Tots Bots Easy Fit V2 Review

Update: There is a newer version of this diaper.

The Tots Bots Easy Fit saw an overhaul recently and I have reviewed the newest version (V2). The sizing and funtion remained the same, however the materials were changed and they now offer a snapping version. Changes include a lighter/thinner PUL (waterproof layer), using minky fabric for the absorbent tongue-style soaker, having matching aplix and soakers to the color of the PUL, and offering snaps.  I reviewed their original version back in 2010- you can watch that video to see the differences.

Ease of Use- Snaps ✩✩✩ I wanted to specfically rate the snaps version of this diaper versus the aplix because in the beginning of my testing phase the snaps were hard to close for me. For an unknown reason they didn’t come “out of the box” making a nice, secure “click” and I had to really press them to get them closed. I put some feelers out on my Facebook Fanpage and found many others had this problem. It has become easier over time but I think, since this is a known issue, it should be addressed. Is it a reason not to buy the diaper in snaps? Perhaps… but the snaps always worked. I just want to make sure if anyone is googling “Why are my snaps so hard to close on the Tots Bots Easy Fit?” that they find an answer!
Ease of Use- Velcro ✩✩✩✩✩ The Aplix version is super easy to use as you can tell from my video. The extra large tabs close around the baby’s waist nice and easy. They can overlap when you need them to as well, unlike the snaps version. Sizing the diaper means you only need to snap 2 snaps on the rise rather than the standard of 3. This version seemed to fix a weird issue I had with the previous- the middle of the diaper “tented” up making my son looked like he had a lot more going on. The new ones don’t seem to do this. You will never have to seek out inserts because this is a “tongue style all-in-one” meaning the insert is attached at one end. You can either lay in inside since the minky is perfectly safe against the baby’s skin, or tuck it in the pocket. Be advised that minky has a “grippiness” and in MY washer the inserts rarely washed out when stuffed in the pocket. This was disappointing because that is one of the biggest reasons I love the Easy Fit. I’d love to hear from others about this.
Tots Bots Easy Fit Review Three PigsBang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ 23.95 is the retail price of the new Tots Bots Easy Fit diapers. This is about 5 dollars more than the average pocket diaper. For more money you receive a tongue style diaper (no searching for inserts or unstuffing, if that works for you) with minky inserts instead of microfiber, more style (matching aplix/snaps, coordinating minky colors, option for limited edition prints (if you can find them! I’m in love with Three Pigs) and a very trim and attractive diaper. These are also made in Glasgow and Tots Bots is a family company. The diapers are imported and distributed here in the US by Bummis. I would pay this in a heart beat for their print versions… I do think many parents will need to pay extra for a doubler or use one in their stash already since minky isn’t the most absorbent material.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ I have to say that I did have some leaks in this diaper related to not having enough absorbency. The diaper is designed well so I didn’t have fit related leaks. The inserts are minky and if you recall my Fuzzibunz Elite review I realized that minky is not the most absorbent material. It is trim but you might lose some of that if you have to add extra inserts. I definitely wouldn’t use it without extra inserts for naps or long car rides.  The benefit of the minky is that it has a faster drying time.
Fit ✩✩✩✩ The rise settings on the diaper give you 3 different size options. I haven’t used the new version on a newborn but I can test it on Everett and he is 20 months old and 22 pounds. He is in the stage where he can fit unsnapped or on the middle rise. I prefer it snapped to the middle but with the aplix version he has had a tummy rub issue so on that one I have unsnapped the rise to be safe. On the snaps version he can still wear it on the middle rise just fine. He has plenty of room in the waist.
Overall: I wish I could combine my favorite features of the new Tots Bots Easy Fit to the older version. Specifically I would keep the old materials in the soaker and the old PUL (it just felt more sturdy to me and less like I would rip it apart, although I’m certain I couldn’t really do that.) but have the new style with matching aplix/snaps and the newest prints.  I know there are probably plenty of people who will disagree with me and that is completely fine!
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