The Stupid Smart Ideas from ABC Kids Expo

I made the trip with Everett to the 9th Annual ABC Kids Expo almost 2 weeks ago and I’m still recovering.  This year the event was held in Louisville KY.  I was going to see all of the new cloth diapers and baby carriers, but when time allowed I snuck over to other booths as well.  There were a lot of products that made you scratch your head and say “WHAT?” {see The BabyGuyNYC’s post about the WTF products} and then there were things that were just Stupid Smart.  

If you need a description of what Stupid Smart means I’ll try to put it simply:

[typography font=”Short Stack” size=”16″ color=”black”] [highlight]Something that is Stupid Smart is an idea so obvious and brilliant that it is stupid no one thought of it sooner.  [/highlight][/typography]

Here are my picks for the Stupidest Smartest innovations and new products at ABC Kids Expo.

[box]1. Charlie Banana’s *new* One Size Adjustment System

Charlie Banana used to be have a button hole elastic adjustment system, similar to the Fuzzibunz One Size and Evolution Ion.  If you take a look in the newest Charlie Banana One Size diapers you’ll notice something familiar…..  to size your elastic straps you have what look like bra shoulder strap adjusters.  These slide over the elastic to make it larger or smaller.  Even smarter, to know where to size you want the adjuster to be over the letters for sizing.  If you want a Small, you should have the adjuster over the “S.” {website}

[/box] [box]2.  Leslie’s Boutique Wet/Dry Bags with Pleating

This may not be brand new, but this was the first time I had seen the Leslie’s Boutique Wet/Dry Bags.  When I was given the tour and shown the pleating on the Dry portion of the bag I wanted to slap my forehead.  Duh.  I have used other Wet/Dry Bags and have been frustrated by the lack of space in the front portion.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense that I can fit more in the Wet portion than the Dry.  What goes in dirty had to start clean somewhere!  The pleating makes for much more room in the Dry portion, roughly equivalent to the space in the Wet portion. {website} [/box]



3.  Boba 3G with Purse Strap

There are a million things I can say about the new Boba 3G.  It now accomodates babies smaller than 15 pounds, has improved foot straps, has the ability to work with their new Messenger diaper bag, and more.  But the feature that excited me the most and made me think, boy that is Stupid Smart, was the Purse Strap.  There is a strap that unsnaps on the shoulder of the Boba.  This is meant to go over your purse or diaper bag strap, then you snap it onto your carrier.

I will say that since using this strap it has limitations.  Heavier bags might make your shoulder strap slide.  A lighter purse or smaller diaper bag is about all I would trust it for.  Still, the idea is great and I do find it handy with the right bags.  Rock on Boba, you guys are always making me love you! {website} [/box]


[box]4. Sippy Sure- the Medicine Dispensing Sippy Cup

This has nothing to do with cloth diapers, but sometimes a a stupid smart idea deserves attention.  I don’t give my children medicine often at all, but I do know in the cases where they have needed an antibiotic, it can be a chore to have them ingest it.  This cup uses a medicine cup that screws into the lid.  The appropriate measurements are put into the measure cup, and a little watered down juice or other beverage is put into the actual sippy. Small portions of medicine mix with the drink.  You will know exactly how much they have left since the medicine stays in the measured cup.  This might not work for all kids, but I am a fan of the idea.  The mother who invented it used to have to add the medicine to her child’s juice but could never tell how much they had.  Problem solved! {website} [/box]


[box]5. BabyZen Flat Folding Stroller

I happen to love strollers, even though I wear my baby.  A good stroller is still worth it’s weight in gold.  And a stroller that fits into a tiny trunk (like my trunk when all seats are up) is pretty remarkable.  The BabyZen folds small and flat enough to fit into the trunk of a Mini Cooper.  But that isn’t why I am including it. The Stupid Smart idea that your stroller should still ROLL while folded, and stay upright, gets major props from this Syracuse dweller.  Often, when a stroller is folded it falls to the {snowy} ground.  It gets dirty, you get dirty, and your car gets dirty.  The BabyZen stays upright when folded and can then be wheeled, while folded and upright.  That is why I lust for one.  Seeing it in person just solidified that love. {website}  [/box]


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