Thirsties Diaper Cover and Duo Hemp Prefold Review

Thirsties Cover + Duo Prefold

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I’ve reviewed almost every item in the Thirsties line-up except the first cloth diapering item I ever tried- the Thirsties Diaper Cover.  When the company asked me to review their Duo Hemp Prefold they also asked me to review it alongside their Diaper Cover.  The two items aren’t exactly exciting, or so I thought.  The Duo Hemp Prefold is quite a bit cooler than I expected.  Designed to be open in the middle (the video explains this better than I can with words) it dries faster than it would as one solid prefold and it gets cleaner.  My review is going to be of the pair, the Sized Cover and the Duo Hemp Prefold.  These work well together, but the Prefold could also easily work well with the Thirsties Duo Wraps.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ A prefold is always going to lose in the “ease of use” category. This prefold is designed to be folded into thirds (trifold) and laid into a cover. This is the easiest way to use a prefold, and really it turns any cover into an “All in Two” system. You could easily trifold your prefolds ahead of time so that when changing your baby you can grab one and lay it in your cover like a regular soaker. The Diaper Cover is easy to use with the prefold, and by itself would get 5 stars. The Cover closes easily with Aplix.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ The Diaper Cover will run you 11.50, and the Duo Hemp Prefold retails for 7.00. If I were to use this system (only covers and Dup Hemp Prefolds) I would only buy the XS Sized Diaper Cover because it is fabulous and has a notch for the umbilical cord. I used these with my first baby boy. Then I would begin using the Size 1 Duo Prefolds with the Size 1 Duo Wraps, and then move to both the Size 2 Wrap and Duo Prefold. It would be more economical. However, if you just want a great night time PUL cover you could do well with a few sized Diaper Covers. Many children would only need size Small and Medium, if you don’t start out using cloth from day 1, and your baby potty learns before needing a large. Ev is wearing the Medium Cover and size 2 prefold. He is a big guy and will only be getting taller and a little bit wider if he is like his brother so I don’t anticipate needing the large. The Thirsties Medium is a little more generously sized than other brands. 7.00 for the Hemp Prefold seems like a lot but this thing is crazy absorbent, and stays soft! Their hemp jersey is knit here in the US (the only one, but hemp is still grown outside of US for legal reasons) and all of their products are sewn here as well.
Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ The Thirsties Diaper Cover has held in some runny newborn poops with the gussets around the legs on my first son when he was a newborn, and has held up overnight for my 11 month old. I’ve also tested the Duo Hemp Prefold overnight on Everett and it held up for 12 hours. I’ll admit that he isn’t the heaviest wetter in the world, but he has managed to pee out of a few diapers before.
Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ I guess you can call me a fan of Thirsties because I have always loved their newborn XS Diaper Cover and recommend it to those asking for something to use on their newborns. The Medium fits Everett now with no problems, and has room for growth. The Duo Prefold I reviewed was the size 2. If you needed the shorten the rise more than the small bit stitched to fold over you can do so by folding anywhere you need to. For me it is working well without being folded over in the Medium sized cover.
Overall: I love Thirsties covers, and have for years. It is about time I “officially” review their sized cover. The aplix does get fuzzy over time but so far I haven’t had issues with the laundry tabs coming unstuck. The Duo Prefold washes up soft and dries in less than one dryer cycle.

Where to buy: Kelly’s Closet: Thirsties Diaper Cover and Duo Hemp Prefold

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