Starting your stash- to sample, or not to sample?


This post contains affiliate links.  Believe it or not there are some cloth diapering families who buy one kind of diaper and that is it.  They use it and when their child is potty trained, they are done.  It is an enticing concept for those who want to skip watching 200 videos on various brands of cloth diapers.  Still, we have to wonder if picking one brand and buying 24 of them is a smart idea?  Knowing that some diapers work better than others and that some diapers fit some babies better than others is it playing Russian Roulette?

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To be able to try different brands and styles of cloth diapers you either need to buy a lot upfront with the plans of re-selling those that don’t work, or you can begin slowly and use a cloth diaper store’s sampling program that allows you to return the brands that didn’t work for a refund.

The benefits of sampling is that you can see what style of diaper you prefer.  You may go into using cloth diapers assuming you will love pocket diapers, but find that you enjoy using All-in-One’s instead.  With so many different styles and brands it pays to try them all just to see what will fit your baby best too.  Some cloth diapers work best for chunkier babies and some are better fitting on babies with skinny legs.  When it comes to a brand that “fits all” it is hard to name names.  Over the years I’ve used bumGenius on both my babies- the skinny one and the chunky one, and had success.

Try Risk Free!

Diaper Junction has a 30 Day Test Drive program.  From their website-

“Make your own cloth diaper trial pack. Choose the number and brands that you want. We do not limit you to a preset Cloth Diaper Trial package. They are available for you to test drive absolutely RISK FREE. Each of these individual cloth diapers are eligible for return within 30 days of receipt for your MONEY BACK if you are not completely satisfied.”  See their website for eligible diapers.

Kelly’s Closet has a Wee Guarantee program for a 30 Day Trial.  From their website-

“Try the diapers for yourself and see how easy cloth diapers can be! If for any reason you do not like them simply return them within 30 days from the purchase date for the full purchase price!”  See their website for eligible diapers.

Jillian’s Drawers has a Try Cloth for $10 21 Day Program.  From their website-

Buy $90 worth of diapers (pay $91.34), receive them, try them for 21 days, and return them for a refund of $81.34 if you don’t like them.  This means the cost to you us only $10.  See their website for more details.

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Don’t want to fuss around with trying 20 different brands and styles?  Buying a stash in bulk can save you the most money, especially during a sale!  The risk is a significant one though- if you hate the diapers or they don’t work well for your baby you have a large number of them to deal with.  You’re left with the decision to sell them and start again, or buy more to try and double your cloth diapering cost.  Reading reviews and talking with your cloth diapering friends can reduce that risk if you have a good idea of how well the diapers will work for you.

Kelly’s Closet sells the bumGenius Shop and Go Pak that includes almost everything you need, even the wipes and a diaper sprayer!  It will cost you $370 and you may find you needs more than 18 diapers.  You’ll definitely want a few more wet bags too.

Diaper Junction carries the GroVia Live Package that inclues 12 reusable shells and 24 soakers.  This is a good value because it is a hybrid system and you get more changes than the bumGenius Go Pak.


I was always curious about the different styles and brands so I was a sampler… I also suggest that families try the brands they are considering before making a huge upfront investment.   At least if you do wind up with a lot of diapers you don’t like the resale value of cloth diapers remains pretty good!

Did you try different brands before purchasing your stash or did you pick one and only use that brand?

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