The Great Cloth Diaper Change- Let’s Set a WORLD RECORD

Some exciting things are happening in cloth diaper advocacy, including The Great Cloth Diaper Change– an attempt to set the Guinness World Record for most cloth diapers changed- Worldwide!

This event is being brought to you by the Real Diaper Association, whose mission is to raise awareness and promote cloth diapers.  I’ve been a proud member of the RDA for over a year now!

No world record can be made without babies and parents!  The Great Cloth Diaper Change is going to have locations all over the world where parents will change their baby’s cloth diaper.  There must be at least 25 babies and moms per location.  This project just got off the ground and it is happening April 23 2011.

If you want to participate, either by becoming an organizer or just bringing your baby to a local event, please go to

You will also want to “like” The Great Cloth Diaper Change on Facebook to keep up to date!

As it happens, Basic Baby Shop will be organizing the event for my town and preparations are already underway for a location!  I’m very excited to participate.  Plus, I’m doing a little something on the side to help spread the word worldwide, stay tuned!

Change 3 Things

In other news, Cotton Babies has launched the Change3Things revolution.

Change 3 Things is an awareness campaign designed to promote the environmental and economical impacts of cloth diapering. Changing three cloth diapers a day is a small change for one family that equals big impact for our planet. Be a part of the cloth diaper revolution.

Our goals:
– 100,000 parents committed to change 3 cloth diapers per day.*
– 30-50 million pounds of prevented landfill waste*
– 100 million disposable diapers not purchased.*
– $24 million of combined savings for participating families**

You can join by “liking” the Change3Things page on Facebook!

In “what are the chances” news,  I made it on the local news!  I was shopping at Jillian’s Drawers, a cloth diaper and natural parenting store in Ithaca NY, and there was a reporter working on a story about local business.  I was interviewed and I had nothing but great things to say about their store and cloth diapers!

Watch my interview- it is short and sweet.  I am the first part so you don’t have to watch too much.

Can you feel the revolution?!

Viva la Cloth!

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