Paying full price? HAH! Here is how to get it for less.

I believe myself to be a thrifty shopper. I know how to find deals, use coupons, find free shipping, etc. Since I have spent years honing my skills I thought I would post a few tips I use. I am posting them in the order I go when trying to find a specific item.

1. This is my first stop. Search for the item you seek using their search tool. Not finding it? Some people are vague when they post. Stupid for them but it could be good for you. Go through some of the past few days’ posts. See titles like, “Lots of Baby items”, Tons of Boy Stuff”, etc. Click ’em. You never know, what you are looking for could be hidden in that post. I have found Bum Genius Diapers, an Ergo carrier, a Boon Pedestal high chair, all of my nursery furniture, a bumbo for 10.00, and a johnny jumper to name a few. And when I am done with those I can usually get all or most of my money back by selling them back on CL. It is like renting your items!
2. If you can’t find it used, find it new and for a great price. Instead of trotting to Target and paying retail *gasp* just google the item on (froogle)  You can find the stores who carry it and their prices listed all on one page. There is even a free shipping box you can check and if any stores offer it they will come up.
3. Online coupon codes-Still no luck? Did you find it on a store online but the shipping was too high or the price not a good enough deal? Google for coupons! You can type the name of the store and coupon code in the search box.  Most online retailers have a box to enter a coupon code. Chances are you can find a code to use for free shipping, blank % off, or something cooler. I never buy online without trying to find SOME sort of coupon. Most times I find one, even is it is 5% off, that is 5% in my wallet.
4. Coupons– Did you make it this far without what you are looking for? At this point I am assuming it is something you need right away. If you know they carry it at a brick and mortar store like Target or Babies r Us, there are still ways to save money. Very rarely does Target give coupons, but you can try. If they have it at Babies r Us use a coupon. They religiously send out coupons by mail and when you make a purchase. If you don’t already have one, go in to buy something small. They will stick a booklet with a coupon in it. It isn’t valid for a couple of weeks. Can’t wait that long? Try Craigslist again. Sometimes people post their coupons, you just need to pick them up. Or post that you need a coupon. You never know! There are other places to look for coupons too. Check out mommy forums or  There is a coupon trading community there.
5. DOTD– Not in a hurry? Are you not even looking for something but love getting deals? Deal of the Day sites. There are a few really great DOTD sites for babies that I check everyday.
Baby have a lot of items that appeal to my taste.  Slings, nursing covers (though I don’t use them anymore!), baby gift sets, boppys, babylegs (which I never catch- boo) etc.  So far I have always gotten a great product at am aewsome price. have really cute baby items, all of which are green in some way. have some upscale baby deals.  I bought my rockin’ baby sling there for half price.  They get petunia pickle bottom, Happy heineys, micralite strollers, and more. is not a DOTD site but a comprehensive resource for all things baby and cheap.  They feature posts on baby and kids stores/ sites that are having great deals, and other ways to save money.

6.  Full Price– If all else fails, buy it full price and try to save money on the next one.  I hate biting the bullet but it happens.  For instance, I am desperately looking for Trumpette Cowboy boot socks.  I tried every method but it looks like I am paying full price for those!  I have to have them to complete my son’s cowboy look for our trip to Texas!

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