Fluffy Christmas Application

I am now accepting applications for Fluffy Christmas. The form is embedding wonky, so you can also view and fill out the form by clicking this link.At least one family will be selected by Miracle Diapers, and the others will be chosen by me, Marissa from Growing Green Bums, Charlene from Tiny Tush (who has donated more diapers than any other company, and is beyond generous. Thank you so much!), and possibly more. Be assured that selection of the families will be unbiased and fair, which is why I am asking others to help. Please, please, only apply if you truly are in need of diapers. If you know of a family in need, forward this along. I encourage you to post this in any forum or other website to spread the word. There isn’t a final count of families because there are still diapers in the mail. I am up to 3-4 at this point. I am in need of accessories still, so if you have new snappis or wetbags, they are needed. Thanks you!

Thanks in advance for your entries.

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