Blueberry Capri Cover Review

Swaddlebees Capri

When this video was made this product was under Swaddlebees. Now it is under Blueberry and imply called Capri.
This is a review of the Swaddlebees Capri Cover and Insert set. This is a new product from Swaddlebees that was just recently released. The Capri cover comes in Size 1 or Size 2 and each cover has 3 size settings. The Capri inserts are sold in size 1 or 2 and have the option of either microfleece or birdseye cotton next to the baby.
Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ You can find the Capri covers in aplix or velcro. Sizing is done by snapping down the rise and the Capri insert is easily laid into the the gusseted area inside.  An All-in-Two style system isn’t as easy as just changing out a pocket or All-in-One but this system is easier than those that snap into the cover.  The cover can just be used over fitteds or other non waterproof cloth diapers as well.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ Swaddlebees products usually have a higher price tag than other similar cloth diaper products. The Capri cover and inserts are no exception. The Size 1 is 16.95 and the Size 2 is 19.95. Size 1 inserts are 12.95 for 2 and the Size 2 inserts are 15.95 for 2.  Part of the price is due to the diapers being made in the USA where the workers are paid a fair wage compared to many of the very inexpensive Made in China diapers being seen everywhere.  I had these added to my cart and kept taking them out because the price was just too much for me to spend. Luckily I ended up waiting for them to stock at Diaper Junction and I used affiliate credits. The cover is going to last forever- it is impeccably made. Since I wasn’t a huge fan of the inserts I would rather use flats inside and save the money.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ The Capri covers were bulletproof and the PUL wasn’t letting anything through. The inserts were very, very absorbent and stood up to naps and long car trips.
Fit ✩✩✩✩ If I review the Capri alone it fit really well, especially with pad folded flats as inserts. With the Size 2 Inserts and the cover on the smallest rise it was hard to get a good fit at the stomach because the insert made a bubble. I tried folding over the insert in various ways but usually would squish the insert in to prevent bumps at odd places. Also I worry about the comfort where the rise snaps down and how it touches the baby’s legs.
Overall: I certainly prefer the cover to the insert. I did appreciate the ability to choose microfleece or birdseye cotton against the baby’s skin and that the insert dries quickly. The cover looks like it will last through many, many washes and kids. The cover works well as a regular cover and as an All-in-Two system.  You can also get the Capri in the amazing print selection offered by Swaddlebees.
Where to Buy Kelly’s Closet (affiliate) sells the Capri Cover and Capri Inserts

I purchased a Capri cover and insert set using affiliate credits for this review.

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