What I Love About 3 Year Old Fletcher

3 Year old Fletcher is the most awesome little guy in the world.  I don’t know how you couldn’t have fun with a kid this age.  He has really grown, even in just the past 3 weeks, and the changes he makes every day are amazing.  These are the many reasons, of a million, why I love my son Fletcher.  

I love the way he has changed over the years.  He started as a serious baby and turned into a comedian.

I love when he randomly says “I love you, mama.” And gives me a huge hug.

I love how he wakes up in the morning.  Today he woke up as a robot.

I love when he says “Hi, Little Buddy.” And pats his brother on the head.

I love that he is a proficient gamer already, just like Mom and Dad.

I love that he knows the names of all of his trains.

I love his sweet voice and the inflection at the end of his inquisitive sentences.

I love that he asks for me to sleep with him, but only sometimes.

I love how he hugs his brother

I love that he can balance a spoon on his nose.

I love how he draws his PawPaw.  He makes sure to include his mustache.

I love that he walks alongside me at the stores now.

I love that he has started calling himself a “big boy” and refuses anything baby.

I love when he cuddles with me.

I love how much he loves his Dad.

I love how he is absorbing so much information, so quickly, and learning every day.

I love that he asks for a lollipop at every Starbucks drivethru.

I love that he says “We’re almost home, kids” at a certain point in every drive.  Wonder where he got that from?

I love that he can spot a diaper a mile away.  He is familiar with my work.

I love his brutal honesty, even when it gets embarrassing in public.  ‘Whoa, you have a BIG TUMMY!” he says to strangers

I love that he plays dead and demands a kiss to come back to life.

I love that he will break it down in the middle of a store, or anywhere he hears a good beat.

I love the pretend food he makes me in our entertainment stand microwave.

I love how he plays “peek-a-boo” with his brother.

I love how he truly seems to have empathy for others.

I love when he lists all of the people in his family.  “Mommy, Daddy, Eberett, Oma, Pawpaw, Lana.”  Lana is his regular babysitter.

I love that he waves goodbye to his daddy almost every morning.

I love how much he loves kitties even though we don’t have one.

I love the random memories he recounts.  He remembers the funniest things.

I love that he can get himself dressed, pretty much.

I love seeing the world through his eyes.  Everything is amazing to a 3 year old!

I love this age and I love that I get to experience it with him.

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