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Hushamok Dream Package Giveaway {ARV $499}

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Ya’ll, I’m still so in love with the Hushamok baby hammock…. a product I used with my own infant son 4 years ago (that I purchased myself… I might add… and posted a review of back then).  When Julie, the creator of Hushamok, asked if DDL could review their new version I was thrilled.  Not only would I get to share about the product here again but Lara would also get the chance to try one of the best baby products I’ve used as a parent.  It’s not bad on the eyes either!  I have a giveaway for you to enter at the end of this post so learn more about the Hushamok and if you think it might be for your family, try and win!

Win a Hushamok

Hushamok began in 2007.  The creators, a husband and wife team, wanted to improve upon the 1,000 year old baby hammock concept they loved.  They wanted to incorporate organic and sustainable materials with a modern and functional baby hammock.  Their dream came to life and has been serving parents for 7 years!


Lara explained in her Hushamok review how it has become a lifesaver in her home.  The leaf spring gives motion from a gentle touch by a parent and the slight incline can aid babies with reflux.  As with any baby product, especially one intended as a sleeping space, parents need to follow the manual (the Hushamok suggest babies no longer use the hammock when they can roll over or when the hit 22 pounds) and follow common sense.   Baby hammocks have been used for centuries by cultures all over the world.  If you as a parent don’t feel comfortable with the idea of a hammock then it isn’t for you.  I slept directly next to my son when he used his hammock and having him so close and being able to reach over to bounce the hammock and soothe him from bed was a definite bonus.  The set weighs in at around 11 pounds and can move from place to place around the house or can be disassembled for travel.


In the past 2 years I have been obsessed with furnishing my home.   The Hushamok can blend in with a modern aesthetic such as mine, a home full of mid century modern furniture, but it blends just as well in a traditional home.  The Okoa stand has an organic feel while the Dream aluminum stand is more utilitarian but has a modern feel.   It looks lovely in Lara’s newly made-over master bedroom!  As Autumn gets older Lara can add the My Seat and either girl can use it in a reading nook.   Even I can fit in the My Seat and have sat in it many times… it’s quite comfortable!


One lucky DDL reader will win a Dream Hammock and Aluminum Stand of their own, a $499 value.   The giveaway is open to residents of US and Canada and ends January 3, 2015.  Please enter using the Rafflecopter form.  Good luck!

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Thirsties Ocean Collection is HERE!

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It’s been a while since one of my favorite brands released a new print so I was super happy to see their Ocean collection a few months ago.  Yes, my job does have perks like getting sneak peeks at unreleased products!

IMG_7104 copy

The Ocean Collection includes prints featuring sea life in subtle and gender neutral colors.  The entire collection plays well together and it is going to be hard not to want all of them!  There are two collections, Coral and Fin,  that can be purchased in coordinating sets of 5 or you can find each new print or color sold alone in all of the styles Thirsties offers.

Ocean Collection Coral

Sand Dollar
Ocean Life
School of Fish
Whale Tail

Ocean Collection Package Fin

Silver Dollar
Ocean Life
School of Fish
Whale Tail


To go with their new collections they’ve really gone above and beyond by offering a book!  This sweet board book features the characters that appear on the diapers in cartoon form and is an enjoyable read that you’ll love reading to your baby.  The packages are perfect and sweet baby shower gifts!

They’re available at retailers now!


You can enter to win a package of the Ocean Collection (5 diapers+ the book)  from Thirsties (yay!) and the winner can select if they’d like Coral or Fin and the closure/size if applicable. Open to US Only.  Ends November 28.  Good luck!

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BALM Baby ABC Video Giveaway!  Watch and Win!

BALM Baby ABC Video Giveaway! Watch and Win!

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Way back in September I was able to watch a fun promotion happen at ABC Kids where tons of manufacturers and retailers came together for a video.  Believe it or not, there is a great sense of community and togetherness in our industry- even competing brands and stores do get a long for the most part!  I didn’t participate in the actual video since my voice was almost gone at that point but I am going to help spread the word for my friends at BALM Baby.  They’ve worked hard on this!

(ABC Video Series Giveaway) Graphic

How to Play & Enter:

{1} Watch the videos (on the BALM! Baby blog.. or click the image above )
{2} Like & Follow ALL Social Media For the hosts {Dirty Diaper Laundry, Green Child Magazine & BALM! Baby}
{3} For EACH video giveaway you want to enter, you are encouraged to Like & Follow ALL Social Media For:

  1. Shop in video
  2. Brand in video

{4} Confirm BELOW via the Rafflecopter for EACH Video Giveaway you are participating in
{5} Keep watch for the posted WINNER via ONE of the Shop’s Social Media {It’s a secret which one, so you need to keep watch}

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Kissing Blake Hybrid Fitted Giveaway!

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Like a lot of you, Lara has a heavy wetter so hybrid fitteds like the Kissing Blake we just posted a review for are a great option!  The hidden fleece hold in more wetness and the super heavy bamboo fleece soakers will hold it all!

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 4.19.11 PM

If you’re dying to try one you definitely want to try your luck on winning!  Kissing Blake posts often on their  Facebook page about stockings, new fabric choices, embroidery options, and more so you’ll WANT to follow their Facebook page to keep track.  When entering the giveaway please visit the page and hit the like button!  I was perusing their photos section (something I really love doing on WAHM pages because I get a great idea for their style and options since so many post their diapers as they come off the sewing machine) and above you can find many examples- my favorite print would have to be the one on the bottom left.  Several have a Lisa Frank feel to them- it’s bringing me back!


Enter to win below- the winner will get to choose the fabric used for their diaper from in-stock fabric and they’ll also get 2 free wipes.  This one is open Worldwide (but if you win outside of the US or Canada you may be responsible for shipping fee).

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Thirsties *NEW* All-in-One is here! {Giveaway too!}

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In usual DDL style lately I’m not ready to publish the video for the new Thirsties AIO (quality takes time dahlings) but I do have a few photographs to share and a giveaway for you until that review/video is up and running.  My whole life is one big long to-do list lately so I’m really sorry for not being on the ball with these new releases already!

I got to see the new Thirsties One Size All-in-One at ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas a few months ago and was so excited about the simplicity of it all and how it fit so nicely with the Thirsties product line.  I love Thirsties products already, their covers are of course some of the best in the industry, and they have com a long way in bringing more innovation and styles to their customers like this AIO.


  • 40% more absorbent and dries 3 times faster than the Duo All In One
  • Convenient, trim fitting, and absorbent
  • Goes on in one simple step – cloth diapering doesn’t get easier
  • One size diaper provides a customizable fit for most babies from birth to potty
  • 4 total layers of absorbent microfiber terry, a microfleece liner and a reliable waterproof exterior
  • Available with hook & loop or NEW snap configuration with two rows of snaps
  • Gentle elastic around legs and waist provide protection against leaks
  • Stay-dry microfleece liner provides wetness protection


While this AIO doesn’t have bells and whistles and a ton of additional absorbency options like some, you can easily lay microfiber or natural fiber inserts beneath the tongue if you need them for overnights, naps, or heavy wetters.  I like that it is a trim fitting AIO for those of us who don’t need a ton of absorbency though it is actually more absorbent than it appears!

Enter below! US only. Ends October 29th. Good luck!

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HUGE Wool Dryer Balls Giveaway from Smart Sheep- 4 winners!

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Even if you don’t cloth diaper anymore or haven’t started just yet you will want to enter this giveaway from Smart Sheep!  Why?  Because you can use wool dryer balls on all your clothing and linens to expedite their drying time and soften your clothes naturally without dryer sheets or fabric softeners.  Smart Sheep sells extra large 100% Premium New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls with no fillers.  The jury is still out on whether bigger is better but IMO from using several brands I do like the larger dryer balls best and grab those bigger balls first.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 9.18.00 AM

Benefits of using wool dryer balls include shortening dryer time (use 3 balls for small/med load, 5-6 for large) and Smart Sheep dryer balls last a thousand-plus loads so even though it may seem like a large investment you won’t need to re-buy them anytime soon.  Well, you might if you keep losing them or the kids get ahold of them to play… that happens.  Smart Sheep sell their dryer balls on Amazon and so many of us do our shopping there that it’s easy to add them to your cart next time you’re placing an order if you haven’t taken the dryer ball plunge yet.

Last year I did a video experimenting with wool dryer balls and even recorded the sound they make in the dryer since that is one of the most asked questions.  You can watch that video on YouTube to find out!


Feeling lucky?  You should be because the odds are pretty good!  4 winners will each win a set of 6 dryer balls which is plenty to cover all sizes of laundry.  If you’re like me you tend to overfill your washer/dryer so I use quite a few. Enter using the Rafflecopter below. Winners have 48 hours to claim their prize after being emailed.

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MommyCon Schedule Newport Beach

MommyCon Newport Beach CA- Halloween Party and Admission Giveaway!

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I’m a tad bit jealous that some of you mamas in California will get to party at MommyCon’s Halloween Bash on October 31 then have a full day at the actual conference.  Until MommyCon comes to Orlando in May (I’ll be attending that one, it’s super close this time) I’m going to live vicariously through you!  Lara attended the Memphis location and wrote about her experience for DDL not long ago!

This year the Newport Beach MommyCon is throwing a family friendly Halloween Bash October 31, the night before the main event.  If you plan on attending you’ll need to hit up Pinterest for fun babywearing costume ideas!

The following day on Saturday will start at 9:30 with what else but a Cloth Diapering 101 with Jenn Labit of Cotton Babies.  The Leaky Boob is at 10:30, I can’t say enough nice things about Jessica and her balanced approach to breastfeeding advocacy.  And of course Jamie Grayson, TheBabyGuyNYC, will be presenting his “Don’t Buy Things That Suck” session at 11:15.   All three of those sessions are hosting by baby industry super stars and you’d be crazy to miss them if you can attend.  There will also be babywearing sessions, a Sex After Baby talk, baby food making, Car Seat Safety session with Clek, and sleep consultations all day.  You can view the full schedule below to get an idea of what is in store.

PLUS I heard the Cloth Diaper Resource Center is pretty awesome and there will be several brands represented who can help answer your questions in person- that is awesome because most of us never get the chance to chat with experts like that.

MommyCon Schedule Newport Beach

If you are within a few hours of this event definitely enter to win General Admission and a pass to the Halloween Party!  If you aren’t local to this MommyCon you can stay in the know about future locations by liking their Facebook page.    If you don’t win you can find information on ordering tickets at their website.

This is a super quick and easy giveaway and ends October 20.  Goooood luck!

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Bummis Duo-Brite Package Giveaway! {9/29}

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Since we recently reviewed the Bummis Duo-Brite system we thought it would be a great idea to run a giveaway with it!  Lara gave the Duo-Brite very high marks and it scored well all around.  Make surey ou view her review and the video demonstration of the Bummis Duo-Brite.

Bummis Duo-Brite

Bummis is known for their high quality covers and prefolds but have recently decided to expand their line into new categories, something that makes this Bummis fan very very happy!  The Duo-Brite brings Bummis into the All-in-Two category and the cover still works with prefolds or covers as well!  The fact that this cover is wipeable is also a huge bonus since it is easier to reuse more times when changing out the inserts.

The Duo-Brite is also a dual sized system and comes in Size 1 or Size 2.  What is unique is how they have tailored the cover design to best work for each size- size 1 has a single row of snaps and size 2 has two rows to best fit older babies and toddlers.

The snap-in inserts have been carefully and expertly designed to make the most of the materials and to work using either side!  One side is a stay-dry topped insert covering a proprietary ZORB, and the other is organic cotton.  No male snaps will touch baby’s skin and the insert fully covers the belly panel for the most absorbtion.  The center line of stitching has a few functions- it allows both layers to get cleaner and dry faster, and pull moisture towards the center to distribute which is aided by the wicking jersey in the middle.

One of the best parts of my job is that I get to meet with the brands at various expos or events.  I’ve gotten to know the two women behind Bummis and have heard first-hand information about their new products.  I know the lengths Bummis goes through to keep their products made in Canada, their commitment to domestically milled fabrics, and their passion for cloth diapers and keeping babies healthy.  The Duo-Brite is a new product I can’t wait for others to try so make sure you enter this giveaway and hopefully you can see how amazing it is!  And as much as this sounds like a paid endorsement, it isn’t, I just can’t hide my true love!

bummis duo-pack copy

Enter using the Rafflecopter below- open to US and Canadian residents.  Winner will have 48 hours to respond or a new one will be drawn.  Ends 9/29.

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Natural Parenting Scavenger Hunt Sept 7-10. Enter at home to win 1 of 3 Prizes Worth $500!

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While I’m discovering the newest products in the baby industry at ABC Kids Expo I’m also going to be hosting a Scavenger Hunt for Retailers/Media attending along with Super Undies.  Players will be collecting stamps on a sheet from over 20 booths and will win one of 3 prize packages.   That is exciting for those in Vegas but what about you guys?  You get to win too!


Just by entering this giveaway you could win one of three prize packages valued at around $500 each.  Each package has at least one baby carrier, at least one detergent prize, multiple diapers, and other accessories!  The best part?  Many of the prizes aren’t even released yet and won’t be public until this very moment!  Ahhhh can you feel the excitement?  I can!

The sponsors have been incredibly generous!  I’ve broken the prizes into three packages.  Lets take a look to see what you could win…

Prize Package 1 ($490 ARV)


An Earth Mama Angel Baby Baby Essentials Bundle, A Spray-Pal Splatter Shield, a 6-Pack of Osocozy Bamboo/Organic Cotton prefolds, a new Moby Lotta Go carrier in a new design, 4 new Rumparooz One Size diapers, One of each in the new color of Smart Bottoms Smart Ones, Molly’s Suds 120 loads Laundry Powder and a Wool Dryer Ball set, Sweet Pea Diapers IO in the new owl print, Funky Fluff cloth diaper in one of the newest prints (choose stay-dry or bamboo), and two new Happy Heiny Newborn AIO‘s (new product launch).

Prize Package 2 ($500+ ARV)


This package is a chopper’s dream!  $100 to spend at SuperUndies.com and $100 to spend at Rockin’ Green!  Plus NEW Planet Wise Peacock Plumage Wet/Dry Bag  NEW Planet Wise Lite Wetbag – Totally Tye Dye  and NEW Planet Wise Diaper Cover – Toadstool/Gray Chevron, NEW Best Bottom Diaper Totally Tye-Dye Shell + 3 stay-dry inserts, NEW Best Bottom Playful Panda Training Pant Kit, Imagine One-Size Stay-Dry AIO – NEW Ring-a-Ding print, A Bottombumpers One Size in their new white with teal snaps, a Size 1 Snappi 3-pack, a travel sized BON Nourishing Skin Oil, Astoria pikkolo carrier from CatBird Baby, and a Thirsties One Size All-in-One new product launch) in one of their new prints!

Prize Package 3 ($500+ ARV)


A babywearer’s dream package because this one comes with two baby carriers!  An Onya Cruiser in the new Lapis color and a BityBean compact travel carrier, plus an Experience Package from Tidy Tots with diapers in their new print, Tushmate One Size Starter Kit in chocolate, $100 to spend on BALM Baby products, an assortment of Eco Sprout products  including 1 24oz bags of detergent, 1 Coconut Stick, 1 Bottom Balm Stick, 1 Eco Bottom Liners, 1 Breathe Again Pail Freshener, and 2  brand new products yet to be announced, Applecheeks Little Bundle in their new color Jem, 1 Grandma El’s 3.75 oz, 1 Jar, 2oz Tube plus new Zen Rocks style (to be revealed at ABC) and Eco Vessel Frost bottle for kids.

You can enter to win starting September 7 up through September 13 for at home players.  Those attending who are playing live will need to turn in their stamped sheets to me or Super Undies (4841) on September 13.  I need a few days to recover from ABC Kids so I’ve extended the online giveaway to be open a few extra days before I go pulling winners.

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Tiny Tunas Harmony Fitted Giveaway!

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This week Lara introduced you to the Tiny Tunas Harmony Fitted- an exquisite piece of “art” disguised as a diaper.  Any mom, especially a babywearing one, would love to add one to their stash so at least one will once they win this giveaway!


Tiny Tunas creates innovative, sustainable handmade cloth diapering solutions to last you from infancy to potty learning. Our company is dedicated to children and their families and focused on providing support to assist you on your sustainable diapering journey.”

Everything about the diapers is luxe- their snaps are very high quality with engraved motifs, the outer materials are made from Oscha slings woven wraps, the absorbent materials are bamboo fleece and sherpa.  Tiny Tuna also makes wool longies and shorties, even wool leggings (I am particularly fond of these, very cute).

harmonyfitted win

They’d love a DDL fan to win a Harmony Fitted!  You can enter below, open to US and Canada.  The winner will get to select the size and pick Boy/Girl/GN.  Winner has 48 hours to claim or I’ll have to pick a new winner.

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Bummis Duo-Brite,