The New Trend: Insulting Breastfeeding

The news has been dismal lately.  Every single day I see a new attack on breastfeeding. I haven’t addressed any so far because there have been plenty of other bloggers out there doing it for me.  Today was my breaking point.

Attacking breastfeeding suddenly became the thing to do.  Perhaps the attention that Kim Kardashian received for her tweet regarding nursing in public as “gross” made another “celebrity” think this was her chance to grab the spotlight for a moment.

Image: Hollywood Grind
Img: Hollywood Grind

But because this “celebrity” is Adrianne Curry (I use celebrity in quotes for a reason) she has to go further than the word gross.  In fact, if you go through her tweets she compares breastfeeding to “pooping, peeing’ masturbating, and cunnilingus”  She goes on to say “But to each their own”  This qualifier doesn’t make what was said acceptable.  That is like saying “I don’t like *insert ethnicity here*, but to each their own.”

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She admitted she would get blasted for it on Twitter.  And she got some comments, though due to her caliber of followers, most cheered her on and added their own graphic metaphors for what breastfeeding in public is like.

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Adrianne also admits that she was not breastfed and was told by some doctor she can’t breastfeed because she has implants. Second opinion?  Because most mothers with implants have gone on to successfully nurse their babies, including Kendra Wilkinson.

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Obviously society failed Adrianne, who has had zero exposure to breastfeeding in her life.  And her persona is based upon her appearance.  Her life is wrapped up in looking good and having nice tits.  If her audience saw her nursing her baby they might not associate those breasts with sexy so much as they see them for their intended purpose.

A part of me understands how some women like Adrianne, and the author of the hotly debated article “I Formula Fed.  So What?'” have come to the conclusion that breastfeeding is “creepy.”  I myself, as a teen’ swore I would never breastfeed because these knockers were for entertainment purposes only.  Becoming an adult changed my mind.  I realized that is what they are there for.  I grew up.  I didn’t need an ad campaign to show me breastfeeding is normal. But some people do and I am grateful for groups like Best for Babes because they will change things for the better.

I am still at a loss how a mother like Kathryn Blundell can still deny the maternal instinct to breastfeed.  Even those who choose to formula for work/ supply/ etc issues usually try, and will admit breastfeeding is the thing they should do if they could.  Adrianne, on the other hand, has not yet experienced motherhood or the way it can change you.  While there is no excuse for blasting breastfeeding, especially in such a vile and public way, we can only hope she will change her mind one day and that her opinion doesn’t rub off on the impressionable youth.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Have you always wanted to breastfeed?  Did you ever think it was “gross?”  What changed your mind?

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  • Those “tweets” have left me speechless. All I can say is formula smell makes me gag, not breastmilk! They sound SO uneducated.

  • Catie Shafer

    I have always, ALWAYS wanted to breastfeed, even as a teen I knew it. With my first son. I nursed him for 3 weeks and then he became ill and I was told it was my milk making him sick, he had to have special formula and so on and so forth. I listened to the doctors. Only months later to discover it was the COW’S MILK that I was drinking causing him to get sick. My son had milk protein intolerance. The fix? Eliminate all forms of dairy from my diet. But of course that was not made an option to me! I was also told it could run down the line of siblings….good to know! During my second pregnancy I bought the book “Breastfeeding Made Simple: seven natural laws for nursing mothers”. It was a GREAT read and by the time I got through it I felt like I could teach a breastfeeding class! I successfully nursed my second child and until he was 15 months old, until he self-weaned. I am now breastfeeding my third child and will do so until he decides he is done….hopefully before kindie.
    Adrianne needs a really check. Just because you have implants does NOT mean you can’t breastfeed. I HAVE IMPLANTS! What does matter is where your incision was made. If it was through the nipple more than likely you can’t due to the nerves being cut. If it was near the armpit it’s about 50/50 depending on if milk ducts were cut and scarring. I had mine done under the breast. Hides the scars and doesn’t damage the milk factory. As far as their crappy analogies go: I see breastFEEDING in public no differently than someone EATING in public. Do you eat naked in you bedroom? Most likely not…..although for Adrianne that seems questionable. When I feed my child in public I am discreet …similar to chewing with your mouth closed. I wear two shirts, one covers my belly the other is pulled up and then that one will cover the top of my breast. I consider my nipple to be like silverware. When you unroll your napkin full of silverware at a restaurant you see the spoons, forks, etc. When I pull up my shirt (think napkin) you may see a glimpse of my nipple (think silverware). No biggie. But if you have an issue with it feel free to say something to me, and then I can guarantee you (Adrianne and followers) that you will get more than just a glimpse of my ass!

  • Pamela

    I was at Babies ‘R Us buying a shower gift last week when I overheard a little girl giggling uncontrolably and pointing to a nursing pillow. She said, “Look, Daddy. Gross!” I looked up and there was a picture of a mother breastfeeding her child on the pillow. You could tell that she was nursing, but there was no visible nip. Yet, this little girl… and her father… giggled like it was the most taboo thing they had seen in their whole life. It saddens me that we live in a society where breastfeeding is not the norm. I, too, used to think that my “funbags” were never going to touch the lips of an infant. But then I grew up. When I had my first child, I never had any hesitations about nursing. It felt like the exact opposite of “gross.” It felt like the most loving and selfless thing I could do for him – something beautiful.

  • Wow! It’s amazing and sad that people actually think this. The immaturity is overflowing.
    .-= Pamela O´s last blog ..Fun Friday Links – FFL =-.

  • As the oldest of six children, I remember my mother breastfeeding the younger ones, so I never had a negative association with breastfeeding. I think that family/other people that one is close to attitudes toward breastfeeding can play a large role in how it is perceived. My MIL didn’t breastfeed, so that side of the family is kind of uncomfortable with nursing in public, but they don’t question it. I am glad that so much positive information is out there now to help mothers make informed choices about breastfeeding. Unfortunately, the negative is out there and publicized as well, but hopefully most parents are adult enough to make intelligent decisions on their own, rather than based on what a celebrity said.

  • Rachael O.

    I am with you, Kim! I have a hard time even calling these people celebrities, as they are famous for no other reason than the drama that surrounds them. As someone who wanted to BF, I can’t understand the reasoning that it is “gross” (although, my MIL has said it on many occasions and I just roll my eyes). It is what breasts are there for. You wouldn’t get the milk if you weren’t supposed to use it for something! And although some of us who try to BF are not able to (I couldn’t with my first and I could only do it for 8 weeks with my second) due to supply or other issues, it doesn’t mean we can’t be advocates for BF. Although I had to suppliment, I am still a huge BF (and CD and babywearing) supporter. When someone says they don’t understand my choices, I simply educate them on the benefits. And once they learn how wonderful these things are, it opens their minds to new options… And then again, sometimes they just look at me like I’m a nut… But that just makes me want to advocate even more.

  • this popped up on my tweetdeck yesterday and i had to do a double take. you know i pretty much think everyone is entitled to their opinion. even if it’s stupid and not what i think. but this, well this was just outrageous and disgusting. she parades around nude. engages in highly sexual activites and posts pics of that and breasfeeding is gross?! i know she is all about attention but i just thought it was a really lame, uneducated way to get it.

    i unfollowed her. not that it will make much difference but whatev!
    .-= mama23bears´s last blog ..mckfatty monday 2 =-.

  • Amy

    She sounds like some uneducated “teenie bopper” that has no clue about the facts… I have breast fed all 3 of my kiddos- and remember taking my oldest into restrooms to nurse- then with the second and third, I thought- who cares!? My baby needs to eat and I am doing the best thing for my baby and their development. A few odd looks were brushed off by thoughts of my happy healthy babies!

  • This is gonna be TMI, but I’ve participated in the first two activities every day of my life, and the other two… well, let’s just say… well let’s not, nevermind. *wink*

    Seriously, I would not put breastfeeding in the same category as the previously mentioned activities at all. Yeah all five activities, all satisfy some sort of need or curiosity, but breastfeeding shouldn’t be compared to those activities!

    Breastfeeding is a natural and healthy thing to do. I don’t know if I would say that I gave any thought to if I was going to breastfeed or not as a teenager, but I can honestly say that I never really knew what it was until I was about 6 or so when my arch-nemesis from elementary school -who also lived in my neighborhood and was nice to me while not in school but was mean to me at school.. weird- was pretend breastfeeding a doll -through her shirt- and I had no clue what she was doing. She told me what breastfeeding was, I STILL didn’t get it and it kind of left my mind after that. Periodically, I would hear of or see women breast feeding over my life, but I never really consciously decided to breastfeed until gave birth to my oldest daughter. They asked if I wanted to try breastfeeding, and without a thought I said “Sure, why not.”

    No instinct my ass.
    .-= Amber H´s last blog ..WIP- Repair Work =-.

  • I have never heard of any of those ‘celebrities’ except the kardash-whatever one because one of them has been on rachael ray show to promote something. I don’t follow celeb stuff.

    anyway, I knew I was breastfed and figured if I had kids, that I would. And I did. Extendedly. Until my baby (toddler) didnt need it anymore. Also? breast milk doesn’t smell. My baby’s breath always smelled like strawberries (and all her little toys she chewed on, which is what clued me in).. lol. Obviously, these people have NO idea what they are talking about!
    .-= Jill´s last blog ..House keeping =-.

  • I never really thought about BFing, I used to work in daycare so I had exposure to other mom’s BFing and thought it was fine but never really thought about my kids. When I started trying to get pregnant, I wanted to BF but ONLY FOR 1 YEAR maximum. My baby turns 1 year July 22nd and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. He’s only been even mildly sick 1 time this whole year, and I have no doubt it is because of BFing. Also it is the only time he cuddles with me and I know it helps him get all the right nutrition when he’s too busy learning how to walk to eat solid foods. I can’t imagine formula feeding a baby, THAT seems disgusting to me. (Plus formula STINKS, yuck!)

  • Jessica Benavente

    I find it her tweets very immature and sad, really. I actually have no idea who she is, though. But I’m sure [young] people look up to her. She should really get an education before attempting to slander such an important thing in a babies life “publicly.” She just looks like a complete idiot in my opinion!

  • Raya

    My mother didn’t BF me and all growing up I heard how it makes your boobs sag. That’s the only exposure I had. When I got pregnant with my first however, I decided BF was the right and healthy thing to do. I am so glad I did. I have BF 4 children now and plan on BF my new LO. It’s the ONLY decision that seems right – for me. I don’t ‘blast’ those who choose to FF their babies. Some have some good reasons they can’t and some just won’t. Not my business. I just wish people of different opinions would stop bashing mine like I’ve made a bad choice for my child. BF women show WAY less skin compared to models and porn stars.
    My motto: Don’t like it, don’t look!

  • danielle

    I am continually amazed how in our increasingly “organic” and “natural” culture the “organic” and “natural” essence of breastfeeding is still downplayed. We seem to be a society of double standards. *sigh*

  • Molly

    I am the youngest of 6 children and watched my sisters nurse their babies from the time I was 10 years old so I’ve always seen breastfeeding as a natural, normal, motherly thing. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was a little nervous about whether it would feel weird or seem weird to breastfeed but I never considered not doing it. I was very lucky and both of my children took to breastfeeding easily and I did not have any issues with it so I breastfed both of them past their first birthdays and loved it! I feel sorry for women who don’t breastfeed b/c it’s “gross”…they are missing out on a great experience!