Fluffy Mail!!! 5-18

Today my mailman brought this adorable diaper!

TK Cuddler Cubbies
TK Cuddler Cubbies

I bought it used from Justmommies.com cloth diapering forum where they have a “For Sale or Trade” subforum. I paid 13.00 which included the shipping. The diaper itself is actually made by a mom who is on the cloth diaper forum. The brand is TK Cuddlers and they are some of the cutest diapers I have ever seen. I already have one of her diapers which I ordered custom. This one is a size Medium and is a pocket diaper.

Fletcher looks adorable in it. I love how these have prints you can have added to them. They are also baby proof (and daddy proof) because of her “s hook” design. They hook on the insides and outside. If you really love the way this one looks you should check out her store. TKCuddlers

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