Undercover Mama- A Versatile Option for Pregnancy and Nursing Mamas

Harper is nearly twenty three months now, she’ll be turning two next month, and I’m thrilled to say she still nurses throughout the day, on demand. I’m very passionate about every family doing what they feel is best for their loved ones, and for me, nursing Harper until she decides she’s done is best. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to nurse through pregnancy (many people told me that tandem nursing is possible but nursing while pregnant is too painful, the milk dries up, or the contractions are too strong). While I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, I’ve made it this far, and the benefits still outweigh any discomfort or frustrations we’ve dealt with.

One of my biggest frustrations has been finding clothes that accommodate a growing pregnant belly, allow easy access for nursing, and look like something I would actually wear. I get so frustrated at the lack of style options at maternity stores, and often find myself looking for clever ways to “make” a non-nursing top work, based on how deep the v neck is, where the buttons are, or how stretchy the straps were made. This still results in some battleworn tops, stretched out, no longer fitting as they should. And when you’re hauling around an extra twenty pounds or so, it’s hard enough feeling good about your body. Baggy, worn, misshapen clothing does not help with your self esteem.


Undercover Mama is my secret weapon for nursing in style. They offer a line of soft stretchy tank tops in a rainbow of colors with a very special feature. Rather than equipping these tanks with straps and buckles that then have to be worn on top of your existing nursing bra, and dealing with all that excess bulk and extra hassle, Undercover Mama has found a way to wear this shirt simply by hooking it on to your own favorite nursing bra. There are no extra straps or wads of material to deal with, nothing to get tangled or require extra maintenance. The tank top can be worn on its own or layered with your favorite blouse or tee on top, so you never have to sacrifice style for convenience.


These tank tops come equipped with a traditional bra style hook any convertible bra user will recognize, as well as a clear silicone ring. You have the choice of hooking the tank to the base of the nursing bra just below the clip, or slipping the soft ring over the top instead, allowing you to wear any of your nursing bras regardless of strap width or style. You can also hook the top above the clip of your nursing bra, onto the strap, for a more seamless look. It will just require an extra step of unhooking the top before unclipping the bra.

The Undercover Mama tank comes in over a dozen different colors, and you can choose a solid, a print, or even a lace trimmed option. I tend to wear a lot of sheer silky blouses in my wardrobe, so having a tank top in a similar color to layer underneath is perfect for nursing. I just lift the blouse, unclip the nursing bra, and I’m able to nurse discreetly whenever my baby needs me. They’ve even introduced a slimming tank option, with a 360 degree slimming panel starting just below the bust, to help smooth out any unwelcome bumps or lumps. I know what I’m putting on my postpartum wish list!


Even when you’re done nursing you can still wear these versatile tops for layering, because they’ll clip just as easily onto any normal bra you love. I often find strapless bras to be less than supportive, so if I want to wear a spaghetti strap style tank top I’m forced to deal with peekaboo bra straps that constantly need adjusting. With Undercover Mama, I can wear any bra I like, and if I choose a color that matches or coordinates well with my tank, no one will be the wiser!


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