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Merry “Fluffy” Christmas 2012!

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Wishing your family a Merry Christmas this year! Perhaps Santa will bring your little ones some new cloth diapers! I’ll be taking more time away form the blog to spend with family during the holiday. The diaper in the photo is currently being reviewed and is a Moraki, in case you are wondering.

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Where are they now? Fluffy Christmas Edition

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Back in December I got in way over my head with a “little” project called “Fluffy Christmas.”  My original intention was to provide, with the generous support of various cloth diaper makers, one family with a full stash of cloth diapers who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Not only did I get a ton of applicants, but I got a huge response from diaper companies as well.  I received HUGE boxes full of diapers.  So…. instead of helping 1 family cloth diaper, I helped 10!!!

The families all received their diapers right before or after Christmas.  I wrote to them asking how it was going.  Here are some of the responses and even some fluffy pictures.

I would love to do this again next year, but this time I know what I am getting myself into!

Cloth diapering is going wonderfully for us.  We cloth diaper full-time and have since we received your package, and although we met some hesitation and good-hearted teasing from most of our family and friends, all are on board with it and recommend it to people themselves, after seeing how easy is really is!!  I also have several friends who have switched from disposables to cloth since we began, and they all love it.  It truly is a great experience, and knowing we’re doing something good for our child and the earth makes it even better.

The Thirsties that you sent us quickly became our favorite diapers, and get used constantly.  We’ve since tried different types and brands but we still always reach for them first, it seems.  I felt and still feel incredibly blessed to have received your package.  It gave us the ability and means to cloth diaper full time without worries (and having to wash twice a day!!).  So once again, Thank you so much!!


In a Thirsties AIO

Things are going great! We started using the cloth diapers right away with my older son. My second son was born February 20th and we did use disposables for a couple weeks because his legs were so skinny that the cloth diapers didn’t prevent leaking. But we are now in the cloth full time and he’s doing pretty well! Having some leaks but that’s okay, I think they may just need to be washed more to achieve maximum absorbency.

Wearing a Small Pocket Change sent by Gro Baby

Wearing a Small Pocket Change sent by Gro Baby

The diapers have been prepped, and are neatly awaiting the little one’s arrival! Just the other day I hit my full-term mark, and we’re expecting the birth in a few weeks (unless he/she decides to come a bit early or late)

Cloth diapering is going good right now. My little one is now going to be 3 months and she is 7lbs 11 oz 20 1/2 inches.. The pocket diapers fit great on the waist but one pee and it comes out the legs since she has real small legs..it just runs out the sides. :( BUT the great news is the prefolds with a cover works great I dont get leaks using those ones. I took some pics of her in the pocket change ones.

Wearing a Small Pocket Change sent by Gro Baby

Wearing a Small Pocket Change sent by Gro Baby

You are my Hero!!! I feel like I owe the world to you and the companies who helped you with this!!
I feel so extremely fortunate to have been picked as one of the recipients for Fluffy Christmas! My package actually arrived on Christmas Eve which was WONDERFUL because I was leaving that day to go out of town until January 4th!!! When the package arrived, I immediately took it out and just reveled in all its glory!! Even after you emailed me to let me know I had been chosen, I never expected to get such a wonderfully put together and comprehensive package as I did this Christmas Eve!! Everything is wonderful and perfect, and I cannot thank you and the other women who helped you out as well as the companies who donated enough for doing what you did for us. I cannot wait for my little man to arrive so I can start!! Seeing as I don’t have any action shots yet, I thought I would still include a picture of what my package looked like all fresh out of the box!

The stash sent.  Tiny Tush Elite, Incredibellas, Gro Baby doublers, Crunchy Clean detergent, Sweet Pea Wet bags

The stash sent. Tiny Tush Elite, Incredibellas, Gro Baby doublers, Crunchy Clean detergent, Sweet Pea Wet bags

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Thirsties: Company Profile and Q&A with Erin Kimmet

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After compiling a list of the many, many great cloth diaper companies who manufactured their products in the US and Canada, I learned so much about what a wonderful group of women (and men) run this industry.  One such company, Thirsties, really stood out to me.  Thirsties was started by Erin Kimmet with 100 dollars.  The mom of two has carefully considered the impact of manufacturing her product.  Every detail is considered when a product is made; the materials used, the carbon footprint, and the comfort for our babies.

Thirsties was extremely generous to Fluffy Christmas.  Thanks to their donations, 2 families (and then some) received a starter box of diapers!

Recently, Thirsties accomplished a feat that no other company has yet been able to achieve.  Due to the legal restrictions all hemp products must be imported into the US.  The hemp used for diapers is all knit elsewhere.  Thirsties rallied hard to find a way to get their hemp knit here in the US.  They can control the quality of the product and it is providing jobs for knitters here in the US.  This was a huge hurtle, so congratulations to Thirsties for working hard to make tht a reality!

You can try this hemp for yourself in the new (and fab) Duo Diaper. I am in the process of reviewing this diaper, so you will get a video review of it in the near future!

Thirsties employs mothers who work from their own home, making diapers, and also employees at their warehouse in downtown Canon City, Colorado.  I asked one such employee, Sonya, about her life as a Thirsties employee.

I am the Thirsties Customer Service and Warehouse Manager, as well as the Public Relations Representative. We are all in charge of different duties here, but also team up when we need to to get things done! My work day starts at 8:00 AM, and I am finished usually at 2 PM. When I come in in the morning, I open up shop, and the first thing to get done is to bring up Pandora on the computer to Deuter radio! – Lovely!!
I answer the telephone and emails, oversee the warehouse, and take incoming shipments. I input orders, change orders, take inventory, and take care of the retail customers. I am also the Return Department, and I process the returns that come in, and take care of any repairs. I clean up when needed, water the plants, and keep things orderly. I also send out the PR and return shipments. We all team up and send out the Amazon orders for the week. We have Katie who takes over for me in the afternoons, Sarah who ships the Wholesale orders, and our newest employee Monica, who helps with the bookkeeping. We are a small company, and luckily we can set our own work hours to suit our schedules. Erin is very accomodating about that! She understands about being a mom, as she is one, and it is not a problem if I need to stay at home with a sick child! We are very lucky to have Erin as our fearless leader! We all have a good time together!

erin2I was also fortunate enough to get a few questions answered by Erin Kimmett. I hope you all enjoy reading her responses as much as I did.

Me: Why is it so important for you to keep your production in the US?

Erin: 4 reasons!

1. In considering the state of the economy, it is more important than ever to support domestic industry! We are never going to get ourselves out of this ecomomic slump by purchasing goods made overseas. We need to invest in our North American farmers, raw goods processors, knitters and weavers, finishers, cutters, and sewers! Many manufacturers will finish their goods here in the USA and will label their products MADE IN USA when in fact, only the very last step of the process was produced domestically. But we believe this is misleading for the conscientious consumer. Our goal is to use all domestically manufactured fabric and components as well as hosting the final cut and sew on our land.

2. Producing goods locally reduces our transportation needs and carbon output!

3. I like the fact that I can visit our ‘factory’ any day of the week, at anytime, and I will not ever find a child laborer or anyone else for that matter who doesn’t want to be there.

4. And finally, local production also equates to good QUALITY CONTROL!

Me: Another company would have imported the hemp fabric as is, why did you fight
so hard to have the hemp knitted in the US?

Erin: See above =) In addition, the end product produced by the USA-based knitter is far superior!

Me: Describe a typical working day for a Thirsties employee.

Erin: I think Sonya covered this one =)

warehouse2Our sewers are contract workers…so they are not actual employees. But they work a very flexible schedule, as well. Many work from the convenience and comforts of their own homes. Those that work on site come and go as needed, although they all work hard when working, they are all very much appreciated, and they all LOVE what they do.

Me: When you started your company in 2004, did you ever imagine that cloth
diapers would be where they are now? And, how much have Thirsties changed
since your first run?

Erin: Wow…good question! Cloth diapers have certainly been revolutionized over the past 5 years! And the innovations and growth in the industry as a whole indicates (1) that we are all doing our job well and (2) families are craving a healthier, more affordable, and greener alternative to disposables! We still have some hurdles to jump — still ALOT of mis-information and stereotypes out there in regards to reusable diapers — but we are certainly making some great progress in bringing cloth mainstream!

Me: And, how much have Thirsties changed since your first run?

Erin: Ha! Our first run of Thirsties Diaper Covers was miniscule. We had high hopes for something we felt was a ‘hole’ in the market. We produced 1000 covers in 5 colors and it took months to sell that stock. Luckily, other cloth diapering families were intrigued, tried the covers, loved them and by the end of that first year we were producing 1000 covers a month, which was HUGE success in my book at that time. The design our our covers has been tweaked here and there — today’s covers and wraps are far superior to that first run, but over the years, Thirsties Covers have proven the most reliable and the household favorite for most families.

Me: Where do you see Thirsties and cloth diapering in 20 years?

Erin: I believe with all my heart that cloth diapering is going to catch on more and more — it just has to. Once a new mom makes that leap and gives cloth a shot, there is no turning back. Reusable diapers are just too far superior for a number of reasons when comparing to cloth. Nobody can deny the cute factor alone! Then when you add in the cost savings, the health benefits, and the environmental pulls, using cloth becomes a no-brainer.

I hope that when my kids have kids of their own, and when my grandkids have kids, they will refer to the past 30 years in history as the diaper-dark-ages! And they can brag about how their mom was a part of the diaper revolution! =)

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Cloth Diapers Made in the US and Canada

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One of my favorite things about Cloth Diapers is that they are part of a close knit, cottage industry.  So many cloth diaper companies started off as mom run businesses.  The diapers were sewn with love, by hand, and sold directly to the consumer.  In fact, there are hundreds of diaper brands who still do this today.  Hyenacart, etsy, and Artfire have many cloth diaper makers.  I’d say virtually all of the diapers sold on those sites are made in the US or Canada.

I have compiled a list of as many cloth diaper companies as I could who manufacture their diapers in the US or Canada.  This does not mean that the materials were grown in North America.  Plenty of these companies do use North American grown and/or milled materials.  I have noted this on some.  Just because there is nothing next to the name, this doesn’t mean the materials aren’t North American, only that I don’t know or haven’t researched it yet.

I would love to have every company listed that manufactures in the US or Canada.  I am adding this list as a page to my site.  I will continue to update it as new companies are listed.  I cannot list every independent cloth diaper maker.  I will consider adding an Etsy/ Hyenacart/ Artfire maker on a case by case basis.

If you know a company that needs to be added, or if you notice any mistakes, leave a comment here or email me at dirtydiaperlaundry at gmail dot com.

Companies marked with an asterisks donated diapers to Fluffy Christmas.  My original plan was asking companies to donate one diaper who I emailed about being included in this list.  The majority of the diapers sent to families are US or Canadian made with a few exceptions.

There are some outstanding companies on this list.  I am going to be highlighting a few of them in the near future, and how and why they decided to keep their diapers made in the US or Canada.

Manufactured in the US
Baby Kicks*- 90% are made inthe US except the Bumboo and Organic Fitted. My review.
Bagshot Row Bamboo*
Bamboo Bums My review
Bella Bottoms* – All except hemp milled in US.  All manufactured in US.
Blueberry/Swaddlebees- All but prefolds, microfiber, and hemp made in US. My review.
Drybees My Review
Essential Saltes Baby -handmade within miles of my house by a WAHM.  My review.
Firefly Diapers
Growing Greens- 100% US Materials
Happy Heineys* My review.
Kissaluvs* My review.

Little Beetles*
Mommy’s Touch
Monkey Snuggles – My review.
Piddle Poddles
Play All Day. Fitted review. Wool cover review.
Rocky Mountain Diapers
Smartipants My review.
Softbums My review.
- PUL and Cotton are from the US.
Sustainable Babyish* My reviews of their products.  Wool Interlock soaker and Snapless Multi fitted.
Tiny Tush Elite
Wahmies- My review.
Manufactured in Canada
Baby Kangas*
Elbees 95% materials are US/Canadian made.
GMD Infant Fitted
Monkey Doodlez
My reviews of their products.
Muggabug- My review.
Snug to Fit
Sugar Peas

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Merry Fluffy Xmas!

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Since it is the time for relaxing and spending quality time with family, I am going to keep this brief!

Happy Holidays to all of you and your families.  I hope Santa brought you lots of great gifts, and maybe even some cloth diapers!  I know for a fact that most (if not all) of the families chosen for Fluffy Christmas have received their diapers!

My new Mic

My new Mic

Santa brought me a brand new microphone to aid me in my cloth diaper video reviews!  I guarantee you will notice the difference.  I compared to recording side by side and it was incredible.  I won’t have to shout in the mic (and still have you saying you have to turn your speakers all the way up!) or position it close to my mouth and get hard “p”s. 

I hope you all had a wonderful time with your families.  I have had a blast playing with my son and husband and our new toys!

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The Wonderful Companies who made Fluffy Christmas possible!

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Please join me in thanking the following companies for all they have done to make Fluffy Christmas happen for the ten families.  I will be highlighting some of these companies as time goes by for the extra kindness they have shown.  For now, please enjoy this list!

The Natural Baby Co.


Tiny Tush

Bella’s Bottoms


Bagshot Row Bamboo

Sustainable Babyish




Sweet Pea

Rockin’ Green Soap

Crunchy Clean

Happy Heineys



Little Beetles




Diaper Daisy

Special Thanks to these two special ladies for all of the moral support!

Picture 14Charlene from Tiny Tush helped read through and select applicants, and gave a GENEROUS amount of diapers!!!

Picture 15Marisa from Growing Green Bums also read applications and helped select a family, and will be helping cover the shipping cost.

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Fluffy Christmas Families Have Been Picked!

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After a few weeks of agonizing over applications, the families who will be receiving diapers for Fluffy Christmas have been chosen.  Charlene from Tiny Tush and Marisa from Growing Green Bums helped make the decision.  It was one of the hardest decisions any of us have ever made.  I think I speak for them when I say that.  Every family who applied was in need.  Cloth diapers are an excellent way to save money, but as most of us are aware, the start up cost can be as low as 150.00 but is usually 200-400 dollars.  While the boxes do not contain enough diapers that these families are set for an entire child’s diapering span from birth to potty training, I can say for the most part the families receiving them will be set for the time being until the next stage.

Some families have received a full kit with 10-30 diapers.  These could be All in Ones, Pockets, Prefolds and covers, wool, or a mixture.  Each box reflects the needs of the family.  No boy baby will be getting a pink diaper, I hope!  I tried very hard to make sure the lavender and pink diapers stayed with baby girls!

I can honestly say that I am overwhelmed by the response of cloth diaper companies.  I have always known that our community sticks together and supports one another.  It has been a pleasure to work with everyone who made this possible.  Thanks to them there are ten, TEN families receiving cloth diapers!!!  I started out thinking I could help one family.  Every company I wrote I asked for one diaper.  I envisioned a basket full of an assortment of brands.  Instead I had companies sending me dozens of diapers.  Some companies provided enough diapers to provide for 1, 2, even 3 families alone!  I am especially grateful to them.

I will be giving you all a detailed look at the diapers and a list of everyone who donated.  I hope you will check them all out.  Some of these companies are WAHMs, and some are the “big” companies who started off small.  All of them depend on us to keep them going!

The families chosen have been notified.  Those who applied and weren’t picked have also been sent an email, though some of them shot back to me.  I truly wish I could have sent 70 families diapers (though it may have killed me, I had to carry ten large boxes down 2 flights of stairs today!)  A friend of mine asked me if I was prepared for the response I got.  I answered that I definitely was not, and I am thrilled, but also exhausted from working on this.  In fact, I still have a lot of work to do so I should get to it.

Please join me in thanking all of the people involved, and congratulating the families who will get a special gift this Holiday Season!

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Wordless Wednesday: Fluffy Christmas, in mess form

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There are even more than are pictured!

I am afraid they won’t make them to the families before Christmas, but they will hopefully be there before January. Wish me luck!

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Holy Fluffy Mail, Batman!

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I came home at 12:30 am last night (or this morning if you want to be technical) to this greeting me at my front door. 

These boxes and soft packages are all diapers.  No, they are not for me, (though a couple here and there might have been included for me to review, I haven’t sorted through yet) they are for Fluffy Christmas.  And the best part is that that isn’t all of them.  I already had a few boxes here before I left town, and there are some stragglers still in the postal system or about to head here.  Gro Baby, Thirsties, Better for Babies, Tiny Tush,  and more are all waiting for new homes.

The application deadline was November 30.  We had 68 applicants.  Unfortunately I can’t get diapers to everyone.  I am guessing I have enough to make 4-6 baskets, maybe even more. 

I do have some exciting news for the families not picked.  I am working with different companies and manufacturers to offer special discounts to the families who applied.  The amount is chosen by the company or retail store offering it, however I can say since this is for a select group and is intended to give those families a helping hand to start cloth diapering that it will be steep.  Some will be as much as 50%. 

I have a lot of work ahead of me!

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Fluffy Christmas Deadline

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I wanted to update everyone that the deadline to apply for Fluffy Christmas is November 30.  Once all of the applications are submitted the selection process will begin and the chosen families will have their baskets by Christmas if all goes well.  If you are sending diapers for the basket please have them shipped by December 1.

I am also trying to work out a way to help the families who aren’t selected.  As much as I wish I could send a basket to everyone who has applied this just isn’t possible.  Thanks to the generosity of the many companies involved I am already exceeding my goal of just one basket.  I am thrilled at that!  I can’t wait to share with everyone all of the companies who have made this possible.

If you haven’t already and you are truly in need of cloth diapers, please fill out this application.  If you know someone in need, pass it on.   Applying won’t take long and the information given won’t be shared with anyone.

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