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Snuggly Owl Boutique AIO- Win it!

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Yesterday we were so excited to share Lara’s review of the Snuggly Owl Boutique All in One.  This diaper is made by a WAHM, and expertly so in our opinion.  Natural fiber lovers, parents of heavy wetters, and anyone who appreciates a gorgeous diaper will be excited about this one!


More about this All in One:

There is an internal soaker with 2 thirsty layers of organic bamboo fleece surrounded by a coordinating blue PUL boundary to help prevent leg and tummy leaks for the ultimate in leak protection!

The snake style soaker that is sewn in at the back is made with super soft organic bamboo fleece and Hemp French Terry. The soaker folds to create 6 thirsty layers of absorbency, for a total of 8 layers in the diaper!!!

The Snuggly Owl Boutique diapers come in lots of prints and options.  This one is a recent creation that I happen to LOVE!

Snuggly own Boutique

As it often happens when a diaper is awesome, it’s getting hard to find in stock!  Snuggly Owl Boutique has a group for stocking updates and B/S/T action for their brands: Join their group.


You can enter to win one right here on the blog!  Open to US and Canada!  Winner will pick color/print.  Ends Sept 5.

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Sugar Sheep Starter Set ($60-$105 Value) Giveaway!

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Monday Lara introduced us to Sugar Sheep- an Etsy brand that sells flat cloth diapers (among other things) made from luxurious and soft bamboo terry.  Terry flats are very popular across the pond and for good reason- they’re absorbent and soft.  Sugar Sheep uses a touch of spandex for stretch that makes getting a snug fit easy.


Sugar Sheep wants to get one lucky DDL reader started with cloth by offering a starter Set of their flats in the winner’s choice of size.  This amazing giveaway would make anyone happy and I’m betting the winner will want to roll around in the squishy, fluffy diapers when they are fresh out of the dryer after prepping.

sugar sheepwin

To enter it’s simple- use the Raffelcopter form below.  This giveaway is open to US and Canada.  Ends July 29.

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This one’s for the babies! New from Thirsties {Giveaway}

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Sounds like the Thirsties team has been busy lately!  They’ve just announced several new and exciting things!  You’ll have a chance to win three of them at the end of this post but first, let’s find out what they are!

In new color news Thirsties now has Poppy!  Poppy is bright and fun and the shade is on the feminine side but it’s also a popular color for men’s polos so I think a little boy could rock it too.

OOTD for Toddler Boys featuring Poppy

For a little inspiration here is an outfit I think boys can rock featuring Poppy!  Shirt- Vineyard Vines, Shorts- Old Navy, Shoes- Sperry, Diaper- Thirsties, Hat- Crazy 8, Glasses- Target, Necklace- HazelAid.

Beyond the exciting news of a new color Thirsties has other big news too!


Their Newborn All in One now has hook and loop!  Snaps are great for durability but in a newborn diaper most parents appreciate ease of use and the ability to get the tummy nice and tight!  A welcome improvement to their newborn AIO.


Thirsties NB Cover Aqua 250x250Thirsties also introduced a new Newborn/Preemie sized cover!  For the expecting moms out there these are a must for little newborns.  My first son’s first diaper was an XS Thirsties Cover from waaaay back in 2008.  These new covers with infant prefolds or flats will be great for those first few weeks and months.

And finally, their Diaper Covers (sized) will now come in Snaps!  

I say Thirsties has been busy because on top of these new products and improvements they have new product videos you’ll be seeing at your favorite retailer soon.  If you want to see them now visit the Thirsties YouTube channel.  


Win it!


You have the chance to win THREE products from Thirsties here on DDL: 1 newborn all in one hook and loop, 1 snap poppy duo wrap, and 1 newborn/preemie diaper cover!  Enter using the Rafflecopter below.  Open to US and Canda.  Ends July 23.

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Grateful Naturals and Summer Skincare {Giveaway}

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Summertime is here and that can often mean there’s a combination of bothersome bugs, sweat, and sun.  Luckily Grateful Naturals has offered up several items from their skincare line that can help!


“First time mother, Monica Mayer, has always had a passion for natural products and remedies for herself, and now her son. After researching natural skin care products she realized there was a need for more wholesome ingredients that are non-toxic and pure in essence. We are a local company that is actively engaged in the development of natural skin care products you can safely use on your entire family.

We believe that healthy bodies have beautiful skin, which is your body’s largest organ. Skin is a vital functioning system that protects your body from injury, keeps fluid in and bacteria out. It is your first line of defense against life threatening disease. Sickness in your body can be seen on the skin. That is why healthful living contributes to the condition of the skin.

Grateful Natural’s goal is to promote natural health & well-being through creating a nourishing natural botanical skin care line. Our products are good for the entire family and our planet. Our main purpose is for everyone to replace their toxic skin care products with all natural alternatives. You can feel good about using Grateful Natural’s knowing that the products work well and are made locally in the USA.”

Monica sent a sampler pack my way.  I’m a lip balm junkie so that’s been my new go-to for my chapped lips and the fact that it comes in a tube versus a tin is a bonus.  I enjoy natural lip balms but they do often come in hard to open, sometimes messy tins.  I also appreciate a user friendly natural deodorant.  I have used natural deodorant pastes in the past with great success but one that comes in a stick can be a good introduction for people wanting to switch to a natural deo but not sure about applying with their fingers.  It’s the little steps.

Grateful Naturals does sell a cloth safe  natural diaper balm, of particular interest to readers here, and it comes in the same user friendly stick.

You can enter to win a Summer Skincare Kit with All natural sunscreen, deodorant, and bug repellent from Grateful Naturals! (products in graphic not identical to prizes winner will receive) This contest is open to US only. Enter using the Rafflecopter below. Thanks to Grateful Naturals for sponsoring this prize for DDL readers!

Win a summer skiincare package

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A Binky D Giveaway for Two!

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Already the feedback on our Binky D Hybrid Fitted review has been outstanding!  It’s so great to know there are brands with such loyal fans and that the products are making so many people happy to be using cloth diapers.


It’s time to reward TWO people for their patronage of DDL and Binky D!  Binky D Diapers is providing two prizes, one in stock item of the winner’s choice and one custom embroidered diaper with their choice of 1 design on the bum!  This giveaway is for two winners, first pulled gets the in-stock choice and the second pulled gets the custom!  If you’re already a fan of Binky D Diapers you know how hard it can be to get a diaper sometimes so this is even better than a golden ticket!

If you didn’t get a chance to see the review Lara did on their Hybrid Fitted here is a bit more about what that is: “A hybrid is a fitted cloth diaper that is designed to be worn coverless made with a hidden layer of poly fleece, to push moisture back into the soaker system and keep the outer shell dry.”

Since Binky D Diapers are often so gorgeous it can be hard to want to cover them up.  That’s why the hidden fleece layer is so fabulous!  You can have them on longer without needing a cover before wetness makes it to the front of the diaper!  They’re also good for daytime diapers when you need a rash to air out since they will be more breathable than a diaper with a PUL cover.

Since you know you want to win one enter using the Rafflecopter below. Open worldwide!

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The Most Eclectic Giveaway Ever (40+ Products) for #HistoryofCloth

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When I started thinking of a way to make this History of Cloth page launch match the epicness of the page itself I decided my goal would be to gather at least one of every brand of diaper on the timeline.  The package would make the winner experience so many brands and styles and I think I would do just about anything for a package like that!

I didn’t succeed in getting every single brand on the timeline but I feel like I came pretty close!  Here, have a look!


Oh goodness, thanks a LOT of diapers.  Lets have another look.


What am I seeing in there?  AMP, Cloth-Eez, Best Bottom, a tiny peek of a Tots Bots, a…. O.N.E.?


I see a Tushmate, Sloomb, Nicki’s Diaper, Bottombumper, Smart Bottom, Rumparooz, bumGenius and AppleCheeks!


This prize is so amazing I can’t even keep up with how many diapers are in it!  More amazing?  It’s going to a single person.  The winner is going to have to earn it though.

Here’s what inside this incredible package!

Cloth-Eez Red and Brown edge prefolds (6 total), Size 1 and Size 2 Osocozy Prefolds (12 total), (1) Thirsties One Size AIO, (1) Softbums in Chevron, (1) Sarah Watts for Sloomb (Medium), (1) Tidy Tots Trial Kit, (1) Best Bottom and 3 soakers in Dragon Scales, (1) Bottombumpers in green, (1) Tots Bots in Pumpkin, (1) AMP in Spotty, (2) bumGenius Freetimes in Mirror and Hummingbird, (1) Size 1 AppleCheeks Swim Diaper in Bee Happy, (1) Rumparooz G2 in Unity, O.N.E. in Koi, UR the One, and DandliONE (3 total), (1) Nicki’s Diaper in Tree Friends, Smartbottoms 3.1 in Hipster Fox, (1) Tushmate Globe print shell and insert, Nicki’s Diapers bamboo blanket, Babykicks inserts, Softbums wipes, and Planet Wise snack bags.

Before you enter the Rafflecopter form you’ll need to explore the History of Cloth Diapers page and timeline.  After you’ve explored this new resource it’s Quiz Time!  Test your cloth diaper history knowledge.


Taking the quiz is mandatory though you aren’t required to ace it.  

Everything you need to know you will have learned by exploring the History of Cloth Resource and the expanded text timeline (don’t forget that one, you’ll need it for a few questions). This is an open book test so if you’re stumped the answers are there to find.

Once you’ve taken the quiz then enter the Rafflecopter below. Please show all of the sponsors love and like their Facebook Pages.  They’ve been so generous and supportive of the History of Cloth page and made this entire event, including last week’s insane flash giveaways, possible!  Giveaway open to US/Canada.

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Win it! Little Warrior Prize Package from Jack be Natural!

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By now you’ve probably heard about the newest solid color from GroVia- Little Warriors!  Thanks to the online cloth diaper store Jack be Natural one lucky DDL reader will win one!


Little Warrior is a collaboration between GroVia and Spray-Pal.  10% of sales will benefit March of Dimes.  The inspiration behind the diaper is the Little Warrior himself, Ryan.  You can read more about Ryan’s story here.

Jack Be Natural is providing the prizes today!  JBN has been a top rated cloth diaper store with an excellent reputation when it comes to customer service.  A family owned and operated business, JBN offers Free Shipping on orders over $30.  Orders under $30 have a small handling fee of only $2.95!

Jack be Natural has Little Warriors in stock now if you are itching to get your hands on this gorgeous color that supports a great cause!  You can enter to win your choice of Grovia Little Warriors Newborn AIO, AIO or Hybrid Shell in Hook & Loop or Snap plus (1) Grovia Little Warriors Wetbag and (1) Grovia Itty Bitty Magic Stick Diaper Balm!  Open to US only.  Ends May 22.

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Win it! A O.N.E. by GroVia in Dandelion!

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So you regret not backing the O.N.E. when you had the chance, or maybe you did back it but you only ordered one and you wish you had more!  I happen to have a O.N.E. diaper laying around that I can’t do anything with (no babies to wear it, cue sad face) but my loss is your gain!

A photo posted by Kim Rosas (@kim_rosas) on

I was the very first backer for the project and I picked Dandelion as my print.  I even picked my O.N.E. up in person at MommyCon in Atlanta!  Now I am parting with it but on one condition- you enter my giveaway.  Simple enough!


DDL’s 200th video review was today and I feel like that deserves a giveaway and some special extra tasks, if you’re up for it.  Entering is easy but you can get more entries too.

Follow the Rafflecopter and do your best!  I am even willing to ship this one to Canada if a northern neighbor is the lucky winner.

Good luck!

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Win a 6 pack of Charlie Banana cloth diapers from Dirty Diaper Laundry

Win it! 6 Pack of Charlie Banana One Size! $139 Value!

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Charlie Banana has a pretty incredible giveaway for DDL readers that I think you are going to be anxious to enter!  Their newest product is an organic version of their popular One Size diapers!


“Looking for organic, natural fibers next to your baby’s bottom? We have designed a diaper shell which features luxuriously soft, 100% organic cotton lining inside. The soft cotton lining lets fast the liquid to pass through to the absorbent washable insert. Please note, that our organic cotton lining diaper dries a bit longer than our standard fleece diaper.

Charlie Banana diapers are a “2-in-1” reusable diaper system. It’s a cloth diaper but with a smart front panel that gives you the option of tucking in a disposable pad for those special occasions.
With Charlie Banana diapers, you get the best of both diaper worlds!”

There are a lot of parents who prefer organic options so this opens up the Charlie Banana brand for those families!  Their 6 Packs are attractively packaged and gift giving ready for the mom-to-be in your life too.

Win a 6 pack of Charlie Banana cloth diapers from Dirty Diaper Laundry

Go on and enter below, leave a comment on who would get this awesome prize (you or a friend perhaps…) and make sure to do the extra entries for more chances to win!  Thanks Charlie Banana for a great giveaway!  Open to US/Canada and ends April 29.

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Day 12 Fluffiversary for Kelly’s Closet: Thirsties and Smart Bottoms Giveaway

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Help us celebrate 14 years of cloth diapering with DiaperShops.com and Kelly’s Closet! Kelly’s Closet first opened its doors back in April 2001. (The image below is what their website looked like when it first launched!)


This was well before bumGenius, Rumparooz, GroVia and Thirsties even existed.  Kelly’s Closet is now home to almost 100 brands of cloth diapers, diapering accessories, and eco-friendly products for the entire family.  Kelly’s Closet is a small family business that reaches through the computer screen and engages with customers every day, providing cloth diaper education and support to thousands daily.


For 14 days, Kelly’s Closet has partnered with some of their favorite brands and bloggers to bring you 14 days of giveaways, fun and prizes!  Dirty Diaper Laundry is proud to help them celebrate by hosting Day 12!

One winner will receive a Thirsties wet bag and a Smart Bottoms pail liner.





Facebook: Kelly’s ClosetDiaperShops - Cloth Diaper Support GroupThe Cloth Diaper Whisperer
Twitter: @DiaperShops #kellyscloset #fluffiversary #clothdiapers
Instagram: @DiaperShops #kellyscloset #fluffiversary #clothdiapers
Pinterest: DiaperShops

YouTube: DiaperShops1

Be sure to thank the following brands for sponsoring the Fluff-iversary Celebration with their prizes.  Rumparooz, AppleCheeks, BALM! Baby, Moraki, Logan & Lenora, Tidy Tots, Rockin’ Green, Imagine Baby, Geffen Baby, aden+anais, WolbyBug, Sweet Pea Diapers, Kissaluvs, Funky Fluff, Smart Bottoms, Thirsties, Pink Lemonade and Lillebaby.


Kelly’s Closet also teamed up with these awesome bloggers for the other giveaways- you can learn more about them by clicking their links.
Amanda – The Eco Friendly Family
Sally – Exploits of a Military Mama
Meridith – Diary of a Nerdy Wife
Jenny – Cloth Diaper Revival
Mindy – The Inquisitive Mom
Allyson – Little and Loving It
Maria – Change Diapers
Ruth – Cow Girl Mama
Karla – Running on Eagles Wings
Tricia – Kelly’s Closet Staff
Stephanie – Kelly’s Closet Customer, Fan and Blog Contributor
Kim – Dirty Diaper Laundry
Ashley – Mabe with Love
Krystyn – Really Are You Serious?

Enter using the Rafflecopter below and GOOD LUCK!

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