DIY Cheap and Easy T-Shirt Flats- Make Two for .50!

DIY Cheap and Easy t-shirt flats

When it comes to cheap diapers you can’t get any cheaper than making your own no-sew t-shirt cloth diapers. I’ve seen other t-shirt diapers but, being a lover of flats, I really loved the idea of cutting a shirt down to make flats! And the best part?! You can make 2 entire diapers from one shirt which means you could spend as little as .50 for two diapers. I bought several t-shirts from my local thrift shop on their 50% off day making each shirt’s $1.00 price only .50!  Whoa!

You will need:

1 XXL or larger 100% Cotton T-shirt. (Must be all cotton, blends won’t be as absorbent.)

The tutorial video will explain the best fold for this type of diaper (other than the pad fold which would be great too!) since it is pretty darn easy to figure out how to cut it. I left the cutting video out; it was just too boring and I didn’t want to insult anyone’s intelligence!

Imagine this: You could have an entire stash of 24 diapers for $12.00 with this method!

Or even less if you can score some shirts for cheaper or free! You will need waterproof covers to use over these diapers and a snappi (or pins). These can be purchased relatively cheaply online through Amazon or a cloth diaper store. Some baby stores do carry covers and other cloth diapers. To learn more about buying cloth diaper supplies locally you can read my post- Find Cloth Diapers Locally. If you are really handy you can DIY your own fleece or wool covers to lessen the cost using old sweaters or inexpensive fleece.

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  • Desiree S.

    Okay, so, this is the best idea, ever! I have so many t-shirts between me and the SO! Time to make flats this week! Thank you for the idea!

  • Maggienificent Mee

    This is such a great tutorial! We used our old tshirts to make flats and wipes for our newborn while we were building our OS stash.

  • Philomena

    Genius! I’m going to do these t-shirt flats so I can buy wool covers with the money saved!

  • Krystal

    This is really neat! I’m very new to CD (‘only have one BG pocket, one Thirsties snap cover, 15 prefolds [all gifts from mom], and an 8 week old pretty much in disposables).
    • How would one make their own covers with sweaters?
    • And is fleece waterproof, where it would actually keep mess in?
    Also, is it easy to tell when thu need to be changed?

    • Jennifer Anne

      I wouldn’t necessarily call fleece waterproof. It’s more water resistant, but it works well (as would wool sweaters, but those would need to be hemmed or they’ll unravel). When I first started cloth diapering, I usually had to stick my finger in the leg opening to see if he was wet. It didn’t take long before I knew the feel of wet vs. dry just by patting his bum over his cover or pants. Dry felt “springier” while wet felt stiff and soggy. Without elastic gussets, the simple fleece type might not hold a big mess in, but if you use a flat liner secured with a snappi, that would help contain things more than if you just laid a folded rectangle in the cover. Good luck! Cloth saved us SO much; I can’t tell you how many times I was thankful to have it. There were so many times when we had zero dollars and wouldn’t have been able to buy diapers otherwise!

  • Katrina Ninjarina

    Those actually look pretty trim! How is the absorbancy?

  • darla mcalpine

    What are the finished measurements, roughly, on the flats? I have a couple of 100% cotton jersey sheets that I’d like to turn into flats in prep for my next baby, but not sure what size to cut each piece.