The Story of the Cursed Cloth Diaper

Fletcher and I signed up to be part of a really cool program, Global Fluffy Bum, where one diaper travels around to different families.  The families take pictures of their child in the diaper and document the adventures they have.  This is my story, and you will see why I think they diaper was cursed.

The Global Fluffy Bum arrived to my home on Saturday Aug 1.  We didn’t check the mail until late that night since we were out, so my son didn’t get to wear it until Sunday. The first thing he did in the diaper was crawl around the living room.  He had just started crawling the previous week.  He got tired, so he took a nap.  When he woke up he played some more!


DSC_4464 Monday was when the curse began.  The day started off as any other.  I had to wake up early because that is what moms and babies do.  I did my chores around the house, which included washing my diapers.  I washed the Global Fluffy Bum as well since it needed it to be used again.  Once all of the diapers were clean I needed to take them up one flight of stairs from the basement to be sunned.  My son wasn’t happy with playing upstairs so I took him with me.  He sat in the laundry basket.  As I opened the back door to go out side it was a little difficult.   I had to hold the basket level and maneuver on the small landing on the stairs.  I got out of the door and took a step and fell!  My poor baby hit the ground pretty hard but he remained in the basket.  He slumped down making his head hit the side of the basket.  I suffered a worse fate; I scraped my knee and toe and twisted my ankle and other knee.  What was even worse was hearing my baby cry!  I limped over and picked him up and walked him and kissed him.  After that we went back upstairs.  The rest of the afternoon was pretty decent.  I had a sewing class that evening so my husband was going to stay with the baby.  Before leaving I went down in the basement to get the cover, which was air drying.  It was stained!!!  There were black marks on the diaper.  They were relatively faint but still obvious.  WHAT!?!?!  My first thought:  Why did I stain such an expensive to replace diaper?  And why was it the only one to stain?  None of my other diapers stained, and I have never had a stained PUL cover.  Ever.  I immediately put it back to be washed and went back upstairs.  I had to leave for my class so I grabbed my sewing machine.  Got outside, crap, forgot my coupon.  Back outside, crap, dropped my new iPhone on the pavement.  Got to Joanns, crap, I forgot my sewing box with all of my thread, interfacing, pins, etc.  Got home from the lesson, crap, cover is still stained.

Tuesday we wanted to use the diaper again, even though it was stained.  We went out and about, first to the Farmer’s Market to buy some fresh veggies and fruits.  YUMMY.  We had lunch and then went shopping at a few more stores.  Fletcher wasn’t too happy about that.  The last thing we did that day was go to the local community center to volunteer.  Fletcher played on the ground while I helped out the old ladies who were sewing pillowcases for the hospital.  Then we went home and relaxed.



photo-14 Wednesday was the last day we used the diaper.  At this point I knew the stain wasn’t coming out.  I had taken more drastic measures.  I used a stain remover, I scrubbed it with dawn, I sunned it, I sunned it with lemon juice, and washed again and again. Since it looked hopeless I began working hard to find a way to replace the diaper. <tangent> Thanks so much to Mom’s Milk Boutique and Smarty Pants for agreeing to provide a new cover (A Blueberry OS) and embroider it.  Seriously, big thanks.  They were so understanding about a. the cost of replacing the cover which would have been pretty darn pricey and b. the fact that it should be done ASAP to not hinder the GFB too much.  I had already kept it for about a week to continue trying to wash and sun it. </tangent>

This was another pretty boring day.  Fletcher and I played outside in the backyard.  He loves grabbing grass and trying to eat it.  What can I say, he is only 8.5 months old!  I talked on the phone to Softbums about a video cloth diaper review and I am really excited about that!  After that Fletcher came in and used the potty so we had to take the diaper off.  Later, we went out with a friend to Target.  Fletcher and his girlfriend played outside of the fitting room while he showed off his Fluffy Bum!





The journey ended for the GFB for good after one last ditch effort to wash and sun and wash and sun etc.  This is probably the last picture of the GBF in its current form.  How fitting that it should be hanging in the pit of my basement.  My husband saw this picture and said it looks like where Ecoli was born.  Possibly.


Despite the difficulties with the diaper we are glad to have participated.  We are sad that we killed the diaper but happy to have been able to find a solution that may work even better than the previous GFB.  Thanks to Halley for being so understanding as well!  In a way, the situation may now be a little better for future families involved.  The previous GFB was a BG 3.0 Pocket which we were instructed to use as a cover.  The BG has a suedecloth liner which gets wet and has to be washed more than a cover.  When GFB started the One Size covers were not available yet.  I wouldn’t say that I wish they diaper was stained so that a new cover could be made, but in the end it turned out well.  I hope the next families all enjoy their time with the GFB!

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