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3 Bang for the Buck
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Now that Instagram has opened the option to maintain multiple accounts from a single device with a simple toggle button, I am thrilled to announce an official Dirty Diaper Laundry Instagram account! or @dirtydiaperlaundry is just getting started with just over a dozen posts at the moment, but this extension will be another fun way to connect with Kim and Lara, see previews of upcoming reviews, updates on your favorite brands, and candids and outtakes from years past. I’m especially excited about this new medium of presenting information with you for my readers who comment on reviews from years past, wondering how a diaper or carrier has held up after three years. What better way to respond than to share a picture of it being worn by Autumn now, still in use and going strong? You’ll see which brands still look nearly new and which brands appear more well loved (Velveteen Rabbit style, some of our favorite diapers look worse for wear but are still quite effective). Follow along and tag us in pictures you’d like us to share.

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This week I’m sharing an innovative cover from Snuggy Baby (a company you may recognize after their popular line of ring slings) with an extremely strong and easily wipeable interior and a fit feature you won’t want to miss. I always recommend covers as a great way to cloth diaper on a budget since they can be reused with multiple inserts before washing and dry so quickly you can create a much smaller stash and still diaper conveniently and effectively.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ This diaper cover is fairly simple to use, some of the extra snaps might confuse a first timer but if you have the diaper preset to the appropriate sizing it shouldn’t present any issue for any caretakers unfamiliar with the design. As with any cover you will add absorbency inside, you can purchase Snuggy Baby inserts which fit neatly into place and secure with a back snap (converting this diaper into an all in two) or you can use your own inserts with a single back snap, prefolds, or (my favorite) flats.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ At twenty dollars for a cover, you’re paying more than I would normally expect. But with the strong wipeable cover, soft and durable cotton exterior, and unique snap design which allows for a greater range of fit and better cost-per-wear, I’d still say this cover is a worthy investment. I believe it will hold up better than some bargain basement competitors based on the materials used and how well it has held up comparatively over the testing period I’ve washed and used this diaper (on Autumn) in heavy rotation.


Performance ✩✩✩✩ While the performance of the diaper as a whole will depend largely on your choice of insert (I especially love wrapping a flat around a bamboo or hemp insert as it seems most comfortable for Autumn and extremely effective with minimal bulk) it is extremely important that the cover remain a solid barrier to prevent leaks. This cover is practically bullet proof which is exceptional considering covers with soft cotton exteriors are not typically as strong as PUL or TPU versions, the interior PUL is thick and strong, with a noticeable difference in weave, and the edges are bound with a waterproof binding to keep everything in place. There is also thick gentle encased elastic and generously sized PUL flaps sewn into the front and back of the diaper to help keep inserts tucked in place and prevent blowouts.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ This diaper truly shines in the fit department. While many “one size” diapers rated to fit eight to thirty five pounds can be extremely bulky in the lower range of weight, this diaper offers a four step rise on snaps at the front and a unique two snap fit in the central channel or crotch area. This means you can essentially snap the channel into a narrow fit bringing the width from seven inches (measured centered between the two fit snaps) to a petite three and a half inches! I do suggest if you utilize these snaps you do so before adding your inserts and baby, so you can smooth down the fold for a trim and leak free fit. The crossover snaps and generous wings mean this diaper will fit long before and after other “one size” covers have been put away in storage.

Overall: This cover is very cute, I love the rich cotton designs available like this “Foxy” print as well as the hilarious “Mustaches” design on their website. Take a look and tell me your favorite print in the comments, I love hearing from you. I have to say, I’m especially excited to try out this cover in the Flats & Handwashing Challenge this year, it is so strong and yet pliable that I suspect it will last through more diaper changes in a day than a more economical single layer cover, and I’m interested to see how well it fares when hand washed in my makeshift mobile washer. I recommend this diaper for folks looking for a system that allows for less washing and more wearing, and for families expecting to use a single diaper on multiple littles (either over the years as babies need them or within the same time period with differently aged/sized siblings in diapers).

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