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Since we all can’t afford a $2,000 potty training expert to do our dirty work for us (in 2 days, guaranteed no less!) the hard work falls on our hands.  The milestone of a potty trained toddler is one to be celebrated but the road there is different for every family, and usually has a few bumps in it.

I wanted to share some of my favorite potty training tips in the form of a fun video.  I asked Super Undies and Primo Baby for their help to make it happen and they were kind enough to sponsor knowing that we could make the road a little smoother with these tips.  Scroll to the bottom of this post and enter our giveaway for over $100 in potty training products from Super Undies and Primo!  Ends 8/12.  US only.

Tip #1- Introduce your baby to the potty at an early age.  It may sound CRAZY but allowing your baby, as early as 6 months, to sit on a small potty on occasion can mean less fighting it later on.  Not to mention if you time it just right and your baby uses the potty they will know exactly what’s supposed to happen when it’s time to take potty training seriously.  Try sitting them on the potty right after they wake up from a nap for starters, then go from there.  For more on infant potty training (elimination communication) you can revisit my past posts on the subject.

Tip #2- Get the right seat for your baby’s age.  If you want to try early potty training a tiny potty for the floor is perfect, but eventually you’ll want the business to happen on a real potty for less cleaning that you have to do.  A potty seat that does both is extra handy and saves money too.  In the video we have featured the 4-in-1 potty, Freedom Step Stool Trainer, and the folding potty seat from Primo Baby.

Tip #3- Pick the right bottoms for the job.  Every toddler is different therefore the answer to “trainers or undies” is subjective. A trim, easy up and down trainer that looks like underwear is good for toddlers still working on their potty training when you’re out of the home.  Whatever style you choose make sure it doesn’t look or feel like their regular diapers or it could cause confusion.  The adorable rainbow print shown in the video is a Super Undies 2.0 Pull-On trainer.  If you go out of the home in just underwear you’ll want to take note of the next tip!

Tip #4-Be prepared.  Just when you think your child is ready for the big world in their underwear an accident happens.  That’s ok!  A travel sized wetbag prepared with a new outfit, down to the socks, is critical in the early weeks and months after successful potty training.  And yes, I do mean socks.  It can and will go everywhere without a diaper, trust me.  The wetbag with the clean clothes will be required for the wet ones.  You may also want to keep a folding seat with you for those big and scary public toilets.

Tip #5- Pick a strategy and stick with it. When that toilet flushes be ready for your chosen celebration, gummi bear, or sticker on the chart. Consistency and excitement foster success.  Every family will pick what works best for them but whatever the method, be consistent with it!

Tip #6- Get your rewards ready, for YOU. Potty training is exhausting on the parents.  When setbacks happen, and they probably will, have your own rewards in stock.  Haagen Dazs, a glass of wine, or a guilty pleasure snack for after bedtime are all well deserved when potty training is in full swing, but especially when it isn’t.  PS, I learned that Haagen Dazs can be ordered from Amazon Prime NOW.  This is life-changing intel.


Trick #1- Use a Spray Pal as a urinal.  It may not work for every toilet but placing your Spray Pal inside of your toilet with the doors open creates a “urinal” to prevent newly trained boys from peeing everywhere but the toilet.  You can even get fancy and draw a target with a Sharpie inside!

Trick #2- Avoid Public Flushing.  I heard this trick from the potty training expert, Laura W. of Super Undies.  Bring post-it notes with you to the public restroom and place over the automatic sensor of the toilet.  Since many kids are frightened by the auto flush this lets you flush once they’re out of immediate earshot.  Too bad we can’t prevent people from using those hurricane strength hand dryers….

Trick #3- Store everything you need for potty training right in your bathroom.  This trick comes from The Eco- Friendly Family who set up all of the wipes, underwear, and diapers (for younger toddlers) in one place.

Trick #4- Place a cheerio in the toilet to help little boys aim.  Another boy trick, but one that can make potty training fun!  Each family will decide if they want to train their boys to pee standing from day 1 or wait until they’re older.  From personal experience, I found sitting to be effective when they were early trainers but we transitioned to standing on a stool and peeing standing once they were well trained.


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Potty training advice that can make life a little easier. The first tip is really helpful!

I’ve potty trained two boys and each presented their own challenges.  Neither experience was like the other.  My sanity relied on having access to a small potty in our living space for quick access and hardwood floors.  While every family will choose the timing and method that is the best fit for them we can all agree that potty training should be prepared for as much as possible so in the end it’s less stressful for the entire family.  Our family chose the 3-Day Method of potty training, utilizing trainers for out of the house trips as needed.  Later on, our sanity was saved by the Super Undies bedwetting pants that were needed more than a year after potty training.  For more potty training advice join the Scaredy Cat Potty Training Academy on Facebook where you can get support from experts and other families.  If this round of potty training is the end of your cloth diaper journey I understand the conflicting emotions.  Life after diapers is a strange one when you’re a cloth diaper loving parent but such is life.

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This video has been in the works for many months with the vision of a fun, educational way to visually share some of my favorite potty training tips. Thanks to Super Undies and Primo Baby for their help in making the production possible by sponsoring this video.

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