That is a lovely diaper…… FOR ME TO POOP ON!

After a particularly traumatic poopy diaper I started thinking about which diapers I prefer for my son to poop in.  Yes, I have preferences.  And I have tried over 70 different diapers so I have a lot to choose from.  If I know my son has an upset tummy there are diapers I reach for to put him in.  I spray poopy diapers that are not solid enough to shake out so there are some ground rules.  (I do also try to avoid it completely by putting my son on a toilet but that isn’t always possible.)

Here is what I look for in a good diaper for my son to poop in:

  • Suedecloth or Microfleece layer (suedecloth is my favorite)
  • All-in-One if possible.
  • Next choice: sleeve diaper with no unstuffing required
  • Back up choice: pocket diaper (meeting certain flap requirements)

What I refuse if I can help it:

  • Prefolds
  • Fitteds
  • Snap-in-Ones (diapers with a snap in layer, these suck to spray)
  • Pockets with flaps that seem to catch poop

Now for my favorite diapers to spray:

(all links are to my video and written reviews of these diapers)

Smartipants One Size Sleeve Diaper

This diaper doesn’t require me to unstuff it and it has suedecloth so the poop comes off easily.  Since it has snaps I don’t need to stick laundry tabs either.

AMP Stay Dry All-in-One

Microfleece lining, one piece, easy to fold up and keep from dripping after spraying.

Drybees Hybrid All-in-One

Another easy AIO, stay dry layer, no nooks or crannies to get the poop stuck in.

bumGenius! 4.0 or bumGenius! 3.0

bumGenius! 3.0’s and 4.0’s are the majority of my everyday use stash.  I love them, they fit great, they work great, and even though there is a flap in the back in general spraying is not that bad.  Water does tend to collect in the tabs in front but I squish it out.  My favorite pocket diaper when it comes to poop, though I still prefer an AIO or Sleeve.

My least favorite diapers to spray:

Tots Bots Easy Fit

I LOVE this diaper.  Truly.  It is one of my favorites.  However, when pooped in, it becomes my worst enemy.  The bamboo loop terry grabs the poop and the edges are all gathered.  Poop always gets in those crevices and I have to stretch it out and spray.  Basically I need a third hand to spray them.

Gro Via/Gro Baby Hybrid/ AI2

These are super awesome diapers for the diaper bag/ traveling and I do like them, especially the snap version.  Yet, when pooped in with the peanut butter poop you have a challenge.  If the poop has migrated off of the soaker pad you are in trouble.  Also, the flap on the top of the soaker can hide poop and you have to spray beneath it.

bumGenius! Elemental (FKA Organic AIO)

This is another diaper that I love very much.  I have 3 very well loved Elementals that are in heavy rotation.  However, the reason they dry quicker than most AIO’s (the soaker is free to move in the middle, only sewn at the front and back) also makes it a hard diaper to spray.  Poop gets sprayed under the bottom flap somehow.  Then you have to spray sideways to get that out.  And it it gets in between the two layers of soaker you are in even bigger trouble.

Softbums Echo

Diapers with a snap in soaker that is longer than the diaper itself can be problematic.  Even though I love Softbums it can be hard to spray them.   You have to be strategic about it.  You MUST hold the diaper in a way that you are pinching the folded over snap in soaker.  If not, it will fall into the toilet creating a mega disaster of soaking wet, poop covered mess.  I DO NOT squeeze wet/nasty things bare handed.  I had an incident in a public restroom with a Softbums.  I attempted (for the first time ever) the dunk and flush method.  The long soaker was sopping wet and I had to figure out how to squeeze it without touching.  It was nightmare inducing.


In general I do not like spraying a diaper that has no cover built into it.  It means I would either be touching a wet diaper and transporting it from the bathroom to our pail in the next room, or finagling it inside of a cover while spraying.  I have done it, I survived, but if I can avoid it I do.  A pocket or AIO is much easier because even though the cotton or microfiber is wet, you can wrap up the wetness with waterproofness.