Why you should plan a Family Bike Ride {Plus a Special Earth Day Giveaway!}

This post is part of a collaboration with Green Child Magazine and Onya Baby.

Our family spends time outdoors every single day, nearly year round.  We are fortunate to live in a climate where this is possible and believe me, we appreciate this change of scenery compared to the 5 years we spent in a winter wonderland.  One of the things I looked forward to most about the move was the opportunity to ride bikes with my children.  In our baby days, most of our outdoor time involved walks around the lake, usually with a baby in one of our carriers.  Today they’re not content to just walk or be carried, they need to speed through nature!

We love biking for so many reasons…


It is true that my job requires me to sit and work from a computer for long hours, and it sets the same example for my children.  Having our outside time is my way of counteracting this.  Children do as they see, and if mom is outside riding her bike, digging in the yard, or throwing the frisbee they will be just as excited to do so.  I know that by setting expectations of daily exercise it is a habit they will continue on with, hopefully for the rest of their lives.



At this age, Fletcher isn’t able to go on our adventures for long distances.  We can do, at most, about three miles round trip.  On our longer journeys we trek out past the communities where there is an old farm.  It is the closest to nature we can get on our bikes, The children love being on these adventures, and we find new things to point out and admire each trip, including an amazing old tree that stands alone in the middle of a pasture.  It is an amazing view that never gets old and I’m so glad these bits of nature are just a bike ride away even in our susburban environment.

Back to Nature

These trips are ways we can remove ourselves from the media that surrounds us.  We are enmeshed in this modern world, and enjoy our computers and iPads, but I believe in balancing that time out with the considerable amount of time we spend outdoors.  The farther we pedal the more removed we are from the communities and cars, and the louder the birds become.  As the children get older I plan to take our bikes out to other places in our town where we can enjoy the view even more than what is at our doorstep.  We have access to bike paths next to the gulf, and in areas with amazing wild life.  I know for me, it is therapeutic to enjoy the fresh breezes and the feeling of warm sunshine.  It is good for my soul, and I want my children to grow up with that same appreciation for the outside world.  It is easy to get caught up in the entertainment indoors, one can certainly never be truly bored with the Internet around, but nothing compares to actually living life and experiencing it right in front of you.  Some days I’m outside, watching the sun set past our tree line as it lights up the spanish moss with a golden glow, and I can’t believe we have this beauty right beyond our brick walls.


This is how I want my children to see, and fall in love, with nature.  Appreciating what we have means they are more likely to care for our resources and understand why protecting them is so incredibly important.  We see litter on our rides and I have to explain to my son that some people don’t appreciate the natural world, but that we should.  Our trips can become teaching moments too.

Enter to Win!

In collaboration with Green Child Magazine and Onya Baby this post also has a great giveaway in celebration of Earth Day!  You can enter to win one of these incredible packages.  I can tell you that I loved our Onya, especially for back carries, and the PITS from Taylor’s Pure and Natural is my go-to natural deodorant!


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