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líllébaby® COMPLETE™ Airflow Review+ Giveaway

Two weeks ago my family and I were so lucky to be given passes to enjoy Disney World with our daughter. Matt and I are HUGE Disney fans. We announced our pregnancy by attending the park while wearing a shirt I made that said “Future Mouseketeer” in the classic Disney font with a tiny mouse […]

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The Bedtime Battle and an Unexpected Ally in the War Against Sleep Defiance

Everett has presented so many sleep challenges that the concept of just “tucking in” a child and saying goodnight seems more like sci-fi than real life.  He started life as a high needs baby (thanks to an undiagnosed sensitivity to lactose) that caused me to bounce him constantly.  That set us up for a solid […]

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New Carriers from Onya, Boba, Beco, and ErgoBaby! {Video}

This is my final post about my recent trip to the ABC Kids Expo 2013- I promise! Along with taking video footage of new cloth diapers I turned the camera on at a few baby carrier booths as well. I didn’t have time to visit every booth, but Baby Dickey has a great post showing […]

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The Family That Games Together…

Fletcher, my soon to be 5 year old, was my first baby.  He is still my cuddler and his happiest moments are always when he lays his head on my stomach.  He says “I love your tummy, mommy.” and lays there completely content.  There are times when he is being difficult and we are both […]

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A Robot T-Rex is WAY Cooler Than Boobs {Our Weaning Story}

We lasted 2 years, 11 months, and 21 days.  The end came so fast that I didn’t see it even though I started the ball rolling.  And I swear on my life that I never intended to “bribe” my son into weaning but that is kind of how it happened, as the story will tell. […]

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Breastfeeding Revolution: Join the Virtual Breastfeeding Summit

Recently I had the chance to be involved in a virtual breastfeeding summit started by Christine Miskinis, a healthy-mama expert, that brings together 21 Mama and Baby experts to talk frankly about breastfeeding on video.  Breastfeeding Revolution: Discover the Secrets to the art of Blissful Breastfeeding is a way to sit down “face to face” with […]

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Nursing a newborn and a toddler

What it’s really like to breastfeed after 2.5 years

Being that World Breastfeeding Week (Aug 1-7) is nearly finished and I’ve yet to post about the topic I thought it would be fitting to post an update on our breastfeeding journey.     I never set out to breastfeed this long or wanted to be a poster child for “extended nursing.”  I have often […]

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Babywearing Basics

Babywearing Basics from BWI Educator Babywearing Faith

If you’re here at DDL, you’ve probably heard of babywearing before. Humans have been using fabric to carry their babies since the beginning of time, but the word babywearing was invented by the father of attachment parenting himself, Dr. William Sears. Babywearing is one of Sears’s “baby B’s” – the tools he recommends to create […]

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…I Wish They Could Have Slept With Me Just A Little While Longer

 It’s the place I look forward to being in as often as I can.  It’s the place where everything is peaceful, warm, safe, loving, and familiar. Every night I start the evening off in my big comfy bed with my big comfy husband.  Some nights I don’t get the “call” to snuggle my youngest son […]

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Locals: Support LLL of Tampa and the Breastfeeding is Normal Exhibit by Shopping at Whole Foods

As a regular reader you might know that not only do I love and support breastfeeding, but I also live in Tampa.  While I don’t normally post “local” news and events I did want to take the time to publicize the Breastfeeding is Normal project being put on by LLL (La Leche League of the […]

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Bummis Duo-Brite, Little Tunas, Opulent Monsters