10 *Totally LEGIT* Uses For Menstrual Blood

10 Uses for Menstrual Blood

Now that you are a menstrual cup user you might be thinking “What can I use my menstrual blood for?”  Excellent question!  Each day you waste that nutrient rich menses that could be fulfilling a higher purpose.

10 Uses for Menstrual Blood

Well- wonder no more!  Amanda from The Eco-Friendly Family (the amazing artist behind these images) and I have come up with 10 uses for period blood- there’s no reason it should be wasted.  You’ll thank us for these excellent tips.  I have 5 listed and she has the rest so check those out for more hilarity.

Paint With Period Blood

Use Period Blood for Plant Food

Use period blood for hair dye

Use period blood for face paint

Use period blood for food dye

You can see the other five on The Eco-Friendly Family!  You don’t want to miss them!


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  • Michelle Jackson

    Some of these are slightly frightening.

    • kimrosas

      Well it’s all meant to be funny… I don’t believe anyone would do any except the plant food.

      • Michelle Jackson

        Oh no I agree and understand it was meant to be funny. I just thought the zombie apocalypse was funnier.

  • Allyse

    LOL That’s scarily disgusting!

  • Jan Derksen

    I actually read a blog several years ago by a woman who saved her menstrual blood for her plants…if I remember correctly, it was while I was researching the sea sponge “tampons”… 🙂

  • bet brad

    Lol these are too funny.

  • Minnie

    When I first saw the title I thought, no. Just.No. lol. I still wonder if you’re 100% joking though…. 😉

  • Sarah Neptune

    Lol…totally doing this next Halloween. 😛

  • rebecca lopez

    hahah this is equally hilarious and… um yea, gross lol!! I’m for sure telling my family what made that red velvet so red, and velvety lmao

  • Piper Chwalibog

    Cracked up when I read this. Too funny!

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