New Carriers from Onya, Boba, Beco, and ErgoBaby! {Video}

This is my final post about my recent trip to the ABC Kids Expo 2013- I promise! Along with taking video footage of new cloth diapers I turned the camera on at a few baby carrier booths as well. I didn’t have time to visit every booth, but Baby Dickey has a great post showing the many carriers I missed like the Lillebaby, BityBean, Emeibaby, and more so check that out.

What I did do was have Onya and Boba show me their newest carriers- the NextStep and the Boba 4g. Beco has 3 new prints available so you get a look at those for the Soleil carrier in the video also. I did make it to the ErgoBaby booth to see and try out the new ErgoBaby 360 but I didn’t get the time to film. I’ve linked to another video  by the baby gear expert Jamie Grayson for you to watch. ErgoBaby also has a new wrap available soon that has a cotton/spandex blend with enough stretch to be snug without sagging.

Onya Baby’s new Nexstep and their new infant booster are featured in the video first. Diana, founder of Onya and huge babywearing advocate, gives us a look at this carrier made using recycled plastic bottles.

Boba has just tweaked a few things on what was already a great carrier. The 3g introduced a way to wear your newborn by snapping the body of the carrier down. This wasn’t my favorite idea but I also never tried it with a newborn. Their new 4g now has a small “pillow” style insert that boosts the baby higher into the carrier and has two different settings. This enables the carrier to work beginning at 7 pounds. They’ve also added a few more settings to the sleep hood.

Beco had three beautiful new prints including a gorgeous twist on the trendy Chevron.  While chevron is getting old, this one makes me drool.  It shares the same name as the new chevron from Rumparooz, Charlie.  I didn’t get the reference but they were independently inspired by Charlie Brown and his signature Chevron shirt.  Cute!  I haven’t tried to new Soleil carrier so it still feels like a new product in my eyes.

ErgoBaby had two new products, a new wrap and the 360- a carrier than works for inward facing and front facing out. Xza from The Mommy Dialogues has an amazing post about her feelings on this new Front Facing Out carrier from a company that has long shunned this style of babywearing. Personally, I wouldn’t wear it as a forward facing carrier but if a parent chooses to babywear in this way, perhaps a company with such a colossal presence in big box stores and online can educate on better ways to do so, when it is appropriate, when to turn them back inside due to overstimulation, and why a seated FFO carrier is better for the baby than the “other” style.

Make sure you check out the videos from ABC Kids Expo 2013 featuring the latest cloth diaper prints and new products that launched at the show!  Have a look!

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