Zazzle Skinny Cards Versus Moo Mini Cards

I never thought I would need business cards, I’m just a blog!  Well, it turns out my blog is a business too.  Occasionally I will go to a conference or expo and need to give out my information.  And sometimes I will meet someone who wants to learn more about cloth diapers so I hand them my card in case they want to check out my website to learn more or email me with questions.

Mom Bloggers (and moms who want to connect with other moms for play dates) need to have cards on hand.  You really never know when something will come up!

I have used 2 popular card services, and  I prefer the “skinny” or “mini” cards because everything tiny is cute.  Babies are tiny and they are cute, this applies to all things as well.

My first card order came from  I needed cards for a conference I was attending.  I asked on Twitter and many bloggers suggested this company.  No one said Moo at the time so I am guessing they weren’t around back then.  But my most recent batch came from

Zazzle Skinny Cards


  • Very unique and adorable pre-designed cards to choose from.
  • Easy to customize
  • Front and back designs
  • Comes with stick dispenser (HUGE wow factor when I whip these out, they make a memorable impression and I KNOW businesses would connect me/my card to my follow-up contact email.)
  • No minimum orders
  • Cards come in packs of 20 for 6.95 or 1.99 per pack in bulk.
  • Skinny cards are 3″ by 1″ (they also sell chubby and standard size)


  • The cards are “flimsy” compared to the stock used by Moo.
  • Can’t use multiple designs within one pack.
  • Too many designs to choose from!  Users submit them and it can be overwhelming sorting through and choosing (could be a pro depending on your nature)

Why Choose Zazzle?

Moo Mini Cards


  • You can import photos from many websites including Flickr, Facebook, and more.
  • You can choose 2 images per pack for the front, 1 for the back.
  • Quality is extremely high and cards are made from hefty card stock that is sustainably sourced and the color is gorgeous.
  • You can upload a finished file and design our entire card on Photoshop using their template.
  • Cards come in a sturdy and quality mini box.
  • Can buy holders in felt or leather for additional charge.
  • Many design possibilities and even the ability to print promo codes for dispensing.
  • Seamless integration with Etsy shops.


  • Their interface was very hard to use and I went in 100 circles trying to design and upload my images.  I was beyond frustrated by the end.
  • Not a huge fan of the designs available.  Many are just geometrics and florals, nothing innovative.
  • Cards do not come with a dispenser, they are an additional 5.00 for plastic.
  • You must order larger quantities (100 for 19.95)

Why choose Moo?

It is a TOUGH call to choose between the two services.  Zazzle is so user friendly and economical, however there are more design opportunities with Moo and their cards are a higher quality.

It really depends on the impression you are wanting to make (Zazzle dispenser wins for the cool, thumbing out factor and it is simple to do one handed too) but Moo cards feel nicer to the touch and can really make a “quality” impression.  Both allow you to use a tiny logo or picture on the card.  I did for Zazzle but not for Moo, but I will be using one of thee services again for my BlogHer cards and this will include my photo.  This really helps put a face to the name, literally, for a representative or person who has been handed hundreds or cards.

Who will I choose for my next order? I’m not really sure yet!  I prefer the dimensions of the “skinny” cards from Zazzle but love the look and feel of the Moo cards.  You will just have to wait and see me at BlogHer in August to find out!

I wrote this post on my own, there were no incentives from either company, just wanted to share!

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