Tushie Ties Tying Prefold Review

Say that title 5 times fast.  Go.  I know you did it… so just admit it!  Now that your homework assignment is finished lets move on with today’s video and review for the Tushie Ties Bamboo Velour and Simplicity Typing Prefold.  I first heard about these over a year ago and they very much intrigued me because they are so very unique and they look like a little gift tied onto your baby’s butt.  But as cute as they were I needed to see for myself how well they worked and if tying was more hassle than it was worth.  I reviewed the bamboo velour version myself which is the original.  The idea for a typing prefold came about because bamboo velour does not take a snappi well and so mamas who wanted OBV (organic bamboo velour) prefolds had to learn to pin.  The WAHM behind Tushie Ties created a different solution to the problem and began making and selling these.  Later she added the Simplicity line which is a cotton version and comes at a lower price point.  I have a review of the Simplicity line from Katrina, my contributor who tested the newborn size on her new little one.

Bamboo Velour Tushie Ties One Size (reviewed by me)
Ease of Use ✩✩✩ Now that I have been using the TT for a while I am getting faster at it and pushing the ribbons through the two openings is getting easier and a little more intuitive. That isn’t to say that I started out doing it quickly and there was quite a bit of fumbling around on my part early on. For me the most difficult part was getting the prefold snug around the legs without sagging. I really have to pull the wings around his leg and then tie, and sometimes that can mean him moving and loosening one or both sides and starting over. If you don’t do it very fast that is a real possibility and could be frustrating in the beginning. So yes, there is a learning curve here but there is one for Snappi’s too and a lot of other diapers. This is just a unique style. After you get the hang of it it can be a 4 or even 5 star prefold but to account for a steep learning curve it is a 3 for me.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ Their regular retail price is $15 for the One Size and if you do the math that is almost a brand name pocket diaper with an insert. You would still need a few covers in your rotation too. Bamboo velour is a more expensive material and the diapers are WAHM made in the US and that always increases the price. With these kinds of diapers usually people will buy a few to have and not necessarily buy 2 dozen to make up their stash. It is fun to try new diapers even if they are more than you would normally pay. If you pay attention though they have sales sometimes and have been as low as $7.49 each which is a much better deal!
Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Bamboo Velour is absorbent and has a slight stay dry property (though not nearly as stay dry as microfleece/suedecloth it is more so than cotton) plus it is a natural fiber. Bamboo velour is technically a rayon because of how it is made but still bamboo. As long as you have the diaper on correctly it should work without any leaks. We used it both with a cover and coverless and overnight and never had issues with leaking from fit or from lack of absorbency. I do always say that Ev is not a heavy wetter so while that was the case for us it might not be so for everyone but there are a lot of layers so you should be pretty good.
Fit ✩✩✩✩ I reviewed their One Size prefold which states it fits 8-40 pounds. I can see how it should last to 40 pounds because it has a lot of room left on the rise for my 20 pounder which did add bulk in the front due to folding it over. They offer a newborn size as well. The legs took time to get snug and I did ask for advice from the maker to help get it right. Bamboo velour is a heavy material so there were times the middle sagged by the time I changed his wet diaper despite my best efforts of tying tightly. This can happen with other diapers too and is more related to the style and material. It would be more noticeable without a cover and might lead to a leak but with a cover there shouldn’t be any problems.
Overall: The ribbon is made of grosgrain and ties nice and tight without much worry of coming undone on its own. It is secured to the diaper very well and you shouldn’t worry about it coming off. The holes are stitched all around so there shouldn’t be any fraying as well. From what I can tell the diapers are made really well. For me it just isn’t my favorite style of diaper and wouldn’t be something I would reach for but I have always been a pocket lover or a flats girl. I do think it is adorable and see that there is a good reason for the tying if you really love bamboo velour and prefolds.

Tushie Ties Simplicity Newborn Size (the economy line, reviewed by Katrina)

Ease of use ✩✩✩✩ I love that this diaper doesn’t require me to carry anything extra around to fasten it, the tie system really simplifies the prefold system in my opinion, if you can tie your shoe you can operate this diaper. There is a small learning curve and the need for a cover so that is why it earns 4 stars.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ Bamboo Velour range from $13.50 – $15.00, and the Cotton Stretch Simplicity line is $7.99. The price is higher than your traditional bleached prefolds, and you will also need to purchase a cover for this diaper. I see it as a bit of a splurge for the bamboo version, but for many the luxurious material and the antibacterial properties make this a steal. The large size range that can be accommodated with prefolds also adds to their value.
tushie ties newbornPerformance ✩✩✩✩✩ Bamboo Velour is a very absorbent material, which worked well even at night for us and if you need more you can purchase separately an additional soaker.
Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ It’s a prefold, so as long as you’ve used it properly even newborn poop stays fairly well contained and I love that since it’s simply a ribbon closure that I do not have to be concerned with the comfort of more restricting closure devices. It’s also quite a trim fit compared to a typical cotton prefold.
Overall: This is a prefold that I feel you could leave with dads and babysitters which is such a bonus to me. This diaper is so cute it will become a photography prop for many families. I am a fan, I’ve used the Tushie Tie, washed it and reused it again that same day I like it so much, and I just bought myself two more!

Where to Buy: http://hyenacart.com/stores/TushieTies/

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