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Shopping for Cloth Diapers? Try these stores!

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When you decide to cloth diaper you are then faced with an overwhelming selection of cloth diaper stores online.  If you are lucky then you have a local store, but for those who don’t how do you make a decision?  It seems like new stores pop up daily.  I’ve done a fair amount of shopping for diapers and accessories in my day and have also gotten to know a lot of stores through my work here on Dirty Diaper Laundry.  I’ve come up with a few stand out stores that you should consider next time you need to buy cloth diapers!  Some of the stores listed are advertisers here and some are affiliates.  Affiliates will be denoted with an asterisk.

Green Mountain Diapers

GMD has been running since 1998!  In a few years it is vey possible that babies who wore diapers purchased from their store will be having babies!  With age comes experience both about cloth diapering and running a business.  Not only does Green Mountain Diapers have fast shipping but they have one of the best cloth diaper resources online.  If you want to see action shots of babies in diapers and be told everything about the diaper on the buying page then this is the store for you.  It should be noted that GMD only sells diapers with cotton fibers with the exception of covers.  You can find brands rarely seen carried by any other store including Mommy’s Touch, Imse Vimse, and   Make sure you check out their FAQ to learn more about the owner Karen and her family.  I also appreciate that GMD has kept virtually the same layout (even font!) for 15 years.  In a world where stores change their websites every few months to keep up with the newest design trends you can always count on GMD to be the same.  Want proof?


February 2013

Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique*

If you prefer ordering from smaller companies that offer top notch attention to detail then SBB is your place! Each time I have placed an order I have received a gorgeous package with pretty red raffia wrapped around a brown package. They place a sticker with their logo on it and truly it looks gift ready! I’ve also received handwritten thank you notes (I am an affiliate of theirs and they are always very kind and appreciative of business sent their way) in my packages as well. They have a good selection for a smaller store and beyond cloth diapers they offer green toys and baby carriers, plus mama stuff too. The biggest draw is that they offer free shipping in the US on virtually all orders.

Other stores I feel are worth a look when you want a smaller family run feel would be Diaper Lab, Jack be Natural, Kissed by the Moon, Half Pints Baby, Growing Up St. Pete, Fluff and Stuff, Nature Bumz, Dearest Diapers, and The Green Nursery.  Many of these stores are not only ones I have either visited in person or shopped with, some are also advertisers here on DDL and have been my biggest supporters!

When you are looking for stores with lots of sales, freebies, and huge selections there are two that I always look to: Kelly’s Closet and Diaper Junction. I’ve ordered from both many, many times and have yet to be let down when it comes to shipping times.

Kelly’s Closet*

Kelly’s Closet is known for lots of one day deals so they are the ones to watch on Facebook, and signing up for their newsletter is a must. They retail virtually every huge name brand there is as well as a few smaller brands. While they primarily focus on cloth diapers they do sell choice items in mama care, baby carriers, and baby accessories.

Diaper Junction*

Diaper Junction is an online store and also a brick and mortar. While they have a great online business I love that they also have a presence locally that is helping to educate local moms and provide cloth diapers in VA. You can find almost any brand at DJ that you need! They also have a pre-owned section with brand names like Rumparooz and bumGenius. Diaper Junction is another store that offers lots of discount codes for special holidays, often times they have codes for freebies when you spend a certain amount. Keep an eye on their Facebook page and their newsletter for those deals. Diaper Junction is being run by the same mom who started it and even though they are one of the bigger stores Bryana’s passion for cloth diapering is still evident.

Other stores with lots of discounts to offer and huge selections include Mom’s Milk Boutique*, Jillians Drawers, and Cotton Babies.

Next time you are ready to place an order for cloth diapers try one of these great stores! I like to remind everyone that even the “biggest” stores that sell cloth diapers are still small, family owned and operated businesses with a small number of employees. I’ve yet to find a Wal-Mart sized cloth diaper store in revenue or employees. And if you do decide to shop with an affiliate of DDL’s a portion of your purchase goes back to this blog, so thank you!

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The Fated Thrift Store Chairs- My Entryway Progress

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Some of you have expressed interest in my home reno/decorating progress.  This is consuming most of my time so it makes sense to use it as blog material.

This week I focused heavily on finding pieces for the entryway.  In our old home we had a small bench with storage and this sufficed.  This home has a wider, longer entry and the bench looked a little ridiculous.  The hallway also started out orange. It was the first room to be painted in the house but until this week sat untouched.

After browsing Pinterest and other websites for hours trying to find a practical and appropriate way to fill the space without being too “formal” and traditional but still needing it was a photo a friend posted for a paint color that caught my eye!  The photo had one chair and an entryway table.  Initially I was looking for a long console but having chairs might work too.  I hit Pinterest again and found the photo for inspiration:


The chairs were traditional but clean and I liked the ottoman idea in the middle. I was hoping to score a set of chairs at a thrift store since I knew buying new would cost a fortune.

I snapped a blurry pic because the children were running from me. Story of my life.

As fate would have it I ran into my dream chairs at Salvation Army. I walked in with the boys and they were right in the front. Two white upholstered, Mid Century style chairs. I’m a sucker for Mid Century furniture. I love the lines. I’ve wanted to start changing our furniture over but really nice pieces are expensive and I’m usually no good at finding these things! I worried they would be too low so I texted my husband a photo. By the time he replied I had already left the store because my children were running wild! I had forgotten my BobaAir and Ev won’t sit in a cart.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the chairs. The more I thought about them the more I knew they had to come home with me. The kids needed naps so I couldn’t go back right away. I called the store and asked them to hold them until I could get there but the manager said they couldn’t. He assured me it was a slow day and they would probably be there in a few hours.

When the kids awoke we left immediately! I took my tape measure to see if the chairs would even fit into the trunk of my car. I did another once over for damage and they were in near pristine condition minus some scuffed white paint from a wall and one scratch on the arm. The upholstery had some yellowing but I want to replace it down the line. I’m not a math whiz but I figured they would puzzle in, but barely.

I paid for them (all $80.00 for the two!) and the manager helped me get them in my trunk. They were MINE. I loaded them in my hallway and fell in love! Perfection. They were meant to be mine.

Next I needed a table for in between. I spied two that might work at the same store, one was the old school low octagonal table, but I would need to refinish them. I looked online and didn’t find much. The table needed to be low.

After reading a blog post on MODG (THE 11 STEPS TO GETTING THE BEST STUFF ON CRAIGSLIST WITHOUT GETTING MURDERED)  I remembered, DUH, check craigslist! I used my Ultimate Craigslist App to search for “table” in my area. Three possible contenders, one was sold, one never replied, and one was in St. Pete which is almost an hour away. The third option was my favorite but it wasn’t a table, it was a credenza. The height would probably be too much. However it was Mid Century and a 1950’s piece. Stylistically it was perfect. I photoshopped to (what I thought) was scale based on the measurements and it clicked. Friday while Fletcher was in Pre-K I made the trip. I measured my trunk and figured it would fit. If it didn’t I was prepared to remove Fletcher’s car seat for the extra space but that would be a pain.


On the way to St. Pete I arranged a breakfast with Calley, The Eco Chic, since I would be in her neck of the woods. Then onward to a little warehouse. It was hard to find and the GPS was clueless so I had to phone back and forth. The clouds overhead were looming and I feared a downpour. I arrived and saw my credenza. Not a scratch on her. Solid wood, glass sliding doors, and replaced legs with brass tips. The tapered legs, while not original, added a lot to the look and I loved them. SOLD! Except…. I forgot to swing by the ATM or ask her preferred method of payment. Of course, cash only she said. Ugh. Rain was still threatening and I had to find an ATM. Ev and I drove out and found a bank. I returned with my case and we dissassembled the doors and legs. I ended up having to remove Fletcher’s seat and put it in front so his seat would fold. It fit in my car by the skin of its teeth. I only had 1.5 hours to get home, get lunch, remove the large item (alone), re-install the seat, and pick up Fletcher. The drive was 45 minutes. Zoinks!

Unloading the credenza alone was tough and I hurt my back pretty bad. I had no choice because with it in my car I couldn’t pick up Fletcher! I got his seat in and picked him up just in time.


Now the final result is perfect and I’m beyond happy with it, despite how much trouble they both were. I don’t have an exact idea for the art above it yet but a starburst would look nice or these cattails I found on Etsy. I also need a new rug! The shopping never ends. At least it is fun. On Saturday my good luck continued when I found a Mid Century Bassett dresser in great condition (the top was replaced but the rest is original) for 63.00. Seriously. It is either going to be my new TV console or going in my room. For that price it would find a home.

Our bathroom is way behind since my husband is out of town. We have two weekends to finish it before guests arrive. Nothing like pressure to breed productivity! Once that is done I’ll share the outcome.

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Find Cloth Diapers Local: Get Everything You Need In Your Town

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Finding cloth diapers locally can be a challenge, especially for those who live in rural communities.  The internet has an abundance (you might even say, overabundance) of online cloth diaper stores but most are run from home and don’t have a local presence.  There are many who do have brick and mortar stores and these provide an invaluable service to the local community by teaching parents how to use cloth diapers.  Plus the customer service can’t be beat- they are right there to answer any and all questions about your experience.  Unfortunately, we just don’t all have access to these great stores yet.

A friend once quipped that she believed there was a conspiracy in the diaper wars because until recently the ONLY brand of cloth diapers found in almost all big box stores was Gerber.  Gerber brand prefolds, flats, covers, and pins can be found in the “cloth diaper” sections at Target, Wal-Mart, Burlington, Babies r Us, and BuyBuy Baby to name a few.  This representation of the most basic form of cloth diapers only reinforces the stereotype that they are old fashioned and hard to use.  Add to this that the prefolds from Gerber are full of polyester quilt batting (not absorbent) and the flats are undersized and rectangular and you have yourself a sub-par product giving cloth diapers everywhere a bad name.  The cost may be tempting but it is worth looking for another, better brand to try before grabbing the first brand of cloth diapers you see in store.  {For the record I do not suggest buying Gerber brand diapers unless you absolutely have to}

If you are still hoping to find good cloth diapers without having to order online there are still some ways to do so, and you can even save some money while at it by taking advantage of store only coupon codes and saving on shipping costs.  To help get cloth diapers in the public eye  you can also request your local stores to carry these brands if yours doesn’t have them already!


Charlie Banana display in Target

Your local Target store is going to be your best bet for a number of reasons: almost everyone has one within driving distance and they are guaranteed to have at least one cloth diaper- the Flour Sack Towel.

Flour Sack Towels from Target

Flour Sack Towels from Target

Flour Sack Towels are found alongside dish towels and drying cloths in the kitchen area.  They come packaged as a set of 4 for $3.99 (white) and some Targets have them in colors as well.  They are folded to look like rectangles but are mostly square and can be used as an very inexpensive cloth diaper.  They qualify as “flats” just like your grandparents used to use.  They are “one size fit most” because they can be folded into any configuration but the easiest is the “pad fold” which is a rectangle that can be laid inside of a cloth diaper cover.

Charlie Banana Pocket Diapers can also be found in select Target locations.  Not every Target has them so you may want to check by calling ahead to your local store.  These are much pricier and will cost about $20.00 per diaper, which is on par to buying online.  I have a video and review of the Charlie Banana products, click over to learn more.  

bumGenius display at BuyBuy Baby

BuyBuy Baby-

My second choice would be BuyBuy Baby, a one stop shop for everything (and more) that you need for little ones.  This store is overwhelming but they do carry a few varieties of cloth diapers, although the selection may vary by location.

bumGenius 4.0 One Size Pockets can be purchased at BuyBuy Baby now!  These are the diapers that make up the majority of my personal stash and I can’t say enough good things about them.  You can choose from the Hook and Loop or Snaps variety.  They also sell extra inserts, cloth wipes, the bumGenius Diaper Sprayer, and other accessories.  I have reviewed the bumGenius 4.0 and have a video as well.  

gDiapers can also be found in select BuyBuy Baby stores.  These are a hybrid diaper but can be used as a full cloth diaper as well if you buy the gCloth inserts or use another variety.  A cheap replacement would be flats or flour sack towels.  Watch the video demonstration and read my review of gDiapers.  

Dappi diaper covers and pinless diapers (an oldie but goodie) has been seen in select BuyBuy Baby stores as well.

CoCalo diaper and shirt combo from Babies 'R Us

Babies ‘R Us

This chain of retail stores is pretty wide spread and ou might luck into finding a cloth diaper brand or two.

CoCalo cloth diapers are sold in select Babies ‘r Us store locations.  This is a brand I have no experience with yet but they function like a cover with a large open gusset and have stay dry inserts that lay inside.  They look much like the Mabu Baby brand but come in prints.  A Starter Kit will run about $25.00.  They also sell combinations of cute shirts and matching diapers.

Wal-Mart shelves. Image via Photobucket


Recently Wal-Mart began carrying a line of cloth diapers in store that no one had even heard of.  It was a bit disappointing considering they already carried a reputable brand online, but we’ll take what we can get.

Mabu Baby cloth diapers are carried exclusively by Wal-Mart for the time being.  I have a review of their system, and while I can’t say it was a stand-out favorite, it worked well and got the job done.  The diapers come in white only and are sold in easy to understand packaging.  My one word of caution would be that the sizing runs very large.  Check their website to see which Wal-Marts carry them in store.  You can view a video on how to use the diaper and read my review here.  

Mainstay brand Flour Sack Towels in White or Colors are also available in almost all Wal-Mart stores and work as flat cloth diapers.  Learn more about how to use flats.

gDiapers are also sold in some Wal-Mart locations.


This chain of stores is one that is beyond my reach completely but readers have seen a few brands here, maybe you have too!

Cutey Baby brand cloth diapers have been found in select Meijer stores (check availability).  These are also similar to Mabu Baby and CoCalo brands with a cover and wide open gusset to lay in a cloth insert.  I’ve only had experience with these second hand and the reviews weren’t glowing but they did recently imprive the design.  I would be cautious with this brand and try one before committing to the entire set or buying many of them.

gDiapers have been spotted in Meijer stores as well.

Cutey Baby in HEB stores

Grocery Stores-

gDiapers is carried by a few grocery store chains.  Again, check with your actual store before betting they will have it.  They have ben spotted in Wegmans, Earth Fare, and Whole Foods.  You can opt not to use the hybrid inserts, which are expensive, and use cloth inserts instead to make it a full cloth system.

Cutey Baby have been seen at a few HEB stores as well.  

Other Stores-

Ikea carries burp cloths that work great as flat cloth diapers.  I personally use them and find them to be better than the Target Flour Sack Towels.

Another place to look for cloth diapers locally would be at your kids consignment and resale shops.  If you are a frequent visitor you might luck into them, or you can leave a request with the staff and be notified when some come in (if they are nice.)  I went to a large consignment event where parents tag their own items and put them for sale.  I saw 2 GEN-Y covers for $10!

I’ve seen cloth diapers creep up in random stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls.  Other discount/overstock stores might get them in on occasion as well.  Not a reliable place to look by any means but stranger things have happened.

Some “flea market” style shops that rent out booths will sometimes have cloth diaper products represented.  Here in North Carolina a chain called Black Lion has a booth with cloth diapers.  Regional and Farmer’s Markets have also been known to have WAHM’s representing their online store or homemade cloth diapers.

Have you seen cloth diapers in a chain store that I missed or a brand that wasn’t mentioned?  Please tell in the comments!

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Shop Small Business Saturday

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The cloth diaper industry is full of Mom run businesses. This Saturday, support your local industries! I’ll be heading out in search of Christmas gifts today and trying to buy local. I’m also hoping to hit a cloth diaper store here in Charlotte where I am visiting family.

Many of us used yesterday to buy our electronic toys for the year from large stores. Today- lets look for our heartfelt gifts from the small businesses in your area. Or, if you can’t shop local choose to support your online WAHM run boutiques and Etsy stores.

Happy Shopping!!!

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Black Friday Deals on Cloth Diapers! 2011 Edition

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Below I have listed MANY cloth diaper deals.  The first section includes “Featured” Deals, followed by other cloth diaper stores.  Then you will find WAHM diapers or Brand Only deals.  Finally, I included a few other Black Friday specials from places I thought you might like.  If you’d like to support DDL please shop through my links.  Many are affiliates and purchases made fund more diapers for review.  I’d also love for you to let other stores know that I sent you- this post has taken weeks of work.  Happy Shopping!

Cloth Diaper Retailer Black Friday Deals~

*Please Note that deals are subject to change. The information provided below has either been given to me directly, or taken from the store information.


Diaper Junction 

Beginning Thanksgiving Day:

HOT! Select Thirsties Diaper Covers
HOT! Select Thirsties Duo Diapers
HOT! Select Thirsties Duo Fab Fitteds
HOT! Select Thirsties Duo Wraps

Mini Showers $34.95
GroVia Wet Bags $3.50
FuzziBunz One Size (Late Model) $12.95
Blueberry Bamboo Pocket Diapers $18.00
GroVia Shells – Ice & Cosmos $9.00
GroVia One Size All In Ones – Ice & Cosmos $15.00
Country Save Detergent $9.95
Oh Katy Diapers $12.00

20% or more off the following:
Diaper Rite products
Boba Baby Carriers & Wraps
Blueberry Diapers
Happy Heiny’s
Kiwi Pie 20%
CJ’s Butter
Diva Cup
Beginning Black Friday:

Rockin Green Limited Edition Holiday Scent $11.00

Select Bummis products 20% off:
Bummis Super Whisper Wraps
Bummis Super Brite
Bummis Super Snap
Bummis Whisper Pants
Bummis Swimmi
Bummis Beautiful Basic Kit
Bummis Fabulous Wet Bags
Fuzzibunz products 20% off
Rumparooz products 20% off
Eco Posh 10% off

Free $25 gift card with any Ergo Baby Carrier purchase

In accordance with manufacturer guidelines bumGenius, Flip, and Econobum will be announced on Black Friday

GroVia Buy 2, Get 1 Free sale! Includes all in one diapers as well as hybrid shells.

Shop Now

Sandbox Lane

All codes will be posted on our website as well as Facebook.  If you have questions, please check out Black Friday page.

Free holiday baby leg warmers for EVERY customer! (while supplies last)

Free small wet bags for orders over $40.Free pail

liners/large wet bags for orders over $60 (your small wet bag will be upgraded).Free diapers for orders over$80. (MSRP 15.95 value and UP!!)
What’s on Sale?Charlie Banana (20% off)
Sweet Pea Diapers, Covers & Prefolds (25% off)
incredibum (40% off)
Fuzzi Bunz (25% off)
Aden + Anais (25% off)
DryBees (40% off)
Baby Clothing (30% off all leg warmers, onesies, gift sets)
Feeding supplies (35% off all feeding supplies including bibs)
Hygeia breastfeeding supplies (15% off)
Mom cloth (30% off)
Wet Bags (20% off all Planet Wise, GroVia, incredibum, Wahmies)
Kawaii (25% off)
GroVia (buy 2 AIO/Covers get 1 free)
bumGenius: (20% off)
Flip: Buy 1 flip diaper get 1 insert free
Econobum: (20% off)

 10% all Flip products + when you buy a flip cover/insert receive a free insert or buy a Day Pack and receive a free pack of disposable inserts.

Free shipping on anything not on sale (including Rockin’ Green Detergent!)
Save 5$ on orders over $45 (great to use on items NOT on sale!)For more information about the sale. Please visit here.

Shop Now

  Modern Cloth 

All gently used inventory 25% offAll AppleCheeks products 20% off
Bummis – 20% off Swimmi’s and Training Pants
FuzziBunz – 25% off Perfect Size Diapers
Thirsties – 25% off select Duo Diapers, Duo Fab Fitteds & Duo Wraps
Full Size Freebies! In addition to the sample size Freebies we always give to orders over $10… Orders over $150 get to choose an additional $15 in free items & over $250 get an additional $30 in free items, from the following list (customer’s choice, while supplies last):
AppleCheeks Flushable Liners
CJ’s BUTTer products (includes original, stick & spritzes, as well as carcass cleaner)
FuzziBunz Comfort Pads, 3 packs
FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diapers
Planet Wise Wipe Pouches
Rockin Green Detergents and Shake It Up Pail Fresheners
Bonus: If we hit 1,000 Facebook Fans by 11:59pm on Monday 11/28 all orders received between Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be entered to win a $100 gift certificate! (winner chosen viarandom.org)

Shop Now

Sew is Your Baby

Spend at least $20 and recieve 20% off on all diapers, inserts, clothes and accessories, including items that are already on sale! during checkout, use the discount code: blackfriday to get your discount. **this sale excludes detergent**11/25/11 – 11/30/11 (or until supplies last) spend $150 or more and get a FREE 24oz Eco Sprout Detergent with your order!

Shop Now

Kelly’s Closet

Save 10-50% off Selected Items

Oh Katy- Buy 5 Get 1 Free

Changing Diapers Book- 50% Off

Itti bitti- Buy 4 Get 1 Free on d’lish SIO

GroVia Buy 2 Get 1 Free on AIO, Shells, and Newborn AIO

Rockin’ Green- limited edition Red Hot Apple Cider and Bare Naked Babies in Classic Rock ($11) or Hard Rock ($12)

Thirsties- 10-15% off select items

Itti bitti- 15% off select items

Applecheeks- 20% off select items

Kanga Care- 10-15% off Rumparooz, Lil’ Joeys, and Eco-Posh

Fuzzibunz- 15-25% off select items

EXCLUSIVE OFFERS to Kelly’s Closet

25% off Fuzzibunz Hook & Loop Diapers

10% off Thirsties Family Tree print

GIVEAWAYS!  EVERY order placed at www.kellyscloset.com on Black Friday Bzzzzzz Day will be automatically entered to win one of these great prizes.  (1 of 155 fabulous prizes)

See all 155 Amazing Prizes

Prize #1: Applecheeks 1 pack of breast pads
Prize #2: Applecheeks 1 swim diaper
Prize #3: Applecheeks 1 print Little Bundle
Prize #4-#9: BabyKicks 3 pack – Small Bamboo Joey Bunz
Prize #10-#15: BabyKicks 3 pack – Medium Bamboo Joey Bunz
Prize #16-#21: BabyKicks 3 pack – Large Bamboo Joey Bunz
Prize #22-#27: BabyKicks 3 pack – One size Bamboo Joey Bunz
Prize #28: Bummis Beautiful Basic Pack – Small with Fleece Liners
Prize #29: Bummis Beautiful Basics Pack – Large with Fleece Liners
Prize #30: Bummis 1 Easy Fit Starburst with Fleece Liners
Prize #31: Bummis 1 Easy Fit Grape with Fleece Liners
Prize #32-#41: Changing Diapers, the Hip Mom’s Guide to Modern Cloth Diapers
Prize #42: Cotton Babies Gift Pack: 1 Elemental OS, 1 Flip Cover, 1 bumGenius 4.0, and 1 pair of baby legs
Prize #43-#54: Eucalan 3.3oz Wool Wash
Prize #55: itti bitti Gift Pack: 1 tutto, 1 wet bag, 1 change mat, 1 blankee
Prize #56: itti bitti blankee
Prize #57-#96: Kawaii one-size diaper
Prize #97-#106: Minishower
Prize #107: Moby Wrap – Moss
Prize #108-#109: Oh Katy one-size diaper
Prize #110: Best Bottom Trial Kit: 1 cover & 3 inserts
Prize #111: Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag
Prize #112-#114: Rockin’ Green Holiday Bundle: Soap, Scoop, Funk Rock and Melody Room Spray
Prize #115: Ruby Moon Gift Set: Full size bag of Detergent, 6oz pail powder, pack of wipe bits
Prize #116: Sloomb large air wool longies
Prize #117: Sloomb large sprout wool longies
Prize #118: 1 Sloomb snapless multi cloth diapers
Prize #119: 1 Sloomb snapless multi cloth diapers
Prize #120-#143: 2 Size 1 Snappi’s
Prize #144: 3 pairs of Super Undies potty training pants
Prize #145: 2 pairs of Walloping Wallaby Nighttime trainers by Super Undies
Prize #146-#147: Thirties Gift Bundle: 1 Duo Diaper, 1 Duo Wrap, 1 Duo Hemp Prefold, 1 Duo Fab Fitted, 1 pack of wipes
Prize #148-#149: Set of 3 Wooly Round drier balls
Prize #150-#155: Swaddlebees new OS Simplex diapers

Shop Now

Fluff Envy
Keep an eye out for the clearance section – as diapers will be marked down insanely low!!

Buy 4 – Get 1 FREE Rumparooz One-Size Pockets with coupon code BUY4GET1. Add 4 diapers to your cart and Fluff Envy will choose the freebie. No limit as to how many freebies you can get!

ALL AppleCheeks products are 20% off with coupon code 20APPLE.

20% off Bummis products with coupon code BFBUMMIS. Does NOT include TotsBots products, LARGE Bio-Soft Liners, Super Lites, prefolds or kits/packages.

Rockin Green holiday scent (to be announced on Black Friday!!) will be $12.99 for Classic and $13.99 for Hard Rock.

Boba 2G Carriers and Sleepy Wraps are 40% off with coupon code SNUGGLE.

Happy Heinys One-Size Pockets will be $10.99 each!

FuzziBunz One-Size Pockets will be $12.99 each!!

Knickernappies Custom Fit Pockets will be $9.99 each!!

20% off Baby K’Tan carriers with coupon code BFBK20!

10% off ALL EcoPosh products with coupon code ECOPOSH

Buy 2 – Get 1 FREE GroVia products (AIO’s, newborn AIO’s or shells). Purchase any 2 of the same kind of diaper and use coupon code BUY2GET1. Fluff Envy will choose freebie.

** Buy 6 Solids or 4 Prints – Get 1 FREE BottomBumpers diapers! Purchase 6 diapers (or 4 prints) and use coupon code BUY6GET1. Fluff Envy will choose freebie.

Read More

You can combine any/all of the deals ABOVE – there is no limit as to how many of these deals you can take advantage of!! The deals listed BELOW are limited!! If you place a $100+ order, you qualify for all of the freebies, however you can only take advantage of one. My system will allow all coupon codes to be used, but please only redeem one. If you enter more than one coupon code for freebies, Fluff Envy will choose the freebie. There are a limited amount of freebies (as shown below) so once the coupon code stops working, there are no more available. Please do NOT add the free item to your cart – just add the coupon code and we will take care of it for you.

Free CJ’s Product (Lotion, Stick of BUTTer, Spritz) with $25 or more purchase – coupon code CJBF – 20 online available, 10 in-store

Free pair of Baby Legs with orders of $35 or more – coupon code BFLEGS – 10 online available, 10 in-store
Free Rumparooz Changing Pad with orders of $45 or more – coupon code CHANGE – 5 online available, 2 in-store
Free Rockabye Baby CD with orders of $50 or more – coupon code FREECD – 5 online available, 5 in-store
Free FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diaper with orders of $75 or more – coupon code BFFUZZI – 5 online available, 3 in-store

Shop Now


Don’t forget, you get a free entry into the Golden Turkey drawing for every order over $50! You could win an Bumbleride Indie Stroller, Amazon Kindle Fire, or a Sakura Bloom Silk Sling!



-25% off Happy Heinys training pants
-20% off select Bummis products
-20% off all Organic Caboose products
-15% off all FuzziBunz diapers
-15% off all Swaddlebees/Blueberry products
-15% off all bumGenius and Flip! products
-15% off all Wahmies one-size diapers
-Buy 2 GroVia Newborn AIOs, One-size AIOs, or Hybrid Shells and get one free
-10% off EcoPosh Diapers and 15% off all other Rumparooz Diapers
-10% off All Thirsties Sized Covers, Duo Diapers
(Aplix), and Duo Fitted Diapers (Aplix)
-25% off all FuzziBunz mama pads
-15% off Gently Used
-15% off Diaper Bags
-15% off Training Pants
Sales prices apply to in-stock items only (special orders excluded).
My Baby Wears Cloth

AppleCheeks – 20%off
Bummis -20% off All Super Whisper Wrap, Super Brite & Swimmis covers, Training pants, Fabulous wet bags & Bio-soft liners (smalls)
GroVia - Buy 2 get 1 free AIO, Shells & Newborn diaper
Sweet Pea – All Sweet Pea Products 20% off
OsoCozy Indian Cotton Prefolds – 30% offEverything else 15% off store wide & Free Shipping on all orders 11/25-11/28!!** Store Coupons do not apply during this weekend

Shop Now

Kissed by the Moon

We will be doing 20% off storewide for a few hours, then 15% off storewide, and then 10% off most products the rest of the weekend. We are also doing double rewards points for the first part of our sale, as well as tiered goody bags. Some freebies included with the bags are CJs, Thirsties Duo diaper covers, free diapers (various brands), and Planetwise pail liners. We are also doing drawings throughout the day depending on your order number, as well as daily drawings. Here is the info:Black Friday Weekend Grand PrizePeople can enter beginning at 12:00 AM PST Thanksgiving day- this drawing is open until 11:59 PST Black Fridayevening. Any purchases made before or after this time are not eligible to enter. Winner will specify girly, boyish, or gender neutral, but KBTM will ultimately pick the color/print. Anyone who spends $75+ in a single transaction is automatically entered into the drawing. As well, every $75 you spend gets you an extra entry into the drawing. So if you spend $150, you will get 2 entries.Here’s the Grand Prize, valued at $125!

More information on Black Friday from their website.  

OPEN to see Grand Prize Details

1 BumGenius 4.0
1 FuzziBunz Elite or Perfect Size (you pick)
1 itti bitti tutto
1 Rumparooz
1 Green Line
1 full sized CJs Boutique diaper cream
1 Rockin’ Green full sized classic rock detergent
1 Rockin’ Green scoop
Black Friday Weekend Gift Certificate- people can enter beginning at 12:00 AM PST Saturday, November 26- this drawing is open until 11:59 PST November 28, Cyber Monday evening. Any purchases made before or after this time aren’t eligible to enter. Anyone who spends $50+ in a single transaction is automatically entered into the drawing. As well, every $50 you spend gets you an extra entry into the drawing. So if you spend $100, you will get 2 entries. The winner will receive $75 store credit to spend on future purchases. Purchases made with the credit are not eligible for reward points.

Shop Now

Dearest Diapers

1. First 3 Orders will get a FREE Rumparooz OS Diaper
2. All Orders during the Event will be entered into a large “Cloth Essentials” Drrawing (consisting of Diapers, Detergent, Rash Cream, Wetbag etc.) Second and Third place will also be drawn with smaller Prizes.
Earn additional entries for this Prize depending on your Order amount in a Single Transaction.
Every $50 spent gets 1 additional Entry! So if you sepnd $150 you get 3 additional entries! That is 4 Total entries! 1 forplacing an Order and 3 for every $50 spent!
3. Stay tuned on Facebook for Flash Sales and Free Item Announcements4. After all Discounts
Orders over $40 will get a Free SampleOrders over $60 Free OS InsertOrders over $80 Free Wetbag
Orders over $100 Free OS DiaperOrders over $150 Free OS Diaper + $5 Dearest Diapers DollarsOrders over $200 2 Free OS DiapersOrders over $250 2 Free OS Diapers + $5 Dearest Diapers DollarsOrders over $300 3 Free OS DiapersOrders over $350 Free “Cloth Essentials” Package5. Econobum Buy 1 Get 1 Free6. GroVia Buy 2 Get 1 Free (on select items)7. Teething necklaces 10% Off8. FuzziBunz up to 20% Off

9. Rockin’ Green select products up to 25% Off

…and so much more…

Shop Now

Pin Stripes and Polka Dots

Just for Dirty Diaper Laundry followers!!!  First 5 orders linked from Dirty Diaper Laundry site receive 3 free cloth wipes (wipes will be added when order is processed & gender appropriate wipes will be included in shipped items).  First 5 orders linked from Dirty Diaper Laundry that subtotal $100 or more receive a FREE AIO in gender appropriate color (do not add AIO to shopping cart–AIO will be added when order is processed).  Use coupon code dirtydiaperlaundryfreeloot at checkout.

Fuzzi Bunz
Save 20% on all One-Size Elite NEW Release

Save 10% on all in-stock Training Pants, Mini Deluxe, Minky, Diaper Covers and Pail Liners

Open Me

Buy 2 get 1 free on all GroVia Diaper Shells
Buy 2 get 1 free on all GroVia AIO Diapers

Pink Daisy:
Save 10% on all Pink Daisy Menstral Pads
Save $3 on One-Size Pocket Diaper
Bitti Tutto
Save 15% on Bitti Tutto
Buy 4 get 1 free on all G2 One-Size Pocket Diapers
Save 15% on 1 G2 One-Size Pocket Diaper
Save 10% on all Rumparooz Diaper Covers and Pail Liners
20% off ALL Bummis Covers
Happy Heiny’s:
Save $4.00 on Happy Heiny One-size diapers APLIX closure only
Save $3.00 each on Happy Heiny Mini
Imse Vimse:
Save 10% on all in-stock covers
For every Natural Kissaluvs Diaper ordered receive one FREE Kissaluvs Terry wipe or buy 6 Kissaluvs Diapers and receive 12 wipes.

For every Organic Kissaluvs Diaper ordered receive on FREE Kissaluvs Organic wipe or buy 6 Kissaluvs Organic Diapers and receive 12 Organic wipes.

Thirsties: Save 10% on all in-stock Thirsties covers and duo diapers
Tiny Tush
Buy 5 get 1 free on Tiny Tush Elite
Save 10% on all in-stock Wahmies pail liners

Shop Now

Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique

Use code “BLACKFRIDAY2011” to receive:

15% off orders of $50+ from midnight EST through 8:00am
10% off orders of $30+ from 8:00am Friday through Monday at midnight

Freebies! Giveaways! Exclusions. Open for More.

(While supplies last, no rainchecks.)

· Orders of $10 or more: Free SBB wipe (Retail Value $1.50)

· Orders of $25 or more: Free My Little Legs (specify gender at check out) (Retail Value $7.50), Amber Bracelet (Retail Value $9.99), or CJ’s surprise product! Free full size CJ’s BUTTer (Retail Value $6.75 – $10.00)

· Orders of $60 or more: Free Rumparooz Wet Bag (Retail Value $18.95), Planet Wise Medium Wet Bag (Retail Value $17.00), or Planet Wise Wipes Pouch with 10 Wipes (Retail Value $18.99)

· Orders of $125 or more: Free Amber Teething Necklace (Retail Value $18.50 – $25.00) or WAHMIES diaper (Specify gender at check out) (Retail Value $19.95)

· Orders of $250 or more: Free Diaper Bag (Retail Value $39.95 – $55.00)

· Orders of $400 or more: Free Wrapsody Wrap (specify top print/size choices) (Retail Value $74.00)

Please note: Order must exceed the stated amount AFTER discounts are applied. Customer may select one freebie from their order level *or below.* ***Customer must write desired freebie in comments section at checkout. Feel free to request a specific color/print. We will do our best to fill your request.*** Due to anticipated order volume, there will be no changes allowed after order is placed.


Two randomly selected purchases will receive their order amount refunded in the form of a gift certificate!!
The more you spend, the more you stand to win!! (One order will be chosen between the hours of midnight and noon and one will be chosen between the hours of noon and midnight on Black Friday.) Winners will be notified via email and announced on our Facebook page on Sunday.

Shop Now

Natural Pure Essentials

Diaper Sales:

Grovia: AIO, Newborn AIO and Shells – Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Bottombumpers: Buy 6 Get 1 Free or Buy 4 Prints Get 1 Free

You can mix and match prints and solids but the free diaper will have to be a solid color. Please note if you would only like to purchase prints use coupon code bbprint

Bumgenius Elementals AIO: 15% Off

Flip Day Packs: 15% OFF
Chinese Prefolds: 15% OFF
Diaper Accessories:
Cloth diapers accessories are 15% Off. This includes cloth diaper sprayer, wet bags and pail liners.
Laundry Soaps and Baby Carriers:
20% OFF Rockin Green, Eco Sprout and our newest addition Eco Nuts as well Boba 3G carrier and Boba Wrap.
Skin Care, Natural Health and Sippys:

15% OFF CJ’s butter, Sweet Knee, Motherlove, Homestead and recently added Badger Balm
Sunscreens, Amber Teething Necklaces

Shop Now

Go Green Baby Shop!

Free Shipping all weekend

Spend $50, get $10 off or spend $100 and get $30 off everything in the store so esentially get 20% or 30% off!

GroVia: Buy 2 get 1 FREE on all All-in-One Diapers, Newborn AIOs, and Hybrid Shells (may not be combined with spend $50 or $100 /get $10 or $30 off offer)
All bumGenius products: Buy 2 get 1 Free (may not be combined with spend $50 or $100/get $10 or $30 off offer)
Thirsties: Great prices of select products
First 5 orders will receive a free one size diaper
Next 15 orders will receive a pair of Weebit or Weegee Simple Shoes (please specify size and gender)

Additional sale announcements and freebies announced over the weekend on Facebook.

Shop Now

Abby’s Lane

10% “Sunshine” is storewide, but does not apply to Econobum, Thirsties , Tiny Tush Buy 5/Get One free promo, GroVia , Bottombumpers buy 6/get one free, Oh Katy buy 5/get one free, Ergo or Beco. These brands do have other special offers listed below, just not the storewide 10% code.
“GroViaNewborn” takes $14.95 off when you have three newborn GroVia newborn AIOs in your cart, cannot be combined with Sunshine
“GroViaOneSize” takes off $22.95 when you have three one size GroVia AIOs in your cart, cannot be combined with Sunshine
“GroViaShell” takes off $16.95 when you have three GroVia shells in your cart, cannot be combined with Sunshine
“BottomBumpers” Takes $22.95 off of 7 BottomBumpers diapers when they are added to the cart, so they are buy 6, get one free. No additional discounts apply :)
“OhKaty” takes $17.95 off when 6 Oh Katy one size pockets are in your cart, making them buy 5/get one free! Through December 16th, no additional discounts apply.

-Buy 2 GroVia newborn AIO diapers, get one free! Use code “GroViaNewborn” with three in your cart, one will be free!
-Buy 2 one size GroVia AIO diapers, get one free! Use code “GroViaOneSize” with three in your cart, one will be free!
-Buy 2 GroVia shells (you may mix and match colors and closures), get one free! Use code “GroViaShell” with three in your cart, one will be free!

Put any 7 Bottombumpers One Size Pocket AIOs in your cart and use the code “BottomBumpers” to take $22.95 off, so your 7th is free when 6 are paid for. Embroidered diapers may be included, but only $22.95 will be discounted with the code.

Friday Only! Beco Butterfly 2 Carriers in Ginger and Paige print, 50% off while they last, both priced at $69.50 (no additional discounts apply). If they are left over through Cyber Monday, the price will be raised to $85.00 until gone/Monday night. So, on Friday only=$69.50, Sat-Mon=$85.00 while they last.

Buy 5/Get One Free Tiny Tush
-Place 6 Tiny Tush Minis in your cart, $14.95 will automatically be deducted (stocking late Friday the 18th)
-Place 6 Tiny Tush one size pockets in your cart, $19.95 will automatically be deducted
Valid through 12/31

Free Infant Insert with Carrier Purchase:
Ergo is permitting retailers to offer a free heart to heart infant insert with any new Ergo carrier purchase from 11/14 through 12/25.

Econobum sale through November 30: Buy one cover/prefold set for $9.95, get the second free! Enter code “Econobum” when you have 2 sets in your cart, and $9.95 will be deducted.

Place any 6 Oh Katy one size pockets in your cart, use the code “OhKaty” for a deduction of $17.95, making them buy 5, get one free


Select Thirsties products have been marked down, only these products are permitted by the manufacturer to be on deep discount, all other items have been marked down 5%, the 10% Sunshine code does not apply.
Covers smalls, mediums and larges applicable are in the drop down menu at a sale price of 15% off
Duo Diapers aplix only, select colors and sizes will appear discounted in drop down menu at 15% off
Duo Fitteds aplix only, select colors and sizes marked down in drop down menu, 15% off
Duo Wraps aplix only, select colors and sizes marked down 15%

Please see their website for rules, exclusions, and more.

Read for Freebies Details

FREEBIES! On Black Friday these will be listed above to place in your cart
-Applicable on orders placed on Friday Eastern Time, enjoy your turkey, take a snooze and come join us :)
Again, please understand your order total MUST be equal or greater to the totals below. We cannot honor freebies for orders at incorrect amounts, it is not fair to all of our customers, and due to the volume we cannot contact you prior to shipping to inform you the freebie will not ship. Please note the 30 minute rule above with combining orders and the instructions we need, and please read the information regarding refunds of returned items and freebies~

Here is the list by product/order amount, images are below to view the prints available

ORDERS $9.99-$24.99
You may pick from
-Knickernappies Breast Pads in celery green, royal blue or violet purple (RV $3.25)
-Planet Wise Sandwich Bags in Earth Stripe print (RV $7.00)
-Abby’s Lane Voucher at $5.00
-Freebie Oversell Voucher $5.00

ORDERS $25.00-$49.99
You may pick from the above category, or:
-BabyLegs in Snowfall, Santa Baby, Candy Cane and Deck the Halls (RV $12.00)
-Toodlebugz Leg Warmers in LadyBugz, Pastel Rainbow, Rainbow, Fuzzy Ice Cream, Fuzzy Pink, DragonFlyz, Frogz and Bumblebeez (RV $10.00)
-Thirsties Wipes in Gender Neutral colors, 6 pack (RV $10.70)
-Abby’s Lane Voucher $10.00
-Freebie Oversell Voucher $10.00

ORDERS $50.00-$99.99
You may pick from the above categories, or:
-Leslies Boutique Wet Bags in Blue Bandana or Coconut Grove (RV $16.50)
-Planet Wise Medium Wet bag in Spring Dots (RV $16.50)
-Planet Wise Pail Liners in sage green or baby blue(RV $16.50)
-Grovia shell in Cosmos Pink aplix or snap(RV $14.00)
-Flip Diaper Cover in Clementine, Ribbit,Moonbeam or Zinnia (RV $13.95)
-Abby’s Lane Voucher $15.00
-Freebie Oversell Voucher $15.00

Orders $100.00-$150.00
-One Size Happy Heiny in lime, orange, burgandy, forest green, yellow or hot pink aplix, or light pink snap (RV $18.95)
-BottomBumpers one size AIO in Dalmatian print (RV $22.95)
-Aden and Anais blankets, single layer swaddle blanket (RV $22.00)
-Abby’s Lane Voucher $20.00
-Freebie Oversell Voucher $20.00

Orders $150.01-$349.00
Any of the above categories, or:
-Aden and Anais Dream Blanket (RV $49.99) in Star Bright, Monkey, Baby Cakes, Little Man and Giraffe
-Abby’s Lane $50.00 gift certificate
-Freebie Oversell Voucher $50.00

And the big one!
For orders over $350.00, we have 5 BOBA Carriers to give away!
Organic Chestnut, Organic Pine and Organic Walnut (RV $100.00)
-Freebie oversell voucher $100.00

And last but not least, all orders, all amounts, will be entered to win one Ergo Petunia PickleBottom Carrier in Innisbrook print. Winner chosen from all orders placed Black Friday through Cyber Monday, on entry per order.

Shop Now

Cotton Babies
bumGenius Artist Series buy 2, get 1 free.
Flip covers buy 2, get 1 free.
Econobum single packs buy 1, get 1 free.
BabyLegs buy 2, get 1 free.
FuzziBunz one-size diapers buy 5, get 1 free.
Special sales on select Bummis and Thirsties products.

Save 20% on ALL TOYS at Cotton Babies in store or online with coupon code GOODGIFT.

Shop Now

Everything Birth

– We will have an exclusive Ruby Moon Scent in small and regular bags.
– We will be having MAJOR giveaways of baby and mama products, coupons to our store, and much much more!
– We will have all 3 limited edition Easy Fits Holiday prints!
– We will be giving away something with EVERY Order!
– EVERY Goodie Bag will have a coupon with values of $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, $25, and even some $100!

Some of the items being given with orders…(1 per day)
– 1 Full Garden Dreams TLC kit…value $39.95
– A sheet of cloth diaper labels from Stick Around Labels customized with their kiddos name…value $24.95

Shop Now

Green Jelly Bean
10% off storewide with coupon code JINGLE
FREE exclusive cloth diaper ornament with every purchase (limit one per customer, color to be chosen by Green Jelly Bean, additional ornaments available for purchase)
Rockin’ Green Detergent Holiday Scent
FREE standard shipping on all orders throughout November 

Shop Now

Fancy Pants Diapers

10% off most items in the store, including all Rockin’ Green Products , CJ’s BUTTer products, Planet Wise Wet Bags (plus always free shipping on Planet Wise in our store), Bumkins Flushable Liners,  Flip Organic Insert 3-Packs and Flip Disposable Inserts, a wide variety of Cloth Wipes, Fancy Pants Diapers and Wet/Dry Bags.

We’ll be introducing some new Package Deals and Cloth Diaper Gift Baskets at deep discounts.

We will also be unveiling some new prints, including a beautiful Emerald Green that will be featured in our Christmas Special: $20 flat fee with FREE SHIPPING for two of our Christmas Diapers (Solid Emerald Green + Solid Red, or Solid Emerald Green + Red with White Stars) with  4 inserts.

GRATEFUL10 is good for 10% off entire orders from $0-$49; and

GRATEFUL20 is good for 20% off entire orders from $50 & up.

Shop Now

 Mother Earth Baby

Our Black Friday/Grand Opening of Mother Earth Baby Oswego specials are as follows:

FREE shipping on all orders
Free Giveaways in our Oswego Store only
Free samples with every purchase in Both our North Syracuse and Oswego Stores

In stores and on line:

FuzziBunz One Size  -$14.95
GroVia AIO, Newborn AIO, Hybrid Shells are buy 2 get one FREE
Thirsties All covers and Duo Diapers (Hook and Loop) on sale
Ergo –Free infant insert with any full price Carrier
Bummis-Sale on Super Whisper Wraps, Super Brites, Super Snaps, Swimmis, Fabulous wet bags, Beautiful BASIC 2 Piece Cloth Diaper, Training Pants

Shop Now
Tini Bottoms

-Use coupon code “BlackFriday” and receive 20% OFF your order. **excludes Gro-Via & Thirsties products**
-All orders of $100 or more (after discount has been taken) will receive a FREE One Size diaper. Customer may specify boy/girl/gender neutral color in comments during checkout.

Shop Now

Dainty Baby

15 percent off everything (some exceptions) with code cyber15

Shop Now

Basic Baby (In-Store, Syracuse NY Only)

Goo Goo Baby (clips)… 20% off
G2 Bottles & Systems… 20% off
ALL Fuzzibunz Products… 10% off
BUMMIS Training Pants… 15% off
all kissaluvs products… 15 off
Grovia biosoakers… 15% off
Inspired by finn… 15% off
Mei tais… 15% off
Maya wraps… 15% off
Thirsties… 15% off select colors All Kissaluvs Products… 15% off
Grovia BioSoakers… 15% off
Inspired By Finn (Amber / Hazlewood Necklaces)… 15% off
Mei Tais… 15% off
Maya Wraps… 15% off
Thirsties Covers… 15% off (certain colors)
… we may add some extras as the week goes on, even some other goodies

Brand Specific and WAHM’s ~

Posh Pumpkins

Use code “BLACKFRIDAY” for 25% off any order. That is almost $7 off each diaper. And orders over $50 ship for FREE.

Shop Now


Starting Friday at 6am Rumpeez will be offering 20% discount on all orders with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY.
All orders over $100 (excluding shipping) will receive a FREE one size or mini one size diaper cover. No coupon code necessary. In notes to seller at checkout please specify:
– Either one size or mini one size
– Boy, girl, or gender neutral
Lastly EVERY order placed will receive a 3 pack of flannel cloth wipes! Please specify in notes to seller if you would like boy, girl or gender neutral!
The Rumpeez sale starts Friday November 25th @ 6am and will run through Sunday November 27th @ 6pm!!!!

Shop Now

Blissful Booty

Half Off sale of all Original AIO Diapers (including the ‘perfect after prep’ diapers listed in the Factory Seconds category).  The diapers will already be marked half off so there is no coupon needed.

Shop Now

*25% off our entire store including Diapers, Accessories, Gear, and Gift Certificates.

*Every Ecobubs Pocket will come with an additional Free nighttime insert,

*Plus FREE SHIPPING! Wooo Hooo! Friday-Monday.

Coupon Code: THANKS
Shop Now

Better Bottoms

Christmas diapers 30% off.  All other items will be 20% off.

Shop Now

Mo Dia Diapers

Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales!  All sales good 11/25-11/28 at www.modiadiapers.com

BUY 3 GET 1 FREE on all inserts, doublers, and wipes!  For multi-packs extra singles will be added.  No coupon necessary!

10% off all CJ’s products (no coupon necessary)

Coupon codes for “create your own sale”

  •        BFfreeship for free shipping on any order ($4.95 value)
  •        BF10off for 10% off your entire order (includes things already on sale!)
  •        B5G1ooga for BUY 5 OS pocket in-stock diapers, Get a FREE OS pocket in any of the Ooga Booga prints we have available (including the new holiday red/green Oogas J ONLY 5 OF THESE COUPONS AVAILABLE, SO SHOP EARLY FOR THIS DEAL!!  ($21.95 value)

Freebies will also be going into packages!  For every 3 orders we receive, one person will receive a CJ’s BUTTer sample, and for every 10 orders we get, one person will receive a small CJ’s BUTTer stick in their order! (random.org will determine which order numbers will receive freebies once the sale concludes Monday evening)

Shop Now


Add two Overnight eco-pockets® and one Classic eco-pocket® to your shoping cart onLolliPlace.com and use the coupon code: CLASSIC

Add twoLolliDuos™ and one Tye-Dyed Fitted Innie™ to your shoping cart on LolliPlace.comand use the coupon code: FITTED

Add two Overnight eco-pockets® and one Classic eco-pocket® PLUS add two LolliDuos™ and one Tye-Dyed Fitted Innie™ to your shoping cart on LolliPlace.comand use the coupon code: DOUBLEDOO

PLUS!!! Save an additional 10% on Small Business Saturday.

Shop Now

20% off all AppleCheeks products, through www.applecheeks.com/shop and through participating retailers, listed here:

Other Noteworthy Deals~


10% discount on your purchase by entering the code “GRATITUDE”
code valid 11/25-11/28

Shop Now

PAX Baby
Action Baby Carriers – 25% off
Boba 3Gs – 20% off
Olives & Applesauce – 20% off
and the Beco Butterfly II (select styles) – on sale for 20% off!!!!
Shop Now

A Mother’s Boutique
Many maternity/breastfeeding items (tops, dresses & pjs) will be on sale 20-70% off!!

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Basic Baby Opens Shop in Syracuse, NY

This post may contain affiliate links.

My local town now has a real cloth diaper shop inside of Shoppingtown Mall.  Basic Baby opened their doors last Saturday and I took a trip to see how things looked.  Prior to Basic Baby opening their doors in CNY, the next closest place to find cloth diapers in person would have been Jillian’s Drawers in Ithaca, NY or Luvaboos in Rochester, NY.  There was definitely a need for a cloth diaper store here, which was apparent by how busy the Grand Opening was!  I am amazed at how the store came together so quickly!  Everett LOVES the wooden car we bought from the store made by Under the Green Umbrella.

Front of the Shop

Picked Apart Display of Under the Green Umbrella

See Everett playing with his new toy from BB

A happy customer

Josh, the cloth diaper Dad and Owner

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Get involved with DDL: Ask a Question, Vote, Follow, or be Featured!

This post may contain affiliate links.

Today is a catch-all post for a few important items that just don’t make sense to occupy an entire post!

Ask DDL a Question and have it answered on video

I get a lot of emails, tweets, Facebook posts, and carrier pigeons delivering questions about cloth diapers.  (Okay, I don’t actually get questions delivered by pigeon but how rad would that be?!) Sometimes an email just can’t convey what I want to say.  Sometimes I want to fly to their home and SHOW them.  Instead of costing myself a lot of airfare I have decided maybe I could just video what I mean instead.

If you have a burning question about cloth diapering (or even anything else I might be able to help with) and want it answered in a vlog, ask it!   You might just get an answer!  The best part is that others probably have the same question, so lots of readers and viewers will benefit.

Ask Kim a Question  

Vote for DDL in the Padded Tush Stat Awards

I am SO not a person who begs for votes or asks to be nominated for awards.  I’ve always secretly hoped I would be nominated for something for the blood, sweat, and tears I put into DDL.  But I wanted it to be a real award, and not one of the “Vote for me Every Single Day” annoying awards that are just trying to get extra traffic for themselves and care nothing about actually giving an award!

Even though this is a new Award, it is hosted by Padded Tush Stats and is just about cloth diapers.  I have been nominated by a few people (thank you!) in the Cloth Diaper Resources category.  If you have learned from my blog and feel I’m a valuable resource for the community I would appreciate a vote.  There are also awards for Best Cloth Diaper, Best Accessory, and Best Retailer.

Vote for DDL

Follow me on Pinterest!

I’ve been on Pinerest for a while but I’m just now starting to get more addicted involved.  This is completely unrelated to cloth diapers, but I would love to find more people to follow that have similar interests.  I have been adding lots of pins to my “Things I’ll Never Cook” board.  (Full disclosure, I actually did make a few of the recipes on there!)  I’ll be following everyone back who follows me.
Follow Me on Pinterest  

Be Featured on DDL

Black Friday is coming soon.  That means SHOPPING and DEALS.  I’ll be compiling my Second Annual Black Friday Deals list and publishing it early that morning.

If you are a cloth diaper retailer offering discounts and special sales for Black Friday then you will want to be listed in this post.  Last year it was a hugely popular post that passed around the internet for all the fluffy deal seekers to find.

Listing is totally free, but I will also be offering featured slots for a small fee at the top.  Due to the number of retailers offering sales the post will be very long, so top is always good.

And since a girl’s gotta eat, don’t forget DDL does have advertising options available and other ways to promote your business (such as hosting a review or giveaway).

Contact me to be featured on Black Friday

Download the DDL Media Kit  

Mark your Calendars!

Twitter users, mark your calendars for November 22 at 9 pm for a Twitter Party hosted by myself (@KimRosas) and @ClothDiaperGeek for Mom’s Milk Boutique! There will be lots of prizes!  More details to come.  

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Cloth Diaper Stores with FREE SHIPPING

This post may contain affiliate links.

When shopping for anything, including cloth diapers, I am always looking for the best possible deal.  Whether that be finding a coupon code, Free Shipping, or an every day low price.

Many stores offer Free Shipping on cloth diapers or you can get Free Shipping after spending a certain amount.  This is the most current list of cloth diaper stores offering Free Shipping.  If you know of any I have missed please add them in the comments!

Totally Free Shipping-no Minimun Order- for DDL Readers with a Coupon Code- US Only

Modern Cloth- Use Code DDLShipItFree

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Marshmellow Legs

Minnehaha Diaper Co.

My Livy Lou


My Baby Pumpkin**

Orange Diaper Co** (Brand specific-not a retail store)

Sew Crafty Baby

Sew is Your Baby

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The Green Pampered Baby

Top to Bottom Baby

Weedle Weedle

Wee Little Changes

Planet Bambini (US and Canada)

Snaps and Snails (US and Canada)

Tiny Birds Organics (US and Canada)

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One Posh Baby (Canada)

Worthwhile Mentions:

Amazon sells cloth diapers (among millions of other things) and has a program for Free Shipping on all orders.

Amazon Mom Program Sign Up*

These stores usually offer Free Shipping Discounts frequently, or other money saving coupons on a regular basis.  To get in on the deals you should sign up for their Newsletters or “Like” them on Facebook!

Kelly’s Closet* ** (Free Shipping over 49$.  I personally shop here fairly often.  They offer frequent codes for FREE DIAPERS!)

Fluff Envy* (Free Shipping over 35$.  Cute Diaper of the Month Program, plus they sell gently used diapers.)

Mom’s Milk Boutique* ** (Free Shipping over 25$.  30 Day Returns on Baby Carriers)

Green Mountain Diapers** (Flat rate Shipping 6.95 and VERY FAST SHIPPING)

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Please note that this list was compiled on August 23, 2011.  Certain stores may change their shipping policy without my knowledge.  If you do encounter an incorrect listing/policy change that is listed as Free Shipping or if you would like your store to be added to list email dirtydiaperlaundry(at)gmail(dot)com.

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Wordless Wednesday: Dress Shopping

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itti bitti Cloth Diapers now at Kelly’s Closet!

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The highly anticipated cloth diapers from Australia are now in stock at Kelly’s Closet!

You will fall in love with the vibrant colors and limited edition prints.  If you haven’t already, check out  my Snap-in-One and All-in-One review and my One Size Tutto review.

Links to Kelly’s Closet are affiliate links, if you purchase through them I will receive a small percentage, so thanks!

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