies, most of which are instances of severe burn like rashes.  This thread attempted to compare diets and age to rule out other possibilities, and no matter if the baby was breastfed, formula fed, whole milk, or other, the rashes began with Dry Max diapers.

The loyal customers are enraged.  Moms took their complaints to the Pampers Facebook Fanpage, only to have their complaints erased.  Many were also banned from the page.  Others left official reviews of the new Cruisers on Pampers’ website but it denied them saying their reviews had “vulgar language.”  That is because the words “horrible” and “bad” speak the truth: how vulgar.

Another reason parents are enraged is the deception.  Pampers began putting the new Cruisers with Dry Max into the old Cruisers boxes.  Now, parents experiencing rashes are either diving into boxes in the store to compare, or switching brands completely.

But have these parents considered cloth diapers?!?! I think some cloth diaper manufacturers should utilize this Pampers fiasco to convert more moms to cloth diapers.  Hey!  Offer a special discount to members of the Facebook group.

If you came across this blog post because of your troubles with Pampers Dry Max, please consider joining a Twitter chat this Earth Day that is all about how to start cloth diapering.  This would be the perfect opportunity to learn more about modern cloth diapers.  In addition, if you do not currently use cloth diapers, you are eligible to win large prizes of cloth diapers that could very well help you on your way to begin!  To learn more about this party and register visit my recent blog post: Get Real- The Inside Poop on Cloth Diapers.

I think Pampers users would be pleasantly surprised at how absorbent, easy, and comfortable cloth diapers are.  Not to mention, NO HARSH CHEMICALS to cause rashes or burns.

If any disposable diaper user has questions for me personally about how to get started and what diapers might best fit your needs I would be more than willing to answer them.  You can email me at dirtydiaperlaundry at gmail dot com.

I would just like to add that as much as I love cloth diapers, not everyone does.  But if you use disposables please consider another brand.  To further support Pampers when they clearly care nothing for their loyal customers and, more importantly, the health of the babies in their diapers, is foolish.  To read more about the dirty things Pampers has done check out my older Pampers posts.


In case you are wondering, the baby’s rash in the photo has gotten better for the most part.

Reuters has also just written about the new Pampers and rash issues.

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  • Amanda

    As a mom of 4, with two babies in diapers, two children in elementary school, and a husband who travels for work every week, I can honestly say that cloth diapering is NOT THAT HARD! People got really lazy when disposables were invented. Fortunately, we now have MODERN cloth diapers, diaper sprayers, antibacterial hand soap with hot running water, and washing machines!! Lucky us. The dryers are a bonus, also 🙂 I swore by huggies with my first two kids, but then when my third was three months old, I realized he had a diaper rash just about every day of his life. After trying several different brands, a friend of mine suggested trying cloth diapers. I got a few to try, just part time, and after changing the very first cloth diaper (which was a poop, for the record), I was hooked! I don’t do something unless I am 100% into it, so there was a decision for me to make: go back to disposables or make the switch to cloth … with a very bold line drawn between the two choices. Well, I chose cloth, and two full years later I’m still sticking to my decision, even after a surprise pregnancy when my son was only 10 months old. The boys are 19 months apart, and yes, life in general is challenging, as you can imagine. But one thing I’ve learned is that anything easy usually isn’t worth it. When we are challenged, we grow. And as we overcome those challenges, we usually make it out a stronger, better person because of it. I would be lying if I said that cloth diapering has always been easy for us. HOWEVER, when it was a little difficult, it wasn’t that way forever. When you believe in something, or NEED something so badly as my baby did, you MAKE IT WORK. You FIND A WAY. I promise you, cloth diapers are at least worth a try. Also, if you go to the honest company dot com, you can find info on conventional disposable diaper manufacturers, and how they absolutely refuse to disclose any of their ingredients. RED FLAG!! These companies don’t even have to legally prove what’s in their diapers, even IF we knew what those ingredients were. Please, please, please consider the environment if nothing else. It’s selfish to only think of what works best for yourself. If a mom of 4 can not only cloth diaper, but recycle, and reduce and reuse as much as I do (not perfect), then anyone can. I’m not bragging, just trying to make a point. Let’s quit making excuses, quit being lazy, and start making this planet a better place to be. Not for us, but for our children and future grandchildren. We may not even see a difference in our lifetime, but soon enough it will all pay off, I strongly believe this.

  • Chris

    Ok, so there is obviously a lot of controversy on this topic when there shouldn’t be. We are all here to learn from each other and that is what we are doing by sharing information. Now I am the father in a family of 6 and we have used both disposable and cloth. We are currently using cloth and have been for a long time. Here are my thoughts, when we first used disposable yes we had issues with rashes, I believe that some of the rashes were caused by the diapers and there were also times rashes were caused due to other circumstances. Now that we are using cloth we never have issues with rashes unless of course it is due to some of the uncommon circumstances such as, (diarrhea, medications, or maybe a change to the diet). So here is my question for all of you as parents we are here to talk and learn ways to help protect our children and do our best to make sure they have the least amount of negative experiences possible. Cloth diapering has worked for us and my wife has done extensive research both ways and there are pro and cons for everything. In this case the pros for cloth outweighed the cons for disposable diapers. You are more likely to have issues with rashes when using disposable, no that does not mean every baby will have the same issue, but please say yes if your the parent that says, “Yes, please let me try the diapers that could possibly give my baby a rash and cause him or her lots of pain.” Disposable diapers do have chemicals because guess what people they are not made from all natural products when you are talking about Pampers or Huggies. There are disposable diapers that are made from natural products however they are not the main topic of discussion here. So Pampers and Huggies both use man made products which make their diapers be able to absorb the bodily waste from your child. Well you can use cloth that will also absorb bodily waste but is all natural products grown from the Earth. As parents our job is to do what is best for our children and protect them. As part of society we should share what works and what doesn’t to help others protect their babies, even when the information is not good for one particular company or group. We are not trying to protect a company or group we are here to raise our kids and keep them safe.

    • kimrosas

      You definitely have a good point. Unfortunately, a lot of people simply aren’t aware that in most cases children get fewer rashes in cloth. In fact, they are under the impression that they get more rashes with cloth diapers because they still think of the old fashioned ones.

      We have come even farther in cloth diaper awareness since this article was written though, and will hopefully see more babies in cloth as the years go by. Thank you for your great comment.

  • A Very Concerned Grandmother

    My grandson was sent to the ER last night due to a first time use of the Pampers Stay Dry Diaper. His penis swelled, turned blue and had a huge blister that looked like a burn. First of all my daughter changes his diaper often. The only reason she used the diaper is because she ran out of the swaddlers. Diagnosis was a severe allergic reaction to something they put inside the diaper – period. P&G continues to shelve these diapers with thousands of complaints of these burn like reactions. This is uncalled for and I will continue to address it to them and the general public. No child should suffer because of a huge company’s bottom billion dollar line. When I called to complain to them last night the representative stated there is no substantial evidence the diaper is unsafe. I said, well I guess a trip to the ER is not evidence and diagnosis from an ER doctor stating it was the diaper is not evidence? I will be calling consumer advocates, local and national, tv stations, etc. P&G may be huge but this grandmother is persistent. This is endangerment to children. Maybe the makers of this diaper should make them in an adult size with the same exact chemicals, wear them and see what happens to them!

  • RachelPoo

    My best friend would constantly tell me about her newborn baby butt rash that would not go away and keep her little girl up all night. It didn’t matter how much she was changing her diaper, her skin was highly sensitive to pretty much anything. She tried many baby butt creams and nothing was helping. She finally tried this product that kinda sound like a gag gift called She said she would use it lightly between diapers changes and the friction rash actually stopped. It didn’t matter how much she was chafing, this product was able to bring the irritation down to a minimum. She finally had a happy baby that was sleeping though the night and she actually started to get more rest as well. It’s really important that parents get sleep to, so that they are alert and able to really enjoy the newborn months when they are little. Please I really recommend this product, many people don’t understand how well it works.