Flats and Handwashing Challenge Day 2

seeing some sunshine
seeing some sunshine

Many of you have already experienced a washing session, but if you haven’t, you will likely do so today.  I am so amazed and humbled and in awe of the blog posts, tweets, notes, and forum threads regarding the Challenge.  Some of you are going above and beyond the rules.  Others are finding new and exciting ways to fold, wash, or cover your flats.  I’m going to be posting links to some of these awesome finds this week, but I want to wait since I know there will be more to come!  Today is a short post but I’ve got another Vlog for you and some pictures!

Our day yesterday was quite good and easy.  Granted, there weren’t any poops.  This means today I am in for it!  Overnight both boys had flats on.  Everett wore a diaperbag folded flat (tutorial on Padded Tush Stats) in an Econobum Cover and Fletcher wore a pad folded flat in a Weehuggers overnight.  I washed diapers and hung them to dry this morning so hopefully in a few hours they will be dry.  I talk all about our first day and washing in the vlog.

Diaperbag fold- used overnight for Everett
Pad folded flat in a Flip OS cover
close up
seeing some sunshine

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  • Amy @ Oh So Savvy Mom

    Excellent.  Thanks so much for the Vlog on it.  I’m interested to know if the plunger method works well enough to prevent stinkies like ammonia.  Though, I suppose that ammonia wouldn’t be as much of a problem with flats???

    • Anonymous

      Exactly! Flats won’t retain those salts as much as microfiber and thicker
      inserts of other materials would. There are less places to hide and they
      are easier to clean. I’m not saying it is impossible, but it is FAR less

  • Nurys

     Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the vlog! I’m interested in doing the challenge and started yesterday like I was supposed to but don’t know where to sign up. Can I still enlist? Where do I go to sign up? TIA!

  • Lori – The Gnome’s Mom

    You made it look so easy to hold that HEAVY HEAVY bucket upside down! I ended up wringing each diaper by hand after every wash because I couldn’t get enough water out of the bucket any other way. Thanks for the vlog, and the challenge. It’s making me realize I can do ANYTHING, as long as it’s good for my kiddo. And, YAY for nursing in such a public forum – you rock!

  • I have to say after yesterday and it taking me llike an hour and a half to wash our flats I was about ready to give up! lol My kids had three poops between them yesterday and with out using a diaper sprayer and forgetting to use my fleece liners it was a big chore to hand wash them. Poop was everywhere in the bath tub. But today went A LOT better, I have a better system going today and I think I’ve got it figured out.

  • Tara

    Okay, for real…Ev is TOO CUTE. I want to eat his cheeks!

    • Tara

      Edit, I just watched the VLOG and Fletcher is ADORABLE, too!!!  Good job, mommy 🙂

  • Todzwife

    Kim, is it ok to swap out for covers that aren’t working for this? DD has discovered aplix and is stripping faster than I can even get her pants on! I need to swap out an aplix flip for a snap and a leaky weehugger with a wool cover. Is this ok? 

    • Anonymous

      Yes that is definitely fine!

      • Todzwife

         ok good! Thank you!

  • r p

    I LOVE handwashing my diapers. It’s so peaceful. Nobody wants to be around me when I’m dealing with poop, so I have been taking my sweet, sweet time and getting left alone lol!