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Flats and Handwashing Challenge Day 2

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Many of you have already experienced a washing session, but if you haven’t, you will likely do so today.  I am so amazed and humbled and in awe of the blog posts, tweets, notes, and forum threads regarding the Challenge.  Some of you are going above and beyond the rules.  Others are finding new and exciting ways to fold, wash, or cover your flats.  I’m going to be posting links to some of these awesome finds this week, but I want to wait since I know there will be more to come!  Today is a short post but I’ve got another Vlog for you and some pictures!

Our day yesterday was quite good and easy.  Granted, there weren’t any poops.  This means today I am in for it!  Overnight both boys had flats on.  Everett wore a diaperbag folded flat (tutorial on Padded Tush Stats) in an Econobum Cover and Fletcher wore a pad folded flat in a Weehuggers overnight.  I washed diapers and hung them to dry this morning so hopefully in a few hours they will be dry.  I talk all about our first day and washing in the vlog.

Diaperbag fold- used overnight for Everett

Pad folded flat in a Flip OS cover

close up

seeing some sunshine

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Wordless Wednesday: Flats in a Flip

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Weehuggers and Flip with Flats

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Weehuggers Review

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Update: This diaper brand no longer exists.
I have been asked for a very long time to review a Weehuggers.  Finally I broke down and bought one.  I can’t always, nor will I, go and buy diapers to review because this is very expensive since I do one review a week.  Still, I was curious myself.  I was really impressed with the cover and the thought behind it.  Unfortunately I had a hard time filming and editing this review for whatever reason.  I had fussy kids both times.  Please disregard the bad job on these this week!

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ Weehuggers come in either snaps or velcro closures and have a 3 step rise system adjustment within each Size (Size 1 and Size 2). The Ccver is very easy no matter which closure method you choose, but the overall easiness will depend on what to put in it or underneath it. Some fitteds are harder than others to put on, but it you choose Weehuggers inserts to use in the cover, or another lay in option, this is the easiest way to go and make Weehuggers into an All in Two System.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ One of the reasons it took me a while to review this cover is that it is pretty pricey. At 18.95 for what is, for my purposes, going to be used as a cover was a hard price tag to swallow. When I got the cover though I was so impressed with the quality of it. It looks very luxe! The velcro tabs are little mittens (and apparently this is not an automated process, it is done by hand) The PUL feels and looks really high quality, and the snaps are reinforced. Things that, while not everyone cares about or appreciates, do drive up the cost. They are also made in the USA.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ For nights I chose to use the Weehuggers as a Cover over fitteds since this is my tried and true nighttime solution. The cover fared perfectly and we both woke up dry. During the day I chose to use it with my Sustainable Babyish flats. These are awesome lay in inserts. I could replace them as needed when wet for the Weehuggers to become an AI2. In the video you might notice that there are cotton panels at the front and back which hold in your inserts. The creator, Lisa, put a lot of thought into the design because they are backed with PUL. Soft for the baby on top and water resistant behind. It isn’t 100% but it does work as long as the insert isn’t super saturated or the baby pees right on top of them somehow.
Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ Unlike another Dual Size cover I have been using, my 5 month old is on the fully snapped down rise on the Weehuggers so it gives me the impression that it will last a little longer for him. True? I won’t know for quite a while. I also liked the way the cover fit his waist. Some velcro covers tend to bunch up because it is thick and hard to flex. There were also no deep red marks or anything to make me think my son was uncomfortable in them.
Overall: I will say one thing: I can tell these covers are made with love. I don’t know that I have said this before, but just from looking at the way they were designed and thought out I see the influence of a cloth diapering mom. I wasn’t converted over from my love of Pocket Diapers, but I guarantee you this is the favorite system for oodles of parents out there. Plus, Weehuggers offer some adorable prints in Cotton Knit over the PUL. This poses a risk of wicking but for daytime use it shouldn’t happen often, if ever.  The only negative thing I experienced with the cover was what seems to be a defect in the sewing of one of the velcro tabs.  The top has peeled back a tiny bit.  It doesn’t affect function for now, I just hope it doesn’t come undone any further.

Where to Buy: You can find Weehuggers at many cloth diaper retailers, including one of my affiliate’s, Fluff Envy!

I purchased this cover to review after receiving a ton of requests.

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The Best Cloth Diaper Video- Courtesy of Weehuggers!

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I had a post scheduled for today but I decided this needed to be shared!  Lisa from Weehuggers was tweeting out her brand new cloth diaper rap video.  This beats the Huggies “I poo in blue” commercial any day!  Share it with your friends!

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