Grasshopper Diapers Quick Dry Bamboo AIO Giveaway (9/19)

One of my favorite things about Mondays is getting to give a lucky DDL reader a new cloth diaper!

About Grasshopper Diapers:


My name is Lisa and I founded Grasshopper Diapers in the spring of 2008 after nearly three years of cloth diapering and sewing diapers. To the amusement of many of our friends (who thought that cloth diapers meant pins and leaky plastic pants), my husband and I decided to use cloth diapers before our first child was born. At the time, our motivation was to lessen the environmental impact of using diapers. As time went by, we learned more about the health benefits of cloth diapering and became grateful that we used cloth from the start.

I started sewing cloth diapers when our little one was just a few months old. I hadn’t planned to sew diapers, but as I tried more and more diapers I became increasingly frustrated – I couldn’t find a diaper that was trim and absorbent and (most importantly!) kept messes IN the diaper. Having sewn for years I thought that I could come up with something better, and it wouldn’t take much time. More than two years later, after countless hours of revising patterns and sewing prototypes, I had a diaper I was truly happy with. Over that time my goals had evolved: containing messes was still critical, but I also became focused on using sustainable and organic fabrics and ensuring that my diapers washed up easily and dried quickly whether in the dryer or on the clothesline. As our baby grew into a toddler, the convenience of all-in-one diapers became even more appealing (most toddlers are eager to get going again after a diaper change and aren’t too keen to wait while you put a separate cover over their diaper!) and because parents spend a lot of time changing diapers, I wanted my diapers to be colorful and fun.

What started as a desire to make the best diapers for my own child has become a passion to share my diapers so that other babies and parents can enjoy easy to use, natural, fabulous fit, environmentally responsible diapers.

We live near Toronto and are proud to make our diapers in Canada.[/box]

The Quick Dry AIO features the Roll-up Snap which gives you the option of tightly containing the mess inside of your dirty diaper for the road home.  Even when you use a wetbag this is a handy feature.  When going on long day trips you need to maximize the space in your wet bag to hold lots of diapers!

You can see the Roll-up Snap in action and learn more about the Grasshopper Quick Dry AIO by reading my review and watching the video.

Now, use the widget below to enter to win a Grasshopper Quick Dry Bamboo All in One!

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