Washing and Drying Cloth Diapers- Detergents and Drying Racks {Video}

soapsIgnore the completely un-sexy title because I couldn’t think of a way to make it sound more exciting.  For the final video in the series on cloth diaper accessories during this Everything but Cloth Diapers Event I’ve focused on washing and drying cloth diapers.


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This video is not about how to wash cloth diapers but it does cover a few detergent options such as Molly’s Suds (they have a new cloth diaper powder releasing soon that my reviewer Lara has been testing- she loves it!) and Eco Nuts (as seen on Shark Tank!).

I’ve tried many, many detergents over the years.  I only had these two on hand to show but I’ve also had success with Rockin’ Green and *gasp* Tide.  I always suggest checking the Pinstripes and Polkadots detergent list and referencing the recommended detergents for the brand(s) of diapers you choose to use.  Certain detergents work better for certain fabrics and diapers.

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The drying racks portion is super fun because I was able to test a few new products for drying cloth diapers and share my own items that I’ve been using for years.

rackdryingI have an old Ikea drying rack that fold flat for storage.  It holds a fair amount of diapers and it is great to use for draping flats over.  If you pair it with an Ikea Octopus you can optimize the space.  The rack is called Jäll and is sold in Ikea stores.  This puppy has been in use for years and gets extra bonus points for being the rack of choice during the flats challenge for 3 years running.

The Ikea Octopus is pretty much an essential item for drying diapers in my opinion.  If you don’t have an Ikea near you it seems that Amazon sells them online (I had no idea until I checked!) It is more expensive than buying in the store but if you have Amazon Prime it will ship free. Also, the New Clothesline Company makes something similar called the Duo.

laundryhangingSpeaking of the New Clothesline Company– I was sent a Lofti to include in the video. This is a nifty gadget that you mount to your ceiling. It utilizes a pulley system- pull it down to hang your diapers or clothes on it, then pull it back up to have it out of the way. As shown in the video, I had to “modify” the size by leaving out one set of poles in the middle during the assembly once I realize it would be too long for my small space. At least that is an option! The cool factor of this item is off the charts and it can really optimize your laundry room. I will say that assembly was more intensive than I anticipated (you must lube the tubes!) and you will want to measure your laundry room and locate the studs in your ceiling before making a decision to purchase. It has to hang from studs! I was able to hang it myself, and with the help of a hammer covered in a prefold I was able to pound the tubes together for a tight fit. As much of a headache as it gave me I still love it.  This rack will easily be used for many years to come for your clothes as well so don’t think of it as a {fairly} permanent addition to your home that only meets your needs for the diaper years.

Best drying rack for cloth diapersThe Best Drying Rack says it in the name! This rack looks a little strange and a bit “country” due to the wood and metal construction, however it is ingenius! It does not fold as flat or compact as the Ikea Dry Rack I have but it has way more space and the fact that it can be turned makes hanging clothes and diapers dry a fast and easy process. My biggest concern with the product was that it could pinch little curious fingers- if you decide to purchase one you may want to keep it in an area that can’t be accessed by little ones. My son was fascinated by it and enjoyed pulling the arms out and spinning it around. Maximum drying space doesn’t come without a price- it was too large with the arms extended to fit in my laundry room so drying had to take place in my entryway or out on the deck.  In addition- if you are looking to buy US made products then look no further.  Best Drying Rack is made in the USA and is a family run business.  They also sell another of my favorite accessories for handwashing diapers- the Breathing Washer.

Since this is the final video in the Everything but Cloth Diapers series you may want to look back at what you’ve missed.

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