Twitter-“You have twittered enough… get a life”

Ok, so they didn’t say that.  But it was along those lines.  Last night, Monday, was the #clothdiapers chat on Twitter.  Basically, fluffy bum baby mamas get on twitter, use the hashtag for clothdiapers, and talk about, what else?   This is the second one I participated in.  It is an ongoing event, every Monday evening at 9:30 EST.  

The amazing thing was: we were able to get #clothdiapers to #6 on the trending list.  For you non twitterers, this is a list on the homepage of twitter displaying the most popular topics being twittered about.  That is a pretty amazing accomplishment!  This was also a great way to bring cloth to the minds of people who had never heard of it, or thought it was still a flats and pins sort of thing.  Once we were on the front page, strangers were popping in.  Some were making positive comments like, “I will have to look into this for my first child.”  And some were just being trolls, “Ewww yucky, why would you want to touch poop?”  Or other negative/ ignorant comments.  

I decided to get onto and upload pictures of my son in his adorable fluff.  I thought it was a great way to show the strangers who joined in how cute cloth diapering can be, and also how modern they are.  

Then, after a few pictures, I noticed my tweets weren’t showing.  Hmmm… So I opened a new window outside of my tweetgrid.  I got a message: “Don’t you think you have twittered enough?  You have reached your limit for the hour.”  

Wah wah.  So, instead of tweeting with my new fluffy friends I went to my bed to begin my book, “The Diaper Free Baby.”  So far, it is great.  I can’t wait to read more.  

So if you are cloth curious, or you already cloth diaper, join us all next week on Monday at 9:30 EST to tweet about cloth diapers.  You can ask other moms advice, and even tweet @Bumgenius!

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