Where are they now? Fluffy Christmas Edition

Back in December I got in way over my head with a “little” project called “Fluffy Christmas.”  My original intention was to provide, with the generous support of various cloth diaper makers, one family with a full stash of cloth diapers who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Not only did I get a ton of applicants, but I got a huge response from diaper companies as well.  I received HUGE boxes full of diapers.  So…. instead of helping 1 family cloth diaper, I helped 10!!!

The families all received their diapers right before or after Christmas.  I wrote to them asking how it was going.  Here are some of the responses and even some fluffy pictures.

I would love to do this again next year, but this time I know what I am getting myself into!

Cloth diapering is going wonderfully for us.  We cloth diaper full-time and have since we received your package, and although we met some hesitation and good-hearted teasing from most of our family and friends, all are on board with it and recommend it to people themselves, after seeing how easy is really is!!  I also have several friends who have switched from disposables to cloth since we began, and they all love it.  It truly is a great experience, and knowing we’re doing something good for our child and the earth makes it even better.

The Thirsties that you sent us quickly became our favorite diapers, and get used constantly.  We’ve since tried different types and brands but we still always reach for them first, it seems.  I felt and still feel incredibly blessed to have received your package.  It gave us the ability and means to cloth diaper full time without worries (and having to wash twice a day!!).  So once again, Thank you so much!!

In a Thirsties AIO

Things are going great! We started using the cloth diapers right away with my older son. My second son was born February 20th and we did use disposables for a couple weeks because his legs were so skinny that the cloth diapers didn’t prevent leaking. But we are now in the cloth full time and he’s doing pretty well! Having some leaks but that’s okay, I think they may just need to be washed more to achieve maximum absorbency.

Wearing a Small Pocket Change sent by Gro Baby
Wearing a Small Pocket Change sent by Gro Baby

The diapers have been prepped, and are neatly awaiting the little one’s arrival! Just the other day I hit my full-term mark, and we’re expecting the birth in a few weeks (unless he/she decides to come a bit early or late)

Cloth diapering is going good right now. My little one is now going to be 3 months and she is 7lbs 11 oz 20 1/2 inches.. The pocket diapers fit great on the waist but one pee and it comes out the legs since she has real small legs..it just runs out the sides. 🙁 BUT the great news is the prefolds with a cover works great I dont get leaks using those ones. I took some pics of her in the pocket change ones.

Wearing a Small Pocket Change sent by Gro Baby
Wearing a Small Pocket Change sent by Gro Baby

You are my Hero!!! I feel like I owe the world to you and the companies who helped you with this!!
I feel so extremely fortunate to have been picked as one of the recipients for Fluffy Christmas! My package actually arrived on Christmas Eve which was WONDERFUL because I was leaving that day to go out of town until January 4th!!! When the package arrived, I immediately took it out and just reveled in all its glory!! Even after you emailed me to let me know I had been chosen, I never expected to get such a wonderfully put together and comprehensive package as I did this Christmas Eve!! Everything is wonderful and perfect, and I cannot thank you and the other women who helped you out as well as the companies who donated enough for doing what you did for us. I cannot wait for my little man to arrive so I can start!! Seeing as I don’t have any action shots yet, I thought I would still include a picture of what my package looked like all fresh out of the box!

The stash sent.  Tiny Tush Elite, Incredibellas, Gro Baby doublers, Crunchy Clean detergent, Sweet Pea Wet bags
The stash sent. Tiny Tush Elite, Incredibellas, Gro Baby doublers, Crunchy Clean detergent, Sweet Pea Wet bags
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