When will we max out the cute cloth diaper names?

Lately I have had this nagging thought in my head: One day we are going to run out of cute cloth diaper names.  The good news is that this will be due to the growth of cloth diapers as an industry and the many brands that are out there and those that have yet to be made and named.  The bad news is we will not have enough cute names to go around.

FuzziBunzLogoThe pioneers of cloth diapers had it easy.  Every synonym for “rear end” was available.

The first modern pocket diaper chose the name “Fuzzibunz”

Then the next pocket diapers came along.  bumGenius!, Happy Heineys, Rumparooz, and Smartipants.

Don’t get me wrong, not all cloth diapers reference the booty.  Some are just cute.  Kissaluvs, Lollidoo, BabyKicks, Kiwi Pie.

Then there are the just plain weird, like Krap Katchers.

I suppose there will always be room for cute names, but only so many ways you can say “butt” in a funny and adorable way.

So what do you think?  Am I underestimating the creativity of future entrepreneurs?  Or are we doomed?  And, I want to hear your favorite cloth diaper name!  Leave it in the comments!

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