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My girls have always loved taking baths. There was a time the only way I could count on a good mood for Harper was to run her a lukewarm bath with toys and soft music while I sat down nearby to supervise while doing my homework (going back to school to get a college degree with babies in the house in no joke, you find time wherever you can). When Autumn was born, she got her baths solo for a while, or rather with me, until she could confidently sit up on her own. Then the two of them began bathing together, which I loved because they would entertain each other and soak in the tub far longer with less fussing and more playtime. Recently Harper has begun demanding showers instead. At three. She insists on a warm shower, than plays in the water, darting in and out of the stream like a puppy. She still lets me wash her hair, so I can’t complain too much, but I think Autumn misses her bath buddy. I wonder if this is a phase or is she too “grown up” for the tub?

Z Creationz

This week I have a review for you on a WAHM worth watching, with the Z Creationz hybrid fitted diaper. Currently based in Long Beach, California, Reina has been sewing cloth diapers since her daughter Zyah was born in 2012. She wanted to see if she could make cloth diapers out of t-shirts to help save money, and with her sewing experience she found she had a talent for it and business took off. Her newly launched website has been up for about a month now and makes ordering her latest creations (or should I say creationz) easier than ever.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ This diaper is a fitted that features a hidden layer of polyester fleece to help repel moisture while allowing airflow for a more comfortable diaper and less chance of rashes or irritation. For long term use such as overnight you’ll likely pair it with a cover (wool if you have it, or any waterproof shell will do in a pinch) but for day time use I find this diaper works very well for a hybrid, allowing me to give my daughter freedom and mobility while showing off her beautiful fluffy diaper. The diaper comes with a snap in tongue style insert that can be folded over for absorption where you need it most, and a newborn insert which can be used alone for a light wetter or as a doubler for a heavy wetter or for overnights. The inserts can be left in place for laundry or easily unsnapped then reassembled, the colorful assortment ensures you’ll have no trouble remembering which pieces go together. The fdr or fold down rise snaps on this diaper may require an explanation for new parents or caregivers who have not encountered them before, they offer a snugger fit for smaller babies by giving you the option to fold down the diaper front and snap it snugger and lower on the baby’s body. As long as the person changing diapers knows this there should be no concerns using this smart and beautiful hybrid.


Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ At prices ranging from $28-35 for a one size hybrid fitted or $17-21 for a newborn diaper, these diapers are priced at the same rate as some of the top rated “mass produced” fitted diapers. However, these have the added advantage of the hidden layer of moisture resistance to allow for more flexibility in your diaper routine. And you also have the comfort of knowing you are supporting a fellow parent, who makes her diapers right here in the USA and has excellent quality stitching and amazing fun fabric choices. I love that her diapers are all so unique and individual, a reflection of her personality and yours.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ The absorbency of this diaper is amazing, so far I have never experienced a leak with it, and one time I tried to test its limits by putting it on my daughter in the morning before breakfast and seeing how long I could leave it on. I gave up after lunch, I started to feel like a bad parent leaving her in one diaper so long. Thanks to the breathability of the material, her skin wasn’t the least bit irritated or damp. This diaper is definitely what I consider to be a power player.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ The one size hybrid fitted is suggested for a weight range of eight to forty pounds. When my firstborn was learning to sleep through the night without accidents, I would often put this diaper on her with just the newborn insert. She loved how trim and soft it is, and I loved knowing I wouldn’t be doing laundry at four am. My one year old also requests this diaper, and though she wears it with both inserts most of the time (she also nurses on demand and tends to be a heavy wetter) she still has complete mobility and seems very comfortable. I find I reach for this diaper even more often during the day since she is in that awkward stage of learning to balance and falling down all the time, the soft padding lets her get right back up without hesitation.

Overall: Z Creationz makes an excellent hybrid fitted diaper which is lovely and effective. While daycares and some caretakers may have prejudice against fitteds for lack of experience or knowledge, I love this diaper for its comfort and dependability. With my daughter I can pair it with a sundress or a tunic style shirt and she can have her run of the house without a care in the world. If I’m going out I do like to put a wool pant or shortie on her just for peace of mind, especially when she’s wrapped up tight in a carrier or wrap and my busy mind considers the possibility of a compression leak (I have never had one with this diaper, I just like to consider all angles) I know the wool will keep me dry while the fitted keeps her comfortable. I love these diapers for a thoughtful gift, a well curated collection of top quality cloth diapers, or a great way to try cloth part time if you’re still on the fence about taking the plunge. Be sure and follow her Facebook page for the latest updates and behind the scenes sneak peeks!

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