Tidy Tots One Size (improved) Review

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This month has gone by in a flash, with birthday preparations for both girls and a number of Halloween costumes to sew for friends and neighbors. I’d say this has been my busiest month of the year, but I know it will get more hectic as the weeks progress and I won’t be able to slow down again until January. The girls had an amazing birthday, celebrating their individual days (just two days apart) with special activities followed by a party of our closest friends and family that weekend. It was a lot of fun to see how involved Harper was with the birthday aspect, saying thank you for gifts and beaming with excitement as their tiny cakes were presented. Autumn observed more passively, but loved being passed from lap to lap and reveled in the admiration she received. The tokens we chose for them and those received from loved ones have been extremely helpful in diverting their attention so I could steal away a bit of time to sew and pin. How do you find moments to create with the holidays quickly approaching?


Today I’m reviewing the new improved Tidy Tots diaper system, introducing some of the features which have been updated since my last review with this diaper.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ This all in two style system involves a diaper cover, prefold like inserts dubbed cleverly the “No-fold diaper” as they are already stitched into thirds to make changes quicker and more convenient, and a booster which can be neatly tucked within the insert for added absorbency. The cover and insert come equipped with a set of four strong snaps to keep the “No fold” neatly in place no matter how much your tot wiggles and crawls. There is also a disposable liner available, though I did not receive any to review, the Flushies liners can be wrapped around the insert prior to snapping to ensure it remains in place and completely encompasses the pad to make clean up simple and tidy. The snap in system does take a bit longer than many all in twos due to the number of snaps, the adjustment of the booster, and the positioning of the disposable liner if used, but the system is quick to wash and a cinch to put on, with no rise snaps to adjust or elastic to tuck, which makes up for the difference.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ An Essential Set will still run you just 99.95 for 2 covers, 4 inserts, 4 boosters, and a roll of 100 disposable liners, even after some significant improvements to the system. This is a great option if you’re curious about Tidy Tots but not ready to commit to a complete stash. The Great Start Kit is 269.95 and includes 6 covers, 12 inserts, 8 boosters, and 100 disposable liners. A cover can be reused several times before laundering, and the snaps at the corners of the insert make it easy to change out a soiled or damp liner without touching anything unpleasant. So theoretically, a Great Start Kit would get you through a dozen changes before you need to do laundry. Doing the math makes any sticker shock much more palatable, especially if you calculate how much your stash (or your friend’s if you’re just starting out) cost. It’s still a high upfront cost, but working with interchangeable covers means less laundry and lower utility bills. The disposable liners save you, too, since you won’t be using all that water from your diaper sprayer on those really daunting diapers. Individual covers can also be purchased for 19.95 if you’d like to boost your current stash with something new. I love that these covers are made in the United States.


Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ These diapers are more absorbent than ever thanks to a major boost in terms of the number of layers sewn. With the new design, the “No fold” diaper inserts now boast TWO layers of organic hemp, while the ever useful boosters offer an eyebrow raising FOUR layers. Hemp can take a bit longer to prep, as it becomes more absorbent once the natural oils have been washed away, but is known as a workhorse and is an excellent choice for heavy wetters or parents dealing with leak issues.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ The Tidy Tots covers are a unique one size style, offering a suggested fit of ten to forty pounds without bulky rise snaps or adjustable elastic. The diaper depends solely on its design, relying heavily on generously stretchy elastic, and impressively high “stand up” leg gussets which are a huge help when it comes to fitting skinny legs and keeping in messes and leaks. While I found myself skeptical of the claims of this diaper in regards to fit when I first tested it, I soon found it lives up to the hype, and now that I have two children of extremely different body types I can say with confidence that this cover really does accommodate a wide variety of babies and toddlers. I’m also excited to say that Tidy Tots now offers a SNAP closure on their covers for those of you who cannot use hook and loop covers. They have even incorporated an extra male snap at each end of the front panel, this snap can be folded inward and attached to any available female snap to help prevent the dreaded “wing droop” when utilizing a tighter fit. I put this new feature to the test and was happy to see that it really does help keep the wings up while still containing the inside lining of the diaper so leaks are not an issue. There is also now a PUL binding along the edge of the flaps on either end of the cover, which helps with durability and helps ensure any mess stays where it belongs and does not soak through the top of the diaper.

Overall: Tidy Tots kits are an excellent choice for those looking to invest in a neat and well organized system, perfect if you know you would like to use a single brand of diaper. The design is intuitive, the instructions fairly simple, and the designs are adorable. If you prefer to mix and match your diaper collection, you can pick up a starter set or add a few covers or diaper inserts and boosters to your existing stash. While the snaps would not be as functional used with any other system, you would still be able to take advantage of excellent absorbency and a polished and innovative design.

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